Okay so just imagine:

Lena hears a knock at her door.  It’s weird cause it’s kinda late at night and anyone who she does business with would send her an email or shoot her a phone call before just showing up unannounced.  But she dutifully goes to open the door.

Of the things she’s expecting, a drenched Kara Danvers–who she’s tentatively befriended after their interview–is really not it.  Before she can get a word in edgewise, Kara’s babbling five thousand words a minute.

“–and my apartment won’t allow them and Alex is allergic and please Lena you’ve got to take her; you’re my only hope!”  With that she thrusts the little thing she’d been holding protectively against her chest into Lena’s face.  Lena blinks.  Oh.  It’s a puppy.  A shivering, adorable little puppy.  Almost as adorable as the pleading puppy holding it. 

when your scary but stupidly attractive boss’s less scary but also attractive partner starts to work with them ;) @feynites

Tbh the argument that Otabek is mentally an adult is bullshit hes legally an adult and that’s it what other adult experiences has he had hes not Yuuri hes not Mickey hes not Victor he just turned 18 what possible super grown up adult things could he have done