if youre a het girl feminist who thinks going on about how youre not a an evil™ man hating™ hairy™ lesbian fights stereotypes and is progressive™ while throwing gay girls under the bus you can choke

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Jim nearly chokes as he sees Spock carrying an unconscious Bones bridal style to McCoy's room. Spock is confused, he simply noticed Leonard had fallen asleep in sickbay again after his shift and had figured a bed would be a more logical resting place

Jim tells Bones all about it the next day and Bones just doesn’t believe him, he has a good shout telling Jim and a) Spock wouldn’t touch him that much and B) Chapel has gurneyed him home many times.

Jim spends a month trying to get a photo, only for Bones to insist it’s been doctored. 

Finally, one night Bones wakes up in a panic, in Spock’s arms, with Jim snapping photos in his face. Bones believes it after that. Bones is also blushing and very confused and keeps stuttering as he asks Spock why, exactly, he is carrying him home. 

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10 and WinterIron?

10. You married him instead of me!

I went a bit angsty here because I am sometimes Satan’s minion and other times an angel :P  :D

“I never wanted to hurt you”

Bucky choked out a strangled laugh as he ran his metal hand through his messy hair one more time.

“And yet you managed to do it, so congratulations, I guess,” he bit out before turning around to face the man in a tux.

Tony stood awkwardly in the doorway, both hands in his pockets, eyes meeting Bucky’s for a minute before he looked away.

“Bucky, I -”

“Just tell me why,” Bucky asked, eyes boring into Tony’s when he looked up, “Tell me why you did it. Tell me why you had to - just please, tell me why?”

Tony simply stood silent, jaw working and Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed hard.

“You know what, I can’t do this,” Bucky shook his head and stood up to go out when Tony blocked his path.

“Bucky, please,” Tony said softly, brown eyes shining with bit back tears, “I know I hurt you and I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You can’t forgive me, I know, I know that and I don’t expect you to but please. Please don’t walk away without clearing this up.”

“Why? You did ten years ago, right?” Bucky spat, swallowing back his own furious tears and pushing Tony’s shoulder away from the door, “You walked away from me when I needed you. You walked away from us when you decided to leave me without a single word of explanation. You walked away from everything we had, everything I thought we had, when you made a decision for yourself. Then why shouldn’t I walk away now?!”

“James, I never - I swear I didn’t -”

“You married him instead of me!” Bucky yelled when Tony made a move to touch his arm and shoved the younger man’s hand away, “You married fucking Ezekiel Stane! You married that bastard after everything he put us through.”

Tony remained silent thankfully because Bucky was vibrating with anger and hurt in that moment.

“I was going to propose, y’know?” Bucky laughed bitterly, “Bought a cheap ring with my entire pay check and everything. I thought I’d go down on a knee and ask for your hand for the rest of my life because that’s all I wanted. That’s all I ever wanted. And then I got the phone call. That fucking phone call from your dad inviting me to your wedding reception. A Gala he said.”

Bucky remembered getting anxious for Tony’s safety and rushing to the Mansion, demanding to see him immediately. He remembered fighting tooth and nail with Howard Stark and Obadiah Stane, pushing past them to bound up to Tony’s room and on finding that empty, ripping through the entire place in search of his boyfriend.

Only to find Ezekiel freaking Stane in one of the rooms, lying naked and smirking up at him from under silk sheets. He remembered Stone snidely telling him to leave him and his husband alone.

He remembered pinning the bastard down and pummeling into him only to be stopped when Tony came out from the bathroom, wet hair and a towel around his waist.

Bucky had felt a sense of relief on seeing him and was about to grab him into a hug when his eye caught a gleaming gold band on Tony’s left hand.

Tony hadn’t said a word as Howard’s security had dragged a heartbroken and shell-shocked Bucky out of there.

“Ten years. You come back to this town ten years later and you’re still a bastard out to break my heart,” Bucky shook his head to himself before looking up and staring down a pained looking Tony, “But not anymore. This is not your day. This is my best friend’s wedding day and I’m not going to let you ruin this for anyone. You’re out of my life, Tony Stark, and I’m done with you.”

Without a backward glance, Bucky walked away from the dressing room, intending to get back to his real friends, who wouldn’t shatter his heart.


