I’m going through old folders of Sims 3 pictures.. and I’ve been thinking on this a bit lately, and seeing these only solidified it.. I very very much miss playing Sims 3 Merilee. I think she is one of the few sims that I have created that look better in TS3. She doesn’t look bad in Sims 4, but she;s more MM in Sims4 so it alters her a bit.

I never did a story with her, and I never will because of the OC that she is in a non-sims story. But, I LOVED just paying her, doing occasional scene prompts, but dialog was rare and story happened more through the pictures than any written word etc. But, I actually played the game with her more than any other sim, and yet there was still so much I haven’t seen in Sims 3, and I miss her.. and Into the Future. God, I want to play that again so badly. 

See, she always loved ice cream. She use to chase that ice cream truck down like a dog in heat!

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i'm sorry if this sounds rude but i really hope sombra is from literally any part of latin america but mexico like south america and the caribbean exist you know not all of us latinos/hispanos are mexican and it'd be nice to see a colombian or chilean or puerto rican. i'm from south america and we rarely get any media representation.

i completely understand where you’re coming from anon. i’d be fine if sombra was from mexico but it’d be amazing if we saw other parts of latin america that aren’t seen as much, like the places you mentioned! like i’d rlly love a puerto rican character but that rarely/doesn’t happen, so i’m just happy with whatever we get at this point i’m just happy that there is a female hispanic character that is being represented in a positive light for once 

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Do you think which drama is the biggest project for him? W or Pinocchio?

between “W’ & pino i ll choose W

it’s a crazy well written drama that rarely happens in an actor’s career ..

u can say W is a big plus in his  resume .. 

I’m feel so happy and proud that a Singaporean swimmer won gold for the men’s 100m butterfly race. He beat the Olympic record and this is our first ever gold. I’m just so happy. Good on you Joseph Schooling. Good to know that even if we’re a tiny dot on the map, we can archive greatness.

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hi!! i was wondering, if you had the time and it wasn't to much trouble, if you could do some little headcanons for the x-boys showering with their s/o? (sexual or fluffy, either would be okay) 😊💕

omggg yessss

Alex Summers

If you shower together, nothing will get done. You will both be too caught up in singing duets and kissing each other to even remember that you’re supposed to be actually showering. If you go down on him, he’ll wash your hair while you’re sucking him off.

Scott Summers

Does he have to wear his glasses when he showers? Does he just close his eyes? Either way, you’re the one the washes his hair and he melt when you massage his scalp.

Erik Lehnsherr

It very rarely happens for the two of you to shower together. It’s usually rushed because one or both of you are late for something, so you can’t wait for the other to get out and just jump in. You try to get him to stay a little longer by pressing kisses across his chest.

Charles Xavier

He had his bathroom altered so that he could actually use it after Cuba and it has an inclined seat and one of those movable shower heads. He definitely does not use it for the right purpose when you shower with him.

Hank McCoy

He smells like chemicals a lot so you take extra time to run the wash cloth and soap over him. Most of the time he just holds you, chest to chest, with his cheek lying on the crown of your head.

Warren Worthington III

You guys have tried shower sex way too many times and failed each time. He gets really cramped in the showers that are in the communal bathrooms because he has to squeeze his wings in closed for to long of a time, so he has to go down to the gym bathrooms. You go down with him because there’s a 7 out of 10 chance that he will go down on you.

Kurt Wagner

You two lose track of time in the shower because you both got caught up in tracing marks that littered your bodies. He wraps his tail around your waist and will wash your body of himself.

Sean Cassidy

Loves it when you wash his hair for him. It’s usually a very innocent act, unless one or both of you are horny and you make it sexual. He loves it when you take care of him.

Peter Maximoff

Nothing ever gets done when you shower together, at least for you. He’s already done in about two minutes but he will tease you in the shower by speeding around and he has tripped and gotten you both to fall and that’s how you ended up in the infirmary while Hank looked at you both with a disappointed stare.
Why I Won’t Apologize for Having Fun While Sick

This is one of the scariest parts of chronic illness - knowing that there is a default assumption you are faking/exaggerating. Communication is hard and messy no matter what. But it sucks to know that normal miscommunication/not explaining every last detail/general misconceptions about chronic illness etc. are so often interpreted as signs you aren’t really as sick as you say you are. Here’s the thing: faking/exaggerating symptoms is actually really rare. Yes it happens, but honestly not often at all. And misconceptions about how illness should work are super common. So if you ever feel things don’t line up don’t assume that means the person is lying. Know the much simpler and common answer is just that there is probably some part of their life or their illness that you don’t know and that explains it all

Okay, continuing from my last post, it sorta makes sense that Sam wasn’t asked to change his habits or his behavior because according to the show, Sam wasn’t at fault, he wasn’t really responsible for the way things went down in S4. It was all on Dean, anyway. Remember, the show early on established the entire “Bossy Dean pushed Sam toward Ruby” idea in Fallen Idols via Sam. So essentially, Sam  didn’t need to change a single thing about himself, because, when the talk between the brothers happened, the show went on to establish Dean as the “guilty and responsible” party for the way Sam had been acting in S4. Instead of recognizing his faults and apologizing for his problematic behavior, Sam, straight on went to blame Dean for making Sam choose Ruby in the first place. So Sam’s blunders and his choices became Dean’s blunders and his choices. (look at how Cas and Zachariah reinforce this notion)

Dean, who had tried to leave Sam and the whole mess behind, was forced back into the game by an angel, with threats and deceit, and had no other option but to work with Sam for the sake of the greater good. He was truly cornered, was blackmailed into working with his assaulter, was beaten bloody when he dared to fight back in the only way he could, was basically betrayed by everyone around him, including his own family. Which is why it was no wonder that Dean was so suicidal in S5.