There is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now.

A few weeks ago, I went to San-Diego Comic-Con; my very first con ever! There, I did my very first cosplay ever as Link from my all time favorite game series The Legend of Zelda! I know it’s not the best Link costume out there (especially not the hair, omg that was totally last minute don’t even talk to me about what happened there lol), but I was SO proud of it! I didn’t care what anyone thought about my cosplay because I knew that it was my first one ever and I knew that I had put my heart and soul into it and I felt GOOD about it. When I was at Comic-Con, every day people stopped me for pictures, even when I left the convention center and walked down the street in costume. I felt so validated, and so incredibly happy; never in a million years did I think that would happen…

The crowning moment of my Comic-Con experience, though, came a few days after the con was officially over. The final picture you see above was PUT ON NINTENDO’S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE (alongside a LOT of MUCH BETTER Links among others)!!!!!! You could not FATHOM my excitement!!! But, as we all know, facebook is no Comic-Con and the people there are not so accepting.

I shared the picture so that all of my friends could see it, and most of them were extremely supportive and even awed by it. But then one person said the following: “Um…Dark Link? XD” One of my friends. Someone I knew personally. I deleted the comment and blocked him (he said a LOT of really awful, bigoted things on facebook and that was the last straw). But that got me wondering…if a friend of mine said that…what were other people saying?

I went to the Nintendo page and braced myself. The very first comment was “Dark Link D:”. This comment had 88 likes, if memory serves, more than half the likes the picture itself got (161, I believe). The comments followed: “What’s wrong with his wig? …Oh god, it’s a girl XD” “She’d do a great Nabooru” (this one wasn’t so bad, and I actually do want to cosplay Nabooru when I get a little better at making things, but it’s still relevant) “Dark Link! Seriously, though, she should’ve been Sheik.”

NONE of the comments, besides one from another friend who left a very kind and thoughtful comment and one from my super defensive mom (love her to death), had ANYTHING to do with my costume. I was being judged on my breasts and the color of my skin rather than the WEEKS of nearly constant work that I had put into putting together this costume that I had gotten so much positive feedback on and been so proud of, and I was ANGRY. Even typing this, I am, once again, shaking with rage.

So, let me just say as a personal victim of cosplay prejudice (I’m new to this, as you can see, so I’m not sure if there’s an official term for it), WHO THE FUCK DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE?! Who are THEY to tell ME what I “should” do and make fun of me for dressing up in a FUCKING COSTUME that doesn’t necessarily fit with my image?  It’s not something that I do to please ANYONE but myself! I wore THIS costume because I LOVE these games, and I LOVE this character. And I cosplayed because it looked like FUN! And you know what? IT FUCKING WAS! THAT IS WHY I DID THIS! I feel that I not only speak for myself, but for cosplayers everywhere when I say that we do not do this for anyone but ourselves, and we do this for FUN above all else. And let me tell you, it hurts like HELL when people put you down so casually after you feel like you’ve achieved something wonderful. I’ve known from a very young age (much too young) that I would have a disadvantage in life because I am a woman of color. BUT FUCKING SERIOUSLY?! Getting mad over a COSTUME?! It is a sad world when a person can’t do something as innocent as putting on a costume without being told they shouldn’t because of the way they look. God, I feel like crying… This just makes me so furious. Please, just spread this around. Cosplay prejudice/bullying is not okay. I’m a real person under that horrible wig; we ALL are. We are real people with real passions and, most importantly, real FEELINGS. And after finally getting all of this down, I feel nothing but pain and anger and tears brimming at my eyes because of what these people said about me, and I KNOW that they say much worse about larger women who cosplay as thin characters and people like me who cosplay outside of their gender/ethnic group. But WHY?! All we’re trying to do is show our love and have some fun while doing it. What kind of world are we living in when that becomes wrong because of how we look? Stop cosplay bullying, and while I’m at it, bullying of any kind, because it is not okay.

PLEASE NOTE: If you read all of that and now want to check out the album on Nintendo’s facebook page, I just looked there myself and it looks like all of the likes and comments on every picture in the album were reset; some that had hundreds of likes have like 4 now. Mine had about 161 and now has 1, but no comments. The costumes are really great, though, so go check them out and feel free to comment on their quality! I’m sure the people who made them would appreciate it very much!

