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Ogmore, Wales



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“This movie is the most insane thing ever.”

Carl the Animator: “Sure, if you mean insane…ly… awesome.”

Ted the Animator: “One minute, the gang’s mystery-solving… the next, Velma goes to visit a fortune teller/voodoo priest/who knows what. Because apparently, that’s just something every amusement park employs?”

Carl the Animator: “Duhhh. What, you mean you’ve never been to Disneyland and sacrificed a goat with their resident blood shaman?”

Ted the Animator: “…I’m 99.9% sure you’re joking, but that .1% still worries me.”

Carl the Animator: “The lady has a big book held up by a stone demon, though! You gotta admit that’s pretty spectacular.”

Ted the Animator: “I don’t know… grandma always told me to never trust a lady with a statue of an demonic ungulate.”

Carl the Animator: “Good advice, really.”

Ted the Animator: “She shows Velma her weird book, which tells the tale of a giant space volcano,–

Ted the Animator: “–because that’s totally what you expect from a Scooby-Doo movie about a ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll group.”

Carl the Animator: “You know it.”

Ted the Animator: “A mysterious figure stands in the center of a giant revolving chopstick sculpture. From here on out, it really goes off the rails.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, I’m drinking in every second, believe me.”

Ted the Animator: “First, she awakens some kind of demon that threatens to burninate all of the planet’s nice thatched-roof cottages.”

Carl the Animator: “Tsk tsk!”

Ted the Animator: “Then, since they don’t like her nefarious doings, the high council of cat people from Red Dwarf all gather together.”

Carl the Animator: “Come to think of it, that would explain their elaborate wardrobes.”

Ted the Animator: “The cat people collect a bunch of Zigerion processor crystals…”

Ted the Animator: “…and somehow use ‘em to make bunch of crystal lightning on top of the volcano.”

Carl the Animator: “Ooh! What’s it do, what’s it do?

Ted the Animator: “Locks a gorilla monster inside the volcano.”

Carl the Animator: “Beautiful. Magnificent.”

Ted the Animator: “Now, remember, this is all coming from the picture book she’s been narrating to Velma the entire time.”

Carl the Animator: “Presumably the My First Alien-Demon-Gorilla Apocolypse Little Golden Book.”

Ted the Animator: “It also features a prancing fox, conjoined dancing lions…”

Ted the Animator: “…and KISS, evidently?”

Carl the Animator: “This… this is brilliant.”

Ted the Animator: “No, Carl, no, it’s madness! What about cohesive storytelling? What about a strong narrative, and pacing, and tone?”

Carl the Animator: “Forget tone, the movie has a freakin’ space volcano demon gorilla in it! If you ask me, after that, a movie can do whatever it darn well pleases.”


Gothic house in autumn by Anthony White
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Explore #45 highest position 08/01/2016 …many thanks to everyone for your favs and comments, it’s much appreciated. Taken at Stourhead in autumn


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Peasant Cottage Part 8: Thatched roof.

Since there is little wood available where the cottage is, the roof will be made of what is most available: grass. 

I start by taking a cheap card box, and cutting out the shape of the roof and glue it in place.

The teddy bear fur is pretty cheap at the craft store. I cut the fur to match the roof shape and glue it down also. Thatched roofs are made in layers to shed the rain water. A lot of people will glue strips of fur down to create the layers. I’ve found it just as effective to simply give the fur a haircut into layers.

I also decided that instead of adding a big wooden beam over the peak, I would just take the fur that I trimmed off, and cover the gap between the two pieces of fur with it. 

It still kinda looks goofy though, with this poofy blonde hair, so once we’ve got the fur trimmed the way we like, I get a cheap 2" paint brush, and brush on some watered down white glue make the fur lay down flat.


Greagoir let him out of the tower once. While the templars stripped him, searched him, and re-dressed him in robes they brought for him, so that he wouldn’t hide a pick– like he had done last time– Greagoir circled him and told him in nasal tones how he squandered his gifts. A Spirit Healer possessed rare talents. The power of life. Yet Anders turned his back on the Maker with his disobedience. A lazy student. Selfish. Petulant.

Anders had stood there naked but for the ring in his ear. He’d just laughed, hands on his hips, daring and insolent. He said: “And do tell me, Knight-Commander, how is it that my talent is held back when you never let me leave here? Am I to lavish the Maker’s blessings on every paper-cut in the archives? Someone stubbing his toe? A bit of bad elbow– and rubbing a little raw?”

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