My worst nightmares were always those where i lose you. I remember waking up angry with you and cursing you for giving me a hard time even in a dream I remember how I felt in my dreams, my fear of losing you, and I remember waking up, most of the time, crying a lot And you were there hugging me and saying “I AM HERE MY LOVE AND I WILL NEVER LEAVE!”
Today I constantly feel the pain of losing you, the pain that i feared and that i dreamt about ! I wanted to wake up like the other times, but this time is not a nightmare. I sleep and I always wake up in the same terrible nightmare that you left. How I wanted it to be different. How I wanted it to be a nightmare. How I wanted to wake up to this beautiful scene of you playing with our son ahhh how I wanted just one more kiss just another hug Ahhh how I wanted to have a chance to say the last goodbye. I will not say “Goodbye ” , i will say “see you later ”
—  Wife/Girlfriend of Dener Assunção , Amanda - via her Instagram (amandabraz16)
Ways to un-stick a stuck story
  • Do an outline, whatever way works best. Get yourself out of the word soup and know where the story is headed.
  • Conflicts and obstacles. Hurt the protagonist, put things in their way, this keeps the story interesting. An easy journey makes the story boring and boring is hard to write.
  • Change the POV. Sometimes all it takes to untangle a knotted story is to look at it through different eyes, be it through the sidekick, the antagonist, a minor character, whatever.
  • Know the characters. You can’t write a story if the characters are strangers to you. Know their likes, dislikes, fears, and most importantly, their motivation. This makes the path clearer.
  • Fill in holes. Writing doesn’t have to be linear; you can always go back and fill in plotholes, and add content and context.
  • Have flashbacks, hallucinations, dream sequences or foreshadowing events. These stir the story up, deviations from the expected course add a feeling of urgency and uncertainty to the narrative.
  • Introduce a new mystery. If there’s something that just doesn’t add up, a big question mark, the story becomes more compelling. Beware: this can also cause you to sink further into the mire.
  • Take something from your protagonist. A weapon, asset, ally or loved one. Force him to operate without it, it can reinvigorate a stale story.
  • Twists and betrayal. Maybe someone isn’t who they say they are or the protagonist is betrayed by someone he thought he could trust. This can shake the story up and get it rolling again.
  • Secrets. If someone has a deep, dark secret that they’re forced to lie about, it’s a good way to stir up some fresh conflict. New lies to cover up the old ones, the secret being revealed, and all the resulting chaos.
  • Kill someone. Make a character death that is productive to the plot, but not “just because”. If done well, it affects all the characters, stirs up the story and gets it moving.
  • Ill-advised character actions. Tension is created when a character we love does something we hate. Identify the thing the readers don’t want to happen, then engineer it so it happens worse than they imagined.
  • Create cliff-hangers. Keep the readers’ attention by putting the characters into new problems and make them wait for you to write your way out of it. This challenge can really bring out your creativity.
  • Raise the stakes. Make the consequences of failure worse, make the journey harder. Suddenly the protagonist’s goal is more than he expected, or he has to make an important choice.
  • Make the hero active. You can’t always wait for external influences on the characters, sometimes you have to make the hero take actions himself. Not necessarily to be successful, but active and complicit in the narrative.
  • Different threat levels. Make the conflicts on a physical level (“I’m about to be killed by a demon”), an emotional level (“But that demon was my true love”) and a philosophical level (“If I’m forced to kill my true love before they kill me, how can love ever succeed in the face of evil?”).
  • Figure out an ending. If you know where the story is going to end, it helps get the ball rolling towards that end, even if it’s not the same ending that you actually end up writing.
  • What if? What if the hero kills the antagonist now, gets captured, or goes insane? When you write down different questions like these, the answer to how to continue the story will present itself.
  • Start fresh or skip ahead. Delete the last five thousand words and try again. It’s terrifying at first, but frees you up for a fresh start to find a proper path. Or you can skip the part that’s putting you on edge – forget about that fidgety crap, you can do it later – and write the next scene. Whatever was in-between will come with time.

THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  |  mooseleys vs. sassywiinchesters
Round 3 favorite angel or demon + favorite season: Crowley + season 8
I just want to be loved


Something different. /moonwalks away/

Today is intersex awareness day

Just a reminder, I am an intersex trans woman who has survived through multiple “normalization surgeries”. I have been through hell and back because I am intersex. I have been shamed, harassed, assaulted and molested because of it and I still live in fear most days. 

So all you queer (and non queer) folks listen up and understand who we are and what we are fighting for. You can find a number of FAQ’s on the blog I help moderate actuallyintersex. You can read a good 101 at THE ONLY trustworthy intersex organization oii. Please take time to know who we are so that you can be a better ally to us not only today, but everyday. 

Yes, but...

ARIES - Yes, you’re good at starting projects, and we need your energy, but you’re also good at starting unnecessary conflicts that can seriously ruin anybody’s day.

TAURUS - Yes, you’re stable and responsible and that’s a rare quality in most people, but you fear change and you have to realize improvement on anything can only occur due to change.

GEMINI - Yes, you’re capable of being versatile in any situation, but you’ve got to realize that being adequate at everything means that you’re amazing at nothing.

CANCER - Yes, you give people constant love and affection, but you’ve got to realize that all people are different and you’re not always going to get that same love and affection because the world doesn’t revolve around you.

LEO - Yes, you are very confident and confidence is sexy, but what’s the point of having a strong confidence as a front that hides a soft, fragile ego that could break at any point?

VIRGO - Yes, you are very good at getting things done the right way, but you have to realize that you’re aiming for excellence, not perfection.

LIBRA - Yes, you’re good at settling down any conflicts, but the only way to fix some conflicts is to cause some; try to fight fire with fire.

SCORPIO - Yes, you’re so good at reading people and their intentions, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust anyone because they’re dark; you can find beauty in the darkest of places.

SAGITTARIUS - Yes, compared to others, you’re so free, but you’ve got come back home at some point because people worry about you and you’re probably lost.

CAPRICORN - Yes, you are so good at doing things you’re interested in, but people aren’t going to be happy for you if you keep on implying that you’re superior to them.

AQUARIUS - Yes, you’re so innovative and creative, but with that, you’re also unpredictable and rebellious, qualities that don’t take you to good places.

PISCES - Yes, you’re imaginative and compassionate to the people you love, but you forget to love yourself and that’s just as important.

Do you want to know what I fear the most? Do you really want to know? I, absolutely fear that one day, you will wake up only to realize that the act of loving me becomes a burden on your shoulder.
—  Lukas W. // Fear of being a burden

To those rejoicing today: I rejoice with you.

To those who have longed for their relationships to be recognized: I celebrate with you.

To those who are able to marry when before today they could not: I congratulate you.

To those who find today a hollow victory: I have not forgotten you.

To those who are homeless or alienated from their families: I grieve with you.

To those who live with fear in even the most mundane activities: I am truly sorry.

To those who are denied medical care or legal protection: I remember you.

Today is not the end of the story; we’re still in the opening chapters.


What do you fear the most in life?
Mediocrity – the idea of just being alright at something. In drama school we were taught to just go for it, even if it means failing abysmally. Tessellation also scares me. Do you know what that is? It’s lots of little objects in a row, like the ridges on a cat’s tongue. That freaks me out.