Hey there, I know I don’t post very often and this is more of a cosplay blog! But in case you don’t know my current situation, I currently work 6 days a week this summer trying to save up enough money for school. Unfortunately while I have enough to -just- scrape by, I won’t have enough money to do things like cosplay (which I love), see my friends, and feed myself non-dorm food. It will also help lessen the giant pit of debt I will fall into once I’ve graduated.

Feel free to -Ask- me questions here or email me to place a commission. If you don’t have the funds to be able to, I would appreciate it if you could -Reblog- my post in the hopes that someone who does might be interested~

Thank you very much, I hope you have a good day. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧♡


Puella Magi Madoka Magica Cosplay

Homura: lovethatasianperson (facebook)

Madoka: sleepykiks (facebook)

Photogtapher: Belinda Elizabeth Photography (facebook)

Here’s a photo and review of my Galaxy Sailor Fuku from SpreePicky!

Price: $65.00

Colour: Blue

Size: M

I ordered this with my friend sleepykiks who got the matching one in Purple! I couldn’t wait after getting mine and got a few shots of it with my friend Tom~


When I ordered it, I’d been really excited about it for awhile! I looked up previous reviews and knew more or less what I was going to get, but here is my take on it. :’D

Comfort: 4/5

It was mostly my bad since I ordered it knowing the waist runs a bit small, but it is rather tight so the skirt tends to ride up. = u =; Be careful when you order, however~

Quality: 3/5

The material is rather stiff and the printing quality is pretty pixelated. It photographs really well, though, and looks good from a distance! My major complaint is that the shirt is fairly thin so you don’t want to wear a brightly coloured bra. I wore a white shirt under it so it’s not a huge problem. It also wrinkles very easily, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you hang it up when you’re not wearing it. o u o

I like that they’re made from vastly different bolts of fabric so that the feel of each outfit differs, mine ran kind of light as you can see.