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Are you moving to la cause you wanna be close to your soon to be gf? Is that really the relationship between you 2 or are you guys joking?

Well, first thing’s first.

If Byrd and I end up dating, they won’t be my “gf” by the simple fact that Byrd’s genderqueer. We don’t really have a word for it, because “partner” sounded a bit too much like a legal term for me. We’re currently making up phrases I’d use to refer to them if we do date and personally I like the idea of saying 

“This is Byrd, my Dragonheart” because Byrd is magical and probably surrounded by hellfire.

And just for clarification, my plan has been to go to LA for almost 2 years now. I think it’s important that everyone moves out of their hometown for a bit while they’re young, and my hometown happens to be New York City. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere else and LA seems like the right place for me, and it just so happens that the point in my life where it seems like this is actually possible is also the point in my life where I started to get to know someone who’s wonderful, thoughtful, kind, funny, intelligent, gorgeous and somehow manages to sync up with basically every ideology I have about life in a similar way.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I’m not going to speak for them because I’m not them. I have at least one, possibly 2 opportunities to travel down to LA in the near future for different events and I’m going to meet and spend time with them.

Who knows? Maybe in person, it’ll turn out we absolutely can’t stand each other (knock on wood.) Maybe something will fall through with my plan to move there (knock on wood.) Maybe one of us will meet someone else (knock on wood.) I can’t know for sure.

What I know right now is I like them right now and they like me right now. I look forward to and get lit up by every little interaction we have. I stay up way too late on Skype because the sound of their voice soothes me and the way they express ideas fucking amazes me.

Maybe things will work out, maybe they won’t, but I like this.

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Skookum (and other Skookums/samoyeds on your blog) are one of the reasons I love Tumblr so much. It's really a pleasure to follow your blog, not only is every picture adorable, but your captions are great too! This may sound a bit weird, but thanks for existing, and for what you do!

Thank you so much for this great message! It doesn’t sound weird at all, it is very nice and I really appreciate it :) 

It’s fun because I try to make it seem like Skookum is thinking funny things, or like he’s annoyed when he’s giving his side eye (when really I snapped 15 photos in a row and made a funny sound until he looked in a certain direction!) So even though Skookum is the star, there’s a little finesse on my end too ;) It’s really thoughtful of you to say this :)

haha like here I was trying to make it look like he doesn’t approve of all my knitting and quilting books, so I had him sit there then I stopped petting him for just long enough for him to look annoyed :D

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you know where u do that thing where u jump in the audience to annoy spine how does that not literally murder your voice like dang just listening to u do that makes my throat hurt lol

I think it’s just doing it enough to kind of learn how to yell without tearing up your voice too much. Back in the day I belted out a lot of my songs and didn’t have very good control over my voice. I was dumb to do that, and probably instilled some bad habits. These days I’ve learned a little how to back off a bit, and besides making things sound better, it also helps to preserve the voice for 2 hours of singin’.

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As you give great advice, I wondered if you could maybe help me. I’m feeling very lonely. People think I’m very shy and humble when they first meet me, but when I get to know someone quite well I open up to fast and trust them to easily. I tell them everything and most of the time I sound a bit stupid. This bothers me a lot because people make fun of me after an amount of time. I don’t have much friends anymore and i don’t know what to do, can you maybe help me? I’m feeling lost

Hi, sweetie. It sounds like we have similar personalities. :) I am also shy and it takes time for me to get to know someone. I too can sometimes jump into telling too much too soon. I think I’ve learned though over the years how to be a judge of character and so for the most part I am not quick to tell those I do not feel are trustworthy things close to my heart. However, there is nothing wrong with being open with people. If there are things private that you don’t want a lot of people to know, then you must make the decision to keep those things to yourself until you know the person you wish to tell will respect your what you have to say. It’s a matter of choosing good friends who will like you the way you are. I can guarantee there are people just like you out there who are also seeking a good friend. Try not to worry so much what people think. Just be yourself and I think you will in time make true friends. 

