Sam doesn’t mention it when all of Cas’s small belongings end up somehow in Dean’s room

Doesn’t mention his toothbrush sitting there with Dean’s

Doesn’t mention their stolen glances and smiles and blushes.

Doesn’t mention their deep stares as they talk, as if each of them can see into their souls through the eyes.

Doesn’t mention the first time Dean leans in for a kiss as Cas’s about to leave for some food, suddenly remembering Sam, coughing and ruffling Cas’s hair with a “Drive save, And DON’T YOU SCRATCH MY BABY.”

Doesn’t mention Cas dragging Dean off after long hunts and not being seen again for far too long.

Doesn’t mention Dean and Cas often emerging from rooms after a little while, clothes distraught, hair mussed, and faces happy.

Doesn’t mention how close they sit.

Or how longing those looks really are.

Or the way they talk about each other like they’re the world

And they finally have it.

Because Sam knows.


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• NAME - Karoline
• ANIMAL - Kangaroo
• GIRLS NAME - Kelly
• COLOR - Kiwi green
• MOVIE - Kung fu panda
• SOMETHING YOU WEAR - Kissable lips (??? iDK)
• DRINK - Kamikaze
• FOOD - Kimchi (it’S KOREAN FOOD)
• PLACE - Kairo 

So my mom is sitting right next to me whilst going through her whatsapp contacts and she stumbles upon me. She opens my profile picture which is a picture of Jooheon wearing a flower crown and she goes
“Oh wow. Look at this asian guy wearing a flower crown.”
So I glance at the picture and smile and I reply,
“Yeah that’s Jooehon.”
An my mom goes
“He’s so pretty.”
And I smirk and I’m like, “I know right?”
But she hasn’t looked away and is smiling. “Wow, I can’t stop staring at him.” Cue the dramatic dreamy sigh as she stares at him longingly.
“If only I was half my age again.”

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Carter sipped gently at his coffee. They had found a small cafe across the street called 'Annies' and had gone on for a bit. A fire blazed in a furnace, and they watched the rain storm down from inside. "You were right. I've lied to you a lot." Carter didn't meet Joes eyes. "It-" Joe smiled at him. "You don't need to tell me." "What?" "I'm not gunna force it out of you. And you obviously don't want to if its not positively mandatory, so don't worry about it. I can trust you. Besides,"

Pt.2 “we have more important things to worry about right now.”

“Right,” Carter breathed out. “Dad’s trying to convince them to let us take Pops home, since Dad’s a doctor. I don’t think they’re going to though.” The storm had started shortly after they entered the cafe, and Carter scowled at it. It stood between him and the hospital. Joseph’s warm hands covered Carter’s cold ones.
“Did they say it was life threatening?”


10 years ago i swore i fell in love with this nigga…

Trust, i did not see it coming.

Off the bat i didn’t like dude. I didn’t even know what “vibes” were or how to read them back then so i told myself i can’t just be mean to him without a reason yet.

My invalid reason: His head was humongous and he looked like he was hiding adult sized fists on each cheek. He didn’t smile, and he wasn’t polite when my mom spoke to him. I wanted to beat him up.
Like my mom raised me *whooped my ass* on how to address adults properly and here this ingrate was, acting a fool and having my moms smiling like shit was cute.

His mom and my mom were friends so he was always around the house whenever his mom was over and it was cool cus my mom never let us bring friends home from school… because we “see them enough in school” but anyway

i just wanna run into her in town or something, not because i’ll talk to her or even say hi but because i just need to know she’s okay and happy and i haven’t seen her smile in 5 weeks… i don’t care if she doesn’t even look at me, or i have to walk past her awkwardly trying not to go bright red but i do care about her, i really care.

Please don’t get too close
Please stay miles away
keep your laugh
and that smile that you have
for some other girl now
Keep it and pretend that it doesn’t affect me

As if hearing your laugh
leaves me untouched
doesn’t make me sick

As if seeing your smile isn’t
tears to my eyes,
a knot in my throat,
and my chest turning into a fireplace

I’m always so afraid
That if you come close like you used to

you’ll hear my heart beating

out of my fucking chest

And know that it’s still all for you

—  my heart’s always been a dead giveaway

I’ve already talked about Jared at Minncon, but now i wanted to talk about something I noticed about Jensen (I’ll still make my Minncon post when my trip is over).

