• Kakashi:You should ALWAYS wear condoms. As in ALWAYS unless you have talked it out with your partner and are one hundred percent sure you are ready for kids.
  • (Hinata and Sakura glance at eachother)
  • Hinata:even if you’re a lesbian?
  • Sasuke:especially. You know, unless you want double the unexpected pregnancy
"I didn’t think I was a personal problem. You hate me, remember?“
"Every inch of you,” Andrew said. “That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t blow you.”
The world tilted a little bit sideways.

The King’s Men, chapter three

My world, too, Neil, my world, too 😱

I went canoeing with my parents and sister last week and I couldn’t stop imagining Derek and Stiles in a canoe together, bickering about going the right way and just:

“Damn it, Derek, you’re not supposed to push that hard!”

“You weren’t complaing about me pushing hard last night.”  

“What- that’s not-" 

"Shut up and paddle, Stiles." 


"God, I am regretting my life choices right now." 

"You love me.”

“No, I don’t." 


"Oh my god, you look like a wet puppy!" 

"Stop the dog jokes, Stiles." 


And then Stiles overbalances and they fall into the water together and Derek’s glaring at Stiles, who’s just laughing and then he pushes Derek against the side and says, “Don’t be such a sourwolf.”

And then he kisses him.

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New year, new season!

It’s that time of year everyone! Do you know what that means? Band season is upon us!

Our band/orchestra/choral directors are fresh with new quotes… or old ones😧. Please share their crazy minds with us so that our scientists can study the one question that still baffles us to this day. Why are these instructors so… crazy?

Send in the old, the new, and the ugly to us here in this lovely blog, and we’ll be sure to use the words of our leaders to the benefit of all musicians!

Not a band geek? That’s okay! Our cult like family welcomes any music nerd with some instructor quotes! That’s right! Not even private lesson teachers are saved!

MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Come one, come all!


//We did it! Turns out little miss Gwendolyn shares a birthday with Peter Cullen :P

She weighs less than estimated, 7lbs 10oz and 19" long. Fell right to sleep in daddy’s arms after they measured her. I’m gonna eat a sandwich, and pass the fuck out. More pictures in the morning. Night, y'all.

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favourite colour: blue

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choose just one
- schoolboy q
- troye Sivan
- Ansolo(dj)

dream vacation: Amsterdam

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