Gallows humor is something my family excels at. Given the choice between crying or making a joke, we go for the latter.

I like to think I’m pretty witty, but my grandmother is a tough crowd. She hasn’t even cracked a smile! ‘Course, she hasn’t woken up in three days.

I honestly can’t fathom why some people don’t see how good the Duchess of Cambridge is for the Royal Family. Look at today’s engagement: she visited a mental health charity, attended a meeting about it and had multiple impromptu fun moments with the children involved. She is radiant and spontaneous and the Royal Family is lucky to have her on board.

“Because I love you god damn it!”

Request: Number 37 with Finn when he’s being overprotective

Prompt: #37 “Because I love you god damn it!”

Ch: Finn Shelby

Finn’s eyes darted at Tommy, slight anger behind his baby features. Tommy was chatting you up, making you smile and laugh as he was foresaken to drink alone. Finn was wonderstruck about what could be so funny. You knew the Shelbys for what was 18 years, your whole life. Finn was who you were most close too, the other boys looked over you as if you were a lost sister of some kind.

“Aye Finn, what’s with the silk?” John laughs, mentioning him over, Finn just shakes his head. taking another sip of his beer. “Finn.” You smile, spinning to face him. “Why aren’t you joining us?”

“Don’t feel like dealing with my brothers.” Simple answer that was flatly given to you. You frown, hand pressing to his cheek. “You’re angry.”

Finn shakes his head, face softening due to the touch, the touch he longs for only many lonely lights. “I’m fine love.” His voice is soft, his hand covering yours on his cheek. “Just don’t think you should be involved with all this stuff.”

You smile, knowing he’s worried about you. “Finn I will be fine.” He grumbles, turning back to face the bar. You let a giggle fall, taking his hand, tugging him to the floor. “Dance with me.” 

Finn smirked, intertwining your hands together. “I couldn’t have a better dance partner.” Truth is he hated dancing, but loved seeing that smile on your face. Loved his arms being wrapped around you.

“Absolute fucking not.” Finn crushed the cigarette on the wooden table. You rolled your eyes. “Good think it’s not your choice.”

In a fit of rage, he slammed the chair in, his fist hitting the brick wall, blood splattered against the wall, and his knuckles, blood dripping as he stormed out of the house.

“Finn!” You cry, trying to catch up to him, but he was just to fast. “Finn please, I can’t breath!” Finn stopped right in his tracks, fist clenched, scarlet blood dipping.

“Finn why do you care so much?” You mumble,stepping closer to him, but stop about five feet away from him.

“Because I love you god damn it!” Finn’s hands reached your cheek, pulling you close. His lips met passionately with yours, the kiss heated, his tongue softly caressing yours. Blood now covered your cheeks, Finn pulled back, sighing, he takes his sleeve wiping, and chuckling to himself. 

You press your lips against his, Finn letting out a small celebration moan. “I love you Finn, always have.”

Soo here we go! This is for @bloody-bee-tea! :) I really hope you like i ( i changed a few things from the orginal timeline and all that :D)

When Tony first meets T‘Challa he doesn’t know that this would change his whole life. Of course he met other important people before. And lets be honest here. He hates it.

As a kid he always had to smile and let the people swoon over him. His dad loved it to impress the people with his genius child. When he got older, that didn’t changed. He still smiles at those people. It’s a fake smile, but hey you can’t get everything alright?

But he won’t touch them. He doesn’t like it if they try to hand him things and he hates to shake their hands. He just can’t okay?

“Why are you always so distant with peolpe?” Clint asked him once, when they were laying on the couch together. Tony shrugged. How do you say that you don’t like other rich people?

How do you say that, when you behave like those arrogant people, too?

So when Tony looks at his shedule and sees that he has a meeting with the king of wakanda he sighs. Another day, another king. The only good thing about that, is that T’challa isn’t going to meet him alone. No the other avengers will be there, too.

A few hours later, Tony enters the room and sees that for the first time in forever he isn’t late. The other Avengers are already sitting in the chairs, but he can’t see the king.

