Unpopular opinion time: Asexual Percy Jackson

To be completely honest I don’t see Percy being sexually interested in Annabeth. I see him more interested in fluffly, romantic/non-sexual stuff like dates and hand holding. I don’t know, I’ve tried reading Percabeth smut countless times and I just can’t see it.

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i just saw a post and it immediately reminded me of jikook. It was about a tattoo shop and next to it there was a flower shop. And Jimin would be the florist and Kookie the tattoo artist and omg that would be so cute (hc would be pretty cool too)

+ Jungkook was looking around for a area to open his new tattoo shop.

+ Jungkook look at a spot and thinks it’s a ok location. When he peeks next door and sees Jimin watering plants he automatically buys the location.

+ Jungkook likes to stare at Jimin when he has down time and thinks it’s cute when Jimin will sneeze randomly.

+ Jungkook works up the courage eventually to pay Jimin a visit. When Jimin smiles at him Jungkook chokes.

+ “You own the Tatoo shop next door right?” “U-ugh, yeah.” “Here, flowers on the house, hopefully they don’t ruin your mood.” “Th-thank you.”

+ Jungkook set the flowers on his desk and just stares at them and tries his best to keep them alive.

+ “hey, ugh my flowers are dying…” “want me to look at them?” “O-oh yeah!…Yeah…”

+ Jimin fixes the flowers and Jungkook can’t help smiling as Jimin does his thing.

+ “You’re a life savor.” “I try. You can repay me with coffee.” Jimin winks and Jungkook is whipped.

+ Jungkook has Suga lock up the shop as they go on their date and Suga whistle at them both.

+ Jimin and Jungkook flirt all the time now and Suga wants to hang himself.

+ “Just fuck already.” “Hyung!” “I was working up to it, but I’m down.” “R-really? N-Now?” “My flower shop is closed if you wanna.” “Hyung watch the shop.” “Y'all nasty.”


I shouted over dinner one night.
The way you looked at me afterwards…
as if I had just said, “pass the dinner rolls” or had told you a story about making up the bed…..
It was so average and so terrifying at the same time.

We laid ourselves down on unsteady foundation
and tried to make a castle out of mud. When we got dirty we did not understand what it meant.

I looked at you again and choked on my words, “I want to be more than just the one you love.”

I thought I saw a flicker of recognition, of understanding, but it was gone in an instant.

We washed the dishes in a silent, irreparable way.

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Which is better at suffocating people- cling film or sendak's floof?

“Definitely the… “floof”, because it has the added “bonus” of even if you manage to pull away, it’s likely you’ve inhaled some of it so congratulations, now you’re choking to death. On fur. What a gracious way to go.”

Seventeen kinks; Part 1

S.Coups: I think this boy would be into grabbing know like choking. Also,he would leave a crap ton of hickeys and his warm breath and his whispering into your neck is the stuff that drives you insane.

Jeonghan: He might look all angel-ish and shit..but HEH NO! He would love to pin you against the wall,hard with both of your hands glued to the wall. His kink is seeing you vulnerable standing there against the wall not being able to move with him being a centimeter away from you.

Joshua: Idk why,but I think Joshua’s kink is more like soft and slow know. That stuff would make you scream and beg,and he knows that. ;) Though sometimes he could also be rough depending on his mood. Believe me,rough Joshua mood is THE THING. If he is pissed or irritated..girl…you better be prepared.

Jun: ehem…this punk ass mofo would be all over you. His kink would be BDSM. He would tie you up and torture the shit out of you,but you liked it. He had this look on his face evERY FUCKin time that would kill bai. Like your kink would be the way he stares at you while doing it.

Hoshi: I think Hoshi would have a “sweaty kink”,which basically means sex after dance practices. You would go and dance with him and he would get so turned on while seeing you getting low and shaking tHAT BOOTEH..ehem..but yes. He would grab you and pull you to the nearest bathroom or changing room and pin you against the wall and just wall fuck you. He loved seeing you all sweaty and worn out as he pounds you against the wall.

Wonwoo: Roleplay kink. Yes. He would absolutely love seeing you in your school uniform which would awake the roleplay kink inside him. He would be your vampire teacher and would suck on your neck while your are pouting in pleasure and grabbing his hair. He would also leave bite marks and would pull your skin with his teeth a little bit which makes you moan his name really loud. But let me just tell you… Wonwoo with teacher glasses=kink. I'ma leave that up to your imagination. ;)

Woozi: He is a smol bean yes….but no. This guy is probably one of the kinkiest members. He is a teaser,dirty talker,licker. His actions are the ones that just makes you rethink your life decisions because it’s too good to be true. The way he licks you earlobe and whispers dirty things in your ears and kisses your neck is unrealistic. And his voice…that shit tuRNS 0 TO 100 REAL QUICK LIKE..fuckin Sonic.

Hello! Hope you like this. Part 2 is coming soon with other members ;). I couldn’t post this earlier because school,so sorry! 미안해!

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-wakes up to email alarms at an ungodly hour-
Me: Wh– Huh–
Wife: Did the cats destroy something?
-Ellen Kushner has reblogged your post-
Me: Ellen!!!
Wife: -half awake- Aaaaa she’s so nice…..
-Neil Gaiman has reblogged your post-
Wife: Honey, are you ok? Why are you making choking noises? What’s wrong?
Me: -squawks, coherently-
Wife: Do we owe Neil Gaiman something?
Me: He’s not the mob!


You are visiting the lair and it seems to be a normal day until you almost trip over a big, fuzzy lump on the floor.
Confused, and a tad scared because this thing is almost as big as you are??

You circle it a few times, not noticing the amused grins from the turtle brothers who sit not too far off.

Finally, you crouch down, and lift up the blanket. You almost choke when you see Donnie’s face squinting back at you. Almost as soon as you lifted the blanket Donnie tries to retreat deeper into the blanket, whining, “NooOooOooo”

You burst into confused giggles and try to coax him, which only ends in him pulling you into the burrito with him.

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60. What is the biggest age difference between you and any of your partners?

There’s a 27 year age difference in my relationship now.

64. What is your definition of cheating?

Having a sexual and emotional relationship with another person without informing your partner.

69. What turns you off?

Vaginas, and that’s not by choice. I’d love to be bisexual. FUCK ALL THE THINGS!!!

70. What turns you on?

Armpits, which makes me feel like one of those creepy old guys on chatrooms.

74. What’s the most superficial characteristic you look for?

Arms you could theoretically choke me to death with.

me: There are just so many amazing female musicians in this world and they are just so beautiful inside and out.

taylor swift: aww thank y-


Two years later and my series of benders is still ongoing lol. Here’s airbending and Aang, who always maintains his compassion and ideals despite the instabilities and harsh realities that surround him.

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