an: hi friends! I decided to do a fluffy mini ficlet week to combat the angst of the show. Here’s day one! <3 (tagging @swans-and-pirates, my fluff soulmate)

“You’re going to burn it!” Emma laughs.

“Burn it? Whatever are you on about?”

She sides up next to Killian, who stands at the stove with his sleeves rolled up, laughing lines creasing his eyes and dimples in his cheeks. 

Emma turns the dial down on the stove heat and giggles, settling her hands on Killian’s arm while she studies the pan of cooking sauce.

“Just… keep it at a normal level.” Emma says.

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Tyler: Three reasons why you should come to our show. First one: Josh Dun is gonna be there. Second: Josh Dun’s arms are gonna be there. And third: his kindness. So Josh, three times. I have nothing to do with the show, I’m just… I’m just a singer. [x]

V: I’m gonna post this to the group chat! 

Guess who both suck at taking selfies now


Magnus: 1st Even fan, 1st Evak stan *