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If you feel comfortable doing so, could you take and post a picture of the cool/weird windowless building? It sounds spooky and I want to see it. (I understand why you might not want to do so, since it's close to your home though, so no worries, I'm just weirdly into strange buildings.)

Alright, so, upon closer examination it’s both clearer and far, far more confusing. I’m fairly certain it’s a residence, possibly one of those, like… split units where there’s two half-houses, one family living in each. It’s definitely not finished (maybe construction halted for the winter?), which still leaves the question of why domestic vehicles are parked there. Took pics from several angles to give y’all a better feel for it.

Shots of the driveway, for starters. Turns out that not only is there a mix of heavy-duty and domestic vehicles, there’s a second trailer way in the back, not hitched to anything.

I didn’t really bother getting a close shot of the front of building. Would’ve been hard to frame it with that backhoe in the way. Long story short, the only things of note are the door, an air conditioner, and a window that’s boarded up or something. I didn’t notice because the boards were painted gray. I have no idea why they would paint the boards gray.

Also, what the fuck, I’m just now noticing that I’m pretty sure the lawn is freshly mowed? (Or, you know. WAS mowed shortly before the first frost, at least.) Who’s mowing the lawn of a place where nobody lives yet??? Someone can’t seriously be living there, can they?

Side of the building. Note, again, what’s either gray wooden boards or weird indentations in the concrete where windows should be. For some reason, the second floor has siding and a proper window.

Side note: There is literally nothing to see out of that window but a telephone pole and, about five feet away, incredibly thick foliage. Why the fuck would they put a window there, of all places?

Garage which is inexplicably split into two garages, as well as the loneliest goddamn potted plant in the world. A door directly above that, which I’m assuming will eventually lead to a balcony, because, like… otherwise the stairs would block the driveway.

Back of the house(?). More construction equipment, what’s either a tent or a shed with a tarp over it, and for some goddamn reason a picnic table.

There’s no backyard. It’s all just gravel. Why is it all just gravel

thatchibeast said: I was an hour away from home, I hated living at home, and I was still teary eyed the whole first week, so you aren’t alone! Just try to keep yourself busy, as boring as it sounds get ahead on your homework/reading and stuff, it’ll be the best remedy.

That’s what I feel like I’ll end up doing. Getting ahead on the reading or homework so I can keep myself busy as soon as school starts since I won’t be comfortable to go exploring town for stuff to do on like the 2nd day.

I am gonna be the most fun roommate, omg

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Can you explain what “Dynasties: The Jarrods” means? Is this like, soap opera style familiar characters?

basically yes! so this is a harlequin book, that’s the publisher, “silhouette desire” is the name of the imprint and then “dynasties: the jarrods” is the series title. standalone romances are kind of uncommon these days – it is almost a guarantee that publishers will try to take anything that’s successful and spin it into a series. and from looking at it on the harlequin website it seems like this particular series is collaborative, i.e. several different authors are writing within the same “world” and probably drawing from a bank of recurring characters and just spinning their own plots on top of it. this is a really popular approach nowadays and you’ll get, for example, idk, maybe three writers decide to do a co-op firefighter romance series so they’ll come up with a setting and a general storyline and then they’ll each pick a particular firefighter and write a book about him. and it’s totally possible that the characters and events from one book might make cameo appearances in the other two.

romance as a genre is getting kind of cool and experimental (and romance writers are generally up for anything) and they are coming up with a lot of really interesting nontraditional models which i’d love to see bleed into more literary circles, eventually, maybe

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What are your feelings on Seek ye first? That was always my favorite, maybe because I learned how to play it on the piano when I was little.

i am sure we sang this when i was a kid too bc it has that… veggietales sound, if you know what i mean, lmfao i’m terrible. my favorite hymn as a kid was the lord of the dance one, the one that’s to the tune of simple gifts? i loved that one and i have no idea why because it’s absolutely insipid

i would like to add to my previous post, i was trying to think of an appropriate analogy for the particular effect produced by here i am lord and now it has occurred to me: it is the lassie come home of hymns

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Hoo boy. Prepare yourself! Enjoy it, and give us updates on what you like/don’t like!

i know he turns into a homicidal shit later but i have a weird affection for joffrey. poor kid. he’s just a product of his environment, he didn’t ask for this

i remain passionately in love with littlefinger and also varys… i have a type and that type is “devious piece of shit”

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Happy Birthday!! [Unrelated: How do you find out which saint's feast day it is? And how did you pick St. John if you don't share a day? Sorry if that's nosy to ask, I'm just interested :)]

this is a fun question so i’m gonna answer it publicly if you don’t mind!! there are a couple different resources (you could work out of butler’s lives of the saints if you wanted to) but the most exhaustive listing is here. (if your birthday is a day that doesn’t have a saint, you can pick your own!!) it is super interesting to see who you get and how they can speak to you.

john has just… always called to me, i guess, in a way that the others never quite managed. even if it’s not true there’s so much lore surrounding him that i feel like i know him as a person, i feel closer to him than i would a shapeless form like bartholomew, and i care so much about personalities, i wanted someone who felt real and alive and would make himself real to me. which isn’t to say that bartholomew wouldn’t have done that had i given him the chance – i grew up close to a st. bartholomew’s parish and i have a lot of weird swirling memories of their churchyard and he could have lived there for me – but i just prefer john. and his patronage is stuff that matters to me: friendship, loyalty, literature… protection from fire…

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I am always delighted to read what you write. I can really feel and imagine what you describe, it’s amazing but I cannot adequately put it in words. Keep writing! (and good luck w/ the sassy/cute? coworker)

it’s always so weird and humbling to hear stuff like this. thank you so very much. and lol, i think i’ll have better luck with stuart, but one can dream.

our store is in a wealthy neighborhood and today a lady in a fur coat came up to me and was like “do you have a tissue, by chance? one must blow one’s nose.” and i about died

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Wait are these like tarot cards but with angels!?! Explain me a thing.

THEY ARE omg it rules

my deck has the four archangels and then a bunch of angels of attributes like humility and creativity and inspiration, and what you do is you arrange the four archangels and chant their names (uriel is in the north, raphael west, michael south, gabriel east) and then you ask them a question while shuffling the deck. then you draw four cards and place one face-down on top of each archangel, and then you flip everything over and whatever card you’ve drawn for each archangel is their message to you

i feel a little silly doing it but it gives you something to think about… tonight i got uriel = unity, raphael = humility, michael = innocence, gabriel = revelation

when i’m not using the deck i like to carry around uriel and raphael in my wallet bc they are my faves

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Oh, wow! I’m going to order those in from the library. Which would you say to read first?

i actually might start with at home in the world – looking back was her first book and it’s the book she wrote while she was a teenager living with salinger, but if you read the second memoir first you get all this context of what was going through her head at the time and how much his voice is trying to overtake hers and it just… if you read looking back without any knowledge of who she is, it’s a very pithy and cute book, but if you know what was going on around her during the writing process it becomes really really sad

so anyway yeah start from the end. that’s how i got into her, anyway. i hope you love her!!

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dear god, what did he do to her?

i REALLY recommend reading her two memoirs (looking back & at home in the world) but basically she had an affair with salinger when she was eighteen and he was like, idk fifty? and he just warped her mind and tried to cloister her away from the world and she was young and bright and wanted to explore her life and he kept telling her that everything out there was evil and he’d like, berate her for having worldly desires and make her eat this weird raw diet

and anyway she got away from him and metamorphosed into the strongest, most incredible, inspiring woman on the planet and i just love her story so much bc what he does to her almost ruins her but she comes back from the brink with so much power and she has become so radiant and he’s like a dusty old vacuum bag