So, Sunday morning after gold panel it was time for Jensen’s op as usual. I noticed that he wasn’t too talkative and wasn’t smiling much. He was just taking the pictures and keeping it to himself. Maybe he was tired from all the bochee or he was upset about the shit that went down at the hotel earlier, i don’t know. But he wasn’t interacting much. So I went, took my pic with him and left. Right after, it was time for the J2 op. And when I entered the room again, I found another Jensen.

This Jensen, only half an hour later, was smiling, talking to fans, making jokes. It was like he was a different person. And there’s only one possible thing responsible for that: Jared.

I always knew that Jensen changes when Jared is around, it’s like he feels safe with him there, but now I could see it firsthand. It’s like a switch is flipped when Jared is with him, he lightens up and there’s a different shine in his eyes. It was the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen.

I cemented that theory during autos, he was by himself and not interacting much with anyone again (unlike Jared) and now I know for sure Jensen is really shy and feels much more comfortable when Jared is around. HEY CREATION how about you put those two together at the table for autos please? It would be the best.

Anyways just wanted to share this, how I got to see first hand how close these two people are and how jared helps jensen come out of his shell. I can’t love those two more if I tried.

Vocaloid Buyguide #1 Recommended Shops (Updated)

A revised version of my original buyguide since many of the original shops I talked about have either closed, or have changes shipping policies. Also, this guide has more shops listed for more choices.

These shops sell authentic merchandise and no bootlegs. Bolded shops are websites that I’ve personally bought from before and can give a much more detailed description with articles that I’ve written before. If you have any questions regarding bolded shops, I will be able to answer them through the askbox.

Key: PDC (Pre-paid debit card accepted, Ex. Pre-paid VISA, Mastercard, etc.), PP (PayPal), PDC + PP (Prepaid debit card accepted but only with usage of PayPal as payment due to currency conversion or Ebay sellers preferring PP)

Stores that offer Pre-Orders / New Merchandise (Japan)

CDJapan- Good for pre-ordering CD’s, they have a points reward system however shipping can get expensive since it’s based on weight. Exit Tunes CD pre-orders come with additional bonuses exclusive to Neowing such as posters not available in other online shops. PDC + PP

Tokyo Otaku Mode- Good for finding some Japan exclusive merch, also offers figures and misc items for pre-order or for immediate purchase. Shipping can get expensive unless you purchase $100 worth of stuff, or wait for a shipping promotion. Due to changes in shipping policy, it is more pricey to shop here unless there is a sale going on. Offers plenty of discounts,specials, and coupons. They take requests to stock items not available in their store. *Note, posts with an [x], are a link to sign up for new customers to receive $5 in credit. PDC or PP

Amazon JP- Good for buying Japan exclusive artbooks, CDs, and other small stuff like keychains and bulk buying in general. Shipping charges are based on box size (volume instead of weight, hence buying artbooks here is way cheaper than other places such as CDJapan) However, the items are shipped via DHL so they arrive quicker than EMS. PDC only

AmiAmi: The cheapest place (sometimes) to buy figures, also has a very small points system (1% of total purchase). Cancellations are not accepted very well, so be sure to pre-order only if you are willing to purchase the item you want. They offer pre-owned goods as well. 

Hobby Link Japan: More lenient in cancellations, must cancel before the invoice is sent. Only carries COSPA goods if it’s the first run, otherwise re-runs of T-shirts and Totebags must be bought at AmiAmi or HobbySearch. Also offeres pre-orders of figures and popular merchandise.

HobbySearch: Slightly higher points system (3% on total purchase not including shipping, 1% for books). Carries COSPA reprints and GIFT plushies.

US Based Shops

Animate USA: (different from Animate JP) CLOSED; A select number of Kinokunyia shops carry some Animate USA merchandise, however selection is limited. For those interested in Animate exclusive merchandise or Movic brand merchandise, your only choice is Kinokunyia bookstores in the US. 

Barnes and Noble: Good for translated artbooks by publisher UDON. Selection is limited based on retail store location. Online prices are closer to MSRP, so it’s more pricey compared to RightStuf. PDC

BigBadToyStore: Pre-orders come in a few months later than original Japanese release dates. Really good for bulk buying with the Pile of Loot feature that allows you to save up all your orders into one big shipping box. Shipping rates are very cheap. PDC

EKnightMedia: Offers various figures for pre-order from Good Smile Company and free shipping on any order over $35. Pre-orders come in a few months later than original Japanese release dates. Also offers a few goods from GE Entertainment.

