husband! Vernon

requested by anon: “Can I request Husband Vernon?”

Admin note: This was surprisingly difficult to write for… Hope you enjoy!

  • probably got all of svt to shop for a ring and to help plan everything
  • honeymoon in New York City
  • Vernon probably doesn’t want to settle for normal suburbia life
  • probably you’ll live in a penthouse with an amazing view either in Seoul or NY
  • you’ll adopt a puppy!
  • Hansol and you would walk the dog in the early mornings with your arms linked
  • you take turns making each other breakfast, though he can’t do anything too elaborate
  • would look up recipes
  • prob sticks to omelets or scrambles
  • and when all else fails toast or cereal
  • both of you would sleep in until noon on weekends
  • wake up to bacon and hip hop playing over the speakers in the house
  • hip hop plays often in the house
  • lots of kisses and cuddles
  • just about everywhere
  • because Hansol is soft and fluffy
  • might be watching tv or typing on your laptop
  • you could be making breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • sleeping, cleaning
  • anything really and he’d somehow manage to peck you on your cheeks or lips playfully
  • “bet you can’t get me back” as he runs past you down the hallway
  • grocery shopping is ridiculous
  • would push you around in a shopping cart
  • even though you’re not a kid
  • “ok but if kids can do it, why can’t we do it too?”
  • “because we’re adults?!?!?”
  • “that’s a sad reason, y/n”
  • you’d probably be trying to decide between two brands of orange juice
  • and he just walks by, kisses your cheek and runs down the aisle
  • “Hansol!!!!”
  • your closet is mixed
  • you can almost never tell who’s clothes are who’s
  • so you just where whatever
  • “y/n are those my sweatshirts?”
  • “well maybe if you’d stop putting your stuff with my stuff in the closet, there wouldn’t be this confusion, Vernon!”
  • “Nah, it’s fine, you look good in it.”
  • which stops you dead and he’s just laughing knowingly
  • he’d stay up late at night when you have deadlines to make for work
  • rubs your shoulders and makes coffee
  • and just sits across from the table watching you work
  • prob falls asleep at the table too
  • so you have to wake him up when you’re done and half-drag him to bed
  • you’d both be cooking dinner
  • and some song comes on that’s lit af
  • and both of you get turnt, dancing in aprons
  • using your spatula as a microphone and passing it to Hansol on the rap lines
  • might get a few noise complaints because of that
  • date nights include concerts, movies, the occasional magic show bc Vernon is a child
  • lots of pictures are taken everywhere by the both of you no matter what you’re doing
  • if he’s working late, he refuses to let you stay up
  • would literally tuck you into bed and hold you down until you promise to go to sleep
  • and if you’re ever sick, his whole world gets turned upside down
  • and he stays home cooking, and cleaning, and checking up on you
  • and giving you lots of hugs
  • although this always leads to him catching whatever it is you have
  • so whenever one person is sick
  • the both of you become sick together
  • no exceptions
  • so you both share a blanket while lying on the couch dying with two rolls of top one for each of you
  • maybe watching SpongeBob (LMAO)
  • vernon’s wife is svt’s wife according to their logic
  • so when you come to the studio to give him food and probably something he forgot
  • “wifey can you PLEASE bring me my notebook, love you”
  • at LEAST one person bombards you with questions
  • “have y’all been freaky lately”
  • “y/n i want to be an uncle” 
  • “uhhhh”, you say
  • probably end up giving some excuse before dashing away
  • passing vernon his stuff, you tell him
  • “ha ha, tell them we’re trying”
  • “accidents happen” 
  • he flashes you his best childish grin
  • “i can’t with you stop” 
  • you laugh ready to leave
  • then the hiphop team all crowds into the studio
  • “yooo vernon when can i be an uncle”
  • vernon opens his moth to reply but you cut him off
  • you hear them laughing and shake your head, before you close the door behind you, you want to tease vernon just once
  • “your getting the couch tonight~”
  • “NO IM SORRY!”
  • you close to door giggling, hearing the sound of the other guys laughing their arses off

