Jimin x reader When you are jealous

Summary: You went to his photo shoot but Jimin had too much skinship with the female model.

Genre: Fluff

You were finally on the set, it was the second time you had watched your boyfriend work on set. The first one was with the boys, this time was for the cover of a magazine. JImin had already told you the night before that it would have a lot of skinship. You told him it was fine and you could bear with it. He looked at you, unsure if you were really cool with it. But after reassuring him a thousand times, he finally said yes.

It was Jimin’s work and it would be professional. The model was professional too. Why would you be jealous? Right?

You really thought you would be cool with a female clinging onto Jimin. You looked at the model touching Jimin all over to get the pictures done. You couldn’t help to feel your blood boil as they were looking at each other with sexy gaze. It didn’t help as the photographer told them to move closer until they grazed their lips. 

You were dying inside but you tried to put on a peaceful face. Not wanting to distract Jimin. Diverting his attention was the last thing you wanted to do. You kept calming yourself by thinking happy thoughts.

Unicorns… Unicorns with rainbow… Jimin… MODEL!

Alright, deep breath. Start over again. In. Out. In. Out.

Happy thoughts didn’t work. Neither did breathing exercises.

“Are you feeling fine? I saw you leaving the set.” Jimin headed back into the waiting room.

The photographer wrapped up the shoot and people were starting to pack away the things.

“I don’t want to be a distraction.” You pouted and focused on your phone screen.

“But you were not distracting me babe. You were helping me.” Jimin shrugged off his fur coat to a staff. 

“How?” You had on a sour face and still stared at your phone. 

“So I can imagine I was with you.” He answered cheekily.

You huffed at his flirting attempt. “Stop lying. The photo shoot went on smoothly before and after I left.”

He stared at you confused through the mirror. You would usually laughed at his cheesiness but you were pouting with your brows furrowed. 

“Did something infuriate you honey?”

“Why ask me suddenly?”

“Something must have happened.”

“Why are you so sure about it?”

He pointed to your face through the mirror. “It’s all written on your face babe. I can read you like a book.”

“Nothing.” You sighed.

“You sure?”

You nodded..

“You can tell me now.” He plopped down on the couch once you two got back home.

“Tell you what?” You sat next to him.

“You’re sour face.”

“There’s nothing to tell.” You whispered.

“So you don’t deny that you have a sour face all the way back home?”

“I don’t have a sour face.” You furrowed your brows.

He tapped your nose. “You have your sour face now.”

You looked away and crossed your arms. He rested his head on your shoulder and looked up at you cutely. You peeked at him through the corners of your eyes. When he saw you peeking at him, he scooted closer. His shampoo invaded your nostrils and you took a good whiff. It was a smell you love.

You put a hand on his chest, trying to stop him from coming any closer. But you didn’t actually want him to stop so he ended up grazing his nose against your cheek.

“You’re not jealous of that model, right?” This was the only answer Jimin could come up with during the silent car ride.

“What if I am?” You challenged him.

“Then I have to,” He stole a sweet kiss from you, “make you forget.” He smiled with his eyes disappearing into straight lines.

“Stop it.” You placed your hand on his chest and backed away.

He nuzzled even closer as you backed away. “What if I tell you the model has a fiance?”

You looked at him. “Are you serious? Or you’re just lying?”

“Why would I lie to you sweetie?”

“Because you don’t want me to be jealous.”

“So you were jealous!” He hugged your waist.

“No I was not!”

“Yes you were! You said it yourself. You admitted.”

You pouted.

“Aw. My baby got jealous over a photo shoot. How cute.”

“I told you I was not jealous babe.”

“It’s okay to deny it. I know what you think.” He smile to himself.

You pinched his thighs slightly and he hugged you closer.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

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Jealous - Andy Biersack Imagine

Word Count: 722 | Warnings: Smut trigger

“Thank you everyone! We’re Black Veil Brides!”

I heard the crowd chant as the band left the stage. Without any further ado I made a run for my boyfriend Andy, hugging him tightly, clinging onto him by his neck.

