Student Council Prez [2]

Episode 1 - Episode 2
Words: 3918
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

“You. are. insane.” Min Yoongi shouts to the sky in absolute exasperation.

The both of you are lying on the rocks of a river bank, next to a cycling park and far from the bridge. Your clothes and hair are drenched, the occasional person shooting the two of you odd looks as they pass on their bike but most importantly, you can’t hear any police sirens.

With the adrenaline slowing down and your heartbeat steadying, you can only choke out some laughter in utter disbelief at the crazy events. Maybe you’ve gone really insane.

Yoongi sits up, narrowing his eyes at you. “So you’re a drug dealer?”

“I’d prefer to go by…medication distributer.” You grin, rising to a seated position.

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IMAGINE: Jughead and Betty figuring out a way to show your innocence with the Blossom Murder...

(Jughead x Reader kinda)

You were infamous for carrying a gun, Not infamous for shooting one but that hardly mattered to the police at all. All they knew was that you were in possession of a gun and that was all the police needed to tag you as a suspect. Yes you were nearby when Jason was killed. Yes you heard the gun shot. And yes you had your gun with you but no way in hell did you fire the bullet. But it didn’t matter, In the middle of your class and what seemed a normal day two armed officers burst through the door demanding you come quietly, The whole class struck silent as you were dragged kicking and screaming from the premises. Jughead and Betty wanted to go after you but both acknowledged it wouldn’t do much good for you. The hallways were choking with your screaming of your innocence. You regretted carrying that gun so so bad.

When they day had finally ended Jug was the first to arrive at the police station. He had a gut feeling you were innocent but that feeling could be easily extinguished if you admitted your guilt. Which you didn’t. He saw you crouched in the cell staring blankly at the wall, A traumatising look on your face…

“Why the hell do they think your a suspect?” Jug broke the silence as he rested against the bars of your cell. You looked up at him with red eyes. “He was shot, I was at the scene, I had a gun…That’s all they needed to pin it on me,” You breathed with a shaky tone, hugging your knees for a crumb of comfort. Now for the big question. “Did you kill him?” He asked. A twang of betrayal seeped into your heart. “No Jug, I did not fucking murder a person,” You hissed as you picked yourself up. “Yeah I hated Jason Blossom but alot of punks did, doesn’t mean I’m one of the punks who shot him in the freaking head! I wouldn’t resort to murder Jug!” You spat. “I’m innocent! Someone is pinning this on me!” You said through gritted teeth. There was a long silence between the both of, Mainly filled by you attempting to read the teen before you unsuccessfully. “I believe you,” He finally admitted. “Your trouble there’s no doubt of that but your not capable of murder,” He added. A wave of relief flooded over you at his remark. “That’s why I’m getting you out ok?” He stated. “R-Really? You’d do that for me?” You mumbled blinking. “I’m doing it so the police can find the real murderer, if you happen to be proved innocent that’s a benefit also,” He corrected with his familiar smirk before turning to leave. Your lips curled into a smile…

And as it turned out some survival obsessed scout was the real source of the gunfire thanks to Jughead’s determined digging. Although this left more question unanswered it did prove your role in the matter…You had none at all. Betty had to make a compromise, to protect the Scout’s “sacred” spot in his club he demanded both Jughead and Betty keep quiet about his role. However, wanting to get her friend out she demanded in return he come clean that he did indeed hear a gunfire, But explain that the fire sounded nothing like that of a pistol but instead a rifle…The agreement was set

Jughead and Betty waited outside the station. Idle chatter was cut short when you came crashing through the doors, Sprinting towards the duo with a gleaming smile. You leaped onto Jug wrapping your arms around his neck and forcing him into an embrace. He awkwardly placed his hands on your waist, not really sure where to place his palms. You nestled into his ear whispering a warm “Thank you for believing me,” Before you engulfed Betty in a warm hug.

Leaving Jughead with that familiar smirk.

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Batlantern, RPG gaming/chatroom?

“I roll to deceive,” Bruce says, glaring at Hal’s smirking face. 

“Roll to deceive is a…1,” Barry says, wincing slightly as Bruce’s glare transfers to him. “The Emerald Knight sees you and confronts you.” 

“I roll to seduce,” Hal grins, impish light to his eyes. 

“Roll to seduce a…20. The Emerald Knight has successfully seduced the Dark Knight. Hopefully this means the Dark Knight finally gets it in his head the real Emerald Knight would like a date,” Barry says, making both of them choke. 

“Seriously, you two aren’t subtle,” Diana points out. 

“I hate all of you.”

Those who dislike definite religious systems often talk of people ‘swallowing’ doctrines, and there is a truth in the metaphor, though not as they commonly use it. There is no great harm in swallowing a thing if it feeds you. The great objection to swallowing a thing is that it generally chokes you. And that is exactly what happens to those eager idealists who merely accept words like 'truth’ or 'life’ or 'progress’, as satisfying their spiritual hunger. The words do not so much nourish their spiritual bodies as stop their spiritual breath. Such ideal phrases really are what they say 'dogmas’ are: a thing that stops the mind.
—  G.K. Chesterton: “Daily News”, Dec. 28, 1912.

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Give tao some good head but you choke and hes stuck in yr mouth or have sex with lay in a museum as the new exhibit

fuck meeeee LAY IM COMING (literally) idc where ill bang lay anytime anywhere if people watching thats fine they can watch in jealousy and i spray my juice all over the 100 million yr old dinosaur bones


Can we just just look at the amount of love and support other fandoms are giving to BTS’s Spring Day MV? ♡

All abusers are cowards but shout out to abusive parents for preying on fucking children who were their responsibility and can’t escape them and then, when they realize their kids are gonna move out and move on and don’t have any real obligation to spend time with them or be there for them, typically acting all buddy buddy and trying to backpedal and say “what abuse” for the rest of their kids’ lives, even if sometimes they continue the same shitty behavior just at a distance lmfao I hope you all choke you weaklings, all of your children are ten times as strong as you’ll ever be