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Mary isn’t dead.

So I re watched the scene is HLV where Mary shoots Sherlock to see if I could compare the two in any way, and boy did I find something interesting.. Whilst Sherlock is in his mind palace in his last few seconds, Molly speaks to him:

But isn’t what happened to Mary exactly like how it happens in the movies?  There was a big spurt of blood and she went flying.

 Molly also mentions to Sherlock that he has three seconds of consciousness left before he blacks out.

So if Mary got shot in the same spot as Sherlock (I think), then shouldn’t they both have around the same amount of consciousness left??? So why does Mary get one minute and thirty-four seconds of consciousness??

Simple. She’s faking. She’s not dead, she just wanted to burn the heart out of Sherlock.

In the behind the scenes video of TST it is shown how they make the gunshot wounds look real using ‘blood bags’. More specifically they said, “The special effects team made sure their hits would definitely draw blood.”

Now, how hard do you think it would be for a trained assassin to buy/make one of those?

John snaps. He has had enough.

Guys there is something really bothering me.. 

Everybody is acting as if John projecting his pain on Sherlock was meant to be cruel towards Sherlock. Like John meant to hurt Sherlock willingly. I feel you and it made me cry yesterday to see Sherlock like this AGAIN. This soft man deserves to be loved and to feel loved and John is making him go through hell. His whole world is collapsing. I know this and I feel like I’m in hell with him but shouldn’t we maybe take a look at why John reacts like this? I mean to be honest I personally thought it would be quite a relief if Mary was gone.. His reaction however.. I didn’t expect it, didn’t see it coming, especially after him saying “I used to like you.” and texting with that bus woman (I think he really did..). The whole episode emphasized how miserable he felt in this marriage. 

But I think to understand his reaction, we have to go back in time. See how much he already endured and went through and how he always stayed calm until know. He simply snaps. John has had enough. 

He is a man, that was brought up by an presumably homophobic father, who must have shown a very negative reaction to Harry coming out to him that she was gay, causing her to become an alcoholic. John has not only had a complicated childhood, but also, this upbringing must have driven him to push his real feelings down, denying his sexuality, also influenced by the reign of Margaret Thatcher. His abnormal attraction to dangerous situations and people then lead him to the army where he could finally embrace being his whole self, a army doctor, a bisexual. Then his love interest, Major Sholto was taken from him after the press turned on him, making his life socially incompatible and Sholto a loner for the rest of his life. Being shot in Afghanistan then ripped everything away from him, pulling the rug from under his feet. That’s when we get to meet him for the first time. A clearly suicidal ex-soldier, haunted by his lost past, missing his old life and everything that it took with it. A man to whom nothing ever happens, who has to purpose in life and nothing to go on for. 

And that’s when he meets Sherlock for the first time. And Sherlock is so exciting and dangerous and rude and  brilliant and honest, that John is instantly amazed by him. That is also the first time we see John really alive. Sherlock cures him from his limb and together they enjoy the thrill of the chase, the blood pumping through their veins, only the two of them against the rest of the world. When John asks him out, Sherlock rejects him, saying, (practically) that he is gay, bus married to his work, not interested in any kind of romantic relationship whatsoever. And still. John moves in with him, lives with this man, that he desires but can never have only to be led to think, that Sherlock develops a love interest in Irene Adler. So maybe he does feel things that way, only not for John. Also Sherlock finding out about Johns feelings for him, but refusing to talk about that, doesn’t make this any better. John can’t know what is holding Sherlock back. He can’t believe that Sherlock Holmes would actually love him back, although the signs are there, in plain sight, hidden for none but John. He just doesn’t know what is going on in Sherlock’s head, and Sherlock doesn’t explain it, or let him in in any other way. Then there is the Reichenbach Fall, where John is treated like he is being taken for granted, Sherlock getting even more secretly about his feelings or findings. And then John looses Sherlock and it brakes him. He has practically died with him, only the shell of his old self. 

