I found this and I decided I wanna do it for the people I follow :3 

best url: Sconesandcrepes 

best theme: Thatangelcat 

best posts: Danisnotonfire 

best overall: Suriella 

best hair: Nipahdubs or Razzyness (they both have amazing hair) 

best eyes: Ashestoashesjc (/♥_♥)/ 

best smile: Ashestoashesjc \(♥_♥\)

most attractive overall: (don’t shoot!) Ashestoashesjc \(♥_♥)/ 

  • Me:want a link to a picture of the prettiest girl on earth?! omg she's like not even human it's so amazing
  • KitKat:okie
  • Me:omg look at her it's just like *mind blown* *sends her a picture of herself*
  • KitKat:damn you xD
  • Me:she's just like the pure embodiment of perfection <3

thatangelcat  asked:

You are a super special person! Never let anyone tell you otherwise, and remember that if someone keeps hating on you, they must honestly love you because they take the time out of their day to stalk you and always talk about you, whether it be mean or not. It still means they have a fetish for you. >o>

KittyKat have I ever told you I love you?  I swear to god every valentine’s day I’m going to send you a load of flowers and chocolates and kittens and stuffed kitties and a bunny with a note attached saying “KittyKat you’re mine forever”