“It was a beautiful wedding”

Bucky blinked and turned to his side to see a tall redhead sipping on champagne and smiling politely at him.

“Yeah, it was Tasha’s work,” he replied with a nod in Natasha’s direction, watching as she danced with her clumsy boyfriend Bruce, “She’s the best at these.”

The redhead hummed thoughtfully and Bucky could recognize the look of a potential client for Tasha and felt a bit happy for his friend.

“How long have they known each other?” she asked with a soft smile as she gestured to Steve and Sam dancing with each other sappily with the popular wedding glow on them.

“Three years now,” Bucky answered with a small laugh when the redhead’s eyes widened, “yeah, Stevie’s a big old romantic and Sam was love-struck from the minute he met our Captain America.”

“Captain America?” the lady frowned in confusion.

“That’s something he picked up during high-school,” Bucky said vaguely, not willing to into the details of how Clint and Ton - someone had come up with the moniker, “So which side are you on?”

“Oh, I don’t know yet,” the redhead said and Bucky raised an eyebrow making her chuckle, “I came with Rhodey.”

Bucky’s face darkened a bit at that but he couldn’t really begrudge everyone who came with Rhodey, especially since Rhodes was a good guy and a good friend of Sam. Even if he was Tony Stark’s best friend.

“Many people seem to have done that”. Okay, so maybe Bucky couldn’t really be polite all the time. So what?

The redhead didn’t seem fazed and instead simply smirked knowingly.

“What?” Bucky asked with a frown.

“Nothing, just thinking,” she shrugged one shoulder and outstretched a hand, “I’m Virginia Potts.”

“Potts, name sounds familiar,” Bucky shook her hand thoughtfully, “I’m Bucky Barnes. James Barnes but better known as Bucky.”

“In that case, I’m better known as Pepper. Pepper Potts,” she grinned and suddenly it struck Bucky how he recognized the surname.

“You’re the new Stark CEO,” he said a bit bitter and awed.

“That would be me,” she nodded and took her hand back.

“How is it so far? Filling Stark’s shoes?” Bucky wished the ground would split up and swallow him but Pepper simply snorted.

“Well, my feet are bigger than his, so it’s a bit restricting. But we’re working on that,” she said amicably, “Which reminds me, congratulations on the new gym. State of the art, I hear.”

“New gym? What are you -,” Bucky froze and swore, “That son-of-a-bitch! He made you buy me a gym?”

“He is rich on his own, you know?” Pepper sounded amused but Bucky was seething with anger.

“Yeah, rich and an asshole,” he growled, “A selfish and arrogant asshole who thinks he can buy everything.”

“Just be grateful it’s not a rabbit,” Pepper quipped and shook her head when Bucky shot her a confused look, “Anyway, you’re right. Tony bought a gym in your name and yes, he is an asshole.”

Bucky scoffed and downed his drink at that.

“But,” Pepper continued and this time turned to face him completely, looking dead serious, “he’s also the same asshole who got into a forced marriage sham to save his friends from getting ruined.”

Bucky stilled and slowly met Pepper’s eyes.


“You heard me,” Pepper said calmly.

“I think…we need to talk somewhere private,” Bucky said carefully, his brain confused and heart racing at the implication.

Pepper nodded and Bucky led her to Steve’s dressing room, catching Natasha’s eyes and giving her a pointed nod to inform that he would be back soon.

“Explain” he said as soon as they got into the room and he shut the door behind him.

“How much do you know about Alexander Pierce?” Pepper asked him instead of answering and Bucky frowned.

“Pierce? He was a number one con who got his due in time,” Bucky shrugged as he remembered his ex-employer who had been involved in huge drug and weapons dealing, along with a few accusations of conspiring with terrorist organizations.

“Alexander Pierce was a whisperer for Hydra,” Pepper smoother her dress and said sharply.

“What? No. Hydra?” Bucky had never believed the terrorist conspiration theories but Hydra was a totally brutal gang in the underground circuits and there were always stories about their threats.

“Yes,” Pepper nodded with a pinched look, “And he used people, his employees, as mediums for their purposes.”

