So now here is how Option C plays out. This answer, I have to say, caught me off guard with how funny and sexy it got. I just giggled and chuckled as they went back and forth. Even though this answer doesn’t improve the relationship, I think it’s the most fun response.

I really got a kick out of MC commenting on his white t shirt….that just killed me! I love that someone decided to notice how Zig is only wearing a plain white shirt and leaving us all swooning and slayed. LOL. And then, he turns the tables of the joke on MC to the point that she thinks she’s offended him! I was proud of her for hanging with his teasing until it got there…I just knew she would start to panic. Because she doesn’t want to objectify him…as if that’s even possible for her to do. I am loving all of this!!!

You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.


she had the world // panic! at the disco

Look at this!  LOOK AT THE DOG TAGS AND THE ARMY SHIRT!  Omg, I’m dying.  @spaceliondad has killed me dead, but in the best possible of ways.  Thank you for this gorgeous work to go with Celestial Navigation.  Look at my happy boys!  This is absolutely beautiful and really captures how they end up in the fic so well.  Very much appreciated.  

*posted with permission of the artist