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re Stiles biggest fear (spoilers for the episode): what works even better with your fic (and headcannon that Stiles lied) is that Derek gets turned into stone. He fights his fear (Jenifer bc why make sense now) and "looses" and gets turned into stone (he gets better). So if Stiles biggest fear is loosing Derek, that actually happens (and can be headcannoned that instead of Derek loosing another fight, we actually see Stiles fear manifest as stone!Derek).

Ah I really love this interpretation!! Derek facing Jennifer makes sense to me, because I’m just headcanoning that she’s physical representation of Derek’s actual fear –– being manipulated and betrayed yet again; trusting someone he shouldn’t and having his loved ones get hurt because of it again. It’s not literally Jennifer he fears, it’s what she represents in his life.

That said, I hate the idea of Derek losing to her, letting that fear overcome him. I hate the implication that Derek –– who’s spent years being afraid and traumatized and still waking up every day and fighting through it and doing what needs to be done anyway because it’s the right thing to do –– would be faced with a fear and just collapse under it. He faced down Kate in season one unflinchingly, faced Peter (someone he loved and trusted who became his sister’s killer), faced Jennifer the instant he realized she’d used him… Derek of all people, is literally the last character in the show who should fail when faced with his fears.

But, if losing Derek again is Stiles’ greatest fear then this all makes so much more sense. Derek’s fighting Jennifer, Derek’s a sure bet to succeed, honestly, but Stiles’ fear kicks in and forces Derek into stone. Derek can’t fight it when it’s literally someone else’s fear that he fail.

I have to admit, when I was writing the scene and Derek promised he’d always come back, I was thinking about him turning to stone and being restored at the end. It’s the fulfillment of his promise to Stiles in that scene, and so accurate to their whole relationship. Derek might leave, might be kidnapped, might be thought dead, but he will always come back for Stiles.

Blanket forts and bad days - KitTy

My fave @thepurplewarlock posted this:

I said I wanted to write fic based around them. So I decided to start with 6, which is;                                                      

6. Who builds a pillow fort?

Kit - for when Ty is having an off day

So here we gooooo (click Keep Reading to see the fic)

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So sooo I asked my friend what Jasper's name at birth would be at she said "maKE IT JANE." So yeah. Trans Jasper's original name was Jane. He hates it when his parents call him Jane instead of Jasper. When he goes to school dances his parents force him to wear a dress but when he gets there David always brings him a different outfit so that he feels comfortable and is happy ^-^ ~oops anon

god david is the realest one out here


Flan: Like I was saying, she’s doing really great, she loves school. She always says my class is her favorite, but I’m sure she says that to all her teachers, and–

Ana: She’s Jefferson’s.

Flan: –she said she – wait, what?

Ana: You wanted to know, right? That’s why you brought him up. You wanted to know if he was Madge’s dad, and… he is.

Flan: Oh. Well–

Ana: Madge doesn’t know. I’d… prefer if it stayed that way.

Flan: …Jefferson knows. Or at least knows it’s a possibility.

WiP Meme

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I don’t know what my exact last sentence was, but here’s the riff I was just working on, for TDS Chapter 57:

“I can make fireworks,” said Solas. Then, he softened. “Vhenan, what’s the matter?”

“I miss Skyhold,” she said, shaking her head. Her hair was everywhere. 

“You are not usually this high strung.”

“That’s because at Skyhold, I get guards,” said Sene. “Posted to my door. Guards. They make things easier. Where are my guards, Solas? And when did I become so dramatic and dependent on guards?”

Poor Sene. She can light Coryphy-tits on fire and shoot demons with her arrows in strange worlds no sweat but like her parents turn her into a stress ball.

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Hey linkspooky, do you have any thoughts about Kimi's morality in tg and her acceptance of Nishiki?

Well, originally when Kaneki asked if Kimi was okay with Nishiki being a ghoul she said something along the lines of “Well, if he ate one of my friends I would be upset, but as long as he doesn’t eat anybody I know then I can be okay with it.”

Which isn’t the best, but a lot of Tokyo Ghoul characters tend to have a view of morality entirely centered around their own small personal bubble of friends with little regard for what happens to those who do not personally affect them. 

However, if you were talking about what she said in the great wheel arc, it’s probably… better? Like, saying that humans had no choice but to be born human is true, but following that up by saying that they have no choice but to become twisted and the roles are determined for them since birth is a little bit limiting. 

It takes responsibility out of the equation, humans were going to benefit from being human no matter what they did it’s true, but humans also all along had the option to stand up and speak out against this unfairness and the vast majority did not.

It’s kind of impossible to compare tokyo ghoul to real world circumstances, so let’s leave it at that. It’s the same kind of flaw I see in most people’s morality, it’s a tendency to over blame the system rather than personal responsibility. 

