There is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now.

A few weeks ago, I went to San-Diego Comic-Con; my very first con ever! There, I did my very first cosplay ever as Link from my all time favorite game series The Legend of Zelda! I know it’s not the best Link costume out there (especially not the hair, omg that was totally last minute don’t even talk to me about what happened there lol), but I was SO proud of it! I didn’t care what anyone thought about my cosplay because I knew that it was my first one ever and I knew that I had put my heart and soul into it and I felt GOOD about it. When I was at Comic-Con, every day people stopped me for pictures, even when I left the convention center and walked down the street in costume. I felt so validated, and so incredibly happy; never in a million years did I think that would happen…

The crowning moment of my Comic-Con experience, though, came a few days after the con was officially over. The final picture you see above was PUT ON NINTENDO’S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE (alongside a LOT of MUCH BETTER Links among others)!!!!!! You could not FATHOM my excitement!!! But, as we all know, facebook is no Comic-Con and the people there are not so accepting.

I shared the picture so that all of my friends could see it, and most of them were extremely supportive and even awed by it. But then one person said the following: “Um…Dark Link? XD” One of my friends. Someone I knew personally. I deleted the comment and blocked him (he said a LOT of really awful, bigoted things on facebook and that was the last straw). But that got me wondering…if a friend of mine said that…what were other people saying?

I went to the Nintendo page and braced myself. The very first comment was “Dark Link D:”. This comment had 88 likes, if memory serves, more than half the likes the picture itself got (161, I believe). The comments followed: “What’s wrong with his wig? …Oh god, it’s a girl XD” “She’d do a great Nabooru” (this one wasn’t so bad, and I actually do want to cosplay Nabooru when I get a little better at making things, but it’s still relevant) “Dark Link! Seriously, though, she should’ve been Sheik.”

NONE of the comments, besides one from another friend who left a very kind and thoughtful comment and one from my super defensive mom (love her to death), had ANYTHING to do with my costume. I was being judged on my breasts and the color of my skin rather than the WEEKS of nearly constant work that I had put into putting together this costume that I had gotten so much positive feedback on and been so proud of, and I was ANGRY. Even typing this, I am, once again, shaking with rage.

So, let me just say as a personal victim of cosplay prejudice (I’m new to this, as you can see, so I’m not sure if there’s an official term for it), WHO THE FUCK DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE?! Who are THEY to tell ME what I “should” do and make fun of me for dressing up in a FUCKING COSTUME that doesn’t necessarily fit with my image?  It’s not something that I do to please ANYONE but myself! I wore THIS costume because I LOVE these games, and I LOVE this character. And I cosplayed because it looked like FUN! And you know what? IT FUCKING WAS! THAT IS WHY I DID THIS! I feel that I not only speak for myself, but for cosplayers everywhere when I say that we do not do this for anyone but ourselves, and we do this for FUN above all else. And let me tell you, it hurts like HELL when people put you down so casually after you feel like you’ve achieved something wonderful. I’ve known from a very young age (much too young) that I would have a disadvantage in life because I am a woman of color. BUT FUCKING SERIOUSLY?! Getting mad over a COSTUME?! It is a sad world when a person can’t do something as innocent as putting on a costume without being told they shouldn’t because of the way they look. God, I feel like crying… This just makes me so furious. Please, just spread this around. Cosplay prejudice/bullying is not okay. I’m a real person under that horrible wig; we ALL are. We are real people with real passions and, most importantly, real FEELINGS. And after finally getting all of this down, I feel nothing but pain and anger and tears brimming at my eyes because of what these people said about me, and I KNOW that they say much worse about larger women who cosplay as thin characters and people like me who cosplay outside of their gender/ethnic group. But WHY?! All we’re trying to do is show our love and have some fun while doing it. What kind of world are we living in when that becomes wrong because of how we look? Stop cosplay bullying, and while I’m at it, bullying of any kind, because it is not okay.

PLEASE NOTE: If you read all of that and now want to check out the album on Nintendo’s facebook page, I just looked there myself and it looks like all of the likes and comments on every picture in the album were reset; some that had hundreds of likes have like 4 now. Mine had about 161 and now has 1, but no comments. The costumes are really great, though, so go check them out and feel free to comment on their quality! I’m sure the people who made them would appreciate it very much!

UPDATE: I went and checked out the album on facebook again just now and found this comment on my picture: “A female african american Link? YAAAAAASSSSS!” THIS IS HOW YOU DO THINGS! ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, COSPLAY WHOEVER THEY WANT HOWEVER THEY WANT NO MATTER THEIR GENDER, SEXUALITY, OR RACE IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. This makes me genuinely ecstatic after the comments that were originally on my picture =]


You and Norman had been married for two years, and even though you had the occasional argument, things usually went alright. This time though, the argument had gone further than expected.

“You’re so stupid! Why the hell would I cheat on you? I can’t believe you still don’t trust me!” You shouted at him, kicking the side of the chair to make him look at you.

“You’re stupid.” He snapped, standing up. “How am I supposed to trust you? I don’t know what you’re not telling me.” He was right up in your face, so close you had to push him away. 