“Ms. Potts what are you -”

“I’m telling you, Mr. Barnes, that Alexander Pierce used you, one Steve Rogers and a Sharon Carter to fulfill three or more major mafia transactions,” Pepper said with a tight look on her face.

Bucky felt his world spinning and sinking when she went on to explain how Pierce had used them to deal in smuggled goods, hidden in the packages they used to deliver for him sometimes.  How he had used Sharon’s access to get her aunt Peggy’s confidential documents that later turned out to be things connected to national security. How he had made Bucky drop Pierce’s car off at one of his friend’s house and that had turned out to be rigged.

The number of charges that could be levied against them was growing with every sentence that came out of Pepper’s mouth.

“Stop! Stop, stop. How do you know all this?” he asked finally.

“I know, Barnes, because it was Tony who managed to get evidence to expose Pierce,” she said quietly, “and because he spent every day of the past ten years keeping this information concealed from the press.”

“What?” Bucky breathed out in shock.

“At first Tony couldn’t get the charges off you by himself. He did’t have that kind of power. So, he had to get help from someone who did,” she explained with a bitter shake of her head, “And in exchange, he had to give away the most valuable thing he had.”

“Howard,” Bucky grit out, suddenly realizing whom Pepper meant by the person who held the power to help, “What did - did Tony - ?”

“The marriage was a sham, Barnes,” Pepper said gently, a sort of pitying look on her face, “Howard placed a condition that he would keep the wolves off you guys if Tony stayed away from you himself. To ensure that he did, Howard made him seal the deal by getting married to his business partner’s son. I don’t know the entire details because I came in a couple of years later, but from what I understand, Tony and Ezekiel left for Malibu and Ezekiel fell out of obsession with Tony, leading him to a Sunset Bain. Tony got out of his dad’s clutches two years later and divorced Stane promptly. They played it off as a divorce due to adultery but – let’s just say that there was no love in the first place for it to be lost.”

“He should have told me,” Bucky said brokenly with a hint of  anger at how stupidly Tony had handled his own life, “He should have told me the truth.”

“I know, and I think he knows too,” Pepper shrugged sadly, “but he’s an idiot who likes to pile all shit onto himself instead of getting help. Like you said, an asshole.”

Bucky laughed hysterically at that and sat down heavily on the couch, letting his head fall onto his hands.

“Ten years,” he whispered, “We wasted ten years of our lives and he – I – God!”

“I didn’t tell you this to make you forgive him and go back into his arms, James,” Pepper said quietly, “God knows, you have every right to be angry. Tony knows that too I guess. But I didn’t want you to hate him without knowing the entire story. That and…I guess I didn’t want him to remain a black spot, not when he’s…I just thought you should know.”

Bucky didn’t say a word but Pepper took the hint and left the room quietly, letting him take the time to process everything.


“You need help”

Tony didn’t need to look up to recognize that voice. He knew Bucky’s voice in his sleep. Struggling to push the pile of chairs off him, he huffed and flopped back.

“It wasn’t my fault this time,” he replied and saw as Bucky came into his line of vision.

“I didn’t mean just for this,” Bucky said but instead of helping, simply stood there and observed the mess.

“Enjoying my misery?” Tony asked lightly, trying to make a joke out of it. Bucky’s eyes flashed with some strange emotion but he didn’t rise to the bait.

“You should really stop assuming things about me,” he said instead.

Tony frowned but Bucky had a remarkable poker face so he let it be and focused on pushing the chairs off him.

“So, I met Pepper,” Bucky said suddenly and Tony jerked.


“Interesting lady, that one,” Bucky hummed.

“Yes, that she is.”

“Quite blunt too”

Now Tony frowned hard and tried to get a read on Bucky better.

“What did she exactly tell you?”

“Everything,” Bucky said enigmatically and Tony froze, cautiously testing the waters.

“Everything about the company?”

“Everything about you,” Bucky said bluntly, “And Stane. And Pierce.”

Tony uttered a quiet expletive and led his head fall back, closing his eyes.

“Look, before you get on my -”

“Thank you” Bucky cut him short and Tony gaped at him like a fish.


“Don’t get me wrong, I’m pissed that you did what you did, but for saving Stevie and Sharon and me…thank you,” Bucky said quietly.

