I wish I could be one of those outgoing, fun girls. The ones who don’t take shit from anyone and aren’t afraid to do things. Who are so much fun. But instead, I’m shy and very quiet if I don’t know people. I have anxiety about going into a store I’ve never been in before. I try to be invisible. I freak out about these what if scenarios that rarely ever happen. I panic bad about the slightest things. I try and draw as little attention to myself as possible. I just wish I could let that all go and be the fun outgoing person I know I could be.
—  Chapters from my life

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hi! do you read the tags when your art is reblogged~?

absolutely!! i check every single reblog. except posts that crawl up into the thousands, i’ll use tag viewer for those (but that happens rarely so its still very manageable). and its a habit to check one-by-one… it brightens my day like nothing else every time someone leaves a nice little comment ^^ 


Setter dump

A setter dump occurs when the setter plays the first pass directly over the net rather than setting to an attacker. A setter who dumps on a good pass is a brave man, since failure to score will invariably invoke the wrath of his hitters.(x)

“hmm… doesn’t look good, boss. I think we’re going to have to amputate”

“it’s a head wound, Deacon…”

“Yeah, definitely amputation.”

Thanks Dr. Deacon but I think I’ll get a second opinion.


Jaebum’s english is a gift worth waiting for 

i went into dragon age real strong and then i came out angry about mage rights and crying about feathery apostates

I often see “google” being used as a verb in English (for example, “I googled it”), meaning, “to use the search engine Google.”

Today for the first time I saw a similar occurrence in Chinese, when I was chatting with my cousin and he wrote, “我百度了”. 百度 (bǎi dù) is a Chinese search engine, and 了 marks a completed action, so his message translates to, “I 百度-ed [it].”

I just find that really, really cool.

Honestly there’s something deeply moving about reading something about a deity and feeling it resonate in your soul, and suddenly it’s as if this ancient being is there with you, helping you breathe, and you want nothing more than to lay under the stars and feel that presence.


You think a scrawny little first year with no skills can be the ace of this team? Please. Even my sister has more skills than you.”

Rapmon, after my appendix surgery, I had to take medicine, so I ordered food, but the other members were dieting, and I felt bad, so I ate in the room by myself. I left the room for a second, and when I came back, there was less food. I wondered about it while I continued to eat and then I left the room again, but more food disappeared. There was only one person who went in and out of that room, and that person was Rapmon.

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Q: BTS members~ Have there been times where you wanted to say something to a member, but you couldn’t, or didn’t?