So I’ve been excited about gaining some new followers lately, and I want to help pass the excitement on! These are some of my FAVORITE followers and blogs.


Lisa is one of my most loyal rebloggers and I ADORE her blog. If you’re a Supernatural fan, you should check out her posts ASAP!

This lovely fangirl does not have enough followers, y’all!! I’m always looking forward to seeing what’s next on her blog. :)

Sanja’s blog is just perf – she has great quality Doctor Who posts. I especially love her fantastic TARDIS theme. :D

Elizabeth has great posts AND great fanfiction – what more could you want in a blog, seriously!

I only started following Chelsea’s blog recently and we should absolutely be friends. Because her blog is awesome and her ships are cool and just… *highfive* (Oh, and ROLL TIDE!) ^.^


If you’re looking for more blogs to follow, these definitely deserve a peek! I love ALL my followers and can’t thank you guys enough for being there for me! :)