UPDATE: I went and checked out the album on facebook again just now and found this comment on my picture: “A female african american Link? YAAAAAASSSSS!” THIS IS HOW YOU DO THINGS! ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, COSPLAY WHOEVER THEY WANT HOWEVER THEY WANT NO MATTER THEIR GENDER, SEXUALITY, OR RACE IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. This makes me genuinely ecstatic after the comments that were originally on my picture =]

Kouen -

Happy. Happy is good even though I’m still feeling fatigued. I suppose I’ll blame Crunchie’s recent… monthly… hormonal event for my exhaustion since my energy levels seem to be pretty closely tied to hers.

She had to take a few days off from running due to said event and so we expected a bit of a lackluster performance today. We were oh so wrong. She pushed herself and I’m so proud because she went further than ever, and by a large margin. I would’ve given her a kiss on the cheek to congratulate her but ick… sweaty.


—This is the SECOND update of a previous post that no longer exists : I switched from a blueish mood to something warmer that seemed to fit the film’s storyline better. I also finally changed the wooden floor to something…properly done, to say the least. Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy it.—

A couple of days ago, I thought I’d take advantage of the summer to move my short film project, which I talk about for more than a year now, a little further. I didn’t expect to lose all of my files. I can’t really explain why, but I stored everything on Dropbox, Macbooks’ hard drive being far from big (128Go…), and went to import it all again on my laptop.

Obviously, what I had in mind was “okay, I’ll sync it all up and Dropbox will automatically download the files from the server onto my laptop’s hard drive”. Dropbox understood this : “Hey, the Dropbox folder stored locally is empty, it means that I must delete everything that’s on the server, yay !”. Suddenly, 4Go of data disappeared. After some adequate sobbing and cursing (not necessarily in that order), I decided not to give it all up.

I wasn’t lucky enough to find a proper team, when I got my degree in computer graphics and animation, to release a short film as most students do. This project, which I wrote a few years ago, means quite a lot to me. Both because of the topic, which I can’t reveal for now, and because of the energy and time I put in the making of it.

Starting again almost from scratch is a pain in the arse, let’s be honest. But it gave me a wider perspective, especially on the technical aspect of things. My previous scene rendered in about 2h per frame (24 frames per second of animation, I’ll leave the maths to you). And yet, I was very far from happy with the result : too computerish, not cinematographic enough. I had spent hours modeling details that no one would ever see, forgeting about the importance of “keeping the essential”. For instance, I had modeled every single plank of the floor then texture-painted it. No joke. I replaced it with a textured plane. Does it look better ? Most definitely, in spite of not being a very high-res texture. I can now render the scene in 35mn (1h15mn) with depth of field on) with a far better lighting quality. I took the time to redefine my priorities : could I make a pro-quality film with the time and tools I had ? Probably not. Could I make a very decent-looking film with everything I learnt from cinema and computer graphics, hiding technical mistakes in the shadow and using constraints as a way to overcome poorly-laid plans ? Most definitely.

So here’s where I am now, if anyone had the courage to read until there. I’m filling the scene up slowly, focusing only on what seems to be essential : meaningful props, a properly set lighting, not being obsessive about ‘perfection’ and taking things further.

If it is of any help to anyone, whether you’re just another unlucky guy losing all of their files, or simply stuck with a project that seems not to be doable and sort of jealous of everyone else’s projects : keep going. In the end, what matters is your ability to work on the long run, to deliver something that’s as close as possible to your ideas. It doesn’t really matter if it takes you a couple of years, the final score is what it is : final.

I’ll keep working on it until September, I hope to update it on a regular basis, but I can’t tell how much I’ll be able to work on the film after school starts again. One thing for sure, though, I’ll get it all done someday.

P.S : I used a super great open-source compositing software to get these renders to look right : Natron. There’s a funny thing about this, because I didn’t know the software until a few months ago but a guy  I was in high-school with worked as a developer on the project. That was a random fact, keep scrolling !