“You guys were amazing,” I complimented, “You, Mr. Frontman, were incredibly sexy.” I gazed as his eyes as he did the same. “Ain’t I always?” he smirked. In only seconds our lips collided, and before things got heated, I pulled away.

“Not here,” I whispered.

Just then, we saw Pierce the Veil and their roadies starting to warm up and get ready. Apparently their band was going to perform next on this stage, so I found it best that we get going to give PTV and their crew more space to set up and prepare. I was a fan of PTV and seeing them this close actually made me want to fangirl, but I didn’t think that’d be cool, so I just admire them from afar, saying nothing (and also because I was with Andy). Andy gestured to me to walk away but just as I was about to go anywhere, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see the figure of a tall man covered in tattoos with a pair of drumsticks in his hand.

“Hey, you’re (Y/N) right?” he smiled at me. My eyes weren’t deceiving me. It was the drummer from PTV, Mike Fuentes. Yup. The Michael Christopher Fuentes. How the hell did he know me from?

“Yeah, and you must be Mike! Oh God, I love your band so much you have no idea!” I nearly screamed. I then felt that I was being watched from a distance, and it was none other than my boyfriend Andy. He was currently being interviewed along with Ashley but he’d happen to notice me talking to Mike. I diverted my attention back to Mike, “Ho-How did you know me from?” “I saw you somewhere on Twitter, you’re Andy Biersack’s girlfriend right?” he asked. “Yeah, I am,” I verified. We then had a little chat and learned that Mike’s a really sweet person, but I’m not attracted to him or anything, he’s just really nice.

“Well, I guess I’d better be going,” Mike said, “I’ll talk to you soon (Y/N)!”

“Me too, bye Mike!”

I went back to my boyfriend Andy, who was already looking at me with his arms folded on his chest. He glared at me rather threateningly, making me slightly confused. Was he… jealous?

“Andy,” I snapped him out of his stare, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” he answered.

“Andy, seriously,” I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t pleased with his reply at all, “Tell me what’s wrong?”

“Did you have a good chat with Mike Fuentes?” was all he asked. Right. He was officially jealous of Mike. But why should he be? I was just talking. “Andy, really? That’s what’s on your mind? You know I was just talking to him for a bit right?” I squinted. “(Y/N), did you see the way he looked at you?” Andy squinted, anger clearly shown in his tone, “It’s so obvious that he’s into you.” “What?” I was rather shocked, “Andy, why should I care about that? You know I have you, and I love you right? And it’s only you that I’ll ever be attracted to.” Andy fell silent for a while and I stared at his eyes, waiting for a reply.

Suddenly, Andy yanked me into an empty room, locked the door and stared deep in my eyes. “Really?” he questioned, “Prove it.”

Without waiting any longer I slammed my mouth onto his and kissed him passionately. In only seconds he took over and he slid his tongue onto my bottom lip, begging for entrance which I granted immediately. Our tongues fought for dominance as he pushed me onto a wall, lifting up my left leg. I wrapped my leg around him as he trailed his kisses to my neck, sucking on my sweet spot and creating a purplish bruise as he did so. He then went to passionately kissing me until I pushed him away, catching my breath.

“You were so jealous, weren’t you?” I said in between breaths.

Andy smirked, which meant that it was true and he knew it.

“Just shut up and kiss me again.”

(Ooooh this is the first rather ‘heated’ fanfic I’ve ever written on here :3 Plus I added the gif ‘cause that’s actually what inspired me to write this one. Gif not mine, credits to the owner. Tell me what you think!)

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[Trans] Osen Interview - Member Profiles:

S.Coups: Seventeen’s leader. As a leader who lead 13-membered group, he feels a huge pressure. The members compliment, “When we have a schedule, he always sit on the passanger seat and talk about a lot of things with the manager. S.Coups, "I could went through the exhausting training period and debuted, I’m doing my best not to be over-excited. I feel so happy that we can do music together as a team.”  

Wonwoo: Member who has an impresive sexy gaze. “I’m already ‘Seventeen’ since I was born. My birthday is July 17th. I feel happy that Seventeen could debut with a song that was made by Woozi. I hope we can always promote with even better songs in the future.”  