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[[I might sound slightly crazy, but I do miss again Lisa Ortiz as the lovely Amy Rose, my top favourite Sonic character. Ortiz herself still is, at least in my opinion, the real and ultimate Amy, since she always has been a true master in that role. :( And this is way I always love with all my heart the pink hedgie!]]

I absolutely agree. Lisa Ortiz was the best Amy in my opinion too. Cindy Robinson has moments where she sounds a bit like the old Amy which I love (particularly the line “I was wondering how long it would take for you guys to miss me” from Fortress of Squalitude. That line stuck out to me so much and I am just like SEE YOU CAN DO IT!) and I wish she would harness that more often. I much prefer that than the Minnie Mouse voice she resorts to. 

The rest of the cast is flawless, I just wish …Robinson would try something different when voicing Amy.

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thank you kristen aka overdyoses for taggging me! when I saw I was tagged in this I was like “NOOO not another tag I have to speak in” haha but answering the questions was fun ^^ I was recently ill and suffering from a cough so my voice sounds a bit rough / eww (I’m so sorry) (also, you may have to wear earphones because the volume is really low for some reason)

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here I am, back with more annoying linguistics questions. I was just wondering if you could briefly explain the "intrusive r" in British English, and if it is at all possible to incorporate such a phenomenon into creating one's own language, and how you might go about that? if thats not... too much to ask

okay! so, i haven’t actually studied this in my classes (we’re doing rather more general stuff at the moment) but i’ve done a bit of googling and it’s actually a super fascinating phenomenon! i’ll do my best to explain - and talking about using stuff like this in your own languages, which is a little complicated.

to understand the concept, you have to understand two things called underlying forms and surface forms. underlying forms are the version of a word you have stored in your head, and the surface form is the one that comes out of your mouth after the phonological rules (stuff that affects how you pronounce things) in your brain have had at it. like, a little kid might know that puzzle is pronounced “puzzle”, but they’re going to pronounce is “puddle” because the rules in their brain are telling them to.

another example: say “fan”. pause. say “club”. now say “fan club”. if you listen closely, what you actually probably said was “fang club” - you can test by saying “fan club” and “fang club” as naturally as you can and see if you can hear any difference between them. you don’t do this because you think “fan” and “fang” are the same word. you do it because by shifting the “n” further back into your throat, and turning it into an “ng”, your tongue and mouth are in the correct position to make the “k” sound that begins “club”. now you’re aware of it, though, you can force yourself to say “fan club” instead, but it takes concious effort. so “fan club” is the underlying representation, because you know that’s correct, but “fang club” is the surface form because that’s what naturally comes out when you open your mouth.

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so, I didn’t land softly enough while pushing to do high jumps last thursday, and my upper back is suffering because of it. :( gonna try to get an in-office massage this week, which should help immensely, but ultimately it means I’ll have to be modifying most moves involving jumping until the soreness goes away.

the good news is it doesn’t sound like an injury, just a bit of a strain on my back. it shouldn’t hurt my progress too much - I just want to make sure I’m in tip top shape to conquer the first week of month 2, which is now less than two weeks away. :)

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I was thinking about taking a weightlifting class just so I could tone up a bit. But my boyfriend said "he likes me squishy" and won't be attracted to me anymore if I get too buff...I don't want to get too buff either, just a bit more toned and maybe squats for my butt! I like working out cause it makes me feel good. But now I'm just afraid to work out cause he thinks it'll change my body for the worse and I don't wanna be ugly either (???) I struggle with body issues so much tbh

no offense but yr boyfriend sounds shitty and you should dump him if he’s trying to police your body and guilt you into not doing something that would make you happy, idk. its your body not his and if working out will make you happy then do it

do you ever have that moment where you’re on a date or whatever and just getting to know someone and they start asking a bit *too* much about you and you’re like “oh nooo, dear, you’ve not unlocked that dialogue option yet” [requires higher trust level]

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I'm starting my own ask blog do you have any suggestions

((Oh man I gotta warn ya I’m kinda bad at suggestions for ask blogs, since this is my first one too ; v ; But I’ll give it my best shot and give you some suggestions based on what I have experienced so far.

