Oh, a thing I’ve been meaning to post about though

What the actual fuck is up with Merrill’s Eluvian?


Look at this thing, it’s fucking huge. I know it’s small compared to the eluvian she took it from, but that is one big fucking mirror

And what’s more is, aside from the giant crack up the middle, it looks to all be one piece of glass?

If she had the ability to seamlessly knit the glass back together, I’d have expected her to fix the crack

So my question is -

How the actual fuck did she get this thing to Kirkwall? Hell, how did she even get it across the sea? We know the clan took a boat (and lost all their halla in the process), you’re expecting me to believe that the whole time Merrill was just lugging this bigass thing behind her, without the cooperation of the Keeper or anyone else in the clan?

And don’t tell me it was blood magic; she didn’t learn that until she was already at Sundermount.