In the two passing years, Moriarty then makes him meet Mary. And we know, that John doesn’t feel that instant attraction, that he felt towards Sherlock. He is calculating. She is a safe companion, that will never break his heart, because, I think, she doesn’t even have the power to do so, because he doesn’t love her enough. We see him the day, he is planning to propose to her in the evening, going back to 221B to tell his life with Sherlock goodbye, to finally start “moving on” from him. But we also see he doesn’t look forward to his future with Mary anyhow. He is so devastated, that Mrs Hudson first assumes he would die of a deadly illness, and then, that he was emigrating. At dinner with Mary, sitting on the only table, that doesn’t have romantic candles burning in the whole restaurant, he then drinks more wine to get ready for it, and begins to stammer, about, how it hasn’t been long and that they don’t know each other very well (truly!) and how losing Sherlock broke him and made these past years hell on earth for him (well, not with that choice of word exactly). She was his safest opportunity and so the best thing that could have happened. Which doesn’t mean, that he really loves her. However, then Sherlock interrupts, trying to be funny about it and surprising John. Although John knows, Sherlock isn’t good at this sort of stuff, and Sherlock says, that not telling John was mostly Mycroft’s idea, the way Sherlock is trying to play this down as if nothing ever happened makes him furious. It’s just unbelievable for him that Sherlock could be so cold and unloving, not to tell him, to let him grieve two years, without any hope. He also is trapped there with his unloving fiancee who doesn’t even try and make the effort to understand him, but instead sides with the source of all his pain, Sherlock. But it doesn’t take long, and John, the loyal, loving, caring friend, that he has always been, forgives Sherlock, only to be laughed at afterwards. He laughs it off again with Sherlock. Still, he doesn’t think, Sherlock could ever love him the way he loves him and so it is his safest option to keep Mary, he doesn’t think Sherlock will ever give him what he wants. So he keeps Mary, for insurance. 

During the wedding planning even John gets suspicious, Sherlock being as afraid as he obviously is concerning the wedding and not even being aware of the fact that he is John’s best friend. But suspicion isn’t enough to leave Mary or to really talk about it with Sherlock, risking their friendship. Then during Sherlock’s best man speech, he finally sees, that Sherlock does love him. When Sherlock gets really obvious, saying   “You! It’s always you, John Watson you keep me right.” he gets up, asking “What do i do?” ready to run off with Sherlock. But they don’t and they don’t talk. Then Sherlock makes his vow and just when John is ready to talk with him, Sherlock tells him, that there is a baby on the way. And John is not happy. He is devastated. Trapped in a life that he doesn’t want. In his last vow we really get to see this unhappy marriage and John, being ready to pack, ready to leave his wife but then there is Janine. Seeing Sherlock with her totally crushes him, he is jealous and heartbroken. After Sherlock showing him that he only had Janine to break into Magnussen’s office and stating “Sherlock, she loves you.” as human error, John again thinks Love or sentiment in general was the human error, not a woman falling in love with a gay man.  

Mary shots Sherlock. And John feels like he is losing Sherlock once again, for  real this time and as if that wasn’t enough he has to discover that his murderer is nobody else but his wife. The one he chose, because, she would never be capable of breaking his heart, but now she turns out to be his worst enemy, breaking his heart using Sherlock. Sherlock is letting him in on Mary’s secret and they communicate, but John and Mary don’t. Mary lets Sherlock do the work to explain her actions, not giving anything of herself away, even lying when she tells John about her initials. Sherlock tells John to trust Mary and it breaks his heart, he literally suffers a cardiac arrest and John is again facing the fear of losing Sherlock forever. Also, Mary threatens Sherlock, saying that finding out about her real identity would break him and she would lose him forever. But we see, that is not what happens. He is only filled with hatred for her, but she doesn’t have the power to break him, because he never cared about her in that way. He doesn’t speak a word to her for months. At Sherlock’s parents’, he then says, he wasn’t interested in the problems of her past, but that the problems of her future would be his privilege. He emphasizes that he chose his words with care, and says, even though he will now speak to her again, he is still very pissed off by her. That doesn’t sound like reconciliation to me, that sounds like a threat. 