“I tell you everything! But fine, you don’t trust me! What’s the point?” You muttered the last part, fed up of all this shouting. 

“There ain’t one. I want a fuckin’ divorce!” Norman snapped without thinking. You glanced up at him, tears already falling from your eyes. “Y/N, I didn’t mean…”

“No, clearly you did. That’s really what you want, go ahead.” You stuttered out in between sobs, wiping tears away with your sleeve.

“That’s not what I want. I love you, I always will. I shouldn’t have said that, I was angry and stupid. I honestly wouldn’t blame you if you never wanted to see me again.” He looked like he was about to cry himself.

“I do want to see you. I love you, you just have to promise me you didn’t mean it.” You managed to stop crying long enough to look him in the eyes.

“I promise. Please don’t leave me.” Norman stared at you, his eyes clouded with tears.

“I’m not going anywhere. You’re not getting rid of me that easy.” He laughed as you wrapped your arms around him. 

“I really do love you.” He muttered, kissing your head.

“I love you too.”

[TXT; Lu] Fuck you I’m coming anyway.. ||Myou

Myou sent the last text and turned his direction around. It only took him fifteen minutes or so to walk around the city and find the said building. He looked up at the tall display of architecture, a sigh escaping him before he braced himself and walked through the glass doors. Immediately he stuck out, all black and dark compared to the various suits walking around him. 

Walking up to the front desk, the guard went a little wide eyed at the sight in front of him. “Lucia Daniels office.. She’s expecting me..” he said bluntly, tone slightly louder than his normal mumble. The guard, still in a little shock, looked at him dubiously– not sure if he really believed him. “… I’m her boyfriend and I’ve come to fuck her on her desk~” the half-demon spoke, startling the man further, a smirk on his face. 

Making the man uncomfortable worked out as he was buzzed through, looking around to find a display of where her office was. The elevator ride was short, and once he stepped out he received the same reaction as in the lobby. Heads turned, eyes widened, people whispered. He stepped out further his head turning around and scanning for signs of his girlfriend. 

help i googled a bpd term (splitting) to expain it to a friend and THIS was the first link

and its exactly a gross as you’d expect, with some super gross comments and ideas and its full of how hard it is to be with a borderline and how you must have had insecure attachments to mummy and daddy or you wouldnt be subjecting yourself to this and how broken borderlines are

and i went to look at the rest of his articles and didnt get further than

oh my god why i feel so gross is loving me really that terrible?

SHOP TIL YOU DROP [05.13.2015]

Went to walk from Euljiro3 to Myeongdong. Further walk than expected but we got to walk around and also found this cute little coffee shop and I got a mini sandwich to hold off for eating. 

Found forever 21 and we were there FOREVER. Cant try on swimsuits here so we bent the rules and tried it over our clothes! Finally found our swimsuits that would hopefully FIT! 

Got back in time for class. 

I was gonna rest for a bit but then ran into another group of girlfriends who invited me to the Louie Vutton exhibition show. Unfortunately the exhibition was closed…. :( But we spotted something cool in the River area earlier and looked to see lights being set up for the lantern festival!

Took pictures and decided to go to Itaewon for an all you can eat pizza wednesday. However, we were so hungry and wanted beer we decided to head to Noksapyeong instead and found this cool little pizza joint. Turns out it was the same one Craig recommended it to me earlier. 

I went over to White Rabbit where Chris, his friend and Craig were drinking at already and just said hi to them and we were gonna be late because we JUST ordered our pizzas. Had small talk and Chris was EVER SO exchanging polite conversations… 

Went back and ate pizza and then headed over to White Rabbit and we got our drinks. I was waiting for another group to show up that went to the Namsan tower.

Only Stephen, his gf Claire, and Elizabeth came over. We drank and talked and had fun and headed back a bit late! The owner at White Rabbit is freakin awesome!

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Another one! ▶, ❥, ◉, and ◖ for Theo and female-Theo-that-isn't-actually-female-Theo!

Femalezen is Valienne for now!

▶ Sibling(s)
Theo - “Siblings…Hm. Just one. We…Tolerate one another. I don’t see him often - He had issues regarding an injury, but…Well, he’s healed now. I don’t need to get involved. Nothing more to be said.”

Valienne - “None at all! I would have liked a younger brother or sister - Perhaps I would have turned out to be a different person. Who knows?”

❥ Crush
Theo - The elezen tilts his head, frowning slightly. “By now, it is more than a crush, I’m sure. But he is someone who went further than I had expected. He was persistent, and it won through in the end.  Not what I had planned, but…I suppose I can’t complain. His company is nice.”

Valienne - She smirks slightly, as though attempting to hold back her laughter, before bursting into a hearty chuckle. “Hah! Surely there are more important matters to deal with? Leave that chatter in the Quicksand. You’ll hear none of it from me.”

◉ Dream(s)
Theo - “My dream? …Hmh…At first, I’d assumed I just wanted to heal my brother’s wounds and…Now that I talk about it, I suppose I didn’t expect to get this far. Now? I’m working with the Blacksmith’s guild, so…I’m content with that. And with Dacien too, of course. I want to stay–” He pauses, and clears his throat. “I want things to stay as they are. I don’t want to risk losing them.”

