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I can understand people preferring to congratulate her privately. And I know people are a bit ugh on Sam now, but he rarely misses a chance to congratulate/praise her, lets be honest and correct here. This is something that rarely happens w him. But the official OL account? That is what people should be raging about! It's alarming how STUPID they are and how many missed opportunities they have.

It does feel like something is off with Sam not having a small tweet-fest over Cait as he’s done before, and I’m sure that we could go on about it all day, but I’m moving on. There’s no explanation and it’s going to drive me crazy if I dissect it any more.

However the Outlander account has dropped the ball on this. They knew the date. They can clearly set-up birthday wishes and Valentine’s Day so why not mention an honor of your lead actress. I’ve seen mention that this was a personal award and not Outlander related, but Starz was a sponsor at the event and any awards that draw attention to your actors should at least get a tweet. 

well, I am having one of those moments when I feel awkward on this blog. I dunno why I feel that I like people but at the same time they kinda see me intimidating or they aren’t really interested to keep interacting with me? and it’s kinda making me sad, I’d talk to some and see if they want to do something but it’s like…I feel I bother them or they are actually annoyed with me.

I dunno, I’d like to know why…because if I keep answering some threads is because I get reply, if not I keep waiting until someone replies back which rarely happens now, and I  DON’T  want to force anyone to reply back to me—but seeing no one is doing it its like well?? what do I do now?

I’m not in the mood to do starters calls because people likes my posts and then never answer to them and it’s like, why?? is because tumblr never notify them or it’s just they don’t actually want to interact with me?? I don’t want to make assumptions without asking first but eh, it’s uncomfortable for me.

I’ve been getting unfollows lately and usually they don’t bother me but…heck, it makes me feel insecure.

I’m feeling really insecure right now…and I am just thinking to stop rping for that reason and focus on my art blogs. I really feel unappreciated and ignored right now and I just…don’t have energy to ask for answers directly.

if someone has a problem with me…I’d like to know why.

Building characters up for the big ending of the book without really knowing how the “final battle” is actually going to play out

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“hmm… doesn’t look good, boss. I think we’re going to have to amputate”

“it’s a head wound, Deacon…”

“Yeah, definitely amputation.”

Thanks Dr. Deacon but I think I’ll get a second opinion.


Music inspired artworks (2013-2016)

01 Mobile (2013)| Falling by Polly Scattergood
02 Take My Shadows (2014)| Down On Life by Elliphant
03 Tall Tall Shadow (2014)| Tall Tall Shadow by Basia Bulat
04 The Fog (2014)| The Fog by Rachel Sermanni
05 / (2015)| Godspeed by Catatonia
06 Friends Forever (2015)| Climbing Up The Walls by Radiohead
07 Beautiful Anger (2016)| Sorrow by IAMX

Bellamy, Leadership, and 402

I was gonna put this up earlier in the week when 402 was still our most recent episode but life happened in ways that got me distracted from meta so whatev have some feelings dump now

Okay, so, obviously, the record will show I love Bellamy awkwardly twitching his eye at Clarke and telling her she can come along on their Azgeda roadtrip in 402, but I also want to talk about that from a larger perspective. Because I think it’s interesting to note how completely differently I see that entire interaction going had Clarke gone along.

Part of that is, of course, that Clarke would have been firmly on team “generator now, slaves later.” I think that’s completely clear and, in theory, that should make it a tied vote: Bellamy, Harper, and Bryan voting to free the slaves vs. Clarke, Monty, and Miller voting to take the generator and leave the slaves.

But, in my opinion, if Clarke was there, it wouldn’t have ever come down to the kind of vote that’s set up in the episode, because of the way Clarke (and Clarke and Bellamy, as a leadership unit) function and dominate decisions. And it’s very clearly a function of Clarke, not Bellamy, which is a surprise in a lot of ways. Back in 104, we get Bellamy telling Clarke to not get other people involved in the Murphy issue, and Clarke learns he’s right, and we get a callback to that in 401, when he tells her not to tell people about the end of the world until they have a plan.

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“let’s talk like adults” 

chris thought he had a good idea as to why you were pissed at him but he never truly did. he saw nothing wrong in his eyes but in yours, he done it all and of course, he was oblivious

“come on, let’s talk about it.” chris pleaded as he watched you toe off your heels and start towards the bathroom in a fit of anger

“we’ve talked about this before, you know how i feel!” you continued. 

"hey, come on.” chris said reaching down and grabbing your wrist, keeping you from slamming the bathroom door and locking yourself inside (that was what you typically done when u were pissed) 

you tried to free your wrist. “christopher, no, we’re not doing this.” you said. 

trying to pull your arm away, chris succumbed to the force and you pulled him into you. chris dropped your wrist and immediately ducked down, pressing his shoulder to your stomach and picking you up off the floor

chris! no! put me down!” you pleaded, defenseless as he held you on his shoulder. dammit why couldn’t you have been taller than him??

“not until you talk to me.” he replied. “we’re going to talk about this like adults.. not you running into the bathroom and yelling at me through the door.” 

you raised a brow; “i don’t think you holding me on your shoulder like a child classifies as talking like adults..” 

“well, with your attitude, this is the closest we’re gonna get.”