Jason's Girlfriend

Requests: jason finding out his gf is really sick and he tries to make her comfortable till she passes away and he steals her flowers and things all the time and she thinks he’s the most wonderful guy ever for getting her these things but she doesn’t know what he’s going through and eventually she gets too weak to move and she dies right before jason comes to say his final goodbye and he doesn’t show up at her funeral but after everyone leaves he brings her favorite flowers and breaks down crying

jason talks about his girlfriend all the time and how beautiful she is and how much he’s in love with her and she’s the best thing that ever happened to him but he won’t let anyone meet her and his family starts to think she’s fake until damian and stephanie follow him one night and see he’s placing roses on a recent grave and telling it how much he loves them and will never forget them


“Guess who’s here?!” The nurse’s face was decorated with an enormous smile as she talked, something you’d never understand. It was as if everyone pitied you these days. That or they were mocking you. With their smiles and kind behaviors that could only signal your end was nearing. The only one who never smiled was

“Jason” you said in a quiet voice and blinked your eyes at him. It was a giggle that you felt bubbling in your throat as you saw his face covered by a flower bouquet

“Hey!” He greeted softly from behind of the fresh bouquet he had bought. Your nurse took care of lifting your pillows as well as your torso, so you were in a more comfortable position.

Jason sat on the chair right next to your bed with a sigh. After handing the flowers to the kind nurse he took your right hand in between his palms. You were cold, colder than he remembered and it killed him.

“Baby, did you tell your brothers that I want to meet them?”

Again Jason sighed. It wasn’t easy to say this but he did talk about you all the time, but he didn’t want any of them to meet you. He just wanted you all to himself. He didn’t want to having to share the pain if losing you with them, because they would never be able to sympathize with him. None of them had seen the love of their life in a deathbed, getting colder and colder with every passing day.

“We’ve talked about this (Y/n).” Jason’s voice was cold, colder than he had intended it to be and momentarily he hated himself for snapping.

“Okay” there was no reaction from your side, only a weak smile as your hand tightened in his grip. Jason stood silent for a while, remembering what the nurse had told him

“she doesn’t have many days left. Itd be better if we stopped pressuring her with visits. ”

And she was right. So many people would visit you, not caring if it tired you and Jason wondered if they could understand that you could barely move anymore.

Jason felt tears well up in his eyes as he stared at you, knowing that this was probably the last time he’d see your smile. He bowed his head, resting it on your shoulder amd breathed in your scent. You didn’t know what he was going through. You didnt know in how much pain he was.


For more than a year now Jason has been talking to them about a girlfriend, but a girlfriend was nowhere to bee seen. And currently, Dick and Bruce were very worried. They were desperately trying to solve the girlfriend mystery, but Tim insisted on believe Jason and giving him privacy.

Nevertheless it’d been a very long time now that Jason hadn’t showed up anywhere. He wouldn’t go on patrol, he wouldn’t show up at the manor and when they’d get to communicate with him he’d only say about his girlfriend and how truly beautiful she is.

This of course made Dick even more suspicious and after dinner major pressure by the other members of the family he set Damian and Stephanie to follow Jason to his so called girlfriend.

“I’m telling you, the grave was very recent.” Damian yelled, wanting to convince Dick.

“He even placed red roses on it. And he was crying, so hard it broke my heart. He was apologizing for not being able to help her” Stephanie added, emphasizing the ‘red’ part. “Jason’s going through something so tragic Dick, we gotta help him”

But Dick I’ve that Jason wouldn’t speak. He’d never admit being so hurt, or that his word was crushing down due to his denial. All he had to do was wait until he’d open up about it.

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You wanna know something awesome? On Monday it's May 1!! You wanna know why that is awesome? That's the day pretty much everyone in Sweden gets a day off so they can protest! We have a nationwide holiday dedicated to protesting! I'm working on my anti-fatphobia signs, it's gonna be awesome!

That does sound awesome!

I wish we had a day like that here in the US, but it’s unlikely to ever happen, lol

-Mod Siarl

Learning to love myself.

