Gillian Anderson campaigns against modern slavery

In an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr, Hollywood actress Gillian Anderson has said that slavery is alive and well in every city in the world.

She said modern slavery was a $150bn business and urged governments and big business to do more to ensure there was no slave labour in supply chains.

She appeared with Monique Villa, CEO of Thomson Reuters Foundation and organiser of the international Trust Women Conference in London.

Ms Anderson also talked about her role in Sold, a film based on the true story of a survivor who was trafficked from Nepal to a Kolkata brothel as a young child.


“I finally found someone that I like. Wearing the same uniform and the same shoes. Sitting in the same class, born in the same year.”

Doukyuusei (同級生) directed by Shouko Nakamura 


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Although Jacqueline Kennedy was one of the most photographed celebrities of the last half-century, she was also one of the most private. Now a new biopic called Jackie takes audiences into the White House in the days following her husband’s assassination in Dallas. Natalie Portman plays Jacqueline Kennedy. Critic David Edelstein says:   

“The performance is gutsy and smart. Portman takes her cues from the line in the script, “I lost track somewhere, what was real, what was performance.” She shows how Jackie struggled after this monstrous killing—which is finally dramatized, up close—to wake up from the dream that her life had become. Portman nails the quality that many of Jackie’s intimates speak of: a mixture of shyness and slyness.

The movie is hard to warm up to, but its brittle sadness is evocative and finally, moving. We never really knew Jacqueline Kennedy. But now we see more clearly how, bereft and bloodied, she kept her—and America’s—grace.”