To whoever asked me about the Rucas scene

Sorry I deleted your ask so I’m not going to be able to tag you in my answer… Hope you see it 😁 The reason why I’m glad there wasn’t a kiss or an I love you during that scene is two-fold… That’s not who they are (yet) and I think those would have overshadowed what I think was the absolutely perfect scene. You could see, hear and damn near feel how important their convo was. Lucas inching closer, grabbing her hand, playing with her fingers, their voices cracking, both teary eyed, the return of the sunshine smile… I think all of those combined to make it a perfect Rucas scene. If the other stuff happened? I dare say that most would have missed the above mentioned nuances. One of the lessons MJ has said he wanted Rucas to teach was about the innocent side of “love”. Too many people today throw that word around so often that it loses some of its meaning. Rucas has always been better when they move at their own pace… Am I looking forward to hugs, kisses and I love yous? Yes but when it fits. Don’t let anyone, I don’t care who they are or how old they are, tell you that the lack of an I love you means that Lucas “settled for” Riley… That concept is not even worthy of a reply or rebuttal.

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  • Dominique:(talking about guns) We went in and we had quite an extensive training-
  • Melanie:And you were better than me, and I was.... pretending not to hate it, but you were better than me.
  • Dominique:I know. But it was kind of perfect, because Waverly WOULD be-
  • Melanie:SHUT UP!

when you ask her her favorite hero and she says superman

Everyone seems to think that Daenerys will marry Jon Snow to unite the North and South once she’s on the Iron Throne but has no one thought that she could marry Sansa to do that? Daenerys can’t have children anyway and I would not at all be surprised if she would be wary of marrying a man should he then try to usurp her due to her gender, plus Jon is her nephew and if he stayed in the North that would be better for her, having a Targaryen in control in both the North and South. 

No Sansa would be the perfect political choice for Daenerys to marry. Sansa is a true Stark, the North is loyal to her, she is knowledgable about Southern politics, and she would not want the crown for herself and betray Daenerys, she’s strong and proud and faced hardships. Sansa supporting Daenerys as they ruled would honestly be the best thing that could happen for both them and the kingdom.

goodnight in summation:

  • i still love clarke and ship bellarke with all my heart
  • i’m bitter that nobody even mentioned bellamy
  • i hope bob is ok
  • marie needs to educate herself on abuse and revise her statement
  • eliza ???? idk tbh i don’t really care
  • ur allowed to unstan/dislike marie and/or eliza but,
  • sending hate to anyone for any reason is gross don’t do it
  • i will still watch season 4 because i am a Sucker^tm but i’m wary about it
  • kill ur darlings. no one is perfect. everything dies. nothing is good
  • i would die for luna or bellamy
  • jarod, adina, lindsey, bob and ricky are the only cast members i Trust^tm
  • fuck the kidbop dothraki good riddance @polis

                               ★★ ½ ☆ ☆

Even if you don’t give me the signal, I’m still going straight to you.



[Nishikawa Takanori appears in episode 4 of B-Project as “Nishiyama Takanori”. The episode will take place at “Raizin Fes.”]

I sewed a thing wrongly.

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Currently playing Revelations and I just got Charlotte, so I tried to pair her up with Subaki. But its not a possible pairing??? WHY NOT? I mean she wants to find the perfect guy in looks/wealth who would accept the true her and who else but Subaki? Plus his beautiful snarky/conceited self compliments her! Charlotte would teach him to relax and care for himself more. And imagine, Charlotte would be so proud to have Caeldori,a strong smart beautiful woman, as her daughter. Sorry for the rant!!

So my wife decided to come to court with me today. She was impressed with the way I handled the witnesses and opposing counsel. She told me I was great with people and asked me why I avoided them. My answer was that I was upset that they did not acknowledge me as the supreme leader since I am so eminently qualified for the position. She laughed and punched me in the arm. I said that the real reason is that they are unpredictable and that makes me uneasy. She mentioned this blog. How can I deal with thousands of perfect strangers? I replied, “I can always close the tab”. Lord if I only could “close the tab” on people in real life. That would be … perfection.

Baby Sam is here!! Yay!! ^_^ There is just one missing from my Samily now… Jumbo Sam!! :D Hoping someone will get me one for my birthday, I’ve been dropping hints to my sister… xD

It would be so awesome though if little Jack plushes ever existed! If they did I would buy one right this second!! They should make them with a little flat cap and plushy headphones! I think I’m on to something haha :P but that would be the cutest thing ever and the Samily would be perfect!! ^_^