I could really go for some intense sex. Some push you up against the wall, bend you over my bed and fuck you, throw you on the bed, scratch my back, handcuff you type sex. Sex where you tell me to choke you harder even when you can hardly breathe.

Without You {Keith x Reader}

Words: 1720

   Genre: Fluff

   Pairing: Keith x Reader

   Notes: requested by @smolgay-bean


   Fighting with Keith Kogane was hell.

   He was a stubborn man. Whenever he was upset, he very rarely took the initiative to apologise himself – it always had to be you. It very often was you, because being without Keith was close to impossible at this point.

   You were lucky that he felt the same. Even though you two refused to talk to one another, he was still the first one to push you out of the way of danger, make sure you knew he was there for you at all times.

   But this time was different. It was different because Keith had no danger to push you away from – whilst you were locked in the office all hours of the day, Keith and the other Paladins had been given the next week off to rest after their big battle with the Galra that had happened and failed.

   Losing people was never easy, and you had lost a lot of people to the battle. It was right to let the Paladins rest, get over recent trauma – but that just made your job ten times more difficult and ten times harder to control.

   You had the job of dealing with the complaints from the other planets. People would tell you about a recent attack on one planet, and you would sort through their letters and put them into the most urgent to the least urgent before sending the Paladins off on their merry way.

   But now that they were on rest, it meant that less and less complaints were being seen to, which then led to even more complaints from the same planets, asking you where the Paladins were and why you weren’t responding.

   Your desk was a clutter of papers and messy handwritings all of different languages that you had learned when you were young. That didn’t make translating any easier. Just because you understood it, didn’t mean you could read the different symbols very fast, meaning each letter was taking a good fifteen minutes to decipher.  

   And all of it was made ten times worse with the fact that you and Keith were fighting again.

   After the battle, Keith’s temper had been cut even shorter than it was before. Anything and everything set him off, until you just couldn’t take it any more. He had burst at you for dropping an earring on the bathroom floor, claiming it was a “safety hazard” in his half-asleep state, and you had lost all will to fight back. You had simply sighed, grabbed your coat and blanket and left him calling your name in the bedroom you two once shared.

   Now you slept in your office, though it was more for work purposes than proving a point.

   You couldn’t keep your attention on the letters for longer than two minutes at a time before your mind was drifting off to Keith, how he was feeling, how he and the Paladins were getting on downstairs whilst you worked your ass off in the same office chair you had been spinning idly around in for the past three days straight. Maybe it was anger you felt – anger that Allura and Coran didn’t see you as deserving of the break they were all getting. Just because you hadn’t seen the soldiers die in battle, didn’t mean you weren’t mourning over them just the same as everybody else. You had been the one to gear them up, wish them luck, send them on their way. You had seen their smiling faces before they left towards their death.

    You sigh, slamming the piece of paper down onto the desk and letting your head fall in your hands. There’s no point. I’m getting double vision from staring at the same damn word for so long.

   And so you made the intelligent decision. You decided to go downstairs and get yourself some food, let your brain calm down for at least an hour before you got back to it. You had smelled Hunk cooking dinner a few hours before, and knew for a fact that he had left you some behind. He always did, though you very rarely went downstairs to eat with them. Not with Keith sitting directly in front of you. Not with all of the prying eyes of the Paladins around you.

   Ever so gently, you tip toed downstairs. Everybody had retreated to their rooms after dinner, meaning the hallway was close to deserted and the kitchen was even emptier. You entered, pulled open the oven and took your wrapped-up plate from it’s insides, pulling back the paper to reveal the chilli and boiled rice Hunk had left for you.

   You smile to yourself, grateful that he had thought about you during his cooking. It smelled good too. Very good. You were ready to-

    “It’s spicy, so be careful.”

   You yelp, clamping a hand over your mouth to quieten yourself as you look up, your eyes meeting with Pidge’s. She’s walking into the kitchen so casually, a pair of oversized overalls on and her glasses caught in her hair as she had put them on top of her messy hair.

   “Christ Pidge,” you hiss. “You scared the hell out of me. How can you be so quiet?”

   She shrugs, not even looking up at you. She instead pulls herself up onto a bar stool and leans her small frame on her lower arms, messing with the frayed sleeves of her overalls. “When are you and Keith gonna stop fighting?”

   The question comes so suddenly that you nearly find yourself choking on air. No noise comes out, though – you just stare at her, narrowed eyes and open mouthed like that is going to answer her question.

