Teen Wolf Labyrinth!AU I guess this is what it is featuring …

-Stiles as Sarah and Derek as Toby/miscellaneous child stolen by the Goblin King.

-Lydia as Hoggle, Isaac as the Worm (because scarf?), Scott (BLESS HIS SOUL) as Ludo and Erica and Boyd as the Doorknockers

Also, David Bowie as himself.


The Lockhart bar has opened at Dufferin and Dundas in Toronto, ON!

It’s a Harry Potter themed bar, the name is obviously inspired, and has many little fandom references. There are drinks called ‘The Shacklebolt’ and ‘Ludo’s Debt’ but they also have non Harry Potter themed drinks like ‘The Captain Picard’, ‘Big Bad Wolf’, and ‘Dr. Manhattan’. This place looks awesome and if it keeps up it could become the Harry Potter version of The Way Station!

And the co-owners being pretty definitely doesn’t hurt :)

anonymous asked:

Okay, I got a crazy idea. What if in the episode Page Turner (btw Am I the only person who thinks that's a reference to The Pagemaster?) Ludo gets hold of the Star's book and Bon Bon the Birthday Clown is a creature he makes to attack Star? Probably not...

Not impossible, but a bit unlikely, even more since there’s “Naysaya” between the two episodes.