1. As Nike once said “Just do it”. Like I know that sounds a bit cliche but serious just go and start your blog and never look back. Like don’t spend too much time thinking about starting it, just do it!

2. Don’t be afraid to interact with others! I know I’m kinda of bad at this, since I’m a nervous shy nerd, but a lot of people in this community are super nice and super chill. And sometimes we just need a little push.

3. Its understandable if you need a break from stuff at times. Life happens and things might happen that are out of your control. If you need a break its alright! The most important thing is your health!

4. Make the blog for yourself and fun for you to do.

And thats all I can think of now! I hope that helps you dear and good luck! ))

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my stepdad constantly calls stuff "gay" if he doesn't like it or thinks it's stupid, and it drives me insane to the point where i snap at him. i mean, my stepsister, HIS DAUGHTER, is a lesbian.... and next time he says it i want to bring that up but idk if he even knows or how he would react and no matter what i do or say he won't stop using "gay" as a derogatory term and insult... ugh i hate people i want to be a cat.

Awh he sounds like a bit of a poostain. 😒 that would annoy me too! Try not to let it annoy you too much! Just calming tell him you don’t like it or ask his daughter to talk to him about it too! x


Day 1: I have been watching these non-stop since last night. Really got me into the mood to do some DIYs ;n; (That and soo much laughing and procrastination, kekeke~) 

(EDIT): ugu sorry. I’m so so happy and excited. I didn’t think this collab was going to come out so soon! (I kinda expected it to come months later..haha..) But I’m super, super impressed by LilyPichu’s part! I kinda doubted you’d be able to pull it off, but while you did sound like you were struggling a bit to keep it so low ;n; (I figured it must’ve been really hard for you too) it’s still super super amazing. This whole thing was amazing ! Uguasdjk aaaah. Probably going to be listening to this while I do my essay >u<


apural: the thingy had a link but it’s basically for the next hundred days, you post a picture of something that made/makes you happy that day :3

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heartbenderkorra replied to your post: nailsbyzai…

I’ve been writing since 2004 and the quest to get better is what keeps me going. I’m a bit too competitive for my own good. I want to be the best writer with every fandom I get into. I’m not even close, but every fic I get a little better.

Man, I don’t even know what a ‘best writer’ would look like. And this fandom has so many damn good ones. I just want to write cool shit that I like and other people do too. That sounds trite, maybe, but it’s true. (That said, I do obsess over my Ao3 stats a little too much)

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Dean: chimes, times, busta rhymes. I mean folk.

What sounds are your favorite?

-frowns.- “God, I don’t know, but your badgering sure ain’t one of them.” -purses his lips and sighs.- “Look, I hear too much as is. I like quiet more than anything…laughter is okay even when it’s from idiots. The sound of a harp. Coffee brewing. Fire crackling…that enough for you?” 

When do you normally awaken?

“Depends on when I have to go work, but it’s usually to someone being stupid and thinking way too fucking loud.” 

Who is the most fantastical being u have known?

-looks at the anon pointedly.- “Considering where I’m sitting now, I’d suppose that to be a bit of a loaded question. Fantasy of the normal type has pretty much gone out the window. Now if you’re just talking in terms of the bizarre…well, I guess I never expected anyone to stick around me this long. Specially, a handsome idiot with enough money to drown the Island if he had the fancy for it–or god forbid, anyone actually asked him to. We’d be doomed if anyone made him think it charity is all I’m saying.” 

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lately I feel pressured with school, i'm trying to continue on in college but my grades have gotten so bad because of the rough patch i've been feeling and I feel like just stopping. I feel like my hard work has gone down the drain. I want to turn it around but I feel like Its too late. I just dont know how to move on from this >.<

Firstly, it’s never too late. You don’t have to give up. I know that sounds a bit cliched and you probably don’t believe me but it’s never too late.

