Baby Girl (Jungkook/Reader)

Prompt: May I request a Jungkook smut in which you are bf and he has always seen you just as a kid because you’re younger than him. He doesn’t mind being shirtless around you or you hearing him talk about the last night’s girl with a friend. To the point of you getting so frustrated about him not treating you as a woman and plainly thinking of you as his cute and innocent girl friend that one day you start dry humping him saying something along the lines: do I still look that innocent to you (oppa)? thx

Genre: Smut, Slight Angst, Slight Humor, College!Au, Best Friends!Au

Words: 3.5K+

Author: Admin Nan

Summary: It was a boiling summer day you realized your attraction for the cute, older boy next door. 

Tags: Swearing, Dry humping, Thigh riding, Sub!Kook, Oppa, Park Jimin - Reader Discretion is advised.

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He Doesn’t Deserve You

Summary: You move into your new apartment and have an awkward run in with your neighbor, making a very interesting first impression.

Warnings: angst, sexual tension (minor), smut, Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader

A/N: I have so many drabbles to write but I needed a break and I thought this up. I was going to make this into a series but I didn’t wanna start another one so I just wrote it as a long fic (hence why it’s a little jumpy / fast paced). If you guys like this I can write a short series similar to this story (with some changes). Just let me know.

You looked around your new apartment, it was fully decorated with your things and it filled you with utter joy. You sighed as you sat on your bed, popping open a bottle of wine to let it breathe, waiting for your friends to show up. A knock on your door sent you flying towards it.

“Courtney! Michelle!” You swung the door open with a proud grin on your face. “How do you like the place?” 

“It’s so cute!” Michelle shrieked as she brushed passed you, taking in her surroundings. 

“Hmmm, not enough Star Wars decor.” Courtney followed Michelle, chuckling as she passed the hanging pictures of you guys from college.

“Raegan couldn’t make it?” You cocked an eyebrow, worried for your newly engaged friend. “She too busy with Noah?”

“Technically, she’s planning the wedding and driving him nuts.” Michelle giggled and poured herself a glass of wine. “Now, let’s get this pizza eating, wine drinking, and Netflix bingeing started!” 

Four episodes into the first season of Grey’s Anatomy and the three of you were blabbering, laughing, drunk idiots. You were shouting at the tv, telling the characters that they were doing regretful, silly things. You were voted the door answerer when a loud banging echoed in your apartment. 

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I’m a Man (Jungkook/Reader)

Prompt: I wanted to make a request where a member of bts meets someone who used to babysit him and he shows that babysitter what a man he’s become. lol I don’t really care which member and thank you!

Genre: Fluff / Suggestive Content

Words: 1.8k+

Author: Admin Nan

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BTS react to you calling them sexy

A/N: Writing this gave me multiple heart problems, ESPECIALLY LOOKING FOR THE GIFS, MY GOSH. Hope this isn’t too much for you guys to handle! And please feel free to send in requests :)

WARNING: kinky!bangtan gifs oops


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Jungkook’s reaction would depend on how far in a relationship you are with him, if you guys are still relatively new to each other he would probably turn to a shy blushing mess as he awkwardly thanked you.

However, if you two were comfortable enough, Jungcock and his super cocky side would quickly take over as he continues to challenge your burst of confidence. Biting his lip, lowering his voice and trying to turn you on as much as he could just to tease you back.

 “You like sexy, don’t you?”


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At first he’d give you a giggle and a simple ‘thank you’ but if he were feeling a bit more playful, he’d continue to tease you with doing sexual movements like biting his lip or poking his sinful tongue between his lips.

“Thanks for the boost of confidence”


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Jimin is most likely going to do that shy-sexy low giggle that he usually does as he tries to find out what you’re up to, he’d be extremely turned on by this though and will no doubt continue to tease you through more sexy gazes and movements, wanting more of your attention. 

“What are you up to?” 


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sexy beast. He’d be so turned on by this and give you a playful wink or smirk with the occasional lip bites and then probably say some sort of kinky shit that’ll prove to you his sex appeal.

“Are you trying to start something, baby?


