• me on a date:so what do you think of aph france
  • them:france? hes awful. hes a rapist and only cares about sex.
  • me, shoving baguettes in my purse:sorry something just came up i have to leave right now immediately
  • Me on a date:How do u feel about Zukki and Eripon?
  • Aitor:They're really untalented and ugly and should graduat--
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:Sorry I have to go home right now no wait you know what *throws breadsticks at your face*

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16 with the combination of your choice, if you're still doing the hug meme?

16: puppy piles

Damian could only stare up at her, as his face was mauled with kisses from the puppies she’d brought.

“How did you…” Damian tried, was cut off with a giggle as a puppy licked at his eye. “I never told you…!”

Cass sat next to him, wrapped an arm around his shoulder as the some of the puppies latched onto her as a new target. Damian leaned easily into her side. “Happy birthday, Damian.”

future child: how did you meet daddy?

me: well we were on a date at olive garden and he said something problematic. i started shoving all of the breadsticks into my purse, because they are frickin delicious. then your father offered to buy more. we got married.

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(Circle with a line through it I guess it what that is sorry dearest mobile)

Send me a “ø” and I’ll generate a number, your muse will receive one of the following from mine: / accepting 

((22. A hot make out session. (fuq u 2 random number generator) ))

        They were walking down an alleyway when suddenly Wraith’s eyes widened she placed a hand out in front of Tony, turning to him

        “Kiss me.” she said suddenly, not waiting for an answer as she grabbed him by the sides of his face, tugging him down slightly and pressing her lips hard against his, swallowing what she thought may have been a gasp. She stayed like that for a few moments, her arms draped around his neck, but her hands pressing firmly into his back. 

         The lights from a passing cop car passed them and dear god she hoped he understood why she had done this.

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Send Σ(O_O;) for my characters reaction to having their clothes unbuttoned/unzipped by yours.


      ||~|| He was really disgusting, in a hygiene way. The last handful of hours where just spent violently training with sword and shield. They were his own true allies, they were the few he counted on to save his life. Sweat rushed down the back his his neck, soaking his hair and giving him this far more rough look than normal. 

      He wasn’t wearing his armor, seeing as he was practicing his skills alone. So the shirt he wore - was a sleeveless tank tap, white and now soaked. The bare skin of his arms shined, and the muscles twitched with he swing with his sword. Breath came in short huffs and puffs, eventually followed by an angry war cry. Why was he so angry? That was a good question because not even El knew.

      She watched the gun show with much pleasure however. The shirt hugged his abdomen, showing off what was hidden underneath. And every time he moved, with a swing of his arms, with the flex and tightening of his muscle, she got more and more bothered. It came to the point where she couldn’t help herself anymore, and she left her secret snooping spot from behind a pillar and ran over to him on graceful feet.

      What a dangerous and bold move as she snuck up on him from behind and grabbed a hold of him, arms wrapping around his large frame. She was to small to reach all the way around, but she wanted that shirt off him badly. It was just one simple article of clothing between her and seeing this god of a man nearly nude. 

      On the other hand however, Marx let out a surprised gasp at the body on his and the hands ripping at his shirt, peeling it up over his skin, “E-El?” He looked back over his shoulder and down at her grin, her eyes held stars and her face blushed with greed, “E-E-E-El! Please!” His fluster only grew worse when he realized she must have been watching him the whole time, “W-what do you think y-your doing!?!” Was it to much to ask that she get a nice show, or was Marx to stubborn to fall to her dirty greed when not indoors.