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I am watching the movie rn and I just yelled "I CANT BELIEVE DEJA IS FUCKIN D- OH NVM"

yeee boi

Rayquaza was such a little shit in the movie tho jfc

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I feel like all Poussey fans should join forces so we can beat the fuck out of vee (even tho she dead). Like stomp the shit out of her grave!

um… FUCK yeah! I would be a little sad about doing that tho because even though I hate Vee as a  character, the actress that played her (Yvonne Parker) did an AMAZING job! 

I will be forever excited to see her in other shows and movies. 

okay tho i kinda freaked out there cuz i’ve been keeping this all to myself for awhile now but it honestly isn’t that big of a deal lmao idk what the fuck i’m doin. i’ve never broken up with someone before cuz this is like the 2nd time i’ve ever dated someone but i just gotta be honest and chill n like ye it’s gonna hurt him probably but i can’t just pretend to like him anymore it’s not right and we’re both still young and trust me i never thought we would be together forever i’m not like that but i do rlly love and care about him just not like that anymore but idky my feelings all the sudden changed like this like idk i thought we’d be together longer and that if anything he would be the one to break up with me but i mean if that’s how i’m gonna play myself then w/e. i still wanna be friends tho cuz he’s cool af and we’ve always had a pretty chill relationship so i’m hoping it’ll be okay cuz i only have like 1 friend but i feel like it would be better if we were just friends idk

he lives rlly rlly close to me so if we can’t still be cool then it’s gonna be rlly awkward lmao oh boy i’m a shit

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Yo, what's Felidae about? I only got that it got cats.

in short: “its about a cat solving the murders of other cats that seem to have a cult-like purpose” -parkwatcher 

long: it’s a 1994, german, animated film that centers around a feline protag by the name of francis who moves to a new neighborhood but encounters a strange death of a cat in his neighborhood which causes him to want to investigate the cause. however, the further he investigates, the deeper he sinks into something much more sinister 

(trigger warning tho like this movie deals w/ some pretty heavy shit like: animal death, gore, animal testing/cruelty, and theres a lot of frightening imagery so pls be careful before you just jump right in) 

since we’re just about halfway through the year (holy shit????) i thought i’d do a ranking of all the movies i’ve seen so far in theaters

  1. mad max: fury road
  2. it follows
  3. kingsman: the secret service
  4. ex-machina
  5. avengers: age of ultron
  6. jurassic world
  7. the spongebob movie: sponge out of water
  8. project almanac
  9. chappie
  10. tomorrowland
  11. true story

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Are you...ok after watching Temple of Doom? Because that movie is...weird to say the least. I'd actually forgotten about the hitting Shorty thing until I saw you post about it. I mean I understand criticisms of the alien stuff in Crystal Skull but I still love that movie because of the emotional stuff with Indy and Marion but yeah Temple of Doom is...just weird and CREEPY AS HELL

I’m okay I mean, it was Indy so I had difficulty genuinely not enjoying it, but there were parts where I was genuinely really creeped out and unlike the other ones where the weirdness is semi-explained, this time there was just … nothing made sense. There was no explanation, weird scary things just HAPPENED and you had to accept them. And it was also sorta low-key racist, you know? 

Also, in general, I don’t like child abuse, so that stuff with the mine and the part where he hits Shorty across the face, mind control or no, was really … erch. I mean I didn’t dislike it as a general thing in the context of the movie but it made me kind of uncomfortable and IT BROKE MY HEART WHEN TEENY BABY LOOKED UP AT HIM WITH WIDE EYES OH NO wow that part was terrible it killed me

but I’m fine everything’s fine

my question really is where the hell Shorty is in the other ones I mean he was practically Indy’s adopted kid

pride was fun, but exhausting. i thought the festival was closer and it was actually down by the banks so i had to walk an hour to get there, walked around the festival for six hours, and then walked an hour to get home. when i got back i drank a five hour energy and promptly fell the fuck asleep i was so beat. i saw a few ladies in punisher shirts and tried to make friends but i think i was a little overenthusiastic, lol. i have nooo chill when it comes to frank castle. the only bad thing is i did get lightly toasted by the sun and since i was wearing my crown i have like… crown tan lines. i’m… upset. 