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Hoseok’s reaction would depend on his mood. If you guys were in public where many people could easily hear your conversation, he would probably just laugh your comment off with a simple “Thanks

But when you guys were in a more secluded area, he would give you a little smirk as he threateningly moved closer and closer to you before leaning in and whispering something kinky. Hoseok probably has a praising kink

“Care to tell me more?”


Originally posted by jinjks

He’d probably be confused as to what made you say something like that out of the blue, but then would be interested and start asking you all types of questions, asking you what you thought was sexy about him and then just shrug and continue whatever he was doing. He’d remember to put his knowledge to use for the next time though…

“You’re into that stuff huh?”


Originally posted by kths

Jin probably won’t take your comment seriously and would just give you a playful smile along with a wink before charming you with his own way of saying thank you.

“Of course i am”

                                                    - bangtan angels -

No Scars To Your Beautiful (Negan x Plus Size Fem!Reader)

Requested by @mcrmy-for-life-2013 : could you do one where he saves a girl and she becomes one of his wives but she’s extremely self conscious about how she looks because she’s curvy and has tattoos and scars. And all he wants to do is prove to her that he thinks she’s beautiful. And she admits that she’s never had anyone actually make love to her and not just fuck her until they finished. And he shows her how a woman should be treated and she becomes his favorite. Can it be really smutty and fluffy?

A/N: I hope I did your request justice and that you’ll enjoy it. It’s my first time writing with a plus size reader, so I hope I don’t disappoint.

Warnings: Smut, Angst & Fluff, Self-Doubt, Body Confidence, Body Image, Caring & Loving Negan, Explicit Language, Swearing.

For most of your life you’ve been asking yourself the same question.

Who was this monster staring back at you in the mirror?

The various scars from the car accident you’d been in as a teenager was spread across your skin, and you’d been trying to cover them up with tattoos ever since. But one thing you couldn’t cover up how much you even tried was the curves on your body. Other girls had always said how much they envied your curves but you knew it had to be a lie. When all that stared back at you in the mirror was a lump of flesh and fat. When every guy you’d ever been with said you needed to lose weight. And you had tried. Both for them but mostly for yourself. Maybe you could finally be happy if you saw what you wanted to see in the mirror?

A perfect and flawless woman. But despite all of your efforts, the weight was still there. The curves were still there to taunt you every day.

But all of that was in the past. Now, in this post-apocalyptic world, there was no time to worry about the way one looked. And you hadn’t really. Until you met him. When Negan saved you from being eaten by a herd of biters.

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Hot and Heavy

Welp, I woke up from a weird dream this morning after oversleeping and now I’m snuggled down on my couch and working, but I wanted to take a moment to write something because regardless of all these damn spoilers and upset nonsense and theories floating around, I still very much love Captain Swan and they are for sure my OTP.

So…because I am a woman with a one track mind and a mission to spread Captain Swan love whenever I can, here be a smutty one-shot leading into a weekend where much writing is planned for me (I’m looking at you, Fragile Design) and there’s a wonderful episode on the horizon for Sunday (Captain Charming shenanigans, yo).  

I mean…look at these two beauties together:

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How can you not just wanna love up on these two????  Be still my shipper heart.

Under the cut, for very smutty reasons…

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Lets Get It On (Merle Dixon x Reader)

Requested by anon: “I need you to beg for me, baby.” + Smut

A/N: Set in Season 3 in Woodbury. Hope you like it sweetie :)

Warnings: Smut, Shameless Smut, Edging, Hair-Pulling, Explicit Language, Unprotected Sex.

Life in Woodbury was comfortable and safe and there was never a part of you that regretted joining the community. If would be foolish of you to want to be out there, mending for yourself again when you had a life close to a normal one in here. It had only been a month, but you’d already made a few close friends that you felt you could thrust your life with.

And then there was Merle.

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Vince For Now

Knowing Vince and his buddy Cory were quite tight. Max took the opportunity and befriended Cory. They actually became good friends. Hanging out during weekends together. Went partying together. With Vince constantly out of the country to do photo-shoots. They became inseparable. They were like brothers. 

