@dailyshinycutiefly, I hope you feel better soon! Nobody has a good reason to be upset with you. You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong, and don’t deserve anyone’s complaints. Just remember that everything will be okay, no matter what. Try to enjoy yourself! Have a great day!

P.s. Your art is amazing. Very high level stuff.

The “official” emblem for the Awkward Potato Club @archervale and I created. I put way too much time and effort on this

Show everyone you’re a member of the Awkward Potato Club (APC) with this honorary emblem! Wear it with pride! You’re an awkward potato and you ain’t afraid to show it!

insidethepinfilledhat  asked:

Oldseph team Edward or team Jacob

(( dhfjghfg jamie how many people even remember the Twilight Fan Wars, good lord ))