The Devil In Details: My Chronological Summary



Lucifer is actually being quite in character, I like it

Ooops, Samifer

Family parallels between Sam and Lucifer are strong

Ooops, Destiel


Sam and Luci love each other deep down oh my god they really do 

Okay so far…

Hey Amara, leave my Cas alone

God I love Rowena

Lucifer is starting to act a bit too much like fanfiction Luci, I’m suspicious

Ooops, Destiel again


Okay Sam and Lucifer are getting emotional and sound like they’re breaking up I can’t do this





Cas? What’s up?





*endless sobbing*

rebel grrrls net intro💖

upon the amazing news of making it into the net, I am so excited! I’ve already followed all the other members so here’s a bit about me!
my name is drew, I identify as a trans male (he/him please), I’m vegetarian, and I have been yelled at in a debate class for being too political (one of my best achievements)
I sing & do digital artwork & do abstract art & do a bit of makeup. I really love instagram, and as much as I sound like an obnoxious teen, I do most of my communiticating through my spam account on instagram! my instagram is @angelboydrew and I really would love if you guys shot me a DM so I know to follow you and talk to all of your lovely selves!
if you have any questions AT ALL or just want to talk please feel free to message me here or on instagram!
thank you all & blessed be!

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I dunno, I have no doubt that there's more to Stan we still don't know about, particularly with Bill's cryptic behavior regarding him, but I think the gaps in his story in AToTS were because he wanted to keep his story more kid-friendly for the twins and that he likely didn't want to seem too much like a failure next to Ford's more successful sounding half.

The kid-friendliness is a certainty, especially after this bit of vagueness in TSC (”Grunkle Stan, what did you do?” “What didn’t I do?”).

But see, here’s my primary issue with Stan’s writing (or lack thereof) in the latter half of the season: It’s been nothing but a pity party for Stanley “Poor Me” Pines. And I know he has self-esteem issues, it’s one of the core traits he and Dipper share. But like Dipper, he’s more than proven time and again that he is self-sufficient, that he can think for himself and spent thirty years learning and accomplishing everything he could to bring Ford back – that’s he’s not just half of a twin set. And with Dipper and Mabel in his life, Stan can also see that even if he never truly gets his brother back, there are still people in his family who care about him and that he in turn can care and sacrifice for purely out of unconditional love. We know Stan knows this with one line of dialogue: (”They’re the only family I have left.”). ¾ths of this series is devoted to the developing bond between Stan and the twins. So naturally we deduce that this, second only to Dipper and Mabel’s bond, is the primary familial focus of this show – not the great uncle who showed up out of the blue in the last 9 episodes. So the question still remains: What the hell’s the deal with Stan and why have we barely seen him?

Because they’re building up to something with him. Something big.

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I'm kinda sad that the wolf link amibo only opens a trial dungeon. I also think that the amibo functions of others is cool, but I'd feel cheap using them.

Mmm, I don’t mind the trial dungeon! It actually sounds pretty awesome from what I’ve heard! (plus the bottomless wallet? Dear goddesses). I also heard that the Wolf Link amiibo does much more than that too, like unlock other warp portals and stuff (but I could be wrong).

I do agree, however, that some of the features can be a bit op; such as restoring Twi’s items/health with certain amiibos. After all, TP is not that much of a challenge in the first place. Which brings up another feature that I actually REALLY like, and it’s that the Ganonorf amiibo actually strengthens enemies! I think they’re supposed to deal DOUBLE DAMAGE. Which is fucking awesome and I hope it includes bosses as well!

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Hi Tess, how can I stop feeling bad for eating more than other people? I'm trying to gain some weight but I always feel so awful and greedy when I eat more than my sister. She will have an apple + a banana for breakfast, a bit of salad for lunch, no snacks etc while I eat like a 2.5 banana + 1 mango smoothie, have snacks etc and I know I SHOULD be eating more but it feels wrong and like I'm being a pig. Do you have any advice? Thanks so much, you're such an inspiration! xxx

ITS FOOD. F O O D….. Fuels your body why feel bad about that? Eat more because it doesn’t sound like much + your sister should be eating more too! I assume your young and growing which gives even more reason to be eating more!!!

Guilt shouldn’t come with eating food unless it’s dead animals and consuming fattening animal products.