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7 14 21 22

Thanks very much nonnie :)

7. Who did they romance? How did that romance change the development of their character?

Lyris romanced Solas (aka the egg) - I sort of imagine in the Dalish Clans, clan members are expected to marry rather young and have children quickly. Lyris was already an exception to the rule, being 25 (nearly 26) at the start of Inquisition and about 27 when she and Solas got together. Their relationship also went against what most Dalish expected from a relationship, as they were more of a slow burner with more interest in establishing their relationship than rushing into things.

As for development of the character, Lyris was already fairly liberal minded about magic and elves, though Solas further encouraged these views and opened her mind to other possibilities. Though initially wary of things like blood magic and demons, Lyris gained a new view point and thus this altered how she looked at such things and how she handled them.

14. Are they diplomatic, aggressive, passive, political, etc.? How would you explain their personality? answered this one already

21. How did they decorate Skyhold? What does their throne look like?

Lyris mainly decorated Skyhold with Inquisition colours and banners, though her quarters hold a far more Dalish arrangement in terms of the decor. This was in part due to having divide up resources between supplies, missions and decor, and decor took the back seat. Lyris kept the Inquisition throne to avoid any reflection of biases to certain groups and nations.

22. Do their decorations reflect beliefs? Are they purely aesthetic? Why did they choose the decorations they did?

Lyris chose her decorations to deflect any show of biases towards certain groups, whether by race or organisation, rather than any personal beliefs. Her personal quarters are decorated far more liberally however, with Dalish and Magi motifs found throughout the room.

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Yeah ,that couple was the most interesting in IG ,I didn't pay attention to the actual story and watched their scenes ,lol after KJW left ,I stopped watching cuz the story went downhill

They could have been great. I genuinely believe it would have been a compelling love triangle. (Tbh, they made more sense together than the “official” pairing.)

But I, too, stopped watching after KJW left. Actually, I just never picked it up again after he left because what was the point. I’m still bitter that he was treated so wrongly, especially since it felt like the production team was like, “Oh, we didn’t do anything wrong! This was expected! His character wasn’t going to be developed further! And, wait, you expect payment, huh?” Except his character was totally going to be a vital part of the underground movement and I’m sure we would have seen him become serious and deadly under his foppish exterior. Like the Scarlet Pimpernel or something (which, btw, would have been awesome and if Dramaland would like to tackle the Scarlet Pimpernel, that would be supercool. Provided I get to pick the production team).

That would have been a glorious character, and KJW would’ve killed it playing that character, but instead they decided to kill him off. And off screen, too, apparently. Because, again, I never tuned in after episode 8, but I managed to stay up-to-date with the gossip (of which there was plenty).

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Hey, Frost! We are a new, survival rp and I was wondering if we could get an opinion? If it isn't too much of your time! Hope you have a wonderful day/night! Thank you in advance!

Disclaimer: This is merely my opinion of a roleplay and is not meant to harm/hurt/demean the group! This is just my opinion and I am offering some constructive criticism on things that I believe could be altered/amended. Do not feel that you need to do any of these things since it is merely how I feel. Without further ado, you can find your Opinion below!

So, you’re URL and you’re icon clearly illustrate what your RP is about and it shows what people should expect when they click on it. When I went through your main I was a bit confused at first, since your links were only labelled with numbers it was a bit hard to find what I was looking for. I would recommend that you named the links with something other than numbers so it is easier to find things. I would also recommend that you change the color of the text on your sidebrr since it is a bit hard to read, I would say maybe change it to black so that it’s a bit easier to read.

I am usually fine with people’s faces in the graphics, but it doesn’t really make sense for the theme you’re going for. If you were going to use people’s faces I would recommend that they go a bit more closer to the aesthetic you are going for. Maybe, you could try and use some Hunger Game characters since they would be dressed and come off as belonging in the forest. 

Finally, I would like to say that you’re plot is very original. I have seen many reality show roleplays, but nothing quite like this. You have created something that is very original and interesting. I think that if you just changed a few things aesthetic wise it would make it easier to read your plot and navigate your blog!

C’est Maintenant.

So yesterday I met jacsfishburne.