“You’re welcome?” Tony answered hesitantly, unsure of what was going on. Bucky nodded and continued standing.

“Okay, this is getting a little too heavy,” Tony grunted after a while, “Can you - I mean, can you pull off a couple of chairs? I can push after that.”

“Sure,” Bucky nodded and made a move to help before stopping, “But what do I get in exchange?”

“In exchange?”

“Yeah, you like doing things in exchange, right?” Bucky said snidely and Tony cringed.

“Right, okay,” he said tiredly and Bucky’s jaw clenched for some reason but he didn’t budge till Tony continued, “Fine, what do you want?”


“What?” Tony paled but his heart raced.

“I am so angry at you, Tony. I really am. You took away my choice from a decision that ruined both our lives for so long,” Bucky shook his head, “I am mad that I had to stay heartbroken for so long. I am mad that you had to stay that way too. I am mad about so many things that I can’t - I’ll need a long time to get over this. You have to understand that. I can’t just get over ten years of hurt and anger. But -”

Bucky breathed in shakily and his expression softened.

“But, I am done waiting and pining. I am done moping over you, especially when you too - I am done staying away,” he said in a firm tone even as his eyes glistened with tears, “I am mad at you but I still love you and I am done not having what I want. I want you. Mad, broken, stupidly self-sacrificing, ridiculous you.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t” Tony breathed out shakily and Bucky smirked a bit.

“Well, I never did listen to good advice, did I?” he teased before getting serious, “I want you, Tony. But you have to know. You have to know that if you say yes this time, you can’t run away. You can’t drop everything and go. I will drag your ass and tie you to me if I have to because I am done letting you go.”

“I promise, I promise,” Tony said brokenly and Bucky smiled, a broken but beautiful smile that lit up Tony’s world.

“Good. Now, let’s get you some help,” Bucky said and moved to help Tony get up.

When he got up and got dragged into a punishing but desperate kiss, Tony felt like the pain of ten years was worth it.

Like he had finally come back home.


(request: Max goes through a break up and you try to comfort him? Inspired by Okaga, CA by Tyler, the Creator *v*)

You were always there for him, you couldn’t help it. 

He’d called you, he sounded choked up, his voice shaking. Instantly worried for him, you asked what happened. He stuttered, something he always did when he tried to play anything off, “She’s gone man” 

A pang of relief struck you, but quickly ignoring it, already hopping into your car, you tried to console him while driving. He was silent for a while, you realized he wasn’t to going to answer and you reluctantly hung up. 

Arriving at his place, you twisted the knob, knowing the door wasn’t locked, a bad habit he had. You found him sitting on the floor, a six pack of beer near him, with three empty cans strewn around him. He acknowledged you, his eyes puffy and dull. Slowly walking over to him, you sat by him in comfortable silence, letting him talk whenever he wanted to. 

He went through two more cans before clearing his throat. “She got tired of me.” He stated, you pursed your lips, finding it insane how anyone could be tired of Max. You bit back the words built in you, screaming in your head, begging to be let out. 

Shrugging, you said “I think you’re one of the best people I’ve met, and I’m lucky to know you, Max, and I’ll away be there for you” and reached over him for a can of beer, to drink away the pain with him. 

He grabbed your arm, and slowly pulled you closer to him, it got eerily calm, as if the universe herself was captivated by this moment. “You promise?” his breath fanned over you, smelling of beer. You nodded, momentarily forgetting to breathe. His hazed eyes sharpened and looked at you with ardor. Something you thought Max would look at you like. He slowly leaned towards you, his arms pulling you close to him. 

He kissed you, his lips soft, the faintness of beer on them. Your head was pounding, and you wrapped your arms around him, almost moaning when you got to finally run your fingers through his hair.He pulled away, his breath ragged, and he chuckled under his breath. 

“Thanks” he muttered, there was an awkward moment before he burst into laughter and pulled back onto his lap, attacking you with kisses. 

My mom was telling me about how it was so funny at the tournament when I got pinned and one of my legs was in the air all funny. She said “you were straining so hard to stay alive, but that girl was smashing you.”


I was triangle choking that girl. 

I won that match. 

I need to send her someone youtube videos or something. Smh. She needs to stop telling people that erroneous story. 

