I remember in the beginning  of October when Yonkou has announced ‘’ the bleach news’ and where he said something about salty shippers, IH’s were hoping to get the cover of ichigo and orihime together kissing bla bla.. but since kubo never drew 2 characters on the same cover they were hoping to see Kazui instead… and then i was telling myself theres no away he’s gono use kazui, otherwise his shit won’t sell and here i was right, Kubo used the most popular pairing  in the final cover so his shit will sell.. once again kubo being a troll, I’m happy but also very mad at the same time why would he make an ending like that then using Ichiruki once again.. it’s pathetic, apparently theres more to come…

If You Want to Disregard Asexuality Because “It’s Only 1%”

You must also disregard:

Carmilla worries about her tiny human (even if she doesn’t always show it)

i’m just fucking mad because every time 5sos lose something against 5h their fans just revert to calling 5h sluts and whores because they’re salty and like if that isn’t sad, pathetic and disgraceful for teenage girls to degrade other teenage girls then idk what is i honestly hope y’all learn to love and respect yourselves and YOUR OWN GENDER really soon because right now it’s just sad

Lol yes i am back to bring more parent!phan cause i cannot help myself. I’m really glad people are liking my take on it! thanks so much for all the responses! :’) So to add to my headcanon Winnie would be more of a scaredy cat and he would grow up to love pooh true to his name lolol and Delia is a tomboy gamer idk feel free to send in your headcanons for them! haahah 

phil imo will be such a creative dad he’s gonna edit videos of him defeating monsters just so Winnie can sleep at night lolol and dan’s gonna be sappy af 

I am still not out of my parent!phan hell ugh save me 


I was doing so well but then I tripped and faceplanted into Daisuga hell again =_= …. so here are some drawings from that wizard/herb kid AU from before with them more grown up~  ٩( ᐛ )و 

Don’t even look like them anymore though… =_= 

Oh well~  ┐(´∀`)┌

ps. I know in the anime Daichi’s skin is darker than Suga’s, but I think the reverse is also super cute so…. TTvTT 

Is he trolling or is he an actual old man who doesn’t know how to switch the camera? We will never know.

I decided to try going back to the basics. clean line art, separate layers for the colours and everything. conclusion is that this is not me. i’m going back to risking everything in 2 layers.