“You are actually on time.” Bruce says and he smiles so that Tony knows he isn’t trying to be mean.

“Of course iam Brucie bear. But i don’t have much time. Pepper just told me she needs a new update on her stark phone and…” Tony rambles, while he takes his seat right next to Natasha.

“And you don’t want to be here at all.” Finishes Natasha his sentences and he nods. She’s right. He doesn’t want to be here. He doesn’t want to smile, when he isn’t feeling like it. He doesn’t want to shake hands with just another person, he isn’t going to like.

“Tony… we talked about this. I mean what is the worst thing that could happen?” Steve says now and Tony shrugs. He don’t want to talk about this. About all the times those people would laugh at his crooked teeth when he was little. Or when he called his father ‘daddy’ one time and this lady told him he should finally grow up. He shudders.

“Ladies and Gentleman. The King of Wakanda.” A person enters the room and bows. Tony rolls his eyes. And people tell him he is a bit much.

“Good morning.” A new voice says and now Tony looks up. That voice is actually really warm and deep and…

“Good morning!” Tony actually squeaks back and he hates himself for it. Oh god. Before he can think about it, everybody turns to him. Tony gulps and looks at his lap.

Normally he wouldn’t greet any other people and ignore them to the point, that they would ignore him, too. So of course everybody is a bit stunned about his reaction.

But he can’t help himself. Because wow. And now the king even smiles at him!

“My name is T’challa and i would appreciate it, if you would call me that. And i really would like to thank you, for receiving me. I’m honored.” T’challa looks at every single person as he says it and Tony stares back. He can’t takes his eyes of him.

The next hour is spend with a lot of talking about the avengers future. T’Challa was send by his father to help them finding the winter soldier. Steve is glad about the offer and has a few things he wants to talk about.

Natasha and Clint have a few strategies with them, that they talked through with Coulson before the meeting. Even Bruce has a couple of ideas.

Tony has nothing.

He only listens to T’Challa and smiles when the men looks at him. Or he tries to smile, but it is a bit shaky.

“Alright. I think it’s time for a break. Fury already told us that you would stay here for a few days. So maybe someone can show you around the tower?” Steve says now and Tony already stands up.

“I can do it!” He says loudly. A bit too loud, by the looks of his friends.

“Well thank you, Mister…” T’challa starts and Tony tries not to choke. He doesn’t know his name? Everbodys knows his name! It’s the first time since…ever that someone doesn’t know is name!

“Stark. Anthony Edward Stark. B-but you…can call me Tony…or anything you want really.” Tony stammers now and he can hear Clints snort. Followed by a yelp, when Natasha kicks him under the table.

T’Challa just smiles and nods.

“Oh well, then why don’t we start just now? I have a few lovely guestrooms.” Tony says and he clears his throat because when did his voice got so low.

“His second name is Edward? I didn’t know that!” Whispers Clint just as Tony walks out of the door and T’Challa follows him. One second later there is another yelp. Natasha is in top form today.

“This is one of our best rooms. It has everything you need. Even a little bathroom on your own and a kitchen. I hope you like it.” Says Tony a while later, when they enter the guestroom.

“It’s wonderful, Anthony.” T’challa answers as he looks around. Anthony. God nobody called him that, since those galas he went to, when he was a kid. But this time it actually feels good.

“Thank you.” Whispers Tony back, because he doesn’t trust his voice. T’Challa is just so stunning and he can’t remember the last time, he liked someone, he just met.

“You are really nice for a king.” Tony says then and claps his hands over his mouth. Why did he said that outloud? He is crazy.

“What do you mean?” T’Challa asks and he stretches a bit to get a cup out of one of those cupboards. Tony can see a bit skin where normally his jeans and shirt met. Oh god.

“I… uh just.. you know. Met a few rich people. Didn’t like them…” Tony answers and then looks anywhere in the room. Just not at T’Challa, who chuckles and fixes himself a glass of water.

