This is my little contribution to “In a Heartbeat” short film! <3 

Its not so good sorry, I didn’t have enought time :,D Anyway go watch it if you still haven’t! It’s really cute and I love it! :3


Also I wanna said that I’m going on vocation from tomorrow so no post for a bit (just a few drawings I’ve already done and I’ll post it during the vocation) sorry >///<


⁽⁽◝(๑꒪່౪̮꒪່๑)◜⁾⁾≡ #SepticArt -  Jackaboy 


At first,i didn’t want to participate to this art event.  ヘ(゜Д、゜)ノ I didn’t think it was very polite of meh to want a shout out or whateveh ,be “recognized” for my stupid art .i don’t really care that much and i would have prefered to see other underestimated artists shine like diamonds… But i guess that was also very selfish towards this friendly initiative.I think i’m part of this community too and i want to have fun like everyone.That was the main purpose. Isn’t it?

Also, this artwork is there for thanking you Jack, but also this entire community ! I’ve been able to make a LOT of new friends and mainly these overskilled artists who works with me on S&P .i love them like a second family and i would have never been able to discover them without this community !

So thank you jack for your constant support and positivity! it means a lot to me but also to the entire S&P team too ! (´∀`)♡


More Inktober drawings this time based on Bendy and the Ink Machine! The game was super cool to me and while drawing these human versions the 3rd chapter came out. (Hence why theres alot more doodles of Alice Angel then Bendy or Boris) 

I would sometimes draw Cuphead and Bendy interacting alot since both their games are based on the 1930′s Cartoon Aesthetic and i find it funny personally. 


Im not sorry

~ H