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If white people can't have cornrows/dreadlocks (Greeks had dreads since Archaic Period) then black people can't straighten their hair. Yes you should not make fun or mock someone's culture. Yes you shouldn't teach fake history about it. Basically RESPECT THE CULTURE. Its like someone telling me i can't wear a kimono cuz im not Japanese?? oh well then Japanese people can't wear "modern" clothes because white people made that. It's ridiculous. Its like people complaining someone stole their meme.

Fam it’d be different if black hairstyles were actually RESPECTED ON A BLACK PERSON

Also those weren’t dreadlocks and here’s a link why

Black people can’t wear cornrows or dreadlocks without being seen as hood or a thug, they can’t wear braids or their hair natural in the workplace because it’s unprofessional, black girls can’t wear their natural hair in school without it being “a distraction”

black people’s natural hair is just seen as ugly or not good hair in general, WHICH IS WHY MOST BLACK WOMEN STRAIGHTEN THEIR HAIR, because their natural hair is deemed not good enough, or too kinky, and white hair is “good hair”, in fact they started getting their hair permed all BECAUSE white hair was the standard in the 20th century

Also here’s another useful link.

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Dinah x Quentin

Anon also asked for Dinah x Quentin, and I’m just happy I managed to finish something 😛

  • who eats the whole food while the other is cooking: Both. Quentin is a wonderful cook and she can’t be blamed if she just happens to sneak a bite while they’re discussing their day. On the other hand, she has gotten better at cooking with time, and sometimes needs someone to taste-check the food.. he is just helping!
  • who orders pizza: Quentin, mostly, and usually when they’re feeling too lazy to cook and the couch is  too comfy and demands snuggling. Of course, sometimes kitchen mishaps also take place. And sometimes kitchen mishaps actually do take place.
  • who downloads episodes of TV shows: Neither. Quentin tries, but isn’t too familiar with the tech, and Dinah uses the computer only for research and emails and stuff. And if Dinah just happens to accidentally download a whole season of a cop show while downloading a History channel program - well, it was an accident. Quentin certainly didn’t download that medical drama. (No he doesn’t like to pretend it’s himself and Di with British accent don’t be stupid)
  • who goes shopping: Both. They try to get as much time as they can get together with their busy schedules, and shopping is one of the activities they like to do together.
  • who forgets the radio on at the car: Dinah. She likes to listen to news and music while driving, but tends to forget to turn off the radio before she turns off the engine.
  • who never notices when the car needs gas: Both, at one or the other time. Usually they pay attention to the indicators, but sometimes when they’re discussing something (or arguing, or just too busy making eyes at each other) it slips their notice. It does lead to interesting situations at times ;)
  • who wins at board games: Dinah. Not her fault Quentin sucks at Monopoly.
  • who chooses what movie they’ll watch: Both? They have very different tastes in genres, which means Di isn’t that big a fan of Titanic or Runaway Bride but loves Independence Day and Armageddon, while Quentin likes Pretty Woman. So they usually take turns in deciding which movie they’ll watch.
  • who is a morning person: Quentin. Rising Sun, gentle breeze, grumpy Di - what’s not to love about mornings? 
  • who needs extra blankets when it’s cold: Dinah. She easily gets cold and they have to keep extra blankets handy. It’s a very good reason to cuddle when chilly mornings bring a sudden drop in temperature and 2 blankets and a sheet are not enough to warm her up.
  • who makes coffee for both of them:  Either. Sometimes it’s Di who makes coffee for both of them - esp. when he is watching his favourite show or game, or on rare occasions when he is reading, and on others, Quentin makes coffee
  • who listens to music really loud:  Neither. Although, Quentin does sing very loudly (and off-key) when he is in shower.
  • who tells the other to lower the volume: Dinah. There’s only so many times you can listen a full volume off key rendition of Eye of the Tiger
  • who drags the other from the sofa to watch the fireworks: Dinah. She loves fireworks. Quentin does too, but she gets so excited that sometimes he pretends to be not interested in fireworks just so she would drag him to watch them.
  • who takes pictures of them all the time: Quentin. He has a separate folder on his phone for girls and their mother, with a sub folder full of just him and Di making silly faces at each other or Di standing on her toes to make bunny ears behind his head. His favourite one is the one they had accidentally clicked when Di had almost lost her balance while standing on her toes and he had jumped to hold her stedy.
  • who remembers birthdays: Dinah. 
  • who remembers phone numbers: Quentin. Di isn’t very good with numbers and tends to forget after saving them in her phone.
  • who holds the baby when they’re out: Quentin. Dinah has the extra diapers and bottles.
  • who changes diapers on the baby: They take turns. It was a bit difficult to figure out initially, and it took both the parents to change diapers on a tiny Laurel. Now they simply take turns, unless one of them is really tired or unable to do it.

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sorry selena but have you forgotten that simply was the first one that made dead lesbian jokes and her gross followers made a meme out of it?? her defending that gross homophobic fuck isn't surprising at all lol

maybe she’s still mad i stole her meme and got 2k+ more notes than her

Guys, this page in Instagram stole my Meme, and as you can see they cuted it where the link of my blog was, and now I’m fucking angry! 😡
Guys, What do you think I should do? Help me
(If the owner of the account founds this, I’d like to talk to you, without being mean with me because I haven’t done anything to you, and I don’t know why you did this not having my permission, at least you could give me the credit)

Every Tag Yourself Post

Sneep: Does thing, other thing, third thing (comedy rule of threes)
Snorp: Eats spaghetti, Stole fizzy lifting drinks, meme
Slorp: (While typing this I sneezed and a huge gob of snot hit my screen)
Slurp: *Protracted fart noise followed by retching sounds as the smell hits everyone else in the room*
Sloop: They’re eating her! And then they’re gonna eat me! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!