just some lgbt movies!
  1. milk
  2. brokeback mountain(my gay bbs oh fuck i’m weak)
  3. carbaret
  4. paris  is burning
  5.  The Boys in the Band 
  6.  Philadelphia
  7. Bound
  8. but i’m a cheerleader
  9. boy’s don’t cry
  10. gods and monsters(not the lana song even tho that song IS my shit)
  11. the normal heart(get some tissue for this one)
  12. beautiful thing 
  13. blue is the warmest color  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  14. My Beautiful Laundrette
  15. Laurence Anyways
  16. My Own Private Idaho
  17. Go fish
  18. Mysterious skin
  19. Circumstance
  20. Weekend
  21. The crying game
  22. Rent
  23. A single man
  24. Philadelphia (it has tom hank and deznel Washington, my two dadgodies)
  25. Angels in America
  26. Pariah
  27. Happy together 
  28. The birdcage
  29. Hedwig and the angry inch
  30. maurice
  31. tropical malady 
  32. bad education
  33. those who love me can take the train
  34. before night falls
  35. rebel without a cause
  36. my own private idaho
  37. I don’t want to sleep alone
  38. Parting glances(it has steve Buscemi!)
  39. Lilting

  40. Christopher and his kind
  41. Do I sound gay?
  42. 52 Tuesdays 
  43. kiss me
  44. the kids are all right
  45. go fish
  46. love is strange
  47. appropriate behavior 
  48. the way he looks
  49. before night falls
  50. to wong foo thanks for everything julie newmar

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Once I thought I lost my keys at the movies and two workers, men, got my name and number in case they found it. They started personally texting me and it made me feel weird/violated. I told my friend and he glared and said "you should be flattered".

Awww hun I’m so sorry, that’s terrible and I have totally been there. I feel you *hugs*.

I’ve gotta be honest tho bc that guy is not your friend

I’ve learned over and over again the hard way that people who say that shit to me don’t have my best interests at heart at all. All they have time for are things that support their perception of the world and everything else doesn’t exist to them or should be changed to fit into this mould. And this man’s world-view is clearly informed by misogyny and rape culture. Bc your feelings are valid and you owe those two theater workers NOTHING. They literally abused your trust and have invaded your personal space, and NONE of that is okay in the least. 

To close, they fucked up and so did your supposed friend, you did nothing wrong and your feelings are totally valid xo.

Thoughts and Reaction of Naruto Gaiden ch. 700+9:

1) Oh my…that arm. Sakura gon slay tho.

2) Lmao Susano'o flying

3) Narudadkage’s reassuring smile :’)


5) Fuck yea that’s right, she’s your mom.

6) lmao sasuque? “Welp, fuck you Naruto, your turn doing the sensing, I ain’t doing this bs anymore.”

7) Holy shit that arm. (Shuriken throw)

8) is that a Susano'o arrow I see…??!?


10) Okay that’s cute not gonna lie, Sauce and Sakura interaction is just fuck.

11) I love you Chou Chou. (Also, damn, has anyone else thought about how good looking and pretty Chou Chou is? Chouji and Karui made a pretty damn fine child right there.)

12) That totally wasn’t an expected plot twist. *sarcasm engaged*


14) lmao it looks like an Akimichi body expanded Jirobou

15) Oh shit she’s got her mama’s genes!!



I’m watching a horror movie and it starts off with this family at a garage sale

The little girl is picking up flowery hats and pearls until she gets this insatiable curiosity over a sketchy wooden box that has fucking ancient hEBREW SCRATCHED INTO THE SIDES like some kind of evil biblical cult and I’m like… that shits cursed hun, cmon.

They buy the stupid thing and I’m here like “Whatever happen to yall you brought on yourself you little idiot”