But Max didn’t forget his ultimate goal. To be Vince Krowaski. Cory told Max about Vince doing a get-together since he wasn’t that busy for the next few days. Max said you would passed. Lying to Cory he wasn’t feeling a 100. Cory nonchalantly believed him. As Cory went to peed before leaving Max’s place, Max moved his plan into motion. When Cory opened the restroom door, Max jabbed Cory with the sedative he gotten in pharmacy with a fake prescription. Cory wasn’t able to react and slowly passed out with his eyes dead stared at Max. After twenty-or-so minutes, Cory was fully unconscious and Max took off his clothes. Max slowly undressed Cory while admiring Cory’s body. It wasn’t the most muscular body, but it was toned. Max flipped Cory over and  started fucking Cory. As he fucked Cory, he slowly became Cory and Cory slowly became Max. 

The new Cory came after fucking the new Max for half an hour. He cleaned up the mess he made and cleaned the cum with his new underwear. He wore those cum-stained underwear and put on rest of his new outfit. He also helped the new Max dressed up. He used his new voice and woke Max up. It was a cute Midwestern voice. When the new Max woke up in a confused state, Cory lied and said he passed out. The new Max didn’t remember ever being Cory. For all he knew he had been Max Johnson for the rest of his life. They parted ways. The new Cory knew he was meeting up with Vince tomorrow and he was fucking excited. 

The day came and both of them and few other friends met up for a drink. They drank for hours and finally called it a night at one in the morning. Cory followed Vince home as he knew the old Cory had something going on with Vince. They chilled on the couch and took a few photos. They talked about a lot of stuff which Vince didn’t noticed anything different about Cory. They got thirsty and Vince went to made something to drink. While Vince was making the drinks, Cory prepared the syringe with sedative he brought and hid it in his pocket. When he was done, he went to Vince and wrapped in hands around Vince’s waist. They made out a little and while Vince was into it Cory jabbed the needle onto Vince’s neck. Vince couldn’t react to it and gave a confused look while slowly falling unconscious. 

After half an hour, Cory took off his clothes knowing Vince is fully unconscious. Cory took off Vince’s clothes piece by piece and was surprised that Vince was wearing two underwear. Cory did the same thing that got him his current form. He got hard and fucked Vince. The more Cory pounced, the more he looked like Vince. Half an hour had passed and Cory had became Vince and Vince had became Cory. 

The new Vince came all over the new Cory. He licked every cum that he got out thus sealing the transformation. He wore his new clothes which smelled so husky. The two underwear cupping his new cock and balls were so comfortable. He went to his new room and cut away those annoying bangs. He styled his hair like how the old Vince would style it. He took out his new phone and started recording himself. He took off the black Under Armour t-shirt first then his pants. 

He teased the camera a little while he took off the first pair of underwear. ‘God, I look so fucking hot. Fuck yeah I took that necklace and it’s now mine. Fuck! I’m so hot!.’ The new Vince grunted. 

The new Vince disappointed the camera when a Calvin Klein underwear was reveled underneath the first pair of underwear. He gave the camera that sexy gaze of his and hit stop on the recording button. He put everything on again and went to find Cory who was still unconscious. He try waking Cory up but to no avail. He carry Cory to his room and dressed him up and went in bed with him. He woke up the next day finding Cory in the kitchen making breakfast. They kissed and had breakfast. They fucked after breakfast and Cory left and went home.

‘Maybe this is the one.’ The new Vince said while thinking of all the people he had experienced in. Max was just of them. He found Max in campus when he was in this football jock’s body. He did it the same way he usually does it like how he did it with Cory and Vince. Syringe, sedative and fuck. He kinda forgot who was he originally. He just knew he loved this kind of experiences with no significant consequences. If he fucked up, he just fucks off. ‘Fuck this, I’m Vince Krowaski now. Might just enjoy it as it is. Fuck, I’m hot.’ Vince said.

One year has passed since Vince became his true self. He loved every second of being Vince Krowaski. The attention. The job. The pay. The body. The face. The mind. Everything was perfect. His outfit was on point everyday. So was his hair. 

He even gotten few new tattoos. The tatts suit his body. He worked out by following a tight schedule. Keeping this body in shape. He loved this body so much. The dedication put into it was none like before.

‘Fuck. I look fucking good. Might as well have this for the rest of my life. Unless I get old and I’ll just get a restart again.’ Vince said while taking a couple of photo he might post on Instagram. 

