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i. somebody to love - queen // ii. i’m into something good - the bird and the bee // iii. hey leonardo (she likes me for me) - blessid // iv. good girls go bad - cobra starship ft. leighton meester // v. foals - spanish sahara // vi. did i mention? - descendants // vii. strange love - halsey // viii. all of me - john legend // ix. walking on sunshine - katrina and the waves // x. beth - kiss // xi. sally’s song - the nightmare before christmas // xii. out of the woods - taylor swift // xiii. home - glee cover// xiv. just give me a reason - pink // xv. tiny dancer - elton john


Little brother Oliver (who watches all these Scooby episodes with me) needed to go shopping in preparation for an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

I went along to help him out.

In the end… I found more than just reindeer sweaters.

I found way more than I bargained for.

Name: Terrifying Wizard Clown Doll

Distinguishing features: Mysterious yellow foot stains, “I’m so hungover” expression, feeling unusually heavy like it’s filled with wet sand

Perfect gift for: A kid you don’t like

Name: Broken Dog-On-Book Lamp

Distinguishing features: Damage like it’s been through a wheat thresher, soulless black eyes, random uncovered lightbulb sticking out the side

Perfect gift for: Grandma, she’ll prolly still like it

Name: The Twin Abominations

Distinguishing features: Look like eyeless ducks made of resin with no limbs, uncomfortably-flaky sides, having no conceivable use or purpose

Perfect gift for: Someone you want to give nightmares to

Name: Bacon Wave™

Distinguishing features: Hilarious premise, extreme overpricing at $2, allegedly being featured on TV

Perfect gift for: Someone who agrees that quotation marks exist for emphasizing, and should be put on the phrase “in your microwave.”

Name: Terrifying Hand-Painted Clown Chair

Distinguishing features: Just look at it, seriously

Perfect gift for: Anyone, at any time, for any occasion

darkness-anon  asked:

ANON I AM ABOUT TO FIGHT YA!!! Prince Roman Dayton Sanders, you /are/ your own hero and you are doing so so well. But, even a hero needs a hero. Superman needed Batman's help and I will help you stand against this, I will help you fight. You are so important. You are like Harry Potter and this nightmare *waves arms around* is Voldemort in your head. Are you really going to listen to his deatheaters and let Voldemort take control? -Darkness Anon

But I’m NOT Harry Potter. And this is my reality. So no matter how much I fight, it’s going to win eventually. It’s already showing.

idealized version

the images on posters

the pixels on the screen

and digitized sound waves -

they could mean anything 

but they mean everything to me.

the flicker light down the main drag

i’ve walked down a hundred times

where i hoped i’d run into you

where i never stopped spinning.

you were up in your bedroom

maybe thinking of snow flakes

instead of me.

i tried to make a potion

that would make me forget

that would dissolve the hurt

that would make me stronger,

but it never worked.

a whole season passed.

i put up a new poster,

new pixels on my screen,

but the digitized sound waves

are a nightmare to haunt me.

( ⚵ ) —–> @atomiism

                  “——shouldn’t you be running a company by now?” James greeted with a tease the moment he got close to a familiar figure–even more so, a familiar face–that was seemingly too engrossed in whatever what it was in his laptop. Well, not really; some signs were equally, albeit hauntingly, familiar. Sigma sigma sigma laid in a row, long equations one after the other as they fill up the screens like pop up windows gone awry——yeap, wave functions. If it wasn’t already nightmare enough when he first read about it.  “Not unless you’re having a start-up business on doing someone else’s homework…” he teased on. Crimes that all nerds in college were guilty of, really————or James, at least.

The 6 Movies I Can Watch Anytime

I was tagged by @bestwishestoall, thank you!! ❤ ❤ 

1. The Black Cauldron: Despite the fact that Disney virtually copy-pasted Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain (which borrowed heavily from The Mabinogi, especially from its second branch), this is one of my favourite comfort films (and the only Disney film I like at all).

2. My Neighbor Totoro: One of the most beautifully crafted films of all time that never fails to cheer me up.

3. Marie Antoinette: A film that manages to entertain and educate you at the same time. I liked it from the very beginning (the colours! the scenery!), but I absolutely fell in love with it the moment I realised the soundtrack includes Siouxsie And The Banshees’ “Hong Kong Garden”. What a genius idea to choose New Wave/post-punk songs for a historical film!

4. A Nightmare On Elm Street: I’ve watched a lot of horror films in my life, but this remains as the most terrifying and captivating one. It’s dark and eerie, and the overall suspension keeps me on the edge of my seat every time I decide to rewatch it. Just thinking about the “I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy” scene makes my skin crawl.