“But you like me?”

Tony is sure that he is blushing. He is blushing. The world is ending. He can’t even remember the feeling of a blush. But his cheeks are all warm and he is so embarrassed.

T’Challa is still watching him and this smile, it kills Tony. But he can’t say anything. His mouth is to dry. His brain is offline.

“Tony? Ah here are you. I need your help, because Thor just destroyed the TV Remote again and i’m not sure who is killing who first. Clint Thor or Natasha Clint.” Steve says, as he sees Tony still standing half in the guestroom, half on the corridor.

“Uh? Yeah sure.”

“Thank you for showing me the room, Anthony. I will see you later.” T’Challe says now. Tony blinks once and then nearly chokes again, when T’Challa winks at him. He just nods at T’Challa and then waves at him. WAVES. Like i child or….or a lovesick teenager. But before he can embarrass himself anymore he turns and runs out of the guestroom.

Steve shrugs and then follows him towards the living room, where they sit so often on movie nights. Tony is there first and nearly throws himself at the remote. He needs to think about something, that is not T’Challa and his beautiful face and… nope. Not going there.

“Why are you so red?” Clint asks now and Tony just huffs.

“Yeah Anthony, why are you so red?” Steve laughs when he says it and Tony throws a pillow at him. Stupid super solider and his stupid good hearing.

“Don’t call me that! You know that i hate that!” Tony says and opens the backside of the remote. It’s always the same with Thor.

“Yeah you say that all the time. But the king from Wakanda can call you that?” Steve asks and this time he actually smirks. That should not be allowed! Captain America has to be all sunshine and puppies.

“That’s uh…different.” He says and hopes that this conversation is over. Sadly Bruce isn’t here to help him.

“Different, how so?” Natasha asks and she looks up from the knife, she’s cleaning. Tony can see there is still something red on the blade. He shudders.

“You always wanted me to be nice to guests and this is me doing just that. Why is that wrong, too?” Tony asks and mentally gives himself a pat on the shoulder. That’s why he is a genius. He always has some excuses.

“No no no. I think you like him.” Natasha answers and Tony can feel the heat in his cheeks again. Why!

“Am not.” He says and even he can hear that he lies. Fuck.

“Tony come on. We never see you this flattered. It’s cute.” Steve winks at him and Tony grumbles.

“Alright, so what if i like him, huh?!” He asks and the rooms falls silent. Everybody just goes back to the stuff they were doing before. Natasha cleans her knife. Steve opens his book again. Clint snuggles closer to Natasha.

“I would say, that i like you, too.”

Tony counts to ten before he turns and yes. There is T’Challa standing in the doorframe. And he smiles so sweet that Tony can’t help himself smiling shyly back.


And if months later the next rich guests arrives at the tower and Tony treats them like dirt. Well nobody even twitches. And Tony doesn’t care. He still doesn’t like most of those people.

And that doesn’t matter because he has his own king now. And he would also love him if he wasn’t one.


Well that…got a bit longer than i thought. Hope you like it anyway! :)

I was practicing drawing, and I attempted to draw how I see Gabriella Dragneel. …I tried


@peaceful-waldeinsamkeit She looks so pretty, but her front hair is more like Zeref’s hair. 

And she’s always smiling. It doesn’t matter what happened to her, she always smiles.

I won’t discard this hairstyle for her. Maybe it’s useful in the future.

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Your art is wonderful and so are you. Seeing the stuff you post makes me smile... but am still too nervous to interact with you T.T

You just did, sweet bean! Indirectly, sure, but everything starts from somewhere~! I’m nothing to be scared or shy about, I assure you I’m a much worse socialite than 99.9999% of all of y'all sweet folk visiting my blog omg……

Thank you for the message, anon!! Please have a wonderful day/night~!

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.
Looking back, I can’t remember the truth. I blew everything out of proportion so I could feel the hurt and betrayal and write about it in vivid detail. It was my own method of torture. My own undoing; and I enjoyed every second of it.
—  c.j.n.