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What could RT be thinking putting BMBLB there while they just put two songs earlier for Blake and monkey-boy? Also, making Blake blush at monkey-boy's antics and having him as a date in the school dance and all that winking-flirting shiz. And now they're trying to push through with BB? Are they doing it for the views and for milking out from fans? That's just not cool. Building up BS and teasing BB now...unless you could prove me wrong here...?

okay, this got long

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@ terfs interacting w my post abt how lesbian terfs ain’t shit for not supporting transwomen and calling me a pervert for suggesting they ain’t shit for not dating them

  • women are more than their vaginas-yes, amazing right? it’s like feminists everywhere have been fighting to get people to understand that
  • dating is about a lot more than sex
  • if you think vagina=woman you’re transphobic it’s that fucking simple
  • if you want a girlfriend exclusively bc you want pussy you a piece of shit lmao it ain’t that hard fam
Boyfriend Jungkook would be like

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A/n: I’ve always wanted to make one of these. Let me know if you want more! This was fun to make lol. I don’t know what to call this so I can’t put it on my masterlist or my rules list lol help

  • Let’s just talk about how you guys met
  • Namjoon or someone else probably introduced you guys
  • “Hyung what’s that girl’s name.”
  • “Why don’t you ask.”
  • “Hyung nO”
  • Shy bun activated
  • You guys would hit it off really well tho
  • Get ready for gamer!Jungkook
  • He would let you win but wouldn’t admit it
  • Memes
  • Cuteness 24/7
  • When he confesses he’d be a total wreck
  • Or he’d be super confident
  • Probably the first one tho
  • He’d probably do it by accident too which would make him even shyer
  • But of course you would say yes and he’d get really happy
  • I can see him picking you up and spinning you around 
  • But then realizing what he did and putting you down then getting really shy
  • He’d probably go and tell the other members
  • Hobi and Jin would probably cry with happiness jealous jimin
  • He’d probably take you to a bowling ally as your first date tbh
  • Even more memeness
  • Even more cuteness omg my heart
  • He would try to impress you oMG especially in front of his hyungs or something
  • He would tease you sooooo much
  • Especially if your short
  • but if you tease him
  • HO my gOd
  • i don’t even want to get into that one
  • wink wink
  • Other times he’s probably really sweet
  • Only when you guys are alone tho cause he needs to be manly in front of the members
  • Like I can just imagine you two are sitting on the couch or something and he just whispers in your ear “You’re so beautiful.” ASDFGHJKL
  • you’d be like standing there on your phone and just
  • back hug
  • because why not
  • Probably would text you a lot when he’s on tour
  • Good morning 
  • when he’s up early enough tho
  • He’d be so excited to show you all the things he’s learned AWEEE
  • Making v lives with you
  • Working out with him HOLYMOTHEROFJESUS
  • You wearing his sweaters and white t-shirts
  • “Jagiiii you know I don’t like sharing clothes.”
  • Lets you wear them anyway because you look cute 
  • He also thinks you look sexy as hell but doesn’t tell you
  • He’d probably make up an excuse so you would wear his shirt again tbh
  • Not much PDA cause he’s a shy bun but like maybe a little bit of hand-holding just to show that you’re his
  • Jealous kookie
  • He’d be so protective when you guys go out tho
  • but not too much
  • you know
  • like maybe a little kiss on the cheek when a guy is staring at you
  • probably death stares the guy when you aren’t looking until the dude leaves
  • when the members stare at you in a way that he doesn’t like
  • he’d swoop in and grab your waist
  • then glare at his hyung
  • he’d be so cocky when you guys are around other people tho
  • like he’d like to show you off in a way
  • Comforting him when he’s sad and vice versa
  • Lots of face timing when he’s on tour
  • Getting interrupted by the members
  • Getting teased by the members
  • Lots of teasing in this relationship
  • You’d ask him or something
  • and he would be like 😬
  • but then do it anyway
  • “Did you like that jagi?” HOLY FUCK WHY DID I WRITE THAT ASDFGHJKL
  • he’s all sweaty fuck
  • “Jungkook why are you so handsome?”
  • Shy bun activated again
  • He’d be just a big shy bun basically every time you compliment him
  • Dating jungkook would be like you never know what youre going to do that day
  • one day would be like
  • picnic in the park
  • the next
  • going skydiving or something
  • not kidding I swear this kid would probably do that
  • dating him would just be really eventful
  • you’d probably never get bored or sad
  • cause your dating a giant meme ball