Works Everytime (Star Lord Reader Insert)

Anon Request: Could I please have a s,tut with y/n and peter quill having a pickup line contest until it starts getting touchy feely. (Ps could you please add a hand job for giggles c: I love your work btw

Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), hand job for giggles, tiny bit of dirty talk, peter calls reader a slut (but only once it’s okay)

Words: 1906

all these pick up lines are extremely cheesy and i want to die but enjoy lol


“Did you sit in a pile of sugar? ‘Cause you have a sweet ass,” Peter comments, still pacing around the bunk like a mad person while you’re sat crisscross on his bed. Surprisingly, it’s not his worst one yet.

“Well, you’re slowly getting better,” you tell him, not looking up from his old, beat up Rubik’s cube that you’re struggling to solve.

For the past few days, Quill has been “testing” his infamous pick-up lines on you. They were all extremely lame and you’re honestly quite amazed that they worked on anyone ever.

It all goes back to when you guys were hitting up the local bar. Peter was doing his usual business of being completely skeevy. He’d spotted a girl he’d found particularly attractive and, keep in mind that these were from his tellings, apparently she was eyeing him pretty hard too. However, when he’d finally gone up to her and delved into his inner library of lines, she threw a drink in his face. You felt more bad that you weren’t there to see it rather than for the man himself. Although, you didn’t hesitate to bust out laughing when he came up to you drenched in pungent alcohol with a tiny, pink umbrella stuck in his hair and a sour expression.

Peter tried his luck again a day or so later and, while there were no tossing of drinks, he was deafeningly bitched out by a girl to the point where he physically had to leave the bar so she would stop. That was pretty awesome too.

Only thing was, it had completely crushed the deep faith he had in himself to be able to pick up chicks. That combined with him being sex-deprived was making him 10x more annoying and bitchy than usual. He would rant about how he swore he was cursed or something, but you reminded him that not every woman is always dumb and/or drunk enough to fall for his shit. Yet, that didn’t satisfy him and back in reality, he was still being just a tiny bit deranged.

“That’s bullshit. These are golden, like, you should really be writing these down,” he declares, half serious about his statement.

“Uh-huh, anyways…” You’re more focused on completing the cube to care about this whole situation. Any other person would be able to move on with their life but, for men with an ego like Peter’s, this was an utter travesty.

“I’m serious, (Y/N), these are great.”


“What?” he asks incredulously, “You think you could do better?”

“Honestly? Yes.” Anything you could churn out would be better than what he’s delivering.

“Alright, go ahead. Hit me with one,” he eggs you on. Since Quill is obviously hellbent on not letting this go, you toss the cube to the side. You pause for a moment before meeting his eyes in what you hoped resembled a sexy gaze.

“Are you a racehorse? ‘Cause when I ride you, you’ll always finish first.” You want to cringe at your own words, but you remain confident.

“Not bad for a rookie,” he shrugs, moving to sit next to you on the bed. “But, (Y/N), lemme ask you a question: do you have a mirror in your pocket?”

“I don’t think so, why?” you say sarcastically, indulging him. Peter leans in close, his face only inches from yours. He lowers his eyes sinfully and lets his voice drop an octave as he speaks.

“Because I see myself in your pants.” There something in the air that shifts and tells you to push it further, so you let your hand rest high on his upper thigh, feeling his body heat radiating through his pant leg. His eyebrow quirks and his stare is hard, almost entirely not blinking. Your faces are incredibly close to the point where you suddenly have the urge to feel his mouth on yours. However, you’re more desperate to win this little contest.

“What are you doing tonight? Besides me?”

“Your clothes would look even better on my floor,” he shoots back.

“I wish you were soap so I could feel you all over me,” you remark slyly.

“Babe, are you an elevator? ‘Cause I want to go down on you.”

This back and forth goes on for a little longer until you decide to kick it up a notch. Your warm hand drifts slowly from his thigh to his slight bulge, letting your hand massage it gently. He maintains eye contact, but his eyes flutter slightly and you feel a puff of air fan against your face from his soft exhale. Your eyes automatically follow his tongue as it swipes at the corner of his mouth.