It actually sounds a bit like Kanou’s own rhetoric, that if the cage were removed then people would be free. Which makes sense as we know that Kimi is teamed up with Kanou currently. 

So yes, I think Kimi’s standards of morality are a far bit better than most of the characters in the series right now (which is a low bar), and also that her rhetoric is something that ghoul should start approaching fighting for. While at the same time, I also see the flaw in her opinions, her lack of accounting for personal responsibility. 

Which is really telling when you know she joined up with Kanou, somebody responsible for a body count in the thousands. By supporting him, she’s also supporting that same abuse, even if she’s doing it with good intentions in mind. Kanou’s abuse is a systemic abuse, just like the ones Kimi wants to fight against. Considering all the WW2 references revolving around Kanou (and I’m leaving it at that please don’t make false equivalences) I think his character is very much about how unchecked systemic power can corrupt an individual absolutely, as Kanou is entirely good at manipulating both the systems of V, the CCG, and Aogiri to just let him continue doing as he pleases. 

It’s the same kind of deal as I said before, how can you achieve a good end if it’s built upon terrible means? Where would the foundation lie?

I wonder if the Lions ever talk to each other.


Blue Lion: *wheezing* but that’s not all guys! you know what she did next? she said “you’re really activating my particle barrier right now”!

Other lions: *rolling around the hangers howling with laughter*


Black Lion: i can’t believe they think that stupid Clone is MY paladin! i’ll take Spicy Jalapeño over him any day!

Green Lion:

Blue Lion:

Green Lion:

Blue Lion:

Green Lion: black, knock knock.

Black Lion: …who’s there?

Green Lion: not Shiro that’s for sure.

Black Lion: *already shooting lasers* yoU

Blue lion: *wheezing* she actually said it holy sh i t


Red Lion: my paladin is the best.

Blue Lion: okay, first of all—

Red Lion: *whips out flamethrower* don’t even think about it


Blue Lion: i can’t believe Fine Ass Beefcake is dead.

Yellow Lion: where did that nickname come from?

Blue Lion: it’s the nickname my paladin assigned to Black’s. pretty cool, right?

Yellow Lion: ….yes you could say that.

Black Lion: *breaks down hanger doors* i thoUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING HIM DEAD—

Yellow and Blue: *screeching*

-elsewhere in the castle-

Pidge: …I am so glad I invested in a Lion translator.

Director Henry Hathaway tells a story about Marilyn Monroe:

“She was very special. Marilyn was scared to death and never sure she was a good actress. The tragedy was she was never allowed to be. I saw her one time over at Paramount, this was the time she was married to Arthur Miller. She was walking up and down outside the stage…. I went out to her, and she was crying. I walked up and down with her and said: ”What’s the matter?”She said: “All my life I’ve played Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe…. I’ve tried to do a little better and find myself doing an imitation of Edie Adams doing an imitation of me. I try to do a little better, but then I do an exaggeration of myself doing the same thing. I want to do something different…. When I married Miller, one of the fantasies I had in my head was that I could get out of Marilyn Monroe through him…. And I find myself back here on the stage, and I just couldn’t take it, I had to get out of there. I just couldn’t face having to do another scene trying to do something with Marilyn Monroe.”   - quoted by John Kobal in People Will Talk,  1975

A kid started yelling that my grandma is a racist.

So my grandma works a few hours at a K-8th school as a campus supervisor. She was only supposed to let a certain amount of kids into the cafeteria so she was counting “one two”, “one two”, “one two”. One little kid starts copying her and she says “Heyy, you can count!”. I think it was a kindergartener so she was trying to be supportive.

Some 8th grader(s) walking by start yelling “DID YOU HEAR WHAT SHE SAID??? SHE’S RACIST! SHE’S RACIST! SHE’S RACIST!” and it was fucking insane. She had no idea what was going on. Instead of talking to those 8th graders, the school told that little kid that if he wanted to FILE THE INCIDENT, he could.

It was crazy and my grandma came home in tears.

Happy 20fucking17 everyone. Now you’ve got tumblr kids who scream everything is racist making grandmas cry. Congrats.

The whole story sounds made up, I know, because who the hell does that but unfortunately it really happened yesterday.

she gave me tenderness

 “I tried to send her away,” he said at last. “She … well, what she said to me …” He glanced at me; I saw the movement of his head. “She said she’d seen me with ye, Claire—and that she kent the look of a true love when she saw it, for all she’d not had one herself. And that it wasna in her mind to make me betray that. But she would give me … some small thing. That’s what she said to me,” he said, and his voice had grown husky,“‘some small thing, that maybe ye can use.’”  