Valienne - “Gil, knowledge, power…I want to have all three, of course. As good a place to start as any. I live for myself! It might not seem like much of a dream for some - I’ve gotten the impression that everyone wants to just settle down, start a family…That really isn’t for me.”

◖ Ideal Partner
Theo - “Someone persistent, who doesn’t take my outlook the wrong way. Not that I’m searching for that ‘ideal partner’ at this point in time. …I suppose someone optimistic would help - Someone who is a little more forwards, as well. I’m not really…I don’t take the lead.” He pauses and frowns slightly. “…What did you expect?”

Valienne - “Someone who can keep up, perhaps? And someone who won’t take the spoils.” She nods with a smirk, before raising her eyebrow. “…Oh, you mean that kind of partner? Someone who cares as little for commitment as I do, then. I’m not interested in catering to someone else’s needs.”

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Matthew Bourne’s  ‘The Car Man’

It was by some happy coincidence that I landed myself a ticket to see Matthew Bourne’s ‘The Car Man’ at the Wycombe Swan last night. In truth, I wasn’t really quite sure what to expect – I knew Bourne was a famed choreographer but my knowledge didn’t extend much further than a few references from like-minded individuals and the clip of his 1995 Swan Lake at the end of the Billy Elliott film. Poor knowledge aside, I went into the evening equipped with an open mind and a high level of anticipation.

Set in a greasy garage-diner in 1960s America and put to the renowned score of Carmen, the production promised to be a loose interpretation of Bizet’s famous opera. Bourne maintained the original themes of immorality and tragedy through a rather thrilling, erotic tale of infidelity and lawlessness, portrayed seamlessly through some flawless choreography and acting. Not a word was spoken on stage throughout, but the action could not have been more edge-of-your-seat nail-bitingly-gripping - I sat there entirely in awe with my heart racing.

The facial expressions of the dancers were utterly compelling and I spent much of my time not knowing where to look for fear of missing something.  The choreography was accompanied by an epic orchestration that rung through the auditorium and a set that seemed to seamlessly transform before my eyes. With greasy mechanics outfits and stunning 1960s dresses, the costume and set seemed to perfectly marry the contemporary setting with the opera in ways that gave a new meaning to the music.

It was a rare occasion when my expectations were completely smashed, not to mention back home by 10.30pm on a school night, all in all it was a win win! Touring all across the UK until August, I’d urge you to go and watch (or re-watch) this if you get a chance

- Steph 

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“Don’t move, I just got comfy.” bc I'm a hoe for ledward

ILY too, dipshit <3

“Don’t move, I just got comfy.”

Edward pursed his lips in attempt to stop himself from chuckling wildly as he heard the words come out of Lauren’s mouth, having never expected them. Lauren was never one to show any extensive form affection so when she did, it usually caught the young man by surprise. Despite the initial shock, Edward moved further behind on the couch, making sure there was enough room for Lauren. Once he was certain she was more comfortable than before, he kissed the top of her head, his own resting once more on the arm of the sofa. Edward’s hand went around Lauren’s waist, attention back on the television screen.  “Better? I won’t move; promise,” he muttered.


Digital Art Class Review

To preface, this class is nothing like I imagined it to be. For some reason, I expected it to be a class that would focus on art on digital platforms – more like a graphic design course.  When we went on our first fieldtrip to the New York Times building to see the digital installation of the archived excerpts of the newspaper’s content, and found out that our first assignment was “make something,” I knew it would be a very different class than I previously believed.  

As weeks went on, the class only intrigued me further and further as we delved into different topics and media I had never used before. I loved how we were prompted to discover new art around the city, both in class and out of class.  The group experiences we got to take part in like the La Monte Young Dream House in Tribeca or Jordan Seiler’s NO-AD mobile app in the subway stations were both incredible. I feel so lucky to have been able to work with so many smart, talented other artists.  I love how different we all are.  It’s very inspiring.

For someone minoring, not majoring, in art, this class reinvigorated my love for art that other art classes have not.  The course – and Jeff – pushed me to explore part of digital art I had never experienced. Even though my video and sound skills are rudimentary at best, I now have a newfound love of sound and video art, which I hope to engage in more in the future.  Especially when I got artist’s block with the final project, Jeff and the rest of the class were very supportive and helpful to my success with the project. I really surprised myself in this class; because we had helpful feedback on projects and great exposure to new artists and new techniques, I felt like this class really helped me grow as an artist.

The only suggestion I would give would be to try and incorporate even more visiting artist speakers and fieldtrips!  I know our semester got cut a bit short by holidays and snow days, but I think that it would be worth it to try and see more sights, especially when we live in “one of the greatest cities in the world” for which to experience and create art.    

Thank you to Jeff and everyone else for making Digital Art such a great experience!

Sawyer Hayes 

May 11, 2015

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"Good to know..I'm sienna by the way if you forgot or anything" *gets out of your bed to grab my clothes that lie scattered over your room which tells me things went further than I expected* "We had one hell of a night last night didn't we?" - sienna

*nods and smiles* yeah.. i had fun, but i dont know how you remember it… *bites my lip* -Zayn