[The Kids Are Alright] • Chpt. 1

• After The Love Is Gone 

A/N: This story is a fix it of Season 8 ~ The first chapter of the story flashes back a few months before New Year’s Day, it takes place three weeks after Sam shows up, and everyone is adjusting to Hyde’s marriage. This is an introduction chapter, there will be a lot more going on as the story builds and it definitely gets more intense. 

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August, 25, 1979 -  Point Place, Wisconsin

Donna’s Room 

“Since we missed our phone call this week, I just wanted to give you a little update on what has been happening.

To simply put it: everything’s gone bonkers.

Your mom has been making jam…lots of jam. Our entire shelf is stacked with a variety of strawberry, blueberry and peach. Red says that this is just her way of coping while you’re gone, which was great at first, but now the Pinciaotti pantry has turned into the Foreman’s Jam Storage Unit.

Who can eat this much jam anyway?

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basically the whole That 70's Show cast
  • Eric: dAd why are you such an asshole
  • Donna: im hot no matter what
  • Hyde: so there's this car that runs on water, man..
  • Kelso: im gonna make every girl pregnant
  • Jackie: im a rich bitch tbh
  • Fez: boobsboobsboobscandyboobsboobs
  • Laurie: i am amazing at ruining relationships
  • Kitty: ahAHahAhAAHAHahaaHHAHAAA ooh martini
  • Red: I shall stick my foot up your ass
  • Leo: who am i