      “It was—I mean, it wasna …” He stopped, and made that odd shrugging motion of his, as though his shirt were tight across his shoulders. He bowed his head for a moment on his knees, hands linked round them.  

      “She gave me tenderness,” he said finally, so softly that I barely heard him. “I—I hope I gave her the same.”  

      My throat and chest were too tight to speak, and tears prickled behind my eyes… I reached across it and laid my hand on his, the tips of my fingers on his big, weathered knuckles. I took a breath, then two, trying to steady my voice, but it cracked and broke, nonetheless.  

      “You gave her … tenderness. I know you did.”  

      He turned to me, suddenly, and my face was pressed into his coat, the cloth of it damp and rough on my skin, my tears blooming in tiny warm patches that vanished at once into the chill of the fabric.  

      “Oh, Claire,” he whispered into my hair. I reached up, and could feel wetness on his cheeks. “She said—she wished to keep ye alive for me. And she meant it; she didna mean to take anything for herself.”

– A Breath of Snow and Ashes

Here’s My Heart (Part Two)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes, and taken from this post (thanks again @hands1766)
Genre: Fluffish??
Warnings: Mention of Injuries
A/N: Reader uses female pronouns 

Part One Part Three Part Four

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*ignore the caption*

Peter greeted his aunt with a slam of the front door and a yell. “Aunt May! Where are you?!”

She came rushing from the kitchen, a slightly burnt scent following her, with a worried expression on her face. “What’s wrong?” She asked as she looked at Peter up and down, looking for any injuries. “Are you okay?”

“I’m gonna do it,” he said instead of answering her, a growing smile on his face. “I’m finally gonna do it, Aunt May.”

Her face reflected his, an elated expression quickly gracing her face. “Why now?” She asked, but she wasn’t protesting. Not in the least. Peter knew she had been looking forward to this almost as much as he was.

“I know how to do it now,” he said, moving over to the kitchen table and sitting down, plopping his backpack onto the ground with a loud thud. May sat down across from him, taking her dirty apron off and placing it onto the chair next to her.

“Go on,” she said, nodding.

“A mixtape,” Peter said, and he watched as May grew impossibly more excited. “I heard her talking about it at school, and she said she’d love if someone made her a mixtape. So that’s what I’m gonna do!”

Peter’s mind was racing, excited that the time had finally come for him to ask you out, that he forgot the reason he had come into the apartment screaming. 

“Oh!” He exclaimed, scaring May in the process when he jumped in his seat, and even scaring himself. “I don’t know how to make a mixtape.”

May stood from her chair, her laugh echoing through the small apartment as she walked to the kitchen. Peter stared after her, confused, until she came back with a small notebook and a pen. She dropped them onto the table with a dramatic flare, and Peter startled.

“What’s this for?” He asked, taking the notebook and flipping to an empty page. 

May sat down and took the notebook into her own hands, clicking the pen open. “You are going to tell me everything you love about (Y/N), and we’re going to write them all down. And then you can pick your songs based off of them.”

Peter’s eyebrows rose on his forehead, impressed with his aunt’s idea. “Okay,” he said slowly, and May readied the pen over the blank piece of paper, expectantly looking at him.

He stopped suddenly, mind going blank. There were so many things that came to mind that not one stood out by itself, and Peter didn’t know where to start. He looked at May desperately, and she titled her head with a smile.

“There’s so much to love,” Peter sighed, shaking his head. 

May’s smile grew. “Do you have a favorite memory?”

Peter tried to think again, but still, there were so many to choose from. You had been in his life for what seemed like forever now, and he couldn’t think of a time before you were by his side. There were an infinite amount of memories since then.

There was no where to start.

“Peter,” May laughed. “It’s so simple.”

“But it’s not,” Peter stressed, looking his aunt in the eyes. “This is too important to just- to just quickly write some things down on a paper and be done. (Y/N) deserves better than that.”

His aunt looked at him with some kind of admiration, wondering how this boy ended up so- so caring. She smiled, thinking she must’ve done something right along the way. “Do you like her smile?”

Peter stared at her with furrowed eyebrows. “Of course I- what?”

“(Y/N)’s smile,” she said again. “What do you think of when you see her smile?”

May watched as the cogs turned in her nephew’s head, and he tilted his head towards the table. He didn’t take a glance at her as he spoke. “When she smiles at me, I,” he paused to let out a breath, and she thought she saw a slight tilt to his lips. “I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest. It’s like she’s- she’s only ever smiled at me, like it’s a special smile that is a secret for only us two. It’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen in my life.”

May smiled softly, feeling tears well up in her eyes. “What else?” She said quietly. 

She listened as Peter began to ramble. He told her about the way you bit your lip when you were nervous, and how you smiled to yourself whenever you were proud of something you had done. He told her about the way you tended to his injuries whenever a bully (a villain) decided to put a beating on him, and how he could tell you were always holding back tears because you never liked to see him in pain. 