“Are you the delivery man?” you whisper, snapping the button open on his pants and dragging the zipper down slowly. Your fingers trace the v-line that’s etched into his hips before letting them slip past the waistband of his boxers, ultimately closing them around his undeniably hard cock. “Cause I think you have a package for me.”

Peter barely has time to smirk at your stupid words because you’ve begun stroking him mildly. Freeing him from his pants and underwear, you run your thumb over his tip, collecting the glistening pearl of pre-cum as a lubricant. His chest heaves up and down at a steady pace, his muscles clearly defined through the fabric of his shirt.

“You dirty cheater,” he says with a breathy chuckle. You bite down on your bottom lip, doing your best to hide your satisfaction. The light, almost whiny curses that fall from his lips are foreign and new to you. It wasn’t like you’d never heard him say “fuck” before, but it was either in an angry or joking tone. The way he muttered it under his breath followed by a low grunt spoke a thousand more words and they all said sex. “Shit, (Y/N).”

Picking up the speed, he groans and throws his head back. You take the opportunity to kiss his neck, leaving small bites and licks on his skin. With your free hand, you run your fingers through his hair and watch his fists clench in the sheets beneath you, his knuckles almost white and his eyebrows knit together. He’s a panting mess and, within moments, you feel him thicken in your palm. His jaw clenches and a grunt erupts from the back of his throat. Hot, stickiness coats the back of your hand and wrist and you feel yourself grow heated at the sight of him so unraveled.  

The hand of his that isn’t tangled in the sheets is balled in the fabric of your shirt that covers your lower back. When he finally relaxes, he slumps back against the bed with his cheeks a lovely shade of crimson. You kiss his jaw sweetly, get up to grab a random piece of cloth off the floor to wipe the sign of his pleasure off your skin. In some way, you feel victorious and smirk to yourself as the image of him coming undone replays in your mind. But that feeling of triumph is replaced with a slight fear as your hips are rapidly gripped and you’re thrown onto the bed like a football through a field goal.

“You wanna play nasty, huh?” Peter asks, gritting the words through his teeth as he tears through your layers. Your cotton shorts are ripped past your thighs so fast it leaves a bit of a burning sensation. He’s quick to remove your panties as well, the action taking mere seconds and spreads your legs aggressively. There’s something about his primal assertiveness that drives you 50 shades of crazy and you shiver as the cool air hits your core.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” he mutters more to himself than you, for you can barely hear the words.

With one final, sinful wink, he buries his face between your legs. Your back immediately arches off the mattress as you take a sharp intake of breath. His tongue rolls against your core like a wave crashing against the shore, then slips it inside your heat forcing you to pull at your own messed hair. All you can manage are incoherent whimpers and whines and you could swear your eyes almost cross. His own devilish eyes meet yours, holding your gaze until you give up to throw your head against the pillow. It feels incredible, your body already beginning to twitch. Your legs threaten to close but he’s stronger and holds them in place, letting his fingers dig deep into your skin in order to do so.

“Fuck, just like that… Oh my God,” you groan, licking your lips.

Peter works you over a little longer until your body tightens, then you shudder all together. A warmth runs through your veins and an explosion is set off in your lower stomach. But he isn’t done with you yet.

Quill deftly pushes two fingers inside your wetness, filling you to his knuckle and wraps his lips around your clit. Your hips threaten to buck upwards, but he somehow manages to hold you still. Curling another finger inside you, he holds your leg up over his shoulder to get a better angle on your g-spot and strokes it with each pump of his fingers. You come again, a lot quicker than last time and you can’t help thinking ‘damn, he’s good.’

“You like that? Like me fucking you with my fingers?” he asks, knowing the answer by your pleasantly contorted expression. “Bet you want my cock instead.” You nod, letting your nails dig into his shoulder and your fingers pull at his hair.

Your calling his name over and over like it’s a damn prayer. Even though you probably should, you don’t care who hears it. Because now, you’re working on your third orgasm. Your body’s a quivering mess and every nerve ending feels like it’s on fire. And- oh! There it is again!

He helps you ride it out, letting you roll yourself against his face and you’re breathless once you’ve returned from your high. Your body feels like goo, as if you could melt right into the mattress. You don’t feel Quill slide up next to you until you feel his lips press against the corner of your jaw and, without looking at him, you can feel that his cockiness is back in full effect.

