He looked at the window and the snow that swirled beyond. “I’m not married”, he said softly, “because I can’t stomach the idea of marrying a woman inferior to me in mind and spirit. It would mean the death of my soul.”
“Marriage is a legal contract—it’s not a sacred thing. As Crown Prince, you should have given up such fanciful notions. What if you’re ordered to marry for the sake of alliance? Would you start a war because of your romantic ideals?
"It’s not like that.”
“Oh? Your father wouldn’t command you to marry some princess in order to strengthen his empire?”
“My father has an army to do that for him.”
“You could easily love some woman on the side. Marriage doesn’t mean you can’t love other people.”
His sapphire eyes flashed. “You marry the person you love—and none other,” he said, and she laughed. “You’re mocking me! You’re laughing in my face!”
“You deserve to be laughed at for such foolish thoughts! I spoke from my soul; you speak only from selfishness.”
“You’re remarkably judgmental.”
“What’s the point of having a mind if you don’t use it to make judgments?”
“What’s the point in having a heart if you don’t use it to spare others from the harsh judgments of your mind?”

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas {page 231}

I think that this quote is so vital in understanding who Celaena is, and who she becomes later on in the series. I think at this point in her life, she was so broken, so fresh out of grief due to the recent death of Sam, that she truly believed these things. That marriage was nothing more than a legal contract between two people. Having Rowan now, I wonder if Aelin still believes in this. If she does, I wonder how this would play out. Because according to this philosophy, perhaps she would end up marrying Dorian to join the two kingdoms, but Rowan would be the one she truly loved. I don’t know, I just can’t imagine Aelin being okay with being seen as being tied to a man other than Rowan. 

My name is Sam, I’m 15 years old and I live in England (I only speak English though I would like to learn another language). I’ve lived in England all my life so I haven’t really had chance to experience other cultures etc.

Likes: TV shows (Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story…..), Movies, Film in general (I wanna be a producer when I’m older), Tea, Coffee, Rainy Days, Autumn, Photography, Reading, Social Media and of course, Music (Lana, Marina, Lorde, Halsey, Melanie, Troye, 21 pilots, Arctic Monkeys etc).

Dislikes: Anyone who is racist, homophobic (I’m gay myself), transphobic, anti-feminist, mysognistic, you get the picture. Also, mushrooms. I hate them so much omg.

My ideal pen pal would be someone who has similar interests, won’t judge me and replies fairly quickly. I would prefer if you were aged 15-16 but a little bit older or younger wouldn’t really matter.

Contact me via:- Kik: sam._.k123 Instagram: samkeightley Tumblr: teenagelusttt

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  • i have tons of freckles on my face and shoulders
  • i’m really passionate about art and writing, but i rarely pursue them because i’m too lazy & get creative blocks
  • my ideal date would be to visit an art museum, see one of my favorite musicals, then have a fancy dinner :)
  • my closet is about 65% black, 30% pale, 5% color
  • currently i’m reading a book series called tales of the otori, it’s really amazing and i highly recommend it to anyone who likes medieval/feudal japan!
  • after i earn my degree in december, i’m torn about what to do! part of me wants to move to california and pursue editing for a publisher or magazine, but the other part of me wants to teach english for a year in korea ugh
  • i met the wonder girls on their US tour and got to hug them all and take a photo!! i love to brag about this lmao
  • shows that have laugh tracks in the background make me so uncomfortable, i literally can’t watch them
  • i almost cried when i saw an elephant at the renaissance festival last year and i have no idea why, elephants are just so pure i love them

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Say you were in charge of concepts and proposal for what to include at a new Disney 'castle park' - what would your idealized Frontierland be like, include? Aspects of any current ones, brand new stuff, ideas from other theme parks? As detailed as you like.

Tough question!

If you’d asked for my ideal Adventureland, well, that’s my home. I understand it well enough to redesign it.

If you’d asked for my ideal Tomorrowland, well, Tomorrowland is fundamentally broken. Any armchair imagineer worth listening to has an answer to that.

Frontierland, though? I love it, but until now, I’ve taken it for granted that it could be anything different than it is.

As a child of the Magic Kingdom, that’s the version I picture when someone says “Frontierland,” so let’s use that as a base. Here are my big changes:

1. Western River Expedition would dominate the west end of the land, instead of Splash and Thunder.

A. Stick with the plan to have the park’s railroad pass through a show scene, and to have its train station beside the show building.

B. Stick with the plan to have a log flume and runaway mine train weaving around and atop (and maybe even through) the show building.

B1. The log flume miiiiight resemble Splash? I dunno. I have narrative issues with that ride. (TL;DR, I think it’s meta-textually cruel to the audience.) Hard to say.