It seemed like they were sitting at the table for hours as he told her everything.

Peter smiled as he thought of all the memories the two of you had made. He even told a few to May. He spoke of the day he was the closest to saying ‘I love you’ than he had ever been before.

“I can’t believe we’re already gonna be juniors,” you had whispered to him as you gently swayed on the swing next to his. You were looking up at the stars that were shining above the park, and Peter pretended to be looking at them too.

But he was looking at you, staring at the admiration on your face. The only light provided for him to see you was the moon and the stars, and although they didn’t help much, he could picture your face perfectly with the rest of his imagination. 

“Yeah, same,” he whispered in return, and you turned from the stars to look at him. His eyes widened slightly, startled by your beauty in the dim light. You were biting your lip, a contemplative look in your eyes that made Peter hold his breath. He wasn’t sure why he wouldn’t dare to breathe, but he thought it was because he didn’t want anything to break this moment of your eyes connecting so intensely. 

“But it’s okay,” you stopped biting your lip to smile, and Peter had to let out a heavy breath at that. “As long as I have you by my side.”

He knew his heart skipped a beat- it had to, with the way he could feel those words affect him. It was his turn to bite his lip, and he tried to keep his eyes from widening, but he couldn’t help it. 

He laughed, a bit hysterically, and he almost let the words slip out at that moment, sitting next to each other on the park’s swing set with the stars shining above you. He wanted to say it, and your bright eyes still looking into his were almost hypnotizing him. 

But he wouldn’t, he couldn’t. Not yet.

“You too,” he said instead, quietly to try not to disturb the moment. But still, as he spoke the words, he wished he had said something else.

“Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I had said it that night,” Peter said, looking up from the table to look at his aunt. He stopped speaking and his eyebrows furrowed when he saw the streaks of tears on her cheeks. “May?” He asked, sitting up straighter in his seat. She laughed a little and shook her head, wiping her cheeks with her hands.

“I’m fine, Peter,” she said, still laughing, but he thought he could see some sadness on her face. He sighed, quiet enough for her to not hear, and looked back down at the table. He never knew what to say when she was like this, when he could tell she was missing his uncle more than ever.

She cleared her throat, and he heard her write a few more things down in the notebook before closing it. He lifted his head as she slid it over to him. She smiled, and he thought it looked more genuine this time. “And now you pick your songs.”

Peter let out a breath, his eyes widening as he stared down at the notebook.

This was it.

Here’s part two, and I was gonna end it here, but part three anyone? Let me know what you think, and if you would like another part :) Requests are open!!


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Can I share a random Vansnavi headcanon I have??? I feel like they have very different reactions to babies. Usnavi M E L T S when he sees a lil bab he's like 'this child is mine now' and Vanessa, who likes babies okay enough but doesn't have a lot of experience, doesn't baby talk or coo or anything, she'll talk to them like they're a full grown adult. She's like 'yo baby you hear what that bitch Yolanda said'


vanessa and usnavi’s future child will be sharing 2 completely different conversations with both of her parents,, vanessa just fucjing spills tea to her child and rants to them like the baby knows what she’s talking about and usnavi just baby-talks his child!!!!

usnavi: “you are SO cute i love u!! ur a good baby!!!” what a softie

(bonus: usnavi catches vanessa talking shit about their neighbors one day and starts laughing so hard at the fact she’s just SPEAKING TO THIS INFANT like that)

So this was super Jewish...
  • Rabbi: I was speaking with a friend earlier in the week, and she's gone to schul on the High Holidays all her life, but she confessed to me that she was just getting tired of going year after year. She said to me "What's really the point? Why should I go to schul?" And you know, those are very interesting, very important points of discussion. What *is* the point? Why *should* we go to schul?
  • [pause]
  • Rabbi: Anyway, I'll just leave you with those questions; we begin with Shiru L'Adonai on page 27.
I Give Up - part 27 (A Baekhyun Series)

You were putting on mascara when your phone buzzed, letting you know of an incoming text. It was probably one of the friends who were meeting up later at the small bar near campus. You swiped when you recognized Minah’s name, your best friend who you had invited along. Your exams and being so busy with your boyfriend had made you neglect your best friend lately and you made her promise to join tonight.

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Not in front of my Salad

Alice Michelle: Auntie Waverly, Auntie Nicole…

Waverly: hey, dear, what’s the matter

Alice Michelle: Mommy said she once thought of changing my name to Salad Earp, and when I asked her why, she just told me to ask you

Wayhaught: [flashblack of Wynonna holding infant Alice Michelle walked in on them doing it on the kitchen counter]