Thatcher LITERALLY PROTECTED CHILD RAPISTS FROM PROSECUTION WHEN SHE WAS PRIME MINISTER and they’re building a fucking museum in her honour. £15 million. In country where there are families who can’t feed themselves or heat their homes. Absolutely fucking disgusting. This nation is a disgrace. 

In 1981, Irish Republican Army volunteers went on hunger strike to protest the refusal of the British government to recognize their political status. Rather than concede to the obviousness of the political nature of their incarceration, Thatcher did nothing and 10 men starved to death, including Bobby Sands, who would come symbolize fearless resistance to British imperialism.


Moorfoot Building Sheffield - Known as the Manpower Services Commission building in my day. Thatcher’s belated regional policy established schemes to deal with  the great pools of skills and unemployment caused by her savaging of the northern heavy industries. Many of the schemes were co-ordinated here. I make no comment on their success or failure.

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2014 - Residents of the former mining community of Goldthorpe in Yorkshire celebrated Margaret Thatcher’s death with the burning of an effigy. One property in the town displayed a huge sign saying: “The Lady’s not for turning but tonight she’ll be for burning." [video]

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