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  God it hurt. 

 The night air cut through his wound, cold breaths brushing against the new opening on his face. He felt a painful breeze caress his exposed gums. It felt like something was pulling his bottom lip, although almost none of it remained. His stricken nerves vibrated furiously like the strings of a guitar. Played with incredible force as it sang hymns of suffering. Jack swore he heard a chorus of screams, roaring and banging their ghostly limbs against the walls of his scalp. Usually the voices laughed at his misery, but even they weren’t spared from the punishment. 

   Jack knew he deserved this. He’d gone too far this time, stepping away from everything his kin stood for. Of all the things he could have done, all the crimes the rabbit was capable of , he’d chosen that. His habits were always unnatural, but this was throwing sanity into an abyss. Will he forever go down in the family history as the man who bred with corpses? The man who spilled his seed into lifeless wombs? The rabbit wondered…

   With disoriented eyes he watched his people, only shadows under the cover of darkness. Long haired silhouettes that quietly observed his writhing body. He felt them fade away slowly, taking languid steps into the desert. 

   This would be his last night there, the last time he’ll ever be allowed to be near them. 

   From then on he had no home

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 A whistle sliced through the air. It’s origins led towards a fairly dressed man, shot gun wrapped in his hands and a smile adjusted over his visage. Ruined by his exposed lower teeth and the scar that followed just beneath. 

“Ey, ey, ey gentlemen. I wouldn’t go over there if I were you. Not unless you like the smell of decay.”