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I was eating while stalking you, and i choked with the EXO meeting their ideal type.. I think i may die.. ~M~


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Pet play with tae, please? For the smut drabbles.

You whimpered into your hand as you saw Taehyung get closer to the bed you were sitting on. “Does kitten wanna play?” He whispered, his voice unbelievably raspy and dark. Just those words alone got you all hot and bothered, you slightly rubbed your thighs together and nodded quickly, “Yes, Master” you breathed out into a moan. He smirked at you and walked to the closet. “As you wish, pet” he muttered and took out a box named “Toys”, they were your toys.

Taehyung hummed and started looking through everything in the square compartment. “What do you want kitten? -” he asked and looked at you, there would be a smile if his lips weren’t occupied with a smirk, “- The leash would match your pretty eyes~” his words swayed in the air. “ Yes please, M-Master” you managed to choke out, he made you so weak with lust, it was unbearable. “Good Kitten” he uttered and grabbed the leash and collar.

“Now show me your pretty neck, pet” he climbed on the bed and sat in front of you. You looked up and revealed your neck to him, he licked his lips and hummed. “Such a pretty kitten” he stated and kissed your throat before tightly securing the collar around it. “Can you breathe?” He asked and looked at you, lowering your head with his thumb and index finger. You took a deep breath and looked at him with innocent eyes. “Yes, Master” you said and smiles widely, you loved his caring side most of all.

“Good” he kissed you roughly, biting your bottom lip. Maybe you liked this side the most too, now wasn’t the time to decide though.

- Masse

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I hope that you'll be alright! I love coming to your page and seeing what you have to say and the way you interact with your followers shows that you like to spread happiness in the HxH community. I truly think that you are a good person who deserves to be happy. Good luck and health to you!

This is so sweet of you to say, thank you. I’m choking up right now, really, thank you so much.

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You guys don't post receipts or callouts or anything in the yandere simulator tag anymore it feels like this is just another fandom blog that's enabling him.

then make your own blog. after that new reciepts post idk what yall want from us. make it a new post everyday so it shows up in the tag?????

also yes let me “enable” a man who thinks people like me are disgusting and thinks something i went through is sexy. you can choke


People curse all the time without even realizing it. When someone says ‘I hope you choke’, 'Go to hell, or 'Drop dead’, that’s a subtle curse. You are using your energy and intention to send a person a much needed lesson. Why is there still curse-shaming when we use curses in our everyday language?
Sam’s Dirty Mouth

This is for @winchester-smut‘s August Challenge. My prompt was Dirty Talk and I chose to write it about sweet Sam Winchester. This is my first time trying to get really dirty with my writing, feedback is welcome and appreciated

Summary: Sam gets drunk and lets his freak flag fly, at first surprising the Reader. When he sobers up a bit, she decides she wants him.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Pairing: SamXReader

Word Count: 2,800+

Warnings: Profanity, Unprotected Sex, Drunkenness, LOTS of Dirty Talk.

Sam was drunk. No, scratch that. He was completely wasted. You sip your mixed drink, watching him from your spot on the beat up leather booth. Sammy was up on the dance floor. He was trying to dance the Wobble and failing to do so spectacularly. You look over at Dean, who’s practically in the floor from laughing so hard.

“Jesus Dean, what did you order him? He’s sloshed!” you choke out through your laughter.

“Something called a red-headed slut, I think? And 2 of whatever it is you’re drinking, plus about 6 shots of tequila.” He replies.

“I’m drinking a water moccasin. He’s going to be sick, mixing light and dark liquor like that.” You turn back to the dance floor. Sam is flopping around and jerking his hips to the beat, now attempting the Cha Cha Slide.

“Yeah, but for now he’s hilarious to watch. I’m glad we let you drag us out here.” He replies, taking a long swig from his beer.

“Told you it would be fun. Granted, I didn’t know how much fun until Sam got up to dance, but I’m certainly having a blast.” You tell him, taking another sip of your drink. You’re pretty buzzed yourself.

Sam suddenly emerges from the packed dance floor and flops into the booth beside you. “Y/N, come dance with me, you sexy thang.” He slurs. You choke on your drink and stifle your laughter.

“I’m fine sitting here watching you Sam, but thanks.”

