Nuts and recovery

I am eating pistachios by the handful and my dad goes, “remember when you used to count every single nut?”
I look up and he continues, “when you first started gaining weight, you hated us for making you eat more, so you’d count each nut and never go over exactly a serving.”
“That’s nuts,” I say with a small smile.
“Yeah, you were a nut when you were sick but I’m proud of you for never giving up.”

And I know he really is. I’m proud of me too.

  • Valkyrie : My partner died 300 years ago. It's gut-wrenching still.
  • Skulduggery[from the other room] : Valkyrie. please stop telling ppl I'm dead. They KNOW.
  • Valkyrie : Sometimes I can still hear his voice.

Your usual soap may be getting you clean but if it’s not shaped like a unicorn or bigfoot, it’s not getting you magically clean. These awesome Soapicorns and Soapsquatches are handmade soaps created by Leeloo Soap in Portland, OR. The unicorn-shaped Soapicorn smells of sweet strawberries, ripe raspberries, citrus, and apples and includes a little glitter to leave you sparkling like the magical creature you are. The Bigfoot-shaped Soapsquatch smells of fresh pine needles, citrus, strawberries, cedar, and vanilla and may give you the urge you want to go striding through the forest. 

Visit the Leeloo Soap Etsy shop to check out their entire line of character soaps, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, and more.

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au! where minho works at a car dealership and likes making really bad jokes and kibum is usually the punchline.

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