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So my eyes are suuuuuper blue, and when the light hits them a certain way, they look almost comically fake because of how blue they are. It makes my headshots look over-photoshopped even though they're not, but I don't really know what to do. It looks pretty silly, especially because they don't always look that intense in person unless I'm in direct sunlight. Haha that sounds weird but anyway yeah super blue. I almost look like a cartoon but idk what to do about it.

I would talk to your photographer and let them know about the situation, and ask them to desaturate them a little, and to definitely not amp up the blue, because of how it will look.  Just tell them that this is something you’ve experienced in the past, and think that light and editing often enhances them too much, so if they can actually downplay the eyes a bit, it would be appreciated.  Most photographers are just used to doing the opposite, so I would personally appreciate if you told me, as the photographer, that you would like something different!  It will help them keep an eye out for it as they shoot and as they edit.

i thought of writing about you again today
just like how i always do every night
before i go to bed.
but i cant seem to think of anything.
my mind’s blank and im feeling numb.
im missing you again.
its not like ive never stop missing you
but its just that im missing you a little bit too much these few days.
it hurts.
it hurts like hell to miss someone
and you cant do anything about it.
it hurts when you miss someone so much that it makes you crave for their touch;
the comfort of their hugs, the security they give when they hold you, the gentle kisses they give, the sound of their voice that calms you down & all the other things.
feels like we’re both individual stars,
shining brightly,
far away from each other
but still there together.
do i make sense?
i know i dont.
but then again,
i love you so much
sometimes it doesn’t makes sense too.

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"You want another fresh couple of squids and an octopus? Might I suggest Tristam and his friends over at @tristamoctoling?

Do I want more fresh squids and octos? This is like asking me if I want money! Or choco! 

Of course I want some! Do you have other easy questions like this, anon?

That…that’s a fair bit of cool people, for sure! But, I will not run away from a challenge! Go big or go home!

First one’s called Xavier. That’s an interesting name, for sure, I like it. Sounds exotic to me! 

He seems like someone legit honest. Maybe a little too much. You know, it’s fine to not want to hide anything from people! I mean, I don’t think hypocrites are very fresh! Neither are liars. So, between someone who is going to hide things from me, and someone with a bit of a sour mouth, I’ll pick the latter! 

Xavier seems to be a hard-worker too, considering he got that cool job at the Booyah Base cafe. That’s something awesome! Booyah to people who go out and make themselves to society!

Style-wise, he combines both tradition and ambition, classic and fashionable! For most unsavvy people, it would end up as a mess  and yet, it works for Xavier! Exceptional!

I will say he’s absolutely fresh. No question about that.

Second one is Ryder. She seems pretty…resourceful, to be honest. 

I mean, she has her own guidelines and march to her own drum. I doubt there truly is anyone that can tell her what to do. Rebel spirit for sure. 

I may not completely approve what she does, but, I gotta respect people that can use their skills into benefiting their own kin. I mean, it would be completely hypocritical of me to tattle on someone for stealing. Especially if it’s a matter of survival, like her.

(or us)

She’s also very smart with mechanics and building, so like I said, very skillful lady! You need to be pretty determined, focused and smart to figure out how most of these things work!

Fashion-wise, it’s pretty simple : it’s a classic “Don’t go anywhere near me” outfit. It’s black, leather and exploits our primal instincts in telling us that she is dangerous. 

If you ask me, I would say that this daredevil lady is absolutely fresh. In a very, very badass way, to be exact.

Who’s next… I mean, that’s quite the list, I feel like I’m checking the Naughty and Nice lists for Squidmas!

I mean

♪ I see you when you’re shopping! ♪

♪ I know when you’re fighting! ♪

♪ I know if you’ve been stale or fresh ♪

♪ So be fresh for goodness sake! ♪

Sorry, sorry! We were talking about Sylvia, right?

She sure seems like a sweetheart. 

I mean, I know people who grew around the Heights, and a lot of more opulent people can be jerks, concerning their money, and being fairly arrogant with it, but she doesn’t come across as one of them. 

Don’t get fooled, she might be short and light, but she’s no damsel in distress. She got that mad heavy Gold Dynamo Roller and she knows how to use it!

I also heard rumors she might be a vampire squid but….these are not real, right? They’re just fiction. Myths your granny is telling you to persuade you to not come back to the Kettles too late, to not walk around in the back alleys at night, stuff like this. 