There are times when I get the urge of pouring my thoughts without stint, yet my hand freezes the second it grabs a quill. Toxic thoughts forge the shackles with which the poet within me lays imprisoned, fuming and fighting, dreaming then dying. Why do I do this? Why do I lay here waiting for the words to expel themselves, and torture myself pitiless when they don’t.  I feel like I’m going to erupt. It’s like I’ve imbibed a poisonous punch whom is now working its way through the neurons of my mind… causing them to cripple. I can’t think straight. Nausea is weaving its way through me in same way serpentine paths pave their way in to a forest.  But how do I stop? How can I fight the impulse to write and write, when I am clearly failing at doing so? I’ve figured that if it ever happens it would signal my demise. For the phantoms living with in me are arch enemies.

A stoic and a rebel in a constant dispute of passions, clashing themselves recklessly in to one another, loathing each other’s presence in perpetuity. The aftermath? A most unfortunate creation! The hinge that connects two devilish pillars. But perhaps they’ll give this soul a purpose one day. Maybe they’re what pain is to a poet, a night sky and its stars. Maybe without them I’d be like a universe without planets, a wound without a scar. Something tells me that I must accept them and love them with a most tender kind of love, for only then will I ever be able to love myself thoroughly.

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Would it be possible for you to like make a list of what happened in April? I keep hearing the phandom talk about April 2017 being the greatest thing to happen ever but I just hear snippets of stuff and I gotta admit I'm confused. 😅

yes ofc ! i hope this helps a bit (i’m pretty confused myself too tbh so i’ll just list som things i consider relevant and sorry these aren’t in any chronological order)

- dan fully embracing the curly hair (x)

- phil and his adorable butterfly shirt (x, x, & x)

- dan wearing ripped jeans (x, x, & x)

- other v cute outfits (x, x, & x)

- The Selfie aka the one where dan had glitter nails (x)

- just all the selfies in general (f.e. x, x, x, x, & x)

- phil pranking unsuspecting dan with the chili gummy bears (x)

- phil showing more of his “true self” (humor, innuendos etc.)

- pastel easter baking (x)

- phil lending his coat to dan (x) and other ‘fanservice’

- aesthetic boomerangs and photos (x & x)

- “give the people what they want”

- the heart eyes and other v good moments (x, xx, X, x, X, x, x, & x)

- Daniel Lester G00d suGgESTION (x)

and last but definitely not least


so yeah I mean,, it truly was quite a good month

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why is greek tumblr mostly just a bunch of horny and sad aesthetic blogs w shitty inspirational or sad quotes and the occasional porn gif or am i just on the wrong side of greek tumblr cuz those type of blogs (u kno the ones? minimalist, barely any personal content except for crying abt their ex) keep following me lmao like wher the memes at?

Tbh I generally don’t follow a lot of blogs run by Greeks on my other accounts bc ever since I first joined tumblr, I just happened to make a lot of foreign friends and never really sought to specifically look for Greek blogs to follow, y’know? So it’s not like I have a comprehensive idea of what ‘Greek tumblr’ is like collectively, but from what I’ve seen (mostly from my Greek followers on this account) there are a lot of blogs that aren’t aesthetic or quote-oriented so ?? maybe you’ve just never happened to follow/be followed by one? :/

(btw my Greek followers are more than welcome to self-promote on this post so that anon can find a wider variety of blogs to follow! <3 )

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I was not from that era so do you know why people insist so much about Acchan being so ridiculously mad in love with Takamina? Seeing some old photos from shows it looks like a very caring friendship, nothing more.

If the photos you’re talking about show Atsuko looking at Minami like she’s the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, with a smile that looks like the one of someone that’s so stupidly in love, then I don’t know what to say. XD

to be honest, it’s just the way she stares at Minami. This has happened many times, at her own graduation concert and graduation theater performance, to Minami’s own grad concert and graduation theater perf., it’s just… The way she looks at her. I look at her, I look at MaYuki, and personally just realize that I’ve never looked that way to my best friends ever. Girl-BFFs and males, it just never happened to me. 

So I look at her and I’m like, “what’s that stare?”. 

In my opinion, this is why people keep saying that Atsuko is madly in love with Minami. Of course, if we don’t include the many times in which Atsuko acted like a tsundere toward Minami, or said that she wanted to get married with her, or date her - those things she said more than once. 

I don’t know, I feel like shippers are just gonna ship. XD 

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

(Please, do not repost)