   She takes a peek up at you before rolling her large eyes. “Oh, come on. We’ve all noticed, and Keith is a god damn mess. I know we’re taking a break, but we’ve all still got stuff to do. He hasn’t moved from his room since you two fell out, and neither have you.”

   “I’ve been working.”

   “You’ve been avoiding.” She swirls in her stool a little bit, tilting her head back and letting out a groan into the void. “I think it’s stupid. I thought that losing people was meant to teach people about how lifes too short to hate other people?”

   “Hate’s a strong word.”

   “Then what are you and Keith doing if you don’t hate each other? Just trying to prove a point?”

  You go silent, shock overtaking you. You don’t know how to reply – if you should reply. Of course, Pidge didn’t know why you two were fighting. She just knew you were, but that didn’t take away any of the truth from her words.

   You had lost people in battle the other day. Lives had been taken, cut short – surely that should have been enough for you to understand that fighting with Keith over something so simple was a bad idea? You had no idea when the next attack could come, when Keith could be the next victim.

   You swallow hard and nod. You don’t need to say anything, and the steaming plate of chilli can wait. You don’t say goodbye to Pidge before you’re hauling yourself upstairs, your feet a blur beneath you with the speed you’re going.

   You turn into your and Keith’s shared room, immediately taken aback by the sight before you – the room is dimly lit, a candle on the bed side table being the only source of light that stops you from completely walking into darkness. The quilts on the bed are stacked up, Keith’s shivering state hidden underneath them, though his head pops up at the sound of the door opening.

   You keep eye contact for a moment, staring at him by the door frame. He looks like the same old Keith – not like a deer in headlights. It was almost like he expected you to come barrelling into the room, though what he asks next dismisses that idea for you.

   “What are you doing here?”

   “I’ve had a tough day at work and I missed you.”

   You sound so helpless, but the words you speak hold so much truth that it doesn’t matter. Keith stares at you for a moment longer, blinking at you like you’re a light that is shining too bright for his eyes to concentrate. Maybe you bring dots into his vision. Maybe your words are too much right now for his tired and shaking state to comprehend.

   Maybe he doesn’t care.

   You watch him closely as he pulls back the covers, revealing your side of the bed which seems almost untouched from the last time you had slept in it. He had kept on his side of the bed, refusing to take advantage of your absence in the time you were gone.

   Slowly, you make your way over and lay down beside him, your back against his chest. He lowers the covers onto your body, leaving his arm draped over the bone of your hip. He keeps it there, stationary, until he can no longer take it and opts for pulling you tighter into his chest, his lips setting on your exposed shoulder blade. They don’t move. They don’t peck. He just keeps them there, inhaling your scent that he missed so much.

   “I haven’t slept since you left,” he whispers against your skin. “You know I can’t sleep without you being beside me.”

   You snuggle in closer to him – impossibly closer. “That’s not a good apology, Keith Kogane.”

   He lets out a breathy laugh, his lips gliding against your skin as he does so. “Right. Sorry for being an ass the other day as well. I don’t know how you put up with me.”

   “I love you too much to not put up with you.”

   “Aren’t I lucky?” he whispers, and then he burrows his head into the nape of your neck, inhaling your scent all over again. “Now, tell me about this hard day at work you’ve been having. I’ve always been good at helping you through that.”

   You nod, intertwining your fingers with his. “I think the only thing you can do is hug me right now.”

   “I can do that.”

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Is Tony going to stay at the cabin indefinitely? Or somehow join Loki's world? Or will he go back to his old life and bring Loki with him?

“When are you leaving?” Loki asks over their evening meal and Tony pauses with a chip halfway to his mouth. 

“Um. I havent really decided. I guess I could leave anytime, Thor just told me to let him know twenty four hours in advance.”

“Twenty four hours.” Loki repeated, crinkling his nose when Tony dipped his next chip in the bowl of guacamole. “A day, then.”


“And why didnt you just say a day?”

“Sorry.” Tony smiled. “Why do you ask when I am leaving?”

“Because I do not want you to go.” Loki answered matter of factly. “I would rather you stay. You are entirely amusing, and the pictures you take of me are pleasing.” 

“Could I stay with you?” Tony asked, and Lokis eyebrows shot up. “I mean, is it possible. With you being–” he motioned to Loki. “You. And my being human. How would that work?” 

“You could stay at the cabin.” Loki dipped a finger into the sour cream and licked it off experimentally, making a pleased noise at the texture before doing it again. “And then I could see you whenever I wanted.”