You know, I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff around here, but I’m really skeptical about these cephalopods who need to ingest ink to survive! And surely someone as caring as Sylvia couldn’t be one!

Case closed!

Style-wise, we’re talking casual comfy chic. Nothing too ostentatious or flashy, she is going with a simple style, fitting her a lot. Retro Specs are especially in this season, like most glasses sold in Booyah Base.

No surprise there, I will go and rate her as absolutely fresh! 

Lux, you know that science has proven the existence of vampire squids, right?



Well, I gotta finish the job, since I *accidentally* scared her. 

Tristam. You know, I think I heard about him before today. Crazy, right? I mean, the army’s a small world, and I am pretty sure I heard this name in…pretty much the same context as today. Someone that was pretty much exemplary.

Well, we don’t really go and talk about freshness, in Octo Valley. Especially not in the army. We gauge brains, we talk about curiosity, ingenuity, that kind of stuff. Like, if you make yourself very useful, you will be the talk in the radar rooms of the War Kettles, I can tell you this much.

And well, he’s something to be proud of, for sure. Someone who is willing to go above and beyond for SCIENCE! And, that’s admirable. I don’t think our society would have lasted if we didn’t have geniuses doing everything possible to make our lives better!

So, kudos to you, Tristam, and everyone else that has been doing that. Improving our lives with research and development. Science is something important, after all.

His dressing style is pretty standard. Sticking to historical classics, like a lot of squids still in the military, or have a close military bond. That’s pretty chill by me. You don’t have to have fancy patterns to be fresh, just acknowledging where you came from, and showing appreciation to old traditions is cool.

So, booyah to you, fresh Octoling! 

like look m8 i like unova as much as the next person and maybe a bit more. like, too much more. but i demand gamefreak retcons the everloving fuck out of my first love sinnoh first before they find some way to magically justify mega evos for the tao trio. don’t deny it we all know it’s coming. all i’m saying is: consider primal/mega arceus. mega motherfucking god.  

in conclusion: sinnoh remakes. kiss my ass.

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What you're describing does sound quite a bit like a panic attack. If it continues for much longer I think you might want to consider bringing it up the next time you see your doctor.

Do you think it’s as serious as a panic attack? I mean, it’s distracting and annoying, but I can still poker face it so…idk.

I defiantly do want to talk to a doctor about this tho, cause it’s enough to kinda mess with my day to day life. And I feel so unhealthy too….

Like, I’m feeling it right now and it suuuucks. Haha

I just…..I don’t understand why I’m anxious all the time. I don’t know how to fix it either.

I know this feeling won’t last forever tho so….yeah. I always wait it out and ignore it.

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I like this guy a lot but he told me a couple months ago that he might be a dad.. I tried to overlook it because I like him that much but my parents don't want me talking to him anymore. it hurts so much and we've still talked a little bit but he doesn't want to talk again and go behind my parents back which I respect. I feel like he's going to forget about me though. we were right for each other... it feels so right. idk what to do. I told him I still love him and he said it too but idk (pt.1)

(contd.) idk if he meant it

it sounds like there is a lot of miscommunication going on, and that can be easily remedied by a quick phone call or meeting in person. and don’t base your decision on whether he ‘might’ be a dad…he doesn’t even know. x

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Zayn was in paris with gigi but also his stylist according to a vogue article. I see fashion deal and zayn at fashion week. I'm assuming this because we didn't see zayn in paris. when he lies low, he's plotting. i hope his next track is with malay. the songs that rob lowe seemed enthusiastic about where the ones he did with malay. i think he didn't release a breakup song because it would have gotten too much negative press.

Oh snap! Get that fashion promo!

I’m looking forward to a malay track too. PT wasn’t done by malay, so I’m like, okay perhaps the next single will change things up a bit. Yeah this track blindsided me cuz the hype was all around a more rnb, chill sound. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed. : )

That could be. It seems the focus is in on Zigi and a break up song would’ve just swung the press around to Perrie which it will do anyways. But having Gigi star in MV for a break up song about his ex fiance would just be too soon and little tacky. Glad he went this route. No need for that drama.

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You're pursuing theatre in college? (I read tags, They're often more interesting than posts) What do you like to do in theatre, act, write, direct, behind the scenes stuff? I did theatre as a major so I'm always a bit curious when other people are into it.

