yes, the little blue engine that travels the world going “chugga-chugga JUICE JUICE”

I have something for that kind of “it’s mine don’t touch” look/death glare. It’s even better when it’s not the same person who does it. It’s actually what i love with jikook/kookmin, they BOTH initiate the moments (i’m not especially talking about the pics I posted above, just in general). it’s not just one side. I love that.


Writers Appreciation Post!

In honour of fanfic writers appreciation day, I have made a fic rec of all my fave writers and linked a piece of their writing that I absolutely fell in love with, so ENJOY!

@danglydolan: up to no good

@dolayn: friends with benefits

@artdolan: what’s in a name

@grethansdolans: relax baby 

@sincerelydolan: to the one who loves her next

@scuteedolans: change your ticket

@dolan-twins-fics: what happened last night?

@curlymotherfuker: I fucking adore you

@vincentvangrayson: Spider-Man ethan 

@pinksnapbackbullshit: carol of the bells

@dolandreaming: it’s quiet company

@datudolan: perfect timing

@twininspiredwriting: from the dining table

@thedolansaintshit: two truths and a lie

@overalldolan: love to hate

@e-the-god: wait a second…are you jealous?

@the-letter-e: see what I see 

@wonderfuldolans: and i’m on the bleachers

@peacelovedolan: google doc (part one of miniseries)

@dolanspizzawifi: coffee shop

@kiwidolans: marine biology

@ethansbbyg: fuck off, she’s mine

@majesticdolans: G E N E S Y S

@goofylittledolans: detention 

@thedolangifs: the quarterback 

@imaginethedolans: i’m catching feelings

@grethanscutie: I’ll always take care of you

@dolan-twin-trash: stargazing

@lane-switch-dolan: help me get the girl (part one of miniseries)

@edjjr0401: amnesia 

@dangly-feather-earring-dolan: 20 minute musical

@4odolans: the girl next door


Also, super sorry if the links don’t work or I linked the wrong thing, this whole process has made me a bit stir-crazy haha

Sanvers & Supercorp College AU, Wayhaught, Kadena, and Shoot -- so many wlw ships, so little time

Sanvers College AU ft. nb!Alex (fifth installation) –

Sanvers x Wayhaught crossover (Sanvers go to Purgatory, ft. trigger-happy Wynonna) –

Kadena – jealous!Kat needs reassurance from Adena (ft. Sutton and Jane) –

Supercorp College AU (ft. Kara’s first kiss) –

Shoot – Root is depressed on a mission and Shaw is worried –

Sanvers x Shoot – Alex’s number comes up, Root walks in on Sanvers –

Supergirl 2x15 Alternate Ending – Alex gets tossed across the universe (spoiler: she makes it home) –


Clashildr (Clara x Ashildr from Doctor Who) headcanons –

Pancakes v. Waffles –

The SC eating escargot! One of many images released with the All Star DVD!

anonymous asked:

Actually you idiot, DBZ didn't have Goku being the best father either. Especially not the manga, where even Toriyama has said Goku is not a great father or husband. And if all your examples of the opposite are filler, they obviously don't count.

I was going to delete this ask, but then it’s always good to post these so later, when people claim “Gochi/Goku fans don’t get hate!”, I have this to add to my collection of proof that in fact we do! (over the stupidest things, too)

Not sure which reblog this ask is referring to, so can’t help you there.

I never claimed Goku was the best father/husband.  But he’s certainly not the worst, either.  Here’s your ‘non-filler’ evidence of Goku being not-the-worst dad (mind you, I could’ve pulled a lot more, but this post doesn’t need to go on forever):

When Raditz kidnapped Gohan, Goku was pretty damn distraught about losing his son, like any good father would be:

…and he went after Raditz determined to get his son back, clearly expressing Gohan as his reason for tracking down Raditz:

Again, the moment he arrived on Namek, he sought Gohan and worried about keeping his son alive:

But being a parent isn’t all about protecting.  He also encouraged Gohan, being the only one, in fact, to have total faith in knowing Gohan could defeat Cell after he died:

And yes, he made mistakes.  I don’t think anyone thinks Goku is a model father.  But he admitted to his mistakes and apologized:

He also assuaged his son’s guilt, trying to make Gohan feel no fault about his death while claiming he was, “havin’ a great time”.  

Was he really?  Or was he trying to make Gohan feel better?  He’d just died and was being chewed out by King Kai for killing him and destroying his planet, only to find out Cell was still alive.  Where was there time for him to have ‘a great time’?  Was he really excited about remaining in the afterlife when he had a family and friends and plenty of opportunity for training on the world he loved and had just helped save from destruction?:

That’s all good, but there’s so much more to fatherhood than what goes on at the battlefield.  Goku was shown at home, spending quality time with his family, and you can’t possibly believe they weren’t happy here.  They were acting like this is a regular occurrence on Mt. Paozu for them.  Just look at the casual smiles on Goku and Chi-Chi’s faces:

And who better to judge a father than his children?  Gohan ran to Goku, smiling and thrilled to see him countless times through DBZ, beaming with pride on occasions, while in the Buu saga, Goten was shy but thrilled to get to know his father.   Here’s just one example of Goku’s sons’ pride in him, which lets face it, those of us who have someone who could qualify as ‘the worst’ father would not be proud:

As far as what Toriyama said:

Q: Since Saiyans are supposed to have no affection for family or friends, does this actually make Vegeta, who holds his family and wife dear, an even stranger (kinder) Saiyan than Goku?
T: Vegeta, whose pride had been deeply wounded, sought help from Bulma, and little by little, his ruthless personality changed. Nowadays, you certainly might be able to say that. On the other hand, Goku might not have a sense of family members like Gohan and Chi-Chi except as one of his companions.

Notice the leading question from the interviewer? (in Japanese culture, it is rude to disagree)  Notice Toriyama’s qualifying statement, ”you certainly might be able to say that” (a little suspicious, huh)?  Notice that this interview is an English translation from an Asian language which does not have words directly translatable to English?  Toriyama has just as much sense of the word ‘companion’ as Goku supposedly has of Toriyama’s concept of ‘family’.  In Japanese families, the family unit IS your identity.  Toriyama is saying that is how Vegeta thinks, while Goku thinks differently.  Individualistic culture is mainly in the West, but ironically, falls into Goku’s line of thinking, which is what it means to ‘not have a sense of family…’

Here’s a shining example of this: 

Vegeta blames Goku for something Goten did, “that was a cheap shot, Kakarot!!” as if they’re the same person - family unit.  And Goku, with an individualistic mindset, completely attributes this to Goten, “hey…don’t yell at ME!”

So there’s my proof.

You should be able to gather what I think of that interview.  Also, for anyone who wants to blame Goku’s Saiyan heritage on his ‘inability’ to appreciate his family, remember what Master Roshi said:

Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day ♡

♡ ♡ ♡  this is late because i’ve been out all day and by the time it gets posted it probably won’t even be writers appreciation day anymore, but it’s okay because y’all should be appreciated everyday. there’s been so many talented and creative people on here that I’ve come across and all of you have your own way of putting your thoughts into words that completely capture my attention and make me want to just read more and more and more & I’m so appreciative that you take your time to write and post it for me and everyone else to read!! you’re all super great and everything that I’ve read has inspired me to write my own stories, which I thank all of you for too! i’ll keep this short and sweet but every single person I’m putting here is so talented and i’ve enjoyed every word that I’ve read from you, so here you go ~~~ if i forget anyone i’m sorry! i’m just going through the people that i follow at the moment. 

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