“Or you could come to the city with me.” Tony countered. “I own a nice townhome, there are woods nearby. You could just be the mysterious model I brought back with me.”

“Just the model.” Loki just took the bowl of sour cream off the table, scooping some on to his fingers and sucking it off. “Thats what you would say? That I am a model that lives with you?”

Tony watched him for a minute. “Or I could call you my boyfriend.”

“What is that?” Loki put the sour cream down and dipped a finger into the salsa. “This would be better if it was… more flavorfuly.”

“Spicier.” Tony corrected. “And yeah, maybe, but I didnt want to burn your tongue.”

“What is a boyfriend.” Loki prompted, eyeing the shredded cheese, and Tony smiled before pushing it towards him. 

“A boyfriend. Someone who you kiss and spend time with and sleep with…” Tonys voice trailed off when Lokis wings opened in interest, the delicate edges nearly invisible in the air. 

“Someone you sleep with. Sleep next to. Or inside of, you mean. You are talking about someone you fuck.”

Tony choked on his bite of food and Loki watched in amusement as he coughed to clear his throat. “Yeah if you want to put it like that.” 

“I see.” Lokis voice lowered. “So, you would take me with you to the city. And we would live together and you would fuck me.”

“Jesus.” Tony was practically wheezing. “Jesus, Lo.” 

“Who is Jesus.” Loki demanded. “Will he be joining us?”

Tony thought he was going to die. 

To Break An Omega [Pt. 4]

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Summary: It”s going to take time, but the Winchesters are determined to put Vic in his place and put you back together. All while Dean contemplates changing your lives forever. 

A/N: Strap in folks, it’s a long one.

Warnings: SPN swearing, touch of A/B/O dynamics

You opened your eyes, expecting to be sore, but the stiffness in your muscles was gone. Your body was pressed into something warm. Blinking away the sleep, you lift your head slowly. 

“Hey, sweetheart,” a deep voice says gently. You push yourself up, sliding away from Dean who were just curled against. In your panic, you nearly fall off the bed, but the Alpha catches you  

“It’s okay,” he says softly, “you’re home, sweetheart, you’re safe.” One of his hands slowly makes its way through your hair, cradling your head.  

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When she’s so cute…

that you want to choke her until she’s purple, slap her pretty face until she cries, and fuck her without mercy until the tears wash away her sense of shame and humiliation.

anonymous asked:

subby, clingy, whiny harry tho. fuckkkk. y/n in bed reading while harry clings and whines until she holds him and lets him suck on her neck or nipples or burrow anywhere he can get for comfort

You’re holding the book he bought you yesterday, trying to concentrate on the story. The sheets are wrapped around your waist but the exposed parts of your body distract Harry from his TV show which leades to him, distracting you.

“Love” he whispers with his morning voice, almost causing you to choke on your breath. “Can yeh come closer?”

Shaking your head as to tell him no, you put away the covers. It’s too hot in the room and every single thing around you is annoying you.

“Please, baby” he takes the TV remoter and shuts off the TV. “I need yeh to gimme what to hold onto. Or i won’t buy you a book the next time i go to New York City.”

Gently placing his hands on your hips, he comes closer and starts putting wet kisses on your skin. His tongue draws a pat from your neck to your boobs, looking at you as if he wants a permission.

“What?” you clench your eyebrows, annoyed with his clingy mood.

“Can it be mo’ obvious, darling?”

His giggling is what makes you agree, finding him too cute to make him suffer.

“Okay” you srug, “but don’t be too annoying or i’ll move to the living room.”

His eyen widen and he mutters something understandable before he lays his head down on your stomach. His pink lips wrap around one of your nipples and he starts sucking on it. Looking at him, you can proudly say he’s a mix of an angel and a child. Needy, settled and pleading to be loved.

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Ugh I know right especially with chanyeol's big hands😩


Imagine while he chokes you, he teases your clit while fucking you. As you begin to try to say something, only to have your words come out as slurred whimpers, he lets out a devilish snicker, 

“What was that, baby?” 

“Mhmm, I’m going to need you speak up, Daddy can’t understand you.”  