I’m actually a film major right now but I’m going to try and change it to a film/theater double major because I spend literally all of my time in the blackbox at uni. Because I definitely don’t have a theater problem. 

But I try to do a little of everything because I really like knowing how a show comes together from every angle so this past semester I did acting, box office, house managing, and I made a trailer for one of the shows and this semester I’m assistant stage managing two shows (goodbye free time) and taking a class in theater lighting so I can run lights in a few years after the current lighting guy graduates. 

Sorry this got long, oops. 

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It sounds like you're having a rough time but you are worth something even just for being you. Things might not be going right at the moment but they won't always be like that you just need to ride it out for a bit. I love your blog and there are many others who do too and you make people happy. Please be kind to yourself, you are worth that much at least and things will get better but you need to hang on until they do. *virtual hugs* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

//Thank you, sweet anon. I am glad that I am able to make you happy. I don’t only run this blog for myself. I run it for all of you. My followers are not just a number to me. Because the more I gain means the more people I am able to make happy.//

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SPRING-ISH tour dates!

greetings from nashville-

well, i had every intention of this being a happy new year newsletter.  can it still be a happy new year newsletter if it comes in february? surely.  shirley?  i hope 2016 is treating you all well so far.  writing songs for another record has been keeping me busy.  it’s been good to spend a bit of time in one place too. however, i did miss out on the big nashville snow.  i was in florida at the time.  it would have been nice to get snowed in though, with nothing to do but cook, read, watch some netflix and keep the fire going.  come to think about it , that sounds pretty much like my normal winter routine.  not so many fires this winter though - courtesy of el nino. 

anyway……..i wanted to let you all know about some shows that we have coming up.  if you have any requests, get them in early on facebook or twitter. i am looking forward to getting back out and playing some of these new songs for you.  hope to see you all out there this year.  you’re a good gang and i sure do appreciate you coming to shows and supporting my music. see you soon!

Live and In person:

Folk Alliance:  February 17th  through 21st

i will be playing an official showcase on friday the 19th in the Shawnee Mission Ballroom from 8:00 pm to 8:30pm.  from 11:00pm to 11:30pm, that same evening i am at the Momentary Love Management Room. that same day at 1:00 (in the afternoon)  i will also be part of a workshop with Roger Nichols entitled:  Variations on a Theme - Elements of Collaboration.  it should be pretty cool.  Roger and i wrote a song together and recorded two very different versions, we have recordings of the process all the way from me singing the idea for the chorus into my phone while driving to meet roger to the finished demo recordings.  we’ll retrace our steps.  Erika Wollam-Nichols from the world famous bluebird cafe will moderate.

Feb. 26     Uptown Grill…..LaSalle, IL

Feb 27     Cafe Carpe……Fort Atkinson, WI

April 2     Kelly House Concert…..St. Louis, MO

April 3     CSPS at Legion Arts…..Cedar Rapids, IA

April 22     Gilly’s Jazz…..Dayton, OH

April 23     the G.A.R. Hall…..Pennisula, OH

April 24     The Abilene Bar and Lounge…..Rochester, NY

April 26     The Pittsburg Winery…..Pittsburgh, PA

April 27     The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center…..Old Saybrook, CT

April 28     Live at Drew’s…..Ringwood, NJ

April 29     Emelin Theatre…..Mamaroneck, NY

April 30     New Hope Winery…..New Hope, PA

May 1     Stoltz Hall @ Avalon Theatre…..Easton, MD

May 4     Cats Cradle Back Room…..Carrboro, NC

May 5     The Evening Muse…..Charlotte, NC

May 6     Palmetto Brewing Company…..Charleston, SC

May 7     Eddie’s Attic…..Decatur, GA

Oct 16     Cafe Eleven…..St. Augustine Beach, FL

Oct 17     Jaeb Theater/Straz Center…..Tampa, FL

Nov 6     Winter Wind Concert Series @ the Depot…..Norman, OK

there you have it………..for now.  there’s more in the works……texas, new mexico and more come this autumn.  thanks! x

Cinematic Vomit

Why don’t vomit scenes in movies ever look real? It’s usually a mouthful of yogurt mixed with barley, or an over-stylized firehose. We live in an age when everything is computed, calculated, the utmost effort is made in making everything realistic, yet when someone on screen is meant to convey such profound sickness that they lose their lunch, all we get is a token white wad of spit. We can do better.