Hot Topic: Sells some USA exclusive merch such as shirts and scarves. Ship to store works fine though it can take up to a week. Online and in-store pricing can differ greatly depending on promotions. PDC or PP

RightStuf: Good for translated artbooks (aka the books brought over by Udon), and they also carry Dark Horse Comics (the company who translated Mikumix along with other planned novels). They also offer figures for pre-order but the release date in several months later than the original Japanese release. Prices are average but they occasionally hold sales. Free shipping on orders over $50 in the U.S. PDC

WeLoveFine: Sells exclusive T-shirts, clothing, and a very Mikutastic hat! They sometimes offer discount codes via their twitter account as well. Very cheap shipping, starting at $4 for one shirt, and they tend to run promotions during holidays. PDC


Cospa: Brand label that manufactures Vocaloid shirts, keychains, and other misc goods. Requires a proxy to purchase since they do not ship to customers overseas. Forwarding service is possible, but it depends on whether they accept foreign credit cards. AmiAmi, HobbySearch and Hobby Link Japan are authorized Cospa distributors. TOM carries a very limited selection of COSPA goods; for pre-orders go with AmiAmi or HobbySearch since they list reprints of t-shirts,keychains, etc.

Good Smile Company- The manufacturer or distributor of 95% of Vocaloid figures. This company owns the nendoroid and figma brands and often offers pre-orders of figures from other companies. Pre-orders from their online shop include a flat 2,000 yen EMS shipping charge, and some products include a pre-order bonus not available to other retailers. Prices are based on MSRP. PDC + PP


Karen-T: Purchase digital versions of Vocaloid albums and singles here and support the artist directly. The albums are available on iTunes and Amazon MP3. Simply copy and paste the title into the iTunes or Amazon MP3 search engine, and payment will be collected in USD. Ex. Karen-T listing and Amazon MP3 listing. PDC

Alice-Books: Offers a limited selection of doujin CDs and other small stuff such as can badges. Ships from Japan so shipping costs can get a bit high.

3rd Party / Used Shops

Ebay: You need a Paypal account since most sellers only accept PayPal, see this writeup on how to make one. Sometimes there’s good deals, but watch out for bootlegs. Read the description, “Chinese version = bootleg”. Ask seller for pictures of tags or seals to prove the item is authentic. PDC + PP, 

Otaku Republic: Pricey shop that offers out of print vocaloid artbooks, cds, and doujinshi. Very good customer service, and all items come with free shipping. They take requests to stock items you’re looking for. PDC + PP

MandarakeOnline shop that offers used goods such as figures and other misc items. Reasonable prices, stock is not guaranteed (if someone buys the item in store but you ordered the item online, there’s no guarantee that your order will be fulfilled) PDC + PP

Suruga-ya: Free shipping on orders over 1,500 yen, sells a lot of merchandise. Requires a forwarding service at minimum, first time buyers are recommended to use a proxy.

Yahoo Auctions: It’s basically the Japanese ebay. Requires a proxy to purchase from, some sellers do not like proxies so your order might be cancelled in some rare cases.

If there are any shops I missed please let me know! I’ll be writing up more guides in the future.

[pounds fists up and down on a table] LET TOUKO FUKAWA BE HAPPY, LET TOUKO FUKAWA BE HAPPY, LET TOUKO

we don’t talk anymore | jimin

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warning: swearing

genre: angst

word count: 1.6k

we don’t talk anymore, like we used to do

The end of the relationship was inevitable, you saw it coming as soon as he started coming home later with a dead look behind his eyes. He didn’t smile at you like he once did, he didn’t laugh at your jokes like he once did, he didn’t look at you like you were the only person in the world like he once did.

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(part 2) | (part 3) | (part 4) | (part 5)

summary: you want her, you need her, and I’ll never be her.
warnings: swearing
word count: 1111

There are millions upon millions of nerves in your body, and Bucky Barnes knows exactly how to get onto every single one. He’s gruff, always responding with grunts or annoyed huffs, and never once in the time he’s been here has he smiled at you.

You don’t like him. You really don’t. Or at least, you don’t want to. You shouldn’t. He’s still recovering, and that makes him dangerous. Plus, he’s made it clear that he doesn’t like you. When he’s not busy annoying you, he stays as far away as he can. If you smile at him, he glares in return. If you save his fucking life (a common occurrence given your company), somehow you’re the one at fault. All in all, he’s an asshole during the day.