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ok this is really the last thing im going to say

people can be traumatized by anything. i’m not going to say he wasn’t traumatized by what happened cause like i said i don’t know what happened in his world. in my world it was a bad trip and i tried to stop him from getting hurt or hurting me. there was nothing sexual, nothing aggressive. 

i am genuinely sorry that you were traumatized by your bad trip. i wouldn’t have given you anything if i knew you’d react so badly, but i gave you a standard amount of drugs, i took the same amount as you and i was fine. it is not my fault that your body couldn’t take it. i did what i could to help you ride it out after it had already been done.

if i hadn’t restrained you the times that i did, you would have hurt yourself, you would have literally caused me to like, pass out or die or something because you were trying to choke me, you were trying to rip my tongue ring out, you were kicking me and hitting me in the face. and this was all done while i was just sitting there, it’s not like this stuff was fighting, you were just attacking me. i know it wasn’t like, on purpose, you were literally just tripping, but you were hurting me. i stopped it from happening.

i am sorry that what i did was upsetting to you, that me stopping you from hurting yourself and me was scary to you. but i didn’t do anything wrong, i didn’t do anything predatory. these things about me being “horny” from it and me “kissing you while you were convulsing” are disgusting and completely made up. there’s nothing i can do to prove that, those are just things that did not happen, they just didn’t happen.

that’s really it dude. i hope you recover from your bad trip, but i didn’t do anything inherently bad to you. that’s literally just it.

This, Too, Will Pass - Chapter One: Wake | NR 

Akutagawa was eighteen when he passed out in the middle of class, his head pounding and his heart beating like a hummingbird’s wings. (Based off of personal experience)

Warnings: The first chapter has a graphic depiction of an NG Insertion. The main character has a very unhealthy mindset for the first parts of this, so please don’t read if it will trigger you. 

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So anyway if you’re an anti and you compare people to cancer please choke because you’re a vile piece of shit


Someone who lost a friend to stomach cancer and a family member to brain cancer

Idk if they all went through so I’ll just continue here


Aries: you’re faking happiness, again. With that big smile that I don’t believe in, even when you smile you want to cry. Don’t lie to me, I can hear it in your voice when you’re sad. You may fake your happiness but you’re unhappy in general because you keep trying to please everyone even when you say you don’t care what anyone thinks anymore.

Taurus: you’re forgetting to take care of yourself, you’re forgetting to stop and smell the flowers. You’re forgetting yourself because there are millions of other people who need help, but hey. Save the world: start with yourself.

Gemini: stop trying to please everyone and then go along with their plans like someone blinded you. You have your own opinions, plans. Use your voice, live. Communicate with everyone and show them what you’re good at because love, you’re burning out.

Cancer: the stars shine for you again, you’re in such a contradict with yourself and your mind. You’re stuck in a spiderweb, speaking words of dust and cobwebs. I’m afraid I can’t save you, the spider’s dead. Save yourself because last time I looked in your eyes and I lost everything, I lost everything.

Leo: call that friend you’ve been forgetting, they’re missing you. People need you more than you realize. People miss you when you don’t talk to them just like you miss them. Don’t put yourself down love.

Virgo: I always forget the coldness of your hands but I swear that when I touch you my fingers split open with pain. Something so painful is yet so beautiful. And I always dreamed of fairtytales until I saw your face and was reminded that they’re not real. They’re not real; but you’re pretty damn close.

Libra: the jewelry around your neck doesn’t make me wander me from your fake smile and glossy eyes. You’re strong, but you’ve been over this path of glass one too many times and the shards always make you bleed. I know familiarity is important for you but why don’t you try the path with warm sand instead? You keep making yourself bleed.

Scorpio: you won’t find yourself or your confidence when you keep hiding your face under the lid of your hoodie darling. You’re beautiful, dare to be brave, open. Shock them all with your contagious smile. They don’t need to understand, happiness is not understandable. It’s beautiful, like you. Be your unpredictable self.

Sagittarius: the moon slips ink down your throat and you keep choking on the lies you tell to keep yourself save. I have an adventure for you and it starts at the top of your personality and ends and your lifeline: seek your heartbeat, find your faith.

Capricorn: for the last time, you’re more important than you think you are. You’re worth more than they’ll ever know. There’s not much to say, the seas are spotted red and your eyes always end up getting lost in it at the end of the night. It’s alright because for the thousandth time, there’s someone by your side.

Aquarius: the unfamiliarity of the sunset that lights fires in your heart may be a welcome surprise but your hands are still cold and winter is about to make things a whole lot more chilly. Find a home, you’re save when you’re there.

Pisces: you’re making mistakes I don’t understand but I am not the one to judge for I don’t know the things in your head. And I will try my best and say I do the best that I can but I can’t defend your actions, you’re too special to go down for this.