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Bucky and "Is always the shy ones, doll"

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“Alright! Truth or Dare?!” Bucky asked you while you cooked.

This is what it had come to. The two of you were so bored that you had started playing truth or dare just to keep yourselves entertained while the rest of the team was out on a mission for the month. So while one of you was doing some menial task the other would come up and randomly ask the other.

“Considering your last dare was for me to steal from Nat, I think I’m gonna go with truth.” You rolled your eyes at him, taking a spoonful of food and tasting it.

“Fine. Do you like it rough?” He smirked.

You coughed hard as you choked on your food, turning around looking at him with wide eyes.

“What in the hell would posses you to ask me that?” You shook your head in awe.

“Just answer the question.” He laughed.

“Yeah sure, I guess.” You turned back around to cook as your face turned every shade of pink.

“HA! I knew it!” He yelled, slapping the counter.

“What do you mean you knew it? How would you know that?” You snarked, putting your hands on your hips.

“Oh please sweetheart, it’s always the shy ones.” He smile deviously at you, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Truth or dare?” You asked, slowly walking towards him.

He licked his lips as he carefully watched you. “Dare.”



“I’m a sucker for dessert, you can’t go wrong with dessert! It’s like a reward you give yourself after eating the main course, and it’s so versatile! Cookies and ice cream are great on the go, and pies and cakes are great for home! And if it comes with filling, that’s basically an endless amount of combinations already!

I’ve also tried chugging maple syrup before, it was kinda fun at first. Did you know you could actually choke on it? I learned that the hard way.“

(ok time to stop filbert before he goes too deep into his dessert disasters. Also bonus pic:)


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Since you write about choking Pink Thug out, I found my obscure kink and I want mORE. I want him to choke me out tbh

I want Pink Thug to raw me in the backseat of the Pink Stealth and choke me with an awful grin on his gross face w the bass in the car fully boosted playing The Prophecy tbh

Well look at that! These two were one after the next in my inbox and I can’t resist pairing them off together. Why? Because sweethearts, it’s so easy!

So easy to picture Pink Stealth parked in some empty lot, maybe it’s close to the water because he just got off a job. A job he won’t tell you about but one that left specks and spots of blood on his mask and his hands are shaking but you don’t think it’s from the horror of realising what he’s done. You’ve fucked him before, you know what’s really going on here. 

You don’t even need him to tell you to climb in the back, you just do it which he loves. He likes that you rarely ever ask any questions, you just accept this fuck buddy relationship and it’s so nice. He leaves his gun on the seat and the music on before he climbs back there with you, sits up and spreads his legs wide for you to fit between. 

His kisses are sharp, they always are. He’s sharp, he bites your lips, he bites your tongue, he grabs your hips too tight and digs is fingers in hard enough to always bruise. You like it though, you like how aggressive he is. You like the taste of blood in your mouth and you like the aches he leaves you with. 

He bucks up into you and you grind down onto him. You run your fingers through his short hair, tugging, pulling, and moaning for him when he bites you again. The music is loud enough to drown them out but you know he feels them, tastes them, and you know that’s why he slaps your ass. He always wants a reaction out of you, always wants something more, something that feeds the high he’s always on. 

It’s why he hauls you off his lap and onto the seat, lays you out and fits himself between your legs. You can feel the bass shaking under you, around you, and it’s always surreal. Fucking him always feels less than real but the fingers slipping into your pants, teasing along your pussy, that’s all too real. 

He’s always a tease, always takes his time tracing your pussy lips, running his fingers along your slit, circling your clit. He always takes his time working you up, working you desperate and wet because if there’s one thing he loves, it’s a fucking gushing pussy. He doesn’t even take you to the point of cumming, oh no, he makes sure you’re no where close so you always want more. He’s a asshole that way. 

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Harry's got your hands tied up behind your back and you're ass up on the bed for him. He's been spanking you and teasing you for ages and you've been moaning despite his request you keep quiet so he yanks you up by your hair 'on the floor on your knees. Now' and youd scramble to the floor and sit between his thighs. He'd grab your hair and pull you to his cock making you choke as he forces you to take him all 'since you can't seem to keep your mouth shut daddy will have to fill it up for you'

This is so pretty 😭😭😭😭😭 and he loves watching you choke on him. ‘That’s it princess, just like that. Can’t say much now can yeh?’ When will I know peace?!?!????

the fact that there is a full debate going on about whether or not slavery is bad is absolutely disgusting and regardless of your culture, slavery is absolutely fucking disgusting and if you’re defending it because you read about it with rose colored glasses you can choke


request a gifset: sehun in unfair for @smhsehun

Okay so I heard about the little KKK joke going on by some nasty Shaladin and do I have a few words.

How dare you. How dare you do that. How dare you compare anti Shaladin no no. Not anti Shaladin what was it. “Klux Klux Klance.” No? How dare you compare the slaughters and hangings of my people. The fears of walking into a white man’s school, a white man’s neighborhood. Having nightmares about men cloaked in white hoods that cover their faces. And you want to make a joke? You want to make a joke about how I still cry over hearing the news of another one of my brothers has died. Every single week or day or month, or year non stop. Non stop because that’s how it is for the black community. It’s just over and over again. Don’t compare a ship that’s not problematic to a white supremacist group. I’m enraged. Oh so enraged. Don’t compare the death of my people like that you piece of crap.

Imagine your otp
  • Person A: "Have you ever just looked at someone and just fell in love."
  • Person B: *mumbles under their breath* " Whenever I saw you. "
  • Person A: *chokes* "What?"
  • Person B: "I said you make me wanna puke, jfc stop being so cheesy all the time! "

evan: the stars are so beautiful

jared: they’re just giant balls of gas

evan: don’t ruin the momen-

jared: and yet none of them are as huge as my love for you

evan, choking up: oh,,