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how would the ut and us skeles react to making their usually shy/quiet crush laugh so hard that they gigglesnort? thank you!!

[ So much laughter xD Here you go! ]

UT! Sans: As a Classic Sans, he’s naturally got the puns rolling when he’s around you, and although he’d normally prefer someone not to laugh, with you and your preference in silence, he’s more happy to hear you giggling slightly whenever he says one, because in your case it’s nice to know he can make you feel more comfortable in showing your feelings around him, even if he loves it when he can make you blush and cover your face as well. That’s mostly when his puns change to pick-up lines. But as he’s sitting there, letting out pun after pun (“Aww, ya ain’t leaf-ing me now, babe. Tell me, did Papyrus sign yew up for this? Sounds like a tree-t! I wood go with ya, but I’m feeling pretty stumped today”) and he’s got you leaning back on the couch in fits, and then- Classic blinks as you snort, your entire face turning red before he lets out a chuckle as you again scramble to hide yourself even though the smile remains as he leans over and hugs you. “Love ya too babe,” he says, placing a gentle kiss to the side of your head.
“…Now, what can I do to get ya to do that again?”

UT! Papyrus: Obviously he’s not that much of a punny person (even if he can drop a couple, they’re mostly overused skeleton ones), but he’s got a bunch of failed humour in the back of his pocket, and uses it to the best of his ability whenever he can. If it’s not important, his stumbles and dumb acts can get pretty much anyone laughing. Lots of slipping into the snow and jumping up with an “I’m fine!” or a fair few childish acts at times – he can be pretty adorable and funny. All he needs to do is talk about his day in a very exaggerated way and he can leave you in fits – it’s this time that he manages to get you laughing so hard that the snort comes out. Papyrus blinks, turning towards you with a blank stare for a bit as you lean back and hide your face, before grinning widely. “(S/O), that was adorable!” he compliments, pulling you into a hug – and trust me, your embarrassed acts only make you cuter.

US! Sans: As a swap, he does have a thing for puns but most of the time, he finds himself even cringing at some of his own because they’re so bad why does he keep making them – but if he finds out that they get a giggle out of you he’s more than happy to keep it up, and he does enjoy it when he finds a good one – one that isn’t a skeleton one, at least. Even though they’re classics. Hearing you snort at one of his runs, he blinks in surprise and turns to you, before he too pulls you into a hug, grinning up at you. “Heheh, you’re so adorable (S/O)!” he chimes, holding you close despite your bright red face.

US! Papyrus: Has a thing for quick and witty humour, and sometimes tends to make you laugh without even meaning to – sometimes he accidentally makes puns and doesn’t notice until you look at him with shining eyes while grinning innocently until he lets out a groan and shakes his head, not being able to help grinning slightly as you giggle. Of course, he’s not going to let you go that easily – moving to tickle you easily gets you squirming and- there comes the snort, or more like fifty of them. He’s only surprised for a second before letting out a chuckle, and then bursting into his own chorus of laughter, stopping after a bit when you start pouting and fold your arms. “Sorry, sorry. You’re just too adorable, you know that?” he says, and only proceeds to make you blush even more.


Punny Molly and Trixie in a nutshell


Pun jars

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  Warnings: None :)

   Aubrey sighed dramatically as he swiveled on his chair to face the “most annoying and punny” person on the planet aka (Y/N). (Y/N) and Aubrey were currently engaged in a play fight.

   "Is this really necessary, Aubrey who is a pain in my ass?“ (Y/N) asked sarcastically, standing up and cracking her back loudly.

   "Annoying pun demon, it absolutely is.” Aubrey sarcastically replied back, facing her with a smile. That was their relationship- annoying nicknames but the worst thing was the puns.

   "Oh come on, Aubrey! It was one time! I swear it won’t happen again!“ (Y/N) protested but by the look Aubrey gave her, she knew she had done it again.

   "Okay! That was unintentional but you got it! So basically, you add in a penny too!” (Y/N) pointed a finger at Aubrey and then at the mason jar, that was labeled “pun jar.” Anytime someone made a pun, they had to put a penny in. It was like a swear jar but for puns.

   "No! That wasn’t in the contract!“ Aubrey stood up, pulling out his half eaten donut from his pocket.

   "It is absolutely fair!” (Y/N) added, not minding the donut.

   "No way!“ Aubrey said, in between a mouthful of his donut.

   "Yes way!”(Y/N) stepped forward, smirking slightly.

