Another Humanization added to the ones I’ve done, this time of Reuniclus!  Right off the bat, I knew I’d give her a hijab to mimic the gel around reuniclus, however her outfit was more of a challenge for me to think about. It wasn’t until I looked up hijab fashion that I found out they made wedding dresses for woman who wear them! Let me tell ya, hijab wedding dresses are so pretty.. like… I was floored. So I immediately threw away any ideas I had for her outfit and gave her the wedding dress. She was so fun to draw although the patterns on her dress legit cramped my hands XD

Who’s the lucky groom she decided to marry? You’ll see soon enough >w>
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Woo, shaky cam blurry preview of the stupid jar wolves!! #art #drawing #wolves #wolf #printmaking

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did you know that as a kid i once drew final fantasy 7 x crash bandicoot fanart?

since both are being remastered, this abomination keeps me awake at night