5. Zugvögel… einmal nach Inari: A Kaurismäki-esque road movie / romantic comedy, in which a German truck driver named Hannes, who happens to be a train enthusiast, pursues his dream of winning the first prize at the International Timetable Contest in Inari, Finnland. Contains lots of dry German and Scandinavian humour, a badass Finnish lady who decides to finally take her life in her own hands, Fernweh-inducing scenery and a beautiful score.

6. Back To The Future: Are there even people who dislike this film?! A true classic, and… Michael J. Fox… *sighs dreamily*

Top Ten 3b Fics

1. My Aching Soul (412)

Description: Lydia has a dream within a dream but wakes up just like Stiles does in 3x13 and they make out and a bit of smut 

Rating: MA

Genre: Comfort, Smut

Author: The General

2. Lazy Lover (302)

Description: Lydia has trouble falling asleep, so Stiles gives her a hand. 

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut

Author: @bellohmyblakes​ 

3. The Waves Have Come (270)

Description: Lydia has a nightmare that Stiles dies and in the middle of the night, has to call him to make sure he’s alive. When he doesn’t pick up on the first few calls, she goes to his house only to find out Malia was there and she is the reason he had been ignoring her callsfic where isaac/scott blocks the oni sword from killing allison and lydia realizes that stiles is the one that’s going to die. (bonus points for scott and the rest of them to go looking for the two of them and find lydia with stiles’ body)

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Hurt

Author: @themightygladerss

4. Drumming Sounds (267)

Description: Lydia is led to another body and finds the killer is still there. (Based off of this gif set [x])

Rating: M

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Nogitsune!Stiles

Author: @themightygladerss

5. By His Side (244)

Description: Stiles and Lydia fall asleep next to each other cuddling.

Rating: K+

Genre: Comfort, Missing Scene

Author: The General

6. Petals (223)

Description: the sheriff has found lydia sleeping on allison’s grave a couple of times and he finally tells stiles about it and is like maybe you should ask how she’s doing or something bc I don’t think things are okay

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Comfort

Author: @themightygladerss

7. Partners (198)

Description: The nogituse is gone, Lydia and Stiles are dual in chemistry and they’re talking and she says that she is so glad that he is ok now, and she realises her feelings for him

Rating: K

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fluff

Author: cinemariel

8. An Experiment in Chemicals: Part 1 (190)

Description: Stydia AU where Stiles and Lydia get into a friends with benefits au but they eventually fall in love and everything gets complicated

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut

Author: bansheeinbraids

9. Repercussions (188)

Description: In which Lydia wasn’t there for the fight at the end and did not get to see Stiles after Dark!Stiles ran away with her. Allison broke her out from the gated door. Also Everyone Lives.

Rating: K+

Genre: Comfort, Canon Divergence

Author: emsyanne

10. A Birthday Wish (179)

Description: it’s Stiles’ birthday and Lydia bakes a mini cake for him and leaves it in his locker with a card and balloons (kind of like she did for Allison back in season 1). They aren’t together, but she does have feelings for him but is afraid to act on them because of everything that’s happened with the nogitsune which of course has left Stiles a bit emotionally unbalanced. I would prefer it if they get together in the end. Also, if you could include Meredith, like helping Lydia with the baking or whatever, it would be awesome because I really want to see those two interacting and being badass banshees together.

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: The General

         He’s been at this a while, nearly too long  ( even though in truth not quite enough. ) Running. It seems its all he knows. He’ll settle at a place for a while, find a job, make a home and then it comes again. The nightmares that are more like waves, dragging him down and down and down and under until his next gasp for breath, he’s out the door and onto the next bus out of there. This year, he’s back in America. As far away from Beacon Hills, still. And as far away from Chris as possible. He was worried Europe was still an arm’s reach too close to a guy like Chris Argent after all. This year he’s in some small town he doesn’t even think he’s ever seen on the map but there he was, a job at the local mechanic, sitting alone at the diner as he waited for someone to take his order. 



Modern Worshippers: Spirit of the North Sea [Requested by lilislovesongs]

The wind whips the waters into froth and waves, grey-green and black-blue. They brave the choppy waves in search of mermaids and glittering fish. They jump from sheer-cut cliffs down down into the awaiting chilly embrace of the Sea. Salt coats their lips like sweet sugar as they breath it down into their lungs, watching the run rise and scatter pink and white and cornflower blue through the sky and waves. Sometimes smooth as a shadowy mirror and other times the stuff of nightmares, they reflect what is shown in the Sea. They leave tokens of sun-bleached shells for the mermaids - for this IS their home territory - and wear starfish jewelry around their necks or tied to their wrists or even wrapped around their fingers.

They swim as fast as mermaids and are as giving yet temperamental as the Sea