   "Segue!“ A new voice said. It belonged to Hodgins.

   "What?” (Y/N) asked incredulously. Aubrey was still eating his donut and thus couldn’t say anything because no one would have understood.

   "I thought we were rhyming words!“ Hodgins shrugged, walking in.

   "Since Dr. Jack Hodgins, King of the Lab, is with us, he is going to choose.” (Y/N) smirked and Aubrey smirked back at her. The second Hodgins heard “King of the Lab”, he looked between the two as he realized he might have walked into something.

   "Fine!“ Aubrey replied, looking at Hodgins, who currently seemed confused but then realized his previous assumption was right.

   "Woah… what am I choosing?”

  “Whether Aubrey gets to put a penny in the pun jar every time he makes a pun.”(Y/N) replied, sitting back on the chair Aubrey was sitting on earlier.

   "If you rule in my favor, I- I will tell- I will tell Booth to call you King of the Lab every time he addresses you.“ Aubrey smirked.

   "That’s an interesting bribe. What have you got, (Y/N)?“Hodgins asked, fully interested in his friends’ play fight.

   "If you rule in my favor, Hodgins, I won’t tell anyone about Case Green.” (Y/N) smiled innocently. Case Green was one of Hodgins’ stupid moments that (Y/N) witnessed. She always held that over his head and teased him about it. He didn’t care if anyone knew but it was kind of an inside joke between the two. To amuse both Aubrey and (Y/N), he ruled in (Y/N)’s favor.

   "Pay up, Aubrey!“ Hodgins laughed as he walked outside of (Y/N)’s lab, leaving a laughing (Y/N) and a groaning Aubrey behind. 

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Will this game be filled with feels??? :0 bc feels aRE NICE

All the feels, now with 200% more angst and feels.

Anonymous said: When is No Mercy coming out? Y'know, like the demo?

Our goal is to have a pretty solid vertical slice of the game ready in the next three months or so, so we can start our kickstarter and steam greenlight :) I doubt this will be playable by the public but you’ll be able to see gameplay videos and know a lot more about how the game itself is going to work.

sickeningsillage said: hey dude! saw your booth at indypopcon today, played the demo. just wanted to let you know this looks like a really nice game you’re working on, and i’m excited to see what you do with it! have an awesome day!

Thank you so much! I’m really excited to see where it goes too. You have an awesome day as well!

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Your just to SWEET. (Get it cuz Marshmallows taste good in a sweet way). Don't worry I'm a Punny person too. No BONES about it. :3

Punny, considering that a friend sometimes calls me marshmallow. Plus I’m also sweet, or that’s what people say
And not to break your femur but I’ve got a love-hate relationship with puns. Sometimes I love them, most time I don’t.

Mmmkay those were terrible X’D

“You see us as you want to see us… In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is bread …and mayonnaise…and bacon strips…a tomato…and lettuce…Does that answer your question?

Sincerely yours, the Turkey Club.”

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Why do you dislike yarn bombing? Sorry if this is an annoying question, you're just the first person I've ever known of to express dislike for it and it would be interesting to know.

  • Yarn bombing is also known as graffiti knitting, and it clearly appropriates the art of graffiti (which is seen as lowly, dirty, criminal, etc.) and attempts to turn it into something more ‘acceptable’/’family-friendly’ (read: white).
  • Most, if not all, yarn bombing individuals/groups are affluent and white and do their yarn bombing in rich/gentrified neighborhoods.
  • There’s a yarn bombing group that likes to call themselves ‘Knitta Please’ or ‘Knitta’ for short. They’re white.
  • Other individuals/groups like to give themselves cutesy little punny ‘gang’ names.
  • The person really known for spreading bombing in graffiti is a Black man, who used the tag ‘CORNBREAD’. And a majority of folks involved in the birth/history of graffiti were men of lower socioeconomic status (especially men of color, and especially Black men). They are not given credit.
  • These yarn bombers don’t have to deal with the same things that graffiti artists deal(t) with. They don’t have to worry about being chased/killed by cops. They don’t have to worry about turf wars. They don’t have to worry about their safety when/if they ‘get caught’. Their privileges make them harmless. All they get as backlash is ‘they should’ve asked before they did it’ (which defeats the purpose but whatever).
  • And a lot of yarn bombing is focused on ‘cozying’ objects. Knitting around a tree, a utility pole, a bicycle rack, etc. They are using and wasting resources that could be used to make and provide warm clothing for people who need it.