Sherlock and him head off to Appledore, John knowing everything Sherlock knows, they don’t keep secrets. He then there is again confronted with Sherlock’s feelings for him, while Magnussen mocks Sherlock with his caring for John Watson and calling John Sherlock’s damsel in distress. When they then discover, that Magnussen has all his knowledge in his mind palace John trusts in Sherlock, believing that Sherlock, the best and wisest man he has ever met, would have a plan. But Sherlock doesn’t. Instead he makes the decision to throw his whole life away for the sake of John Watson. Because John chose Mary, not him, she is therefore obviously what he needs to be happy, isn’t she? At least that’s what Sherlock thinks. And that is also the moment John realizes, that it is Sherlock, for whom there is nothing he wouldn’t do for John Watson. Not Mary, Sherlock. Once again, it hits him right in the face, that he made the wrong choice, he should have given Mary up for Sherlock. But this also means, that Sherlock will be gone forever, forced into exile, away from John. John is left to spend the rest of his life in his unhappy marriage, living a life, he doesn’t want. 

On the tarmac, he then expects Sherlock to say something to explain himself, his feelings and actions. He sees that Sherlock is trying to say something really important, but as that wouldn’t change anything now, Sherlock was still going to leave, why force something to happen? Instead he laughs it off with him, the way he always does. Sherlock offers him his full name, after John earlier in the episode realized he didn’t even know his wife’s initials, and his hand. Sherlock leaves him and takes an overdose once he’s on the plane. John doesn’t know. After all, maybe it is Mary that Sherlock likes? Since he said “Give my love to Mary” after shooting Magnussen, kissing her on the forehead on the wedding, understanding her actions in 221B after she shoot Sherlock. Maybe it isn’t even him that Sherlock feels so deeply fore? 

That’s where we were left for really long, on the tarmac, John being optimistic even though Moriarty seems to be back, because it means, he won’t have to let Sherlock go. 

In TST we then saw the two of them solving a lot of cases at really fast speed together, working as well together as in the beginning of a Scandal in Belgravia. With one exception, Mary is around the whole time, interrupting them on cases, wanting to know every little detail, stating to know everything, and making no fuss about her great past as a super agent, making clear, that she thinks she is more suitable for the job John is doing. Also, Sherlock is on her side, joking about John, because of his loyal character. They are going so far to compare him to a dog, to which he seems to be equally helpful. He is pushed away, left with the baby, forced to be a houseman, when he really craves the thrill of the chase and all equally dangerous and brilliant situations, that he used to have with Sherlock. But now there is Mary, forcing herself between them, interrupting their moments together, pushing them apart from each other. And the worst is, Sherlock moves along. He feels unappreciated the whole episode, sarcastically making that clear to Sherlock by replacing himself with a balloon. Then Mary’s past comes up again, it gets clear to him, that she never tells him the truth, not even about the initials. There is to much he doesn’t know. And he realizes that, saying, that couples are supposed to talk to each other, letting each other in on their secrets, the way him and Sherlock do. He even says, he used to like Mary. He doesn’t say love and also makes quite clear, that he doesn’t like her anymore. He is so miserable in his marriage, being pushed away from Sherlock and Mary, that he starts texting that girl he met on the bus. I’m not saying he actually cheated, but I think it was her he texted. And that was also what he wanted to tell Mary when Sherlock sends him pure information, totally open, and Mary a riddle. We know when the showdown in the aquarium begins, that he doesn’t feel very much emotionally connected to Mary, she doesn’t mean that much to him, it is mostly the baby that he is concerned about (which becomes  a little awkward keeping in mind that he earlier in the episode first compared Sherlock to his baby, and then the baby to the girl in the exorcist). 

At the aquarium Sherlock brilliantly solves the case and then provokes the transcript writer until she tries to shot Sherlock. That is when Mary jumps in front of Sherlock, saving Sherlock’s life, getting the same wound Sherlock had when she shot him. (I know it is not what this is about, but I shortly have to note here, that the way Mary is “dying” is not very convincing to me. I don’t buy it.) When Mary dies, neither her nor John say that they love each other as the last thing they would ever talk about. She dies and John is left feeling quite empty. 

He thinks about his situation, about him beeing a father who has to raise his newborn daughter alone. Left in a situation, a family, that he never wished for. His insurance is gone, and even tough his feelings for Mary weren’t that deep, and their marriage was unhappy, living together, having a baby still connects you to each other. His stability is gone, he doesn’t know what to do. Everything breaks apart again.  Because Sherlock couldn’t shut up, he had to provoke the woman until she shot. After everything he has gone through he has to endure this now. Is he really sad? Isn’t he more angry than sad?

