Why the signs are hot

Note: Check your moon or ascendant sign too! I want to do a more in-depth version of this when I am not so sleepy.

Aries: Your aura is electric, your laugh is contagious, your eyes are as bright as stars. 

Taurus: Your laugh is like music, your smiles are soft and intoxicating, your hair always catches the light.

Gemini: Your quick wit is to die for, your eyes sparkle with irresistible mischief, your grins are heart-melting. 

Cancer: Your expressions are alluring, your lips are soft and sweet, your eyes are gentle but intense.

Leo: Your eyes are sultry, your smile is blinding, you are radiant; you seem to wordlessly command me to look at you.

Virgo: Your calculating gaze is endearing, your eyes are alight, you are subtly intriguing.

Libra: You draw me to you like a moth to light, your gaze is so genuine, your lips are soft and beautiful.

Scorpio: Your eyes are intensely magnetic, your humor is brilliant, you are effortlessly alluring.

Sagittarius: You have a fire in your eyes, your voice is confident and alluring, your warmth draws me to you.

Capricorn: Your eyes are magnetic, your gaze is sharp, your intelligent reservedness draws me in.

Aquarius: Your excitement is contagious, your laugh is low and endearing, you make my heart race.

Pisces: Your compassion is refreshing, your eyes are wide and soulful, your smiles are warm and charismatic. 

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