It’s at night when he drops the act. At 3 a.m., when he’s screaming and thrashing in the room across from yours and you can hear the unguarded pain in his voice and you’re rushing into his room with a gun in your hands – that’s when you can see a part of him that Steve always talks about: the stupid but unbelievably caring jerk that’s always had the Captain’s back. You can tell, from the sheen of sweat on his face and the rapid rise and fall of his chest just how scared he is, and just how goddamn broken he is.

So you sit beside him, watching his white-knuckled grip on the sheets slowly loosen. He sees you, and then his eyes are cast down in shame of being seen in such a vulnerable state. You reach out with your own hand and rest it gently on his shoulder, where the metal meets skin. He flinches, and you almost pull back, but then he relaxes. His breathing calms down until the rise and fall of his chest is steady. He looks at you once again, and then his eyes flutter shut.

It becomes a bit of a rhythm from then on. During the day, it’s all glares and eye-rolls and annoyed grunts between the two of you, but at night Bucky’s crawling under your covers while you’re half asleep or you’re rushing out of bed to go wake him up from another nightmare.

The first time you feel something towards him, it’s in the middle of another stupid argument. He’s finished all your favourite cereal and hasn’t even bother to restock it, and you’re yelling at him at 7 a.m. because now there’s no more fucking cereal and what are you going to eat for breakfast and–

He starts laughing. Like full on, face red from laughing so hard. And you’re angry, because he’s completely ignoring the situation at hand.

(But his laugh is also the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard, and god, you realize you could hear it for the rest of your life and never get bored).

“You’re angry because,” he has to pause, because he’s still laughing. “Because I finished the cereal?”

It’s not that funny. You don’t get why he’s still laughing about it because goddamn yes, you’re angry. So you poke a finger to his chest, “I swear to god Barnes, if you finish my cereal next time–“

Your gaze falls from his eyes to his lips, and you only just take in how close you are to him. He arches an eyebrow, looking down at you, and you can feel his breath on your face. You take a step back, then another, and then you’re pushing your way past him and out the front door.

Bucky doesn’t come to your room that night, and with an uncomfortable pang you realize that you miss his presence.

Three weeks later it’s movie night, and everyone’s piled into the living room with blankets and pillows. Bucky’s there too, stuck sharing the two-seater with you because all the other seats had been taken up, and you can tell he’s not happy about it. His omnipresent scowl is deeper today, and his body is pressed up against his end, leaning as far away from you as he can. He’s back to his usual self – no more laughs since the cereal incident.

(And shit, you’d give anything to hear him laugh again.)

“Can you move over?” It’s low and quiet and you almost don’t hear him over the sound of everybody else talking. You roll your eyes, and pull your feet up on the sofa so that you’re sprawled out and taking up even more space than before. You give Bucky a sickeningly sweet smile, and he huffs in response.

“Why isn’t the movie starting?” Clint asks. Natasha smacks him on the back of the head, then–

“We’re waiting for Bucky’s girlfriend”

Your heart stops, and for a moment you think maybe you’ve heard Steve wrong. Bucky has a girlfriend? The jerk has a girlfriend? Surely it can’t be true. But everyone is looking at Bucky, some in surprise and others with a knowing smirk on their face and suddenly you feel like you’re going to puke and you don’t know if it’s because you’re shocked or jealous.

(Actually, you know exactly why, but you couldn’t dare admit it to yourself).

The doorbell rings and Bucky’s stumbling over his feet and his face is lit up with an expression you’ve never seen on him before. He opens the door and he’s fucking smiling, there’s even a pink blush on his cheek and holy shit, you want him to look at you like that.

He invites her in: a girl with long dark hair and the prettiest eyes and fuck, she’s gorgeous. She’s smiling so bright and so genuinely and the two of them sit down on the ground in front of the sofa, right in front of you, and the movie starts but all you can see is the two of them sitting so close and Bucky letting someone other than you touch his metal arm and fuck, fuck, fuck, you have to leave.

You rush to the nearest bathroom and you can’t breathe and everything is a blur of emotions and oh my god. You throw up.

That night, Bucky’s screams echo through hall but when you get up to wake him up, somebody’s already there, with her hand on Bucky’s shoulder the way you’ve always calmed him down and a smile on her face the way you’ve always smiled at him at 3 a.m. Except this time he’s smiling back and then he leans forward and kisses her.

That night, you go to bed alone and staring up at the ceiling you realize that he wants her, he needs her, but god, you’ll never be her.