Because I’m hopeless shipper trash who’s in love with abutterflyobsession‘s art school AU.
It has 2 of my favourite things, strange magic and art! I was already weak! D’:

Anyway, yeah. Bog & Marianne being an adorable Not A Couple Definitely Not No Way from art school AU. In a scene that’s never been in the actual fic. Because I wanted to avoid doing this properly by hiding most things in the dark.
Crappy drabble thing under the cut~

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My warboy OC, Gash! Lancer with one eye, who needs depth for throwing spears! He is best friends with benefits with another half blind lancer, Blinky (Kromi’s character) and together they make a team of a one very bad lancer. 

Gash is stubborn and his bluntness hits you like a hammer, but atleast he is sincere, and he TRIES to help, even though it most often goes horribly wrong.

And then there is Gap (Raffe’s character, one with a teeth gap). Gash can’t stand him, but Gap has very nice butt.

(Note, I created Gash very much tongue-on-my-cheek, so please don’t take him seriously. I don’t!)