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“I wanted to kiss her some more. I don’t know why, for there could be no less suitable time. Maybe it was pure relief that we were alive and away from the pirates. Maybe it was jealousy, because she and Bruce had seemed to get along so well. Mostly it was just because I wanted to, had wanted to for days." 

matt cruse, airborn. 


brett dalton appreciation week | day five: favourite relationship (pt. 1)

BJ Britt   //  “i will never forget when bj britt and brett dalton danced to rude boy and then promptly tackled one another.” - me after my life changed 


↳ featuring the eleventh, tenth, ninth and ‘twelfth’ doctor (played by ben whishaw) . 

give me love,

give me love like her,

'cause lately I’ve been waking up alone

paint splattered tear drops on my shirt

sigh no more,

sigh no more, no more

one foot in the sea, one on the shore

my hear was never pure

you know me, you know me

wherever you will go,

so lately, been wondering

who will be there to take my place

when i’m gone, you’ll need love

to light the shadows on your face

bleeding out, 

so if the last thing I do,

is bring you down

i’ll bleed out for you 

so I bare my skin, and I count my sins

and I close my eyes and I take it in 


their hearts are haunting, 

still hearts hold ever and ever … ever

fix you, 

and the tears come streaming down your face,

when you lose something you can’t replace

when love someone when it goes to waste

could it be worse?

no bravery,

and I see no bravery 

no bravery in your eyes anymore

there is sadness


this is the end,

hold your breath and count to ten

feel the earth moving and then

hear my heart burst again

for this is the end

I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment