Before and After Sim Tag by @soft-almond

Rules: Update your oldest sim in your personal gallery and take a before and after shot then tag some people!

I was tagged by the lovely @soft-almond​, thank you <3

I love this idea! It forced me to go all the way back through my gallery and see sims I haven’t seen in years! Sawyer Hunt isn’t my oldest sim but she’s the first one I ever saved to my gallery. I didn’t have any of the CC I used on her (freckles, skin, hairs, etc) so I just had to make do with what I had and I used the old image I made when I uploaded her on my old Tumblr. I completely forgot all of my old sims used to have giant eyes lol

I’m gonna tag: @thinksimlish, @myfireheartt, @calisimgirl, @tea-sims, @grimcookies, @grilledcheese-aspiration, @zauglom, @pancakeslovessims, @sixamsims, @simmingswimmingly, and anyone else who wants to do it!

talking to strangers online is so wild like one time i posted fanfics on deviantart and the next thing i know i’m talking to two of my readers who are from my country who are sisters who are also my neighbors who also turn out to be my cousins like lmao so wild i didn’t know i had other cousins haha

Downright Neighborly

Fandom: WWE/TNA

Pairing: Jeff Hardy/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: I return almost wholly whole from the land of concussions and I offer you this…kayfabulous indulgence! Tagging the always-beloved @toxiicpop, the ever-enthusiastic @oraclegazes, the King Captain @hardcorewwetrash  (my thanks for not keelhauling me for the IRS thing, cap!), and new tagees @karaboomhower, @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues and @superrezzy00 (not sure about these tags, work darn it!). Enjoy!

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