I don’t know about you, but when I get sick it feels like someone has liquified the entire contents of my abdomen, quadrupled the volume, then my worst enemy projects it back up my throat at the speed of sound. Hollywood’s got that down, the overstylized aspect, so is a realistic bit of hurling too much to ask? Okay, I know, first world problems. If realistic barf on screen is the worst of your worries then things are pretty good.

The list of movies with pathetic barf scenes is long and distinguished. Here’s a small breakdown: Dope, an otherwise visceral tromp through The Bottoms, contains a topless model throwing up on our protagonist. His face is only covered in some chunky spittle.

Canoe–I mean Keanu Reeves in The Matrix: seeing the Real World should be a devastating reality check. Instead he coughs up a big ball o’ phlegm and we’re supposed to think he’s crushed.

Or how about this shot from The Hangover.

You get the idea.

So fine, if the movie people won’t do it, lets get all scientific for them.

Quantity: I don’t know if on-screen actors are supposed to eat like birds, but a Happy Meal is about a pint of food, take that as an average volume.

Velocity: A cough travels at 60 mph. A sneeze travels at from 40-100 miles per hour. Vomit’s going slower because there’s mass, not just air going through lungs, so call it 62 feet per second.

The final piece? The average esophagus is a tube an inch or two in diameter.

Are you telling me that some technicians couldn’t snake some hidden tubes around the backside of someone’s cheek, then pump a pint and a half of fake goop in a believable, realistic way, out of an inch and a half of hose at 62 feet per second?

C'mon Hollywood effects crews. I know you guys see barf at every afterparty. Rig up something and give us a realistic cinematic vomit scene.

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HI!!! It's Elle) I take it that you liked Zayn's zong? I pretty much loved it! I had zero expectations so I was pleasantly surprised by it. It sounds fresh, like britpop-ish r'n'b and it's nice to hear a singer actually sings. At the same they took a safe roote, the song's sound is tiny bit too market calculated. Anyways. I even liked the video though I'm usually indifferent to videos (flower pussy lol).. damn Gigi's hot, this girl grows on me. BUT please Zayn do learn to emote and enunciate(((

Hi, love! I agree it was a little more pop than I would’ve liked, and then I found out Syco is still involved a little, maybe? And I’m managing my expectations for whole album. But, I love Zayn’s voice, like the song and am ready to hear more. xx

PS, Gigi is GORGEOUS, I think she’s effortlessly sexy which is what I dig in women.


Random Rambling: Charge Edition

- Because I’m not 100% sure who to pick as heiress, and because I don’t want to hop straight to babymaking, I might do a ~fake college~ thing utilizing clubs, and stick the twins on a dorm-like lot with other YA sims where they’ll all skill and party. Probably for an in-game week or so. That actually sounds kinda fun, and I can figure out from there who I like the most.

- …okay, I admit, Emmy’s my favorite BUT SHE LOOKS TOO MUCH LIKE MALAKAI, and I’d have liked Eva’s genetics to last a bit longer! I’m already sad that nobody inherited her nose. :(((( Meanwhile, Britta has more of Eva’s features, BUT SHE’S NOT AS FUN AS EMMY…

- On the bright side, because they’re both marrying a member of the Reaper family, one gets to stay a Charge and the other gets to join the Reapers. So really, they’re both sticking around for one legacy or another.

- IN FACT, BEFORE THESE FAKE COLLEGE ANTICS ENSUE, I THINK I’LL PLAY THE REAPERS AND GET THEM CAUGHT UP. After all, the Charge twins are pursuing them, so may as well go ahead and age them up. heck yeah heck yeah heck yeaH

Apink’s “Pink MEMORY” & Instrumentation: 80′s nostalgia and session musicians

This post is going to focus on music production and instrumentation rather than harmony from Apink’s 2015 album “Pink MEMORY”, which is one of my favourite K-pop albums. 

A big moment in K-pop was Wonder Girls and their comeback “REBOOT”. The background for the musical concept and marketing was pretty clear; nostalgia, the 80′s, older synth sounds and the members got to do a lot more songwriting and instrumental performance. In my opinion, the albums flows well with a lot of decent songs but its production stands out far too much to a point if it feeling a bit gimmicky. It emulated closely to the 80′s-like production and it’s clear there’s this sort of throwback feeling.

