That night, a forest grew. | Kurt & Blaine
  • Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel
  • Blaine’s bedroom in Kurt and Blaine’s shared apartment
  • Drinking wine at 3am. 

Blaine checked his phone, 3:45am. He had been lying awake in bed just short of three hours now. It was his first night sleeping in his new apartment, his new room. He felt safe, of course he did, but it was still so new. There was anxiety resting beneath his skin that needed a way out. He kicked his blankets off the bed and into a heap on the floor, felt the cold air of his room on his bare chest and took a few deep breaths. He wondered if he had done the right thing moving in with Kurt. Kurt seemed to think so, and so did Sebastian, but that didn’t stop the thought in the back of Blaine’s head that this could end in disaster. 

He sighed, texted Kurt and silently hoped he was still awake. At his response, Blaine was off his bed and making his way into the kitchen. He opened a bottle of pinot grigio, grabbed the biggest wine glasses he could find (he had almost settled for two large mugs), and returned to his room. 


The Odious - Contemplating Utopia

These creatures are not at peace
They argue in a petty fashion
Debate all you want, the perfect civilization is far away
Contemplating utopia…

This is phenomenal.