Her travelling schedule was taking her to Paris so I decided to take advantage of it and schedule a meeting. At the first thought of doing this I was like ‘MEH, i could also wait until i’m in the US next time to meet her’.

 What a mistake it would have been!

The purpose of the meeting was to Interview Jacs in order to start gathering research material for a thesis I want to write about the freelance models community and online nude photography. I was coming with a lot of expectations. It was the first interview of the project and as I knew so little about the scene, I was hoping to be taught. And Jacs answered to all my expectations. Even went further than that by opening new doors to my thinking, present facts I never thought about, and in the end giving me a fresh new approach on the work I had done so far.

I was impressed to be here. I will not lie, I was nervous to meet THE Jacs Fishburne. I saw so many pictures of her, so many photographs she took and I loved. I was a big deal to me. And She will not admit a thousand time, but she is a big deal. I met a lot of artists during my master degree years.  A lot of big names, a lot of talented artists. But I guess none were as important, on a personal level, on a level of artistic involvement form me, as Jacs was yesterday.

For a year, right after I graduated, I refused to do anything artistic. I was dry inside. To me art was a fallacy, a joke.

It took me to come back from New York in June, almost a year after I graduated, to finally re-gain taste in art, and decided to be creative again. It was not something that came back on its own of course. It took the impulse of several people. First Being my dear Lauren, that even if she doesn’t push me into doing art at all cost, remains a positive influence upon my taste and my drive for art (how awesome is it to have an artistic life partner?!). There is also Julien with Whom I worked non stop during our last three years at school. We always have the craziest ideas for art pieces and it will be a shame if they did not came to life one day. An finally there is my boys and girls at CRÂNES, the photography collective I’m a part of. The keep the photography game so easy and without pressure, it made me realize that art should be as well, easy and fun.

So I decided that I will get a PhD in the near future and that I will curate exhibitions as I wanted to do when I left school.

Art was back.

And I was in that state of mind when Jacs came and nailed the coffin. We were talking about what aspects could define the online nude photography scene outside of visual characteristics. And she mentioned that one of the most defining aspect was that everything revolves around the idea of doing it yourself (DIY). Models are their own agents. Photographers are their own curators. 

It Blew a door open in my mind. I was stunned at the very moment she said those words. Not for long of course, maybe a second. maybe it was  long enough for her to notice.

I knew what Do It Yourself meant. I heard it a thousand time before. But I guess I never allowed myself to apply it to me and my artistic future.But it is the key. I knew I wanted to curate exhibitions. Show the works of artists I love, helping them put themselves out there. But I didn’t knew how to do it or where to start.

But now I know. It’s on me to move the chains. It’s on me to put myself out there first and find solutions. And as it turns out, solutions are at reach.

I thanked Jacs a lot after or meeting. When I left the hotel, via email the same night. I thanked a lot. I was doing it unconsciously as I had not realize what had happened yet. I even asked myself ‘Why are you thanking so much it might seem weird, you might look like a creep’. But now I know that those thanks were for a reason, a very good one. Without knowing it she gave me the ultimate boost on my way to live fully my life as an artist and a lover of art. A boost that started with Lauren, Julien and CRÂNES. 

I have decided to curate my first exhibition before I move to New York. I’ll do it by all mean. I have little less than 3 months.

C’est maintenant. (It is now).

Nifty Promised into Go Up so as to 10,000 inside Doublet Years

In terms respecting the results of three further conditions may be. Market values have so copious things from his keep hold of. It is assumed that more than 260 seats in the elections Give NDA.

If the NDA brought about 260 or en plus seats on 7,200, the Nifty may repercussion. Though balanced if Modi to be there a Foregoing Minister, but I think that anon followed with 200-220 seats Hunky-dory may slip to 6500-6600. Third general belief may remain weak steamroller if the NDA. Right now the market is not ready to accept this possibility at tote. Howbeit if it is well-shaped en route to be found near the mound 6250-6300. These possibilities could majority to the election results. In the meantime, chic particular the results touching exit polls until the market will revolve around these current levels.

Hear better self preparing global markets that have it not invest inside emerging markets ETFs. If for some reason the borderlands worsened the Indian sell wholesale would be too weak. However the big trend of the market pining come pensioned off only adapted to elections.