B2. The mine train would resemble Thunder, but its story would be more coherent. Perhaps something along the lines of Hong Kong’s Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars.

B2-1. Retain most of Magic Kingdom’s interactive queue for Thunder, though.

2. Tom Sawyer Island would be massive. Honestly, I’d just turn the whole area over to Brice Croskey. Check out how awesome his ideas to enhance the Magic Kingdom’s version are! That dude gets it better than most of us ever will.

3. More scenes along the river for both the train and the boats.

4. Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes. Since it’s a bigger river than Disneyland’s, add another stop or two along the way.

5. While I’m transporting stuff from Disneyland: a restaurant with the atmosphere of the Hungry Bear. Give it the most placid sightlines of the river. Have it serve barbecue, because barbecue is bae.

6. My version of the Diamond Horseshoe Revue. (Hey, that came in handy!)

7. Place planters in the middle of the main walkway so that Entertainment can’t shove a parade through the land seven times a day. (Leave enough space for the Hoe-Down, though.)

8. More emphasis on tall tales. I dunno if it merits its own attraction, but a generous sprinkling of Forensic Stories would be great. (Did you know that Pecos Bill’s favorite meal was dynamite? HOW IS THAT NOT REPRESENTED IN HIS RESTAURANT)

9. Also, why not? The Frontierland version of the Jungle Cruise that I came up with for Pure Imagineering Prompt No. 2. No idea where it’d go, but I’m King Imagineer; my underlings will sort it out…or suffer the consequences.

do you know what would honestly be my ideal living situation right now?  i want to live in collective housing and just… do the bulk of the cooking and a lot of the cleaning, help people move in and out, help organize and run all the events and services the collective put together (lectures, community meals open to the public, protests, the car pool, childcare, a book exchange, prescription pickup and delivery to people in the neighborhood, WHATEVER,) and have that be my job.  and in return i get a room to live in, and food to eat, and a ride to my doctor’s appointments once or twice a week.

i’d have structure, i’d have daily social interaction with multiple people, i’d have satisfying physical labor to perform every day that would get me up and about and keep me active, i’d have obligations and promises to keep me motivated and on-task, and my biggest barrier to being functional – getting out of the house and handling my own transportation – would be facilitated by other people in the collective.  i could have a couple people to help me with phone calls too, if necessary.  and i wouldn’t need money!  I DON’T NEED MONEY.  all i need is a house, and some food, and a ride, and maybe a bus pass once in awhile.  and for my copays to be covered.  and that’s it!!

what if i had someone i lived with who would sit me down every day and help me apply for food stamps?  what if getting to my psychiatrist appointments wasn’t a fucking nightmare?  what if i had things to do and people to talk to all day, instead of sitting around at home alone and camming and drinking?  what if i had 3 meals a day to prepare for a group of people?  what if i had a schedule?  what if i had something decent to eat every single day?  what if i didn’t have to spend my life in a constant state of panic over possibly losing my housing?  what would that EVEN be like

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For the date thingy. I'm 20 years old *RUNS*, female, 1'55, brown eyes, hair color always changes but currently light brown (i think??), drawing is my hobby but I can't function without music so there's that, I love kitty cats and snuggles and rain, eating & making sweets is my passion (lol), and I guess my ideal date would be either something fun (going to an amusement park) or very chill (watching movies at home in comfy clothes & playing w/ your hair or hands or just cuddling in general).



(also ajhdefsfhjb yes pls i want both amusement park and movie cuddles playing with hair tHATS IT YOUR COMING TO AMERICA AND IM ADOPTING YOU AS MY BIG SISTER ;;; <333)

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Does Mana'Din ever do anything other than being an evanuris to make Elalas so afraid that she'll punish people would defy her? Because I don't remember them ever disagreeing about ideals, or anything substantial. Has Mana'Din ever done anything amoral or in any way ruthless that shows she's even capable of cruelty, besides sacrificing murderers and mad spirits? Or is Elalas just unable to differentiate her fears from reality? I don't know which one would be worse for their relationship.

Mostly it’s just that Mana’Din is so tightly woven with the evanuris, that Elalas can’t quite separate her as an individual from their reputation as a group.

The evanuris are villains, undoubtedly, but in-universe that’s far from common knowledge. And in the wake of Falon’Din’s whole thing, the prevailing image of them is of good leaders who will stop things from going too far, and step in and police one another where necessary. Elalas knows full well that the evanuris are two-faced, that people like Sylaise and Mythal have cultivated reputations as reasonable, generous, merciful, etc.