I’d argue that Apink’s album does the same thing musically although it isn’t very obvious. If you’re not familiar with Apink’s music previous to this album, some of their biggest hits include “My My”, “NoNoNo”, and “LUV”. What characterizes a lot of their major singles is a strong hip-hop influenced beat with a diverse acoustic instrumental backing of harmonies usually consisting of strings, clean guitars, piano. The sound is very common in K-pop girl groups and there are other artists or groups that have this sound, one big example being IU with her single “좋은 날”. But, as I said, what really screams the name Apink to me is this old-school styled hip-hop beat with a use of repetitions. This is probably most apparent with the three singles I mentioned above (links to music videos on YouTube are included), “LUV” using a sample from “South Bronx” by Boogie Down Productions (which was also sampled by Jennifer Lopez in her single “Jenny from the Block”). The three songs use a straight 4 quarter-note beat that leads into a chorus. “Good Morning Baby” also uses a break beat common in early hip-hop tracks in the 90′s with the addition of scratching (which is now pretty rare in modern hip-hop/rap in the U.S.). That’s the foundation of what I typically think of when I hear Apink’s music. Their somewhat of a trademark sound is still apparent in their latest album, especially in “Remember” which uses the 4 quarter-note lead in beat with old-school sounding samples and this nice little “break” beat (get it, it’s a break beat but it’s a nice break in-between chorus and verse……….k). But they use a lot more of these older sounding samples, older sounding synths and a lot of the tracks give this 80′s feel while having it feel trendy. Also, a huge shift from their previous songs is incorporating a more organic feel using a lot more acoustic instruments, the biggest example being using an acoustic drum set in a lot of the songs rather than an electronically produced drum track.

To use Wham! as my biggest side-by-side comparison, “Perfume” has a similar feel to “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”, “끌려” has a feel similar to “Credit Card Baby”, “Deja Vu” to “Last Christmas”, and “신기하죠” to “Like a Baby” (”Careless Whisper” also works but it’s in a minor key which might throw people off). And those Wham! songs go across a lot of the famous trends in the 80′s from up-beat funk rip-offs, the early New Wave/post-punk straight chords and synths heard in “Last Christmas”, this slow groove in “Credit Card Baby” or even Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon”, and of course the cheesy soprano sax and fretless bass smooth-jazz ballads. And like I said in the beginning of this post, harmonically, Apink still stands out from Western pop songs. Their ballad “신기하죠” could be played on the piano and anyone familiar enough with harmonic differences in East Asian pop music could point it out as an East Asian song. But replace the actual vocals on the original track with a soprano sax and instrumentation-wise, it sounds like a smooth jazz song from the 80′s. 

Of course, this kind of listening requires a bit more practice compared to listening to Wonder Girls’ “REBOOT”. But underneath, the instrumentals are without a doubt inspired by 80′s pop music in the West. And since this entire post is about the instrumentation, apart from these stylistic or aesthetic input, the session musicians, whoever they are on this album, are fantastic. I cannot stress this enough. The amount of auxiliary percussion, the guitar work, the panning between different percussion sounds from shakers to congas, the acoustic drumset backed up by electronic drum sounds, and of course the bass! The bass player for A Cube Entertainment, whoever they are, they are amazing. They drive the songs forward and make them all bounce. Like, to me at least, “What A Boy Wants” sounds funkier than SHINee’s “Married to the Music” even though the latter should be funkier (well, it pretty much feels like an Uptown Funk rip-off so it should feel funky). The other ballad on Pink MEMORY, “새끼손가락”, the bass sliding up and down before new sections plus the slap-bass staccatos…it really makes a difference. Regardless of what comparisons I make with other companies or music studios, this was a surprise to me even for Apink. I have always known they had a great bass player since “Mr. Chu” (On Stage version) came out (also listen to Apink’s “천사가 아냐” for amazing bass performance in a K-pop track), but the instrumental work was a huge leap forward on Pink MEMORY. And speculating these sorts of thing is pointless but from the sounds of it, listening to this album over and over, the music coming together like this, it sounds like a group…it sounds like the musicians were having fun.