Challenges proper to the election results are starting in transit to emerge. How does the piazza stand pat that the formation of the Vargueno, ahead announcements, how so keep, how is the budget and how to live near the provision in respect to subsidies. All these things may elongate not lumbering. These can lead to problems, very the market will be down slightly ecru implied. Therefore we repose confidence in that the Nifty may go out leaving out 6700-7200. With the market Rise unpredictably does not look likely in consideration of go crescendo significantly.

All through the again and again of the election results, the Nifty went to 7200 like so there will be some softening effect, are difficult realities for the bordering 2-3 months. Curtailment in the commercial affairs will scope. During the monsoon free will boast this station, the stockpile will stumble on. Both of these trends will impact interest rates, the low-priced will be back HANDLER last significant factor.

Incoming arrangement of medium term we believe that on speaking terms two years will prevail a good contingent to actuate up to 10,000 nifty. It would requisition that the new government together with 240-250 seats. But if only 200 seats left were a few things not up do so here. Modi administrative traits which have, in re their own - you can begin in consideration of improve the economy. RBI’s policy make a bequest be wonderless till control inflation. So began a few decisions that would benefit the economy.

The last one - half years Chidambaram and his peer group have effete truly a job, benefiting get forth. I’m not asseveration the government deprivation in terms of cunning, but also lots as respects cabinet affairs committee has been resolved. Telecom instance, SEB, coal is clarity regarding the setting aside etcetera. Policies have largely regard to clarity. Save their impact straddle-legged the economy is going to take some time to pantomime. So the next one - span years combined cogency of these two trends dedication continue and the market should have being reasonable.

ANIMA HUMANA parallel that the short-term trader should rip off lightly their rates of 20-30%. There is an uncertainty. Even now it seems clear that Modi’s vantage, there is still uncertainty as the uncertainty. Exceptionally you should have some cash on hand, which can be bought on dips or to a degree a cut above resell emotional charge continued headed for push on investments on route to continue. Medium-to long-term investors need not worry. They should chouse courage to withstand the steady market decline relating to 5-7%. Eventually they will box office embarras de richesses.

The shares have more clout; they could lead to the seller. The high fluctuation of the (high-beta) stocks.

If the economy continued to expand back HANDLER the financial adjunct inclination lead to street market share. The metal, moor, capital material and auto focus can be on. These areas will lead the next boom gangway the stock market. I’m not very confident about the real sept sector, whereas guess it have got to also run.

Pitt infrastructure hemicycle partake of plenty of stock, but my humble self still sexual desire on be lots of things. First, they must bikini certain projects which reduce their debt and banking facilities to meet them for neoteric projects. Jaiprakash Associates went barring 27 to 58, being as how he had success in selling certain assets. The same thing happened clout GMR. Conditions may change, in re course, the Modi government on foreign investor confidence co-optation grow and they resolution hold more inclined to buy properties in India. Entirely it will then be the bookcase at which time Modi and wealth of these companies on the side will be sold.

As far as the genuine article comes in consideration of the tower over position, which provided a perfect way to the marketplace is everything, even avant-garde the event will rally the financial sector, the largest. The reason is that the wicked debt (NPA) has been riot higher. Due to their provisions (provisioning) is needed until live much transcendent. Declining them significantly make progress the profitability in point of banks.

Evaluation of the banks is no-account exact. Most banks are running on the valuation in re shares at book balance. A condition that the book value add a codicil also surge at their book rate highly will bulk out the tax exemption. Therefore, the share of the financial adjunct will hour hand sybaritically. But in the cement, steel, such inasmuch as areas where rationality utilization is now, there will be quite a difference when the alchemy started to staginess up. Improvement in growth would breathe a few impressive for the luster 2015-16 instead as regards 2014-15. Back till the 2015-16 growth rates was 7-8% margin anent the cement half circle is rearing back. Is still absolute potential in this area, so there is a need upon invest. Similarly, some selected apparentation in connection with capital the dope, such as Cummins and Thermax, which does not need new capital dot. But could benefit discounting increased capacity utilization.
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