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Dating Yongguk (BAP)
  • sleeping with your backs pressed together
  • a deep husky morning voice that makes you wonder what god was smoking when he made those vocal cords
  • at least two Tigger plushies with the pillows and maybe even a blanket too
  • a sweet chaste kiss every morning when he wakes up before you
  • it may be on your cheek or forehead or nose or neck, each morning it’s different
  • a pot of coffee ready and matching mugs
  • him showing you what interesting and profound artwork he has found in his downtime
  • asking you to listen to the new song he’s writing and staring at your face for a reaction the entire time
  • a gentle pat on your butt when you walk past him
  • leaving cute sticky notes for each other on the bathroom mirror when your work schedules don’t match up
  • you trying to imitate his voice and him putting you to shame by speaking even lower as he mocks you
  • catching him licking his lips while staring at your cleavage
  • continuing to stare even after he’s been caught
  • taking you to cozy, rustic places for date night
  • getting lots of phone calls from Himchan wondering where leader Bang is
  • and having to lie instead of admitting you were having a quick round in the shower
  • really deep conversations in bed while you straddle his lap
  • letting him hold you for as long as he needs before leaving for tour again
  • him calmly asking you over the phone not to cry when you miss him
  • always putting one of his sweaters on the bed for you when he leaves for tour
  • you trying to rap about how much he means to you and it sounds awful but he gives you that gummy grin and makes you believe you nailed it
  • the way he stares into your eyes when he makes love to you
  • him asking you at least twice a year if you believe fate brought the two of you together
  • and you telling him there are no such things as coincidences
  • and he writes a song about that

Dating BAP: Yongguk | Himchan | Daehyun | Youngjae | Jongup | Zelo


‘Very Nice’ English Lyrics

DK: I used to need wake-up calls in the morning
So why am I waking up so easily today
Hoshi: Maybe it’s because I have a date today,
I even had a nice dream last night
Wonwoo: I wear new shoes
Mingyu: (When I go out the front door)

Seungkwan: Today’s weather resembles you a lot,
the way to you becomes flowery
DK: If I can catch a glimpse of your elusive heart
Mingyu: (My whole body is itching and beating)
Joshua: What is this sensation, what do I do

All: Very nice!
Very nice!
Very nice!

Dino: Let me ask you something
Do you think you would
float around in a dream too? (Yes)
Vernon: Do you think that if I got a
gym membership I would become a cool guy? (Yes)
Dino: Do you think I’m nervous
because this is my first love?
Vernon: I think you are the answer
to all of my questions

The8: Ah, I wonder how
you can be so pretty
Jun: There’s a good restaurant
across the street (Let’s go)

Joshua: Today’s weather resembles you a lot,
the way to you becomes flowery
DK: If I can catch a glimpse of your elusive heart
Mingyu: (My whole body is itching and beating)
DK: What is this sensation, what do I do
What do I do

All: Very nice!
Very nice!
Very nice!

Woozi: Some people say that
dating is only dating
and that’s it

S.Coups: Then if I can make the
starting point the ending too
So I can start with you and finish with me
Wonwoo: Like when we hold our hands together, like a circle
we are endless

Jeonghan: This situation, forever
Just the two of us, forever
Let’s not believe that
first love never comes true
Mingyu: I hope that we aren’t tricked by familiarity
and lose each other
Wonwoo: So we can protect “us”, uh
Seungkwan: I’m serious, out of nowhere, out of nowhere
Today I am

All: Very nice!
Very nice!
Very nice!

I had a great day today
I hope to have our next date soon
The way to your house is too short
I’ll see you, same time tomorrow