thatchibeast replied to your post: “i started watching game of thrones… i’m five episodes in and i’m in…”:

Hoo boy. Prepare yourself! Enjoy it, and give us updates on what you like/don’t like!

i know he turns into a homicidal shit later but i have a weird affection for joffrey. poor kid. he’s just a product of his environment, he didn’t ask for this

i remain passionately in love with littlefinger and also varys… i have a type and that type is “devious piece of shit”

thatchibeast said: I was an hour away from home, I hated living at home, and I was still teary eyed the whole first week, so you aren’t alone! Just try to keep yourself busy, as boring as it sounds get ahead on your homework/reading and stuff, it’ll be the best remedy.

That’s what I feel like I’ll end up doing. Getting ahead on the reading or homework so I can keep myself busy as soon as school starts since I won’t be comfortable to go exploring town for stuff to do on like the 2nd day.

I am gonna be the most fun roommate, omg

thatchibeast replied to your photo: “i did an archangel reading to ask for career advice… this is one time…”:

Wait are these like tarot cards but with angels!?! Explain me a thing.

THEY ARE omg it rules

my deck has the four archangels and then a bunch of angels of attributes like humility and creativity and inspiration, and what you do is you arrange the four archangels and chant their names (uriel is in the north, raphael west, michael south, gabriel east) and then you ask them a question while shuffling the deck. then you draw four cards and place one face-down on top of each archangel, and then you flip everything over and whatever card you’ve drawn for each archangel is their message to you

i feel a little silly doing it but it gives you something to think about… tonight i got uriel = unity, raphael = humility, michael = innocence, gabriel = revelation

when i’m not using the deck i like to carry around uriel and raphael in my wallet bc they are my faves