how he wakes you up preference ☺️

Calum: sings in your ear softly, soon getting stabbed for waking you up

Ashton: putting KFC around you, soon getting choked with chicken legs since he woke you up

Michael: tracing patterns on your skin, then he suddenly dies of “unknown causes”, aka you killing him since he woke you up

Luke: he showers you in kisses, but you chop off his lips since he woke you up

Moral of the story: don’t wake a girl up! 😊😊😊


You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and he won’t tell you that he loves you, but he loves you. And you feel like you’ve done something terrible, like robbed a liquor store, or swallowed pills, or shoveled yourself a grave, and you’re tired. You’re in a car with a beautiful boy, and you’re trying not to tell him that you love him, and you’re trying to choke down the feeling, and you’re trembling, but he reaches over and touches you, like a prayer for which no words exist, and you feel your heart taking root in your body, like you’ve discovered something you didn’t even have a name for. - Richard Siken 

Tonight was perfect, and it involved a lot of people I love buying me drinks and giving me hugs and pizza and at the end me making eyes for a bit with a cute boy and then driving home with the perfect song playing, the foggy cool night that clings to you like the end of summer, the tears you choke back because you’re just trying to play it cool, the final coming of age and the heavy heart you carry with you tipsy to your bed

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"i literally hate my entire being and also everything about myself" wow um ok attention much????!?

are you seriously suggesting that my mental health issues are attention seeking? i hope you choke on a dorito <3 also i’m cute and nice and funny and u will never get to experience that because ur so bitter :/

“Oh my soul, find peace in the stillness. In the dark silhouette of tree on sky, mountain on the fire in the clouds, find the calm you are choking for. Listen now, slow the beat and listen, all things will settle and the lacks will flood over once more. Have no fear, for you have passed through the darkness and carry the stains of color and residue of light from before it surrounded you.” -Tyler Knott Gregson
#ruggedtakestheroad (at Consolation Lakes, Banff, Alberta)

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Can you guys do how exo would ask you on a date?

yes this is cute ♡ 

ksoo: i think he would try to be very suave and it would start off well but as he continued talking to you his resolve would crumble and at the end he would be like “s-so.. you .. me .. lets get datey”

kai: he would slip a little note under your door that just says “8;00 . downtown park ; -kai” and when you actually show up he cries he just literally falls over and cries bc he cant believe that worked

chanyeol: he would be blunt like super blunt just “so wanna go on a date” and you choke on your coffee because that was just way to unexpected gosh pcy

sehun: he would be really really cheesy he would write you a love letter detailing why he likes you and how much it would mean to him for you to go on at least one date with him and you almost die bc that is just 2 cute

baekhyun: he would be really simple with it he would text you just “u+me=cute date at the new dumpling place? with about 10 crying emojis and sparkly hearts

chen: he would try really really hard but he would just stumble over his words and finally just make like lay or someone do it for him

lay: he would be really slow with it would literally take him months to work up the nerve but when he finally does its Really cute he nonchalantly covers your hand with his as you two are sitting together and looks really deep in your eyes and goes “so would you like to maybe go on a date or something” and you giggle bc wow cute

suho: he would slide you a $100 bill… no jk he would buy one of those orange costumes and he would hold a sign that says “ORANGE YOU GLAD IM ASKING YOU ON A DATE?” and you push him over but it was cute

minseok: he would put so much work into this!!!! he would write a cute letter like sehun but itll be written like a scavenger hunt and at the end minseok will be standing there with a bouquet of your fave flowers and tickets to the newest horror movie (or whatever genre you like :0)

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Just some Kasamatsu fluff slight angst with the song Photograph from Ed Sheeran please~ :D

Thank you! Since I have zero experience in writing songfics I tried to take some inspiration!

The photo album in your lap was at the peak of your attention. Not the cackling of the fireplace as the inciting silk blankets of yellow and orange flickered. Not the blaring wind outside that was enough to rip leaves away from their branches and whistle loud enough for you to hear. It was the photo book. Brown, leather. Not even a cover photo. The value it held was so dear to you, it was worth the years of gathering.

Your relationship with Kasamatsu was strained to say the least, after such a long time together. Your plans and work schedules devoured the majority of your time, leaving you with nothing. Contact rarely extends beyond small talk, even though you can both recognise the yearning that was now paining you, enough to choke you both for long enough for one of you to retreat, rendering any further attempts pointless. By now, you’ve forgotten the way he tasted on your lips.

The fireplace emitted warmth into your home, enveloping you like a reassuring embrace, protecting you from the relentless storm. Yet you still felt a little cold inside.

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You walked into the bunker with a wound on your cheek and a stab wound on your shoulder, and you struggled to keep balance. As you were walking to sit on the couch you fell to the ground, this woke up Sam,Dean, and Cas. “Y/N!” Dean shouted followed by Sam rushing to you to help you up. Cas came around the corner and saw your rugged figure being carefully moved to the couch, “Y/N…what happened” he said worried. “I-I went on a hunt on my own” you said nervously knowing they would all be upset.

“Why would you go on your own?” Sam asked concerned, “I-I was in my room when I heard someone, or something, whispering to me” you said tears starting to fill your eyes. “What was he whispering” Dean asked concern on his face while Cas just sat there silently with a sad expression on his face. “He said..” you started getting choked up with your emotions, “He said “I will kill all those you love”” tears started streaming down your face, “And he said if I didn’t fight him he would kill you” you started crying but winced in pain once your shoulder started to hurt. You clutched your shoulder, Dean noticed this and said “I’m gonna get the first aid kit” but before he could leave the room Cas finally spoke.

“No” he said never taking his eyes off of you. Dean and Sam looked at each other puzzled. He raised his hand to your face and cupped your cheek, “Cas what are you-” suddenly your wounds healed and you weren’t in pain. “Cas you-you healed me” you said smiling, he smiled back and you hugged him. “Thank you”, “You’re welcome” he replied hugging you back. Sam and Dean just smiled at the sight.

you could lay there for hours
with your eyes glazed over
pretending that the world isn’t turning
because you let it put you in a god damn choke hold.

you could lay there for days
as the sun goes down and the room
becomes that weary and violent red
that the billboard across the street shines in the darkness.

you could lay there for months
holding grudges against those
who have long ago forgotten of their mistakes
letting the world suffocate you in hatred and rage.

you could lay there for years
and nobody would notice
because you feel too damn pathetic for their sympathy
and you are becoming exactly what you think you are.

—  choke hold (prompt) by x. e. b.

based off of this

elliot was never the fighting type of guy— never! but this time he was pushed over the edge and he swung his fist back, his fist connecting with the persons face. once he saw it wasn’t enough, he harshly pushed the other against the wall and wrapped his large hands around their throat. “i’m gonna fucking choke you if–” he cut himself off, looking at their eyes, thinking how nice they looked and then— “did you just fucking moan? why’re you smirking? are you enjoying this?”


noun \ˈfir\

1. the dilation of your pupils when he looks into your eyes, the hitch of your breath when he leans in close, the shudder down your spine when he whispers into your ear: “go ahead, push me away.”
antonym: refusal

2. the adrenaline coursing through your veins that sets you in fight-or-flight mode. except you do neither – you freeze under the mere graze of his fingertips.
synonyms: acceptance, obedience, surrender

3. a slap across your face, fingers around your neck, a knife to your throat, a gun to your chest.
synonyms: distress, danger, do you dare move?

4. everything you want to hear is on the tip of his tongue and he shoves it down your throat. you choke for a moment but the rush makes you dizzy enough to fall to your knees.
example: you’re so used to being injected with fear you think you might be addicted to it.