And then he blames Sherlock.

Everything always comes down to Sherlock. Sherlock is his whole life, and he has caused him so much hurt. He feels used, taken for granted, betrayed. Why would anyone use your feelings against you in such a cruel way? Treating him like his loyal dog, comparing him to a pet, the way Moriarty did at the pool. Why would he do that? John has endured so much, and in this moment, when everything is breaking apart again, he just can’t be rational. He snaps. He cannot do this anymore. All this hurt, in his mind in this moment, it all comes down to Sherlock. Without Sherlock, he would’ve never met Mary, he would never had that child, the wouldn’t be imprisoned in this life he never wanted. He did so much for Sherlock, in fact everything he could possibly do to support him, and he still isn’t appreciated. He might as well just stop. 

In this moment he isn’t aware of everything Sherlock did for him, he sees red. The moment has come, when even John Watson can’t take anymore. It’s enough. He snaps, he has had enough. It is just all to much. 

In the long term, this doesn’t make sense, and Mary made an excellent step towards burning Sherlock’s heart out. He will also come to that understanding, Sherlock will do everything to show him that he is wrong.

But at the moment, he can’t be rational. He needs time away from Sherlock, time to think. All this hurt comes down to Sherlock, did cause so much of John’s hurt, if he wanted or not. so he just projects this loss on Sherlock. 

But still, in this moment it does make sense, he is not rational he is totally furious. He needs time to think. Don’t blame him, after all he’s gone through, he deserves time to think. He will forgive Sherlock, of course he will, he always does. But now he has to take care of himself first. And he deserves to do so.

The six thatchers
  • RIP Mary, i liked you
  • John needs to learn how to cry because he sounds like a whale
  • Sherlock needs to be loved
  • Mycroft is Wikipedia
  • Rosamund is cute
  • John texting the bus-woman??!
  • Did Mycroft say Sherrinford?
  • Still too many questions

Oh, and this of course

Dear Moffat and Gatiss,

After multiple episodes of telling us we can’t believe everything we see, I do not accept the finality of a single thing in the Six Thatchers.

Maybe Mary’s dead. Maybe she’s not.

Maybe John’s a cheat. Maybe he’s not.

I may not be as clever as you, but I’m also not an idiot. I know a real gun when I see one. I know when it’s not a trick, but a plan.

The game is on.

It’s your move.


A fan

My recap/meta of The Six Thatchers! Please read :)

Okay, I’ll write down my thoughts about the new Sherlock episode and it’s the first time I’m really attempting to do so. I haven’t read or seen anything on tumblr yet to just speak my mind about the things I thought about. It’s not going to be a masterpiece but maybe someone will find this kind of interesting. I tried to include a few quotes that maybe will help to express my thoughts. There will be a lot wonderful well-thought-out entries about it on tumblr but anyways…here it goes. Don’t mind my English. I wrote this down rather quickly and it’s not my mother tongue. (!Spoiler!)

Actually the “Previously” part kind of had nothing to do with the new episode. Of course it is talked about Magnussen and the Codename “Antarctica” (don’t know if this is important). Only very few people know about what really happened. What I found strange was that Sherlock actually was excited about food (gingernuts biscuits). He seemed really hyper about the post death game Moriarty probably has planned. Mycroft stares Sherlock down when he talks about it, so I wonder if he knows anything we don’t. Well, of course he does but what!? “targets wait”, Sherlock tells us and this is what he does by solving crimes via twitter. He later mentions to John that “It’s never twins”. Of course we know this phrase from TAB but it seems useless just now.

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With the way that they structure the text of the show, they give us a thousand little threads to pull and parallels to discover. Some /text/ is truth even if it parallels another text that follows a different path, even if its subtext draws us to believe many conclusions. Mirrors in their story add mystery and confusion and fun, but also symmetry in art makes it more compelling. Arthur Conan Doyle so often told stories about telling stories, with this TV series now doing the same. At this point, parallels and fold-over plots can be considered a type of storytelling, a type of brush stroke. I believe Mary is Dead-Dead just as there are 1,000 reasons to believe she is Alive. That’s the fun of it!