“We have lost a great leader, a great Prime Minister and a great Briton.”

Today, the world lost a mighty woman, a mighty inspiration. Mrs. Thatcher’s ideas have had a profound effect on my own thinking and on the way I choose to live. Her commitment to getting things done and to achieving what she wanted to achieve is astonishing. Her courage is most admirable and her strength through the tough challenges she face throughout her political career is without a doubt, remarkable.

She transformed Britain from the idle, union-controlled, exhausted wasteland of consensus politics into the prosperous, vigorous, dominant, strong nation it had been throughout its history. She motivated a generation of ordinary people - of which she was one - to pursue their own aspirations and to be able to achieve them. She liberated this country from the left-wing ruin it was in the 1970s, and she will be remembered forever for her radical ideas and her commitment to her job.

God bless you, Margaret Thatcher.

idesofjuly  asked:

Drunk Wine Mom™, I ask for your advice. With everything going on in the world, my heart has been feeling awfully heavy. As someone who is older, wiser, and drunker than I, how does one go through this life without the feeling of perpetual heartbreak? Or, if you don't want to work with a soul crushing question, you can alternatively answer: How do you like to boogie? Boogie up or boogie down?

alright friend.
Here is an answer that may seem disconnected, for a bit.
I was born in 1985. The berlin wall fell in 1989. I was four. When I came screaming into the world, my parents wer genuinely concerned the world might end in nuclear fire. They were so poor they couldn;t afford the heating in the blizzard I was born into, and the hospital didn;t let them go home til it ended.

Imagine, a 25 and a 29 year old, in cold war thatcherite britian, forced to live apart, with a newborn baby.

Your heart is heavy. Mine is too. Suffering goes on, people are murdered and tortured for being human. But life goes on. People remain people. Every day, new people are born, and every day regular humans do the small things required to keep those people alive and thriving.

Like the people who stopped by after I was born, and brought food, and money, and clothes for the infant me. Who stayed and babysat me. Who taught me piano, and how to sew. Who painted me.

Awful people have always existed and gained power. But also, good people have always existed. They just don’t make the news.

Here’s a story. Recently, a lituanian owned store in my city was firebombed. Together, my home raised £30,000 to get them back together.

Keep your heart together by remembering this. no matter how bad it gets, there are more people full of love than there are full of hate/