;will you believe in me ( mr. wednesday )

;do you believe in me now ( mr. wednesday )

;a little more faith than that ( mr. wednesday )

which of the above should be my official mr. wednesday tag?

anonymous asked:

Ekkreth the Ninja Chef isn't so cracky. Say he wants to get some thinking done where nobody would look for him. Who would look for him in a kitchen? Emperor Chancellor Born to Privilege Palpatine probably never set foot in a kitchen in his life, and any Imperial who isn't too proud to go there probably doesn't think of Vader as flesh and blood. He seems to have trouble sitting still, and since he's in a kitchen, he might as well cook, and now he has all this food, and WASTE FOOD?!

Anon this is a magical image, and may I just say that “Emperor Chancellor Born to Privilege Palpatine” is probably the best thing I’ve heard all month, if not all year.

I hope Anakin calls him that while grumbling angrily to himself in Amatakka over a brewing pot of tzai.

I hope he uses it as one of his passcodes.

I hope “B2P” becomes standard Alliance shorthand for the Emperor, and only a very few people know why.

Fanfic Buddy System

I think we should have a reader buddy thing. I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where we pick a fic, we read the description, take deep breath, and stare vacantly ahead while we murmur, “I cannot do this alone….”

Because some fics just have way too many damn feels! And for those I think we should have partners. Kinda like a game of truth or dare! Except everyone has to pick dare and the dare is always to read the same fic that the other person is reading….

Good right?

Now who wants to hold my hand? >_>

I think we should make an official tag for this and it can be used for any fandom. That way you can browse the tag, see what other people are reading, and volunteer to read it too so you can have someone to cry with.

Hmm how about…

#hold me

And the way you find a certain fandom is to add your ship to the end of it. Looking for Drarry? Search :

#hold me drarry

Looking for wolfstar? Search :

#hold me wolfstar

#hold me romione #hold me merthur #hold me stucky #hold me johnlock

You get the picture. This is either a great or terrible idea.

(Also I now apologize to the random people who use the tag hold me for anything normal oops)

A Court of Wine and Deals
  • Alis: Don't make deals.
  • Alis: Don't trust anyone, not even Tamlin.
  • Alis: Don't drink the wine.
  • Feyre: *makes deal*
  • Feyre: *trusts Tamlin*
  • Feyre: *drinks wine*
  • Feyre: *drinks wine*
  • Feyre: *drinks wine*
  • Feyre: *drinks wine*
  • Feyre: *drinks wine*
  • Alis: ...
  • Alis: Why am I even talking?

castiel is just such a good character you guys you GUYS

he’s anywhere from 2000 years old to 60 million years old, the world’s burnt up more than once in that time, and he was an obedient soldier, a good son for his entire life and then he spends the equivalent of years pulling one man out of hell and everything

everything he’s ever thought his entire life, is shifted

heaven is his home and then suddenly he’s on earth, watching over the sarcastic grumpy shit who’s supposed to be their righteous man and his brother who’s supposed to end the world and over time he begins to so heavily doubt everything

his entire universe is set off axis by these two fucked up boys who believe so much in freedom

and after an ass-whooping or three he tries to play the good son again but he can’t and he turns on his family for those boys and helps them stop the end of the world

thousands, maybe millions of years, and because of two humans whose lives are as short as the blink of an eye to him he changes everything he knows and tears up a story that’s been written for a lifetime

he readily dies for them time and again

and then of course the road to hell is paved with good intentions

and you know what goddamn, he’s allowed to fuck up and kick off another end to the world in the process of trying to stop it because hell if that isn’t exactly what sam did at the end of season four - hurt his family (dean in sam’s case, sam in cas’s case) and got jacked up on the wrong sort of juice (demon blood, purgatory souls) and screwed up entirely (lucifer, leviathan)

it just shows how far he’s come how human he’s gotten for all his age and power

cas is so far from the really weird starey soldier guy who was kind of an ass at the season four

come season seven he’s fallen and died and he’s sacrificing himself for the winchesters again