Ships used in the film Dunkirk (2017)
  • French T-47-class destroyer Maillé-Brézé portraying British destroyers HMS Vivacious (D36) and HMS Vanquisher (D54). 
  • Dutch Dokkum-class minesweepers HNLMS Naaldwijk and HNLMS Sittard with the Naaldwijk portraying British minesweeper HMS Britomart (J22) and the Sittard as British destroyers HMS Havant (H32) and HMS Jaguar (F34).
  • British Harbor Defence Motor Launch HMS ’Medusa’.
  • Dutch Multipurpose ship MLV Castor as British destroyer HMS Basilisk (H11).
  • British Motor Torpedo Boat MTB102. (MTB102 was present at the actual Dunkirk evacuation and became the smallest vessel to become a flagship in the Royal Navy when Admiral Frederic Wake-Walker transferred to her after his previous flagship, destroyer HMS Keith (D06) was disabled.)

When watching the movie, look out for the larger warships and the letter/numbers on the side. This will tell what ship it is, despite no ships being quite named.

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i don’t think so

Cheer Up Post #5300 - Spider-Man (Funny) Edition

For the anon requesting Spider-Man being funny, enjoy!


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Is no one going to talk about when Peter confessed to Liz? How perfectly amazing that scene was? 10/10 so realistic and relatable. 

The way he quietly slowly said, “Because I… like you.” Sounding so small and precious. And he wasn’t even looking at her because he’s so awkward and shy and because he’s Peter Parker and he believed he wasn’t good enough for someone so amazing like her. Liz liked Spider-Man, not Peter Parker. But Peter Parker is honest to god the smartest and sweetest boy so when Liz replied: “I know.” You can’t help but feel happy and relieved? Because she knew. She knew Peter was crushing so hard on her but she didn’t discourage it. She didn’t avoid him or anything because she saw that Peter’s amazing in his own way. 

So when Peter asked her if she had a date for Homecoming and she said that she didn’t… the way Peter lightened up like The Sun and stammered “Do… you… w-wanna go…” and then he slowly pointed at himself in disbelief and added so softly “…w-with me?” Like you really feel yourself struggling with Peter with his words and it’s so endearing. So when Liz said yes and Peter looked like he was gonna pass out from too much happiness because the girl he had been crushing on forever just gave him a chance. A senior gave a sophomore a chance. And when he walked away from her, you can see it on his face that he couldn’t contain himself and he was smiling so so so wide and you can’t help but smile with him too because you’re too happy for him.

And honestly? I’ve never seen precious cinnamon roll too good too pure for this world personified.