He lifts his head and gives you a sexy smile. “Come on Y/N, wanna see how you move that ass.”

You and Dean exchange a look, yours is shock, his is pure delight. “Yeah, Y/N, show Sammy how to shake it!” he encourages with a smirk.

“That’s it Sammy, only coffee for you from this point on. You’re wasted.” You say sternly.

He flings his arms out dramatically, almost knocking your drink out of your head. “I am sooooo not drunk. I am just having a time. A time that is good. And fun. And spectaculacular!”

“Oh yeah, he’s drunk. He used the S word.” Dean agrees. “Maybe we should head home you guys.”

“No, not until Y/N dances with me.” Sam literally stomps his foot and pouts at you.

“You heard the man, Y/N.” Dean teases and you shoot daggers at him.

“One dance, Sam. One. Then we’re going home.” He nods enthusiastically. You take his outstretched hand and let him lead you to the dance floor. He spins you around and pulls your backside against him, his large hands practically encasing your hips. You close your eyes and sway to the music. It’s a song you hadn’t heard in years, you can’t even remember the name.

There’s nothing left to say, she rockin’ that thang like…..

Sam follows your lead, surprisingly well. He must not be as drunk as you thought. You reach your hands up behind you and wrap them around his neck.  He leans his head down to rest his chin on your shoulder. You lean back into him, letting the warm, fuzzy, alcohol-fueled feeling take over. You feel his lips press against you ear.

“Mmm baby, press that ass against me.” he murmurs.

Your eyes fly open and you pull away, turning to face him. There’s a hint of a smile on his lips. “What did you say?” you ask, telling yourself you heard him wrong.

He pulls you against him. “You heard me.” He replies, then flicks his tongue against your earlobe. You gasp and he chuckles, his warm breath hitting your ear. “God, you’re so hot right now. Dance for me, baby girl.” He whispers.

“Sam, the song’s over. Let’s go.” You say firmly. He looks hurt but gives you a quick nod. You turn and leave the dance floor, heading for the exit. You don’t even bother to look at Dean as you walk past him.


Back at the bunker, you splash cold water on your face and try to soothe your flushed cheeks. What the hell had gotten into Sam? You wonder. You contemplate asking him yourself, but decide against it. It might embarrass him. You walk to your room and yank off your shirt. You just want to change into your PJ’s and go to bed.

“Um, Y/N?” you spin around and see that Sam is sitting on the end of your bed.

“Shit, Sam! You scared me to death!” you hiss. You grab a sweater you’d tossed on a chair earlier. Sam adverts his eyes while you throw it over your head.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to apologize for what I said at the bar. I was pretty buzzed.” He looks so guilty and your heart goes out to him.

“It’s okay Sammy, really. You think you’re the first guy that’s talked to me like that?”

His head jerks up and he glares at you. “You let other guys talk to you like that?” he demands.

“Well, yeah. It’s kind of a kink of mine if I’m being totally honest.” You reply. Shit why did I just say that?

“So it’s okay if some other guy asks you to press your ass against him, but me asking you is a problem?” he looks pissed.

“Sam, you were drunk. That’s the only issue I had with it. You didn’t know what you were doing. If you’d been sober, things might have gone differently.” You say quickly.

He stands up and approaches you. “Well, I’m not drunk right now.”

You swallow hard. “What?”

“I said, I’m not drunk right now.” His hands rest on your hips. “Sooo… if I told you that I wanted you to grind that ass against me, what would you say?”

“Um,” you bite you lip and try to think. “I guess I would say that our friendship is really important to me and that I don’t want to mess that up.”

“And I would say that I would never let anything comes between our friendship, not even me.” He leans down and presses a kiss to your temple. “Your turn.”

“I would say that sex complicates everything, and that even though I’m attracted to you, I don’t think we should go there.” Your voice is barely a whisper.

“And then I would tell you that whether it’s today or a year or even 10 years from now, I’m eventually going to fuck you. I’m going to feel you ride me, going to see your body wrapped around mine while you come. I’m going to hear you scream my name.” He smirks at you. “Eventually.”

A low moan escapes your lips. You feel your pussy clench, and heat pools between your thighs. “Sam, you shouldn’t talk like that. This shouldn’t happen.” You finally say.

