also reminder to GET UP + STRETCH if you plan to sit at your computer/table for a long time and draw, because lemme tell ya sore neck and shoulder muscles arent fun

throughout the day as well, if you feel yourself tensing up relax a bit but remember to stand up straight

also stretch your fingers, shake them out, put your hands on the wall with ur thumb facing away from you to stretch out ur arms too

The Story So Far//Clairvoyant

(My edit,not my photo)


Thank you for your patience and I’m sorry I’m having to skip these two weeks! I have been a whirlwind of homework and con-preparing, so as an offering I present to you the whole crew (Plus the yet-to-be-introduced-blue-haired-tooth-nerd, Naseem <3) galavanting around at a convention.

Naseem is cosplaying a pretty dang obscure character so if you can guess who it is based on a mere text description then you win 80,000 points and a truckload of kudos for knowing and liking one of my favorite books.

Also this the first wallpaper available on my Patreon which I am pleased about.