This little girl cosplayed Jyn Erso and delivered the Death Star Plans to Princess/General Leia

Harley (5 years old) and her dad Dino Ignacio made several copies of the Death Star Plans to deliver at the Star Wars Celebration held earlier this month in Orlando, Florida.

She successfully delivered the Death Star plans to Princess/General Leia Organa, C-3PO, creative executive at Lucasfilm Pablo Hidalgo, and to the shrine of Princess herself.

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More reverse au stuff I’ve been working on. I drew the Pinkie/Spike pic before I decide to swap Spike for Gummy, so don’t take it as canon.

Even moore facts:

-Bigmac and Cadence are a happily married couple here. Bigmac is the prince of the Crystal Empire while Cadence is the captain of the Crystal Guard. and lemme tell you there’s nothing more awesome than captain cadence

-look I know I said appledash was a canon couple in this au but RARIJACK. but seriously I just needed to do it, and i already said rares and aj made out previously so yeah

-Working around with the concept of Rarity wanting to become a guard. She’s even trained by Cadence. And Rares is lowkey gay for her because Cadence is just SO stunning and pretty

-Alicorn princess Pinkie?? I still gotta get used to her design because it’s weird as hell but lol

-Some EQG designs made for the funsies. Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie are my faves. Twilight looks like scitwi lol

Again thanks @beach-city-mystery-girl for so many ideas. We’re creating some good shit here :^)

Non-cis character headcanons

I am fueled by spite and the ability to do as I please on the internet. Please feel free to add any characters you headcanon as not-cis, these are just the ones that I have.

Mae Borowski from Night in the Woods: Nonbinary
Rock from Total Drama: Ridonculous Race: Trans boy
International Wife from 10 Billion Wives: Nonbinary
Rock Husband from 10 Billion Husbands: Trans boy
Olivia Pescado from Fantasy Life: Trans girl
Princess Laura from Fantasy Life: Genderfluid
Celeste from Huniepop: Genderfluid
Zoey from Huniecam Studio: Nonbinary
That Poppy: Demigirl
Michael Kelso from That 70s Show: Genderfluid
Asriel from Undertale: Agender
Chara from Undertale: Nonbinary
Frisk from Undertale: Nonbinary
Jinx from Teen Titans: Genderfluid
Raven from Teen Titans: Nonbinary
Chell from Portal: Nonbinary
Lars from Steven Universe: Trans boy
Sadie from Steven Universe: Trans girl
Penelope from Hamtaro: Genderfluid
Akki from Cute Demon Crashers: Trans girl (this one is canon!!! #blessed!!!)
Marco Diaz from Star vs the Forces of Evil: Trans girl
Stevonnie from Steven Universe: Nonbinary


My new series:
The Sunkissed Collection🌴🍊

Photographer IG: @novadvisuals
Muse: Alexandria