The Odious - Contemplating Utopia

These creatures are not at peace
They argue in a petty fashion
Debate all you want, the perfect civilization is far away
Contemplating utopia…

This is phenomenal.

Finally, classes had finished and Merlin was Salvador thankful for that. Potions. Something he hated like nothing else. And obviously was bad at. He was talking to some of his friends, that had shaken him awake after class ended, as he spotted a familiar face from the other side of the corridor. Joey and Salvador had been meeting up every night since Monday, talking and laughing in the forbidden forest. She quite grew onto him and he didn’t hesitate to consider her a good friend already.

He quickly bid his goodbye to his friends before he jogged towards hers with a broad grin. “Joey! Hey, you free tonight? I have a mighty awesome plan, in a different location for once”


One of Preacher Ector’s boys, loves to walk through the forest at night and count the stars through the whispering trees, grew up catching snakes for the sermons with his older brother Kay, jeans with the knees worn out, hands always covered in dust, cross always mounted over the headboard of his bed. Heavy admirer of what he finds beautiful, which is to say most things

I haven’t done a lot of work with this project, so I wanted to make a graphic to pretend I’m a productive person.