rigby deserves so much better tbh……………he messes up a lot but it’s only because he’s expected to and he’s scared of being without his friends. he’s been treated like dirt his entire life because of his intelligence and it’s so heartbreaking to see how much it’s effected him, especially now that the others are realizing that too :’///

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Your points on those scenes were spot on! I loved how they gave us time to see what Hiro was going through. How he struggled to stay strong and then have that breakdown AS WHAT ANY PERSON WOILD DO. It made me appreciate how human the characters were


Aside from the obvious “Tadashi is Here” scene being my favorite, I think “Baymax Comforts Hiro” is a close second. Because I love Disney as much as the next person, but when loved ones have died in the past, they show emotion, but it’s like…they’re able to move on so well. With Hiro, we see just how much the death of his brother took a toll on him. 

He didn’t want to go college. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. He didn’t want to eat. He looked like he wasn’t getting much sleep either. He just wants Tadashi back, but he knows that’s not going to happen (….or maybe it will >:D)

And just when you think he’s kinda moving on and the subject of Tadashi isn’t going to be brought up anytime soon, Baymax of all the characters brings him up. And I think it was good for Hiro to finally talk it out. He sat in his room for WEEKS just bottling up in emotions feeling who knows how bad. We don’t know how awful he was feeling for these last weeks. It breaks my heart just thinking about how lonely and depressed he was up in his room. All the times he probably looked over to Tadashi’s side of the room and how empty/lifeless it now looks. Books/comics that he would occasionally take off the shelves to read at night to tire him out will now just sit there and collect dust. Clothing will now just linger on its hangers. And all these memories from years of being brothers and best friends along with it all JUST KILLS THIS BOY. 

But he feels so alone. He feels like no one will understand just how hurt he is. So he keeps it all to himself because the only person in his life that would understand what he is going through is dead

But Baymax somehow manages to get through to Hiro. And Hiro lets out that he is hurt and he doesn’t want to hear that he’s not really gone as long as he remembers Tadashi. Because HE HAS MOST LIKELY BEEN DOING NOTHING EXCEPT REMEMBERING TADASHI AND DESPITE ALL THAT, IT HURTS MORE THAN EVER. 

He doesn’t believe that anything or anyone can fix the pain that he feels for his loss. Truth be told that no matter what, he’ll never 100% be over Tadashi’s death of course. But BH6 isn’t just some superhero flick where the good guys win and the villain has some dark skeleton in the closet that relates to the hero. It’s about the process of grief and letting people help you and be there for you. And I think that was really special for Disney to show and it’s so important because there are so many people out their that deal with personal loss and trying to overcome it as well as other things. I’m glad that Hiro had a realistic and human moment where he talked about his feelings and stopped letting them be thoughts to himself. Yeah, he’s a genius. Yeah, he has his confident moments. But he’s also a human being who is hurting because someone very important in his life had been quickly and tragically taken away from him.

The scene in a nutshell just made me feel so bad for him. I wanted nothing more than to be a part of the hug. 

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@ people who called Waverly useless in the MFU movie:

did we watch the same movie?



Tegan: Sara and I say that we complete each other’s memory banks. I remember some things, and Sara remembers other things but from that same event, but we don’t overlap. I feel like I wish I had somebody there to watch me live my life so that I could ask them later what I was doing at this specific moment.

Sara: Did you ever see that movie…It stars Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere. As far as I can remember, he’s like sad and lonely, and he’s going to some kind of dance class and Jennifer Lopez is teaching it. …and then at the end of the movie, they end up getting together. He says, or she says…one of them says, “Relationships are just about finding a witness for your life.” I cried. It was very sad.

Tegan: Okay but the thing is, I have a ‘Richard Gere’. Or I have a 'Jennifer Lopez’, actually. But they weren’t with me when I wrote songs 10 years ago. So what do I do now? Is there a movie about that?

Sara: Yeah. It’s called 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.’
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