this happened cause I had the thought ‘Thor would look good as a Blue Paladin’.

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How do you feel about the Obi-Wan trilogy that is going to be made? As much as I'd love to see Ewan Mcgregor play Obi-Wan again, I feel like the only one who does not want this. I think they will give obi-wan a love interest and do anakin dirty (bad egg that was always destined to fall, poor obi who was always the better/stronger man and jedi etc.). Plus, I don't think he needs a trilogy-just one movie. That is overplaying his importance in star wars and giving him more movies than even anakin.

OH BOY!!! I didn’t know about the trilogy thing (or maybe I blocked it out of mind)…oh my….

Look I love Obi-wan and Ewan but three Obi-wan movies are beyond unnecessary. His whole life has been explored in multiple movies, books and comics. He is one of the most important and beloved sw characters. One of the few who were in both trilogies.  So for them to write 3 movies worth of content they will have to recton a shit-ton of stuff. the tragedy of Obi-wan was that he failed Anakin and then spent the rest of his life on Tatooine watching over Luke. That was his only reason to keep going. He was the protector of the “new hope”.

If they take that from him, if they give him a bunch of wild adventures with a new love interest away from the solitary mission that marked his life post-ROTS they will take so much away from the character I don’t even know where to start.

Make one Logan-style of movie with a personal, self-contained story about this one character and then leave him alone. We don’t need a trilogy – to create new plotholes – just to tell a story that has already been told.

This makes me sad :(

I feel bad for the people following my personal since I’ve been reblogging Heathers posts for the fast few minutes lol

Listen, there are two main reasons I already hate the new heathers tv reboot:

1) the heathers, who are the antogonistic, privileged bullies, have been made into minorities (an overweight girl, a woc and a gender fluid person.) They made the bullies. People that are bullied the most. As if that’s some sort of edgy and original power move.

2) they are then killed/ fucked over,,,By two straight, white, cis, skinny people that are the heroes of the story.

What the fuck kinda message are they tryna get across?