“Little slut likes her pussy eaten, huh? How many times did you come, baby?” he asks, arrogance dripping with each word. His grin is especially evident against your skin and you almost want to smack it off of him. But, for some reason, you’re grinning too.

“Shut up,” you order breathlessly whilst trying to manage the mass of mess that is your hair.  His hands wander under your shirt, trailing up to cup your breast. If it was even possible, he grins even wider when he feels you have no bra on and rolls your sensitive nipple between his fingers. Your back raises ever so slightly as he pulls at the soft bud, heat threatening to pool between your legs once more.

“C’mon, tell me.”

“Three,” you answer, you voice much more breathier and whiny than you anticipated. “You happy now, Star Lord?”

“Mhmm, told you those lines are golden,” he brags, not too long after sucking a deep mark on the spot below your ear that you know someone will blatantly point out later. “Works everytime.”

Drabble: Alone At Last

I’ve been trying to write a drabble for a few days and I’ve been overthinking it… so tonight I decided to just write without getting too bogged down by plot or anything like that and this is what I came up with… This was inspired by this slightly NSFW photo of lip stick marks on a torso.

Title: Alone At Last
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic sex

Your eyes are planted firmly on your boyfriends ass as you follow him up the stairs to the bedroom the two of you share. It’s been ten long weeks since you’ve seen him and you can’t wait to get him alone. The two of you had spent the weekend at his mom’s house where you had filmed his reunion with his (and your) beloved dog, Dodger.

Chris’s reunion with Dodger had been one for the ages and one enjoyed by everyone gathered at his mom’s house (as well as the millions of fans that had watched the video once Chris had tweeted it), but you’d had to patiently wait your turn for your proper hello. That’s not to say you and Chris hadn’t had sex since he’d gotten back, but it had been limited to the small shower in the basement bathroom in the late hours of the night he’d gotten home.

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Jonsa bedroom scenario

Okay guys idk what this is but I was chatting with some friends about jonsa+bedroom scenes we’d like to see in season 8 and somehow this thing went from describing a scene to like describing what Sansa is thinking??? Idk what to call it, maybe a heavily embellished headcanon? 😅    Whatever it is, it got me emotional so I thought I’d share with you all! (That is a lie, I’ve been coerced by the aforementioned friends. WHOM I LOVE. You know who you are!

If you know me at all, then you know I’m the laziest bum on the planet, and I’ve quite literally copy/pasted my messages from the chat onto here so please don’t be offended by the complete lack of formatting lol

sansa wakes up first

and they’re facing each other, his arm is slung around her waist and her hands are curled up under her chin

and she looks at him

and just….just looks at him, eyes wide and unguarded cuz nobody’s here that she has to put on a mask for

he’s still asleep

breathing deeply

and her eyes move over his features taking them all in and it’s like she’s fully appreciating how beautiful jon truly is

his fair skin contrasted with his dark unruly curls….maybe a wayward curl over his forehead

his dark lashes

his OBJECTIVELY ADORABLE LITTLE NOSE (come on guys his nose is so cute!!)

and of course his gorgeous soft lips

she’s just gazing at him, not moving, not wanting this moment to end. she feels so safe in his arms even tho he’s asleep. she realizes it’s the safest she’s felt since she left WF as a girl. she realizes this feels more like home than anything has in years.

she blinks once, twice, slowly and there’s the barest quirk of her lips

and then jon begins to stir, his arm tightening around her waist and she watches as his eyelashes flutter

revealing his beautiful warm brown eyes

and for his part he wakes up, sees her sparkling blue eyes trained on him, and smiles softly because that is like the best way to wake up

“Good morning,” he says softly. His voice is extra raspy and sexy with sleep. Her gaze flits to his lips and back to his eyes, her own still shining with wonder


she feels him gently drag his knuckles up and down her arm



all at once she remembers her father’s words

a promise he’d made to her when she was still a girl

she hadn’t thought of that conversation in years, had hardly remembered it happened what with all the tragedy that came so soon after

but Jon’s sweet touches are making goosebumps rise on her arm and she remembers her father’s words now

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