Mingyu: One of the visual in the group. “My specialty is fixing broken stuffs and do (style) the members’ hair”. I’m confident on doing anything that need hand-skills (He’s 185cm tall so he can easily changes the light bulb). Actually, I still can’t realize that I have debuted. I will always work hard. Me and the members will get a grip and be a group who always work hard.“
Vernon: American member. He has an outstanding korean skills. He just recently know from the other member about the expression 'hard boiled/firm’ when cooking rice. It’s something he wanted to say since 4 years ago. "I’m called '4-dimensional’. My specialty is rap-making. I want to always show my (skill) improvement in the future.”  

Woozi: Talented member who wrote lyrics, composed and produced 'Adore U’. A lot of senior singers compliment him for his excelent potential. “I feel so proud that we could debut with a song made by us. Originally there were other songs (for title track). but I feel thankful to company and all the people who trust me to produce the song . I feel so proud and happy when I heard 'You’ll debut with what you made’.”  

Jeonghan: One of the visual member. He’s called 'Seventeen stan-attractor’. “Fans call me 'angel’. My birthday is October 4th. Haha (if there’s a male-angel he probably would look like him). My specialty is buying socks. When I went somewhere and saw pretty socks, I’ll buy them. Also, I like sports but my stamina drains quickly and I get tired fast. I still can’t believe that we have debuted. When we go to music shows I’m feeling like we’re having a study tour in the broadcasting station. As we’re doing it I’m gradually getting used to it. Someday, we will be a singer who will rank 1st!”

Joshua: Member with cute visual. “My specialty is singing. I was a member in choir team in church. I do acoustic arrangement with guitar. When we were doing a reality show, I re-arranged After School’s 'Because of You’.”

DK: Member with an attractive eye-smile. “My specialty is not a good thing, but I’m good at losing stuffs . I originally have a careless personality so I’m good at losing stuffs. I feel happy that I can be together with the members. I always feel our synergy when we’re together. I hope we’ll always have this feeling, and we won’t forget our roots - and will always work hard.”

Seungkwan: Mood-maker in the team. Cheerful member who has an ability to make other people happy. “I’m an aspiring entertainer. Haha. In the future I want to hear people to call me 'skillful’. I want to be someone who can energize other people. Someday I want to try various things - variety show, radio DJ, MC. I feel thankful for the members who have endured the long trainee period and I want to fulfill people’s expectation.”

Hoshi: Member who takes part on choreographing 'Adore U’. He could make a simple gesture such as 'picking out a tissue’ as a choreography. He gets inspiration for the choreography from daily life. “I’m 10:10. Because my eyes splitted like that (laugh). I have similiar eyes with Kim Beom Soo sunbaenim, I hope you can call me the idol world’s Kim Beom Soo. Haha. My specialty is choreographing. Maybe that’s why I often rips my training pants. I feel happy as I’ve been waiting long for debut, I will work harder in the future.”     

Jun: Chinese member who has attractive huge eyes and actor aura. “My specialty is waking up early in the morning (He’s called Seventeen’s morning call). I started acting in China since I was 3 y.o. Beside music, I have a lot of interest in acting. My role model is Jackie Chan. I feel good and happy that I could stand on the same stage as the other sunbaenims and can watch it and learn from them.”

The8: Chinese member. Extraordinary performer who has participated in a lot of b-boying competition in China and received a lot of awards. “I have learned martial arts since I was 4.5 years old. I was the member in China’s youngest b-boy team, and I know how to breakdance, tumbling, acrobat. I feel happy when I’m standing on a stage. Being a singer is my dream. I’ve achieved that dream.”

Dino: The youngest member in the team. But he has an ambitious aura around him. He wants to break prejudice about a maknae, so he makes a strong(?) impression and calls himself a 'tiny giant’. “Dance is my specialty and my strong point. I watched our performance on music show, I still can’t believe that I appeared on TV. Since I was young, I grow up by watching music programs so it’s hard for me to believe that I’m appeared on those programs. Recently we’re having lack of sleep (than we had before) but rather than tired, I enjoyed it more.”

trans cr: @uygnim