“Why? Because just the thought of my cock buried inside you makes you wet? Don’t deny it. You want me. I want you too. So, why fight it?” he murmurs against your ear. When he takes your earlobe between his teeth, your hands form a mind of their own and reach around his waist to cup his ass.

“Mm, baby, touch me.” His mouth is trailing warm kisses down your neck. He switches directions and brings his mouth upward, hovering mere inches above yours. “I won’t go any further until you say yes Y/N. So tell me. Should I go?” he asks, staring intensely into your eyes. “It’s your call.”

“Don’t go.” The words fly out of your mouth before you can even think of saying no. His lips are on yours, his hands already yanking your sweater over your head. His hands unbutton your jeans and shove them to the floor, along with your underwear. “You don’t waste any time, do you?” you joke feebly.

“Not when I want someone as badly as I want you.” He mumbles. “I want your pussy. Wanna taste it, wanna fuck it. Wanna make your sweet cunt mine.”

“Jesus Sam, you have no filter.”

“Not went it comes to you.”

His mouth finds your nipple and sucks it hard between his teeth. His other hand reaches down and strokes your clit. “Sam, argh, that feels amazing.” You groan.

“Get on the bed. I want to make you come.” He orders you. You walk to the bed and lie back, watching him strip. His body is tanned and muscular, it’s a fucking glorious sight. When his cock springs free of his boxers, your mouth drops.

“Jesus, Sam, you’re huge.” You blurt out. “I don’t know how it’s going to fit.”

“I’ll get you ready for me baby. Gonna make this so good for you. Lie back and let me fuck you with my tongue.” He urges you.

You relax into the pillows. Sam kisses you sweetly, then slowly drifts downwards between your legs. “Let’s see how many times I can make you come.” He murmurs, then his mouth is on your clit. He starts slow at first, teasing you with small flicks and swirls of his tongue. You thrust your hips upward, silently begging for more.

He turns his head and sucks a love mark on your inner thigh.  “I could spend hours between your legs Y/N.  Teasing you, tasting you. Wonder how long you’d last?” You already know you’re not going to last much longer. His mouth returns to your clit, this time sucking hard. You cry out and jerk against his mouth.

“Sam, please, that’s so good. Oh God, don’t stop!” you yell out. Within minutes, your whole body tenses and you come hard. You expect Sam to pull away, but to your surprise, he never lets up, his mouth and tongue staying on your sweet spot. “Sam, what are you doing?” you choke out. He doesn’t answer you, just continues to suck and taste you. You feel your orgasm building again. “Oh, God, Sam, gonna come again. Gonna come!” you shout. Your body tenses and you explode again, your hips thrashing wildly.

As you float down from your orgasm, you realize Sam is still between your legs, his tongue working it’s magic against your clit. “Sam, no more. I can’t.” You’re covering in sweat and panting. “Please, I can’t do it again.” Sam doesn’t let up, doesn’t acknowledge that he heard you. He just keeps eating you out. Your third orgasm hits you and your whole body convulses. Your eyes roll back in your head and you feel your body jerk against his mouth.

“SAM! YES! YES!” you scream at the top of your lungs. Your body is humming, pulsating under his skilled mouth. He finally looks up at you.

“Had enough? I could stay here all night.” He asks with a smirk. He raises up on his hands and hovers above you, staring down into your eyes.

“Sam, no more. I think I’ll pass out if I come again.” You beg him.

“We’re not done yet baby girl.” He replies. “God, you look so fucking sexy right now. Do you have any idea how crazy you make me? Do you know how much I want you?”

You grab his shoulders and pull him towards you. “Show me.” You whisper.

He chuckles. “Not yet. First I want you to tell me how badly you want me to fuck you.”

You blink up at him. “What?”

“You heard me.” He flexes his hips against you and you groan at the feeling of his hard cock against you. “Tell me that you want me. Tell me you want my cock inside you.”

“Sam, please, fuck me. I wanna feel you bury your cock in me.” You whimper. He breaks into a wide grin.

“Spread your legs Y/N. I need to be inside you, now.”

You open your legs and wrap them around his waist. You feel his head against your entrance and you tense up. He’s the biggest you’ve seen by far, and you’re worried it’s going to hurt.

