TG followers: important notice, please read

God knows I love TG, Ishida Sui and my fellow bloggers who take the time to have a nice chat with me about theories and characters <3.
However in order for my blog to remain this peaceful little corner of the TG fandom amongst others, I need some of you to understand a few things:

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What’s truly problematic about everything that happened at the VMAs is that it will be dismissed. Nicki will be dismissed as the angry black woman, Miley will be dismissed as the rebellious trendsetter. No one will listen to Kanye’s words, because they will be dismissed (as they were by Miley) as high-induced rambling. Again and again, discussions that black artists are trying to have with the public are getting shut down. Nicki tries to bring up a discussion about how race affects the results of award shows, and it gets turned into a cat fight. Miley makes it about her, about the crazy black woman who can’t “get over it”, who can’t understand that it’s “just an award”. You know what? It’s not just an award. I hate these award shows and I still watch them because they are a perfect reflection of where American culture stands. And it stands in a place where it’s okay for a racist, privileged white girl to make a costume out of dreadlocks, to call a black man her “mammy”, to shut down any attempt at a conversation about race and the twisted motives of award shows and to declare her support for a racist bastard like Donald Trump. When it comes to that last part, that’s when I actually got scared. The rest was just some spoiled brat running around the stage. But talking about voting for Trump? That’s truly horrifying. If it was some kind of sick joke, that makes it even worse and proves once again that Miley just will never understand what it means to be a minority in America.  Rebel Wilson essentially spat on #BlackLivesMatter by making a mockery of police brutality. Taylor Swift made herself into the doe-eyed victim once again with her bullshit about being such a big Kanye fan at 12 years old. And Kanye, who wants people to listen to what he has to say, who wants people to “like [him] more”, spends the whole first portion of his speech apologizing for wounded white egos. He was trying so hard to be polite so that his message, his message about how MTV and award shows in general pit artists against each other and create losers out of super stars, could come across [“I still don’t understand award shows. I don’t understand how they get five people who work their entire life, won, sell records, sell concert tickets, to come, stand on a carpet and for the first time in their life, be judged on the chopping block and have the opportunity to be considered a loser”]. And again, he gets dismissed. No longer as the angry black man but as the crazy, weed-smoking black man.

Miley’s performance comes off as deeply hypocritical after the rest of the show.  “Why is there a sky? And why the pigs run?/ And why these motherf–kers are putting bullets in their guns?” she sings. But what violence is she denouncing? She’s made it pretty clear that she doesn’t give a fuck about the black community, so I doubt she’s referring to police brutality. Perhaps this is her way of saying “Can’t we all just get along?” and asking people like Nicki to shut the fuck up, smoke one and get over it. Easy to cry for peace when you’re not the one fighting.


I love Zendaya.
I am 32 years old and I love Zendaya.
I have no children nor do I plan on having any and I love Zendaya.
She is a wonderful dancer, actress, singer, artist.
But more importantly she has a beautiful caring soul.
She stands up for herself and others.
She has always been true to herself.
As I said I don’t have any children I do however have a niece who is 3. And I hope one day when she’s older and starting to discover music and people to look up to I can point her towards Zendaya.
So it makes me angry when people not only shit on her because they don’t think she’s acting like a “typical 19 year old pop star”. The people that want her to do something outrageous and disrespecful. Children and people in general shouldn’t have to look up to people like that.
And the so called fans who think she’s a mindless bafoon who follows her bf around all day giving him sexual pleasure.
I mean really?!
No matter who Zendaya may marry one day…Trevor, Val, someone else in the business, someone outside of it, or hell she may never marry….but if she does she will never allow a guy to control her actions or bend to his will.
And thats something young girls like my niece need to know exists in this society.
Oh! Can’t forget she volunteers and donates her time and money to countless good causes.
If you don’t like her performing talents I will respect that…to each their own…but never insult her as a person.
Thank you.

pizzamantrulylovesthebabysitter asked:

"Be grateful there is a trans movie out" Are they actually fucking high? A film with a cis actress in the main role, an ignorant and transphobic director literally saying its not about transgender and making it seem like we all need hormone therapy.

But aren’t you aware? HRT is apparently the magical elixir that all trans people MUST be on in order to Be Trans. You don’t become A Trans until you’ve fully medically transitioned, otherwise you’re just a cis actor or actress! 

Honestly the whole thing makes me so angry. 

‘Be grateful there is a trans movie out’. 

I’d rather there were no movie than one that will cause more damage to the trans community. What disgusts me most of all is that judging from the trailer it seems to be far more about Ray’s family ‘coming to terms with it’ than about Ray himself. Some poor young trans boy is going to watch that movie hoping to find some personal reassurance and instead see a film that focuses on how terribly difficult it is for his family and how they’ve ‘lost a daughter’. And people cannot see how that will do damage? 

i often think about how bangtan is not going to be here forever

they will disband who knows if it’s in 5 10 or 20 years :’)

and just i want to see them as ot7 once in my life i want to see them on a stage 

i want to so much

but the chances are like 0 since i live in a country they will never come in europe and i dont have money to go to another country and this makes me sad and angry …sangry 

You know what, the “angry feminist” accusation makes me angry. Because damn right, we are angry. And we have a damn right to be angry because we don’t have the same damn rights. So stop fucking trying to ridicule or shame us for our anger and think for a minute about what made us angry in the first place.


Don’t let all my posts about being so seamlessly in love fool you. Relationships are hard as fuck. There’s a lot of tears, anger, and really tough decisions. Sometimes I fucking hate him and I’m sure he