But she’s been in the camps this whole time, so she’s never seen how they act in order to keep up that image. Maybe all of the evanuris let some of their followers mouth off to them. Maybe this whole ‘no sacrifices’ thing is going to fall apart as a toppling domino in part of a larger scheme that Elalas just can’t see yet.

Mostly, she’s conflicted in part because she suffered so long, and endured so much, to avoid serving the evanuris, and now she’s… serving the evanuris. And she likes Mana’Din. She likes just about everything she’s seen of her, and that’s terrifying not only because of the prospect of a relationship, but also because of how it throws so many of her convictions into chaos. It’s like… she spent years and years hearing about how she was a fool. That the evanuris just wanted what was best for the elvhen people, and that the only reason she was suffering was because she was a dangerous bad backwards-thinking fool, and all she really had to hang onto was the idea that these were all lies.

And then she meets an evanuris, who is a good person, who wants to help the elvhen people…

She can’t live with herself if all those horrible things she was told are true - and they’re not - but it’s a long road to get to the point where accepting Mana’Din as a good person doesn’t also mean accepting the evanuris as good leaders, for her.

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What would your ideal Amethyst episode for Steven Universe be?

One that focuses on her character development without using her to develop Pearl, Garnet, or even Steven. I want an episode that is about HER past and about what she thinks of everything. I want an episode that doesn’t just use her as comic relief or one liners or random shapeshifting. I want her to have her own cinematic 4 minute well animated song about her feelings AND include everyone’s reactions to it and have them TALK to her.

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My ideal end game would be Spareer (Spencer + Career), screw all these pointless romances! Come on anons, why does she have to have an end game lover? The show is best when it focuses on mystery and the "A" plots. I will say though that Spaleb is probably the show's best couple yet, but we're just episodes away from them totally fucking that up so... and P.S. You are truly an amazing and kind person with the best PLL blog on this site, hope you have a wonderful day ❤️

Originally posted by fragileheartxxx

Absolutely. I love the idea of just. Spencer and her career. I love Spaleb, obviously, but if that can’t be a thing (and for me I’d be okay if it wasn’t, I only have one ride or die OTP), I’d love to just see Spencer focus on herself, work through her issues, and just have a great career. I really do want one or two of the girls to end up solo because this show has such a problem with not letting them be willingly and happily single and I think that sucks because there are a lot of us out there who would rather prioritize our career over a relationship. 

Also, thank you, darling!!! That’s so sweet <3 

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No. Why is that? Why settle for less if you can have something that satisfies your wants and fulfills your aspirations. So you should crave for something ideal, my love. Isn't it? :)

Hmm, it seems our visions of what is ideal are different. I don’t know how you see it, but my point was not about settling for something less, but was about wanting for something that is, in reality, impossible to obtain.  

Tell me, my love, if I continued longing for something impossible, do you honestly believe that something could be “satisfying”

If I continued wanting for something unattainable, could something be “fulfilling”?

If I continued craving for what is ideal, would I truly understand contentment and appreciation? 

I’m sorry, my love, but lusting after perfection is not going to make me feel alive, and simply achieving something good is enough to give me pleasure.

Y’know how Norma has her own lil spice garden? I feel like Dylan really would enjoy taking care of that for her.  Like one night she went out to weed and water it and just found Dylan already standing over it working away and not even noticing his mom just stepped out the side door. It just became this unspoken chore of his. She never even asked him, he just walked by one day and was like “Huh, that’s neat. Oh, a weed – I’ll get it,” or “Hm this soil looks a little dry”  and then it just kept happening.

He loves yard work, landscaping, and taking care of plants. It’s one reason he thought taking on a weed farm would be ideal for him; now he knew enough about cannabis to feel educated on it, like he knows his shit, and he’d enjoy the actual labor of it.  He likes feeling like he can take care of something, see it flourish and grow. He’s got a green thumb.

Fluffy Friday!

It’s Admin Lana here, and welcome to Fluffy Fridays! Since we already have Sleepover Saturday and Sinful Sunday, why not start the party on Friday with a little bit of fluff? This is great for anyone who isn’t comfortable with my sinning or simply wants to cringe from the cuteness overload. Here’s what you can send in:

  • Send in your confessions! It can be anything as long as it’s fluff. Save the sinning for Sunday. ;)
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  • Tell us what an ideal date with your favourite Haikyuu boy(s) would be like!
  • Basically anything fluffy!
  • Chit chat is wonderful too! Especially if you want to share any stories.

Have fun and let’s get this show on the road! Also, if you’d like, include the new Demigod AU!!!

-Admin Lana

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When Ohmiya do a search of how many people know their full names but Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun are much more popular.