“Gonna make this so good for you baby. Relax for me.” He urges you. His head enters you and he presses inside you slowly, stretching you to the brink.

“Sam, it’s too much.” You cry out.

“Oh no, baby, it’s not. Your perfect body was made for sex. You were made for me.” He whispers. His full length enters you and he waits, perfectly still, letting your body have time to accommodate him.

You lie still too. Slowly the pain of being stretched eases away, and you feel a different kind of ache, burning low in your belly. You look up at Sam. His eyes are closed, his teeth clenched, you know he’s struggling not to move inside you.

“Sam, it’s okay. Please. I need you.” You tell him, leaning up to press a kiss against his jaw. He starts to move slowly at first, and the feeling is unlike anything you’ve felt before. You press your hands against his back, urging him to move faster.

“Oh yeah, take this cock baby.” He moans. “You feel so fucking good.” You begin moving against him, matching him thrust for thrust. “You like this baby girl? Does my cock feel good inside you?” he asks.

“You feel amazing Sam; I didn’t know it could be like this!”

“That’s because you’re mine. I own this pussy; do you hear me? Your cunt is mine. Only mine.”

“Yes Sam, only yours.” You cry out, spreading your legs wider so he can fuck you deeper.

“I’m gonna fuck your tight little cunt till you come all over my cock, do you understand? That sweet cunt belongs to me.” He shouts. “Tell me that your pussy is mine.”

“My pussy is all yours Sam, only yours. I belong to you.” You respond eagerly, clenching your muscles around him.

“Yes baby girl, work that pussy against me. Gonna make you come so hard. Make it better than you’ve ever had it.” He promises. “I want to paint your pussy walls white.”

Whoa, that was intense. You’d heard dirty talk before, but Sam took it to a whole other level. It was insanely hot, hotter than anything you’d heard before.

“Baby girl, come on my cock. Wanna feel you soak me.” He cries out. His hands dig into your hips, urging you move against him, faster and harder. “Come on Y/N, let go. Let me feel you come. Wanna see you explode.” He moans loudly.

Your orgasm hits you so hard you see spots in your vision. Your whole world is spinning and you feel like you’re floating. You scream Sam’s name over and over. Your body jerks and spasms against him. You feel your orgasm from your curled toes all the way up to your flushed and sweaty face. Sam pounds into you even harder than before. He moves so fast, so intensely. The sounds he makes are almost animal.

With a low growl, he bites down on your breast and his whole body goes tight. “You look so hot right now Sam. God, don’t stop. Fuck me. Come in me. I need it. I need you.” You urge him. His hips pump a few more times and he erupts deep inside you, moaning loudly as he comes.

He collapses beside you and gathers you into his arms. “Jesus Christ, that was-”

“Spectaculacular?” you ask, cocking an eyebrow at him.

He throws back his head and laughs. “Yeah, exactly.”

You lean up and kiss him. “It was amazing Sam. I didn’t know you had such a potty mouth.” You tease.

“Oh yeah, I’m dirty. That’s more where that came from. You’ll see next time. The 4th or 5th time fucking someone, that’s when I really let go.” He jokes.

You smile. “So, there’s going to be a 4th and 5th time?”

“I mean, if you want there to be. I meant what I said, Y/N. I want you to be mine, and only mine. I want to know I’m the only guy making you come, the only guy that gets to be with you.”

“I wasn’t sure if you knew what you were saying. We were kind of in the throes of passion you know.” You reply dryly.

“I meant every word. You belong to me. And I belong to you.” He says, kissing your forehead.

“I’m yours then. For as long as you want me.” You finally say. Sam gives you a big smile and pulls you closer to him.

“Let’s get some sleep, Y/N. I’m exhausted.”

“Yeah, you need your rest. Tomorrow I’m going to tie you to bed and beat you with a riding crop while wearing a Stormtrooper outfit and blasting Funky Cold Medina.” You say nonchalantly.

His eyes are as big as saucers. “What!?”

“Kidding.” You assure him, and he visibly relaxes. “Or not. I guess you’ll find out.”

“Is it weird that I can’t wait till tomorrow?” he asks, waggling his eyebrows.

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