Rough patches can have a significant effect on our grades and it’s hard when we’re used to achieving much higher than we’re doing now. It can exacerbate the rough patch and the frustration that we feel in our heads. Do you have any support? Reaching out right now sounds like it might be a good idea, even if you speak to teachers about getting extensions on assignments or some extra tutorials so you can keep up with the work. There is also the option of taking a year out to work on feeling better and coming back at a later basis - I know that’s something I considered during college and it might have made a difference. I don’t know. It is there, as an option.

Your hard work hasn’t gone down the drain. It’s still there, you did it, it’s just that there are things other than work going on for you right now. That doesn’t mean that the work is wasted, it just means you can’t function as well as you’d like yourself to at this current time. That’s not a failure, that’s how it is for you, and it’s possible that, within this rough patch and how you feel with that, you’re feeling very overwhelmed with everything else that’s going on for you. Work is an expression of that as that’s one of the important things in your life right now. We can’t perform as well if we can’t concentrate.

If it helps, break the work down. Maybe set a schedule for yourself with nights off that are spent taking time for you, watching a movie or reading a book or something. I know I’ve had to do that in order to get through third year. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I never did in school and I think that was of detriment to me. In fact, I have only just begun asking for help and people are willing to help you, as long as you’re willing to put the work in and it sounds as though you are. Reach out to friends if they’re around you, maybe organise something with them to get a break from what’s going on inside your head. Take it step by step rather than thinking about the whole, about everything. I know it’s easily done, thinking about everything, but no one can do everything.

Take care and feel free to message again if you’d like to talk further.

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im 15 now and im like 99% sure i have bpd but im not sure if my childhood was traumatic?? like i was bullied as a kid a bit cos i was the only south asian kid pretty much in an all white school and ppl were rly mean to me and i never rly had many friends till i was like 9 or 10 but is that even trauma?? heaps of poc kids are bullied for this stuff like ive been diagnosed with depression and anxiety but im not sure if what im talking abt is trauma or im just too sensitive

It definitely sounds traumatic, and just because many people experience it does not make it any less traumatic. Even if you don’t feel this experience has traumatized you, you do not need to experience trauma in order to have BPD. BPD is and can be caused by a number of circumstances. While trauma and abuse are common in BPD patients, you do not have to experience either in order to have the disorder. You’re definitely not being too sensitive though. Just because loads of other POC kids experience what you’re experiencing does not lessen the pain of what happened to you. x



This past thursday, I met the married man I mentioned in my last post. The fucker offered me 1k a month for 2 meets, I almost LOLed in his face. He gave me a nice perfume as a gift though but it was surely not enough.

Friday morning, I met this mega wealthy man from Switzerland. He was smelling cash a bit too much and I found it to be intoxicating. He told me he was looking for a personal assistant / sugar baby. The offer sounded very interesting and he encouraged me to send him my CV as soon as possible. I will probably do.

Saturday afternoon, I finally met a POT I was talking to for almost two weeks now. He was just perfect: handsome,  young, smart, funny and of course loaded. We talked for 4 hours, walked around West London. I felt like it was a normal date as we didn’t discuss money AT ALL. I really liked him and I am pretty sure he’s ready to spoil me and give me an allowance without me asking him, because he said “ I really want to take care of you, let’s meet again when I get back from my business trip”.  WE WILL SEE. 

Tomorrow (tuesday) evening, I am meeting this POT I’ve also been talking to for a while. He’s young-ish, successful and seems nice. We even talked on the phone. He said he liked me already and wants me to be his exclusive SB. We didn’t really discuss about money but I am going to ask him to put the cards on the table tomorrow. I’m tired of going to dates with guys who are not serious about this whole thing. BECAUSE I AM. 

In a week, I am meeting a POT from Paris. We talked on the phone for an hour. He’s very strict about what he wants and is willing to give an allowance of 6k a month + gifts if I wear his favourite pairs of Louboutin and his favourite lingerie when we meet. We discussed sex and apparently he has problems getting hard because of his prostate issues… I told him I was ok with that - which is true, because I’d rather have a platonic relationship. I just hope he won’t end up being SALT.

Also, I need to make a post and name a few guys from SA who asked me for a test drive - meaning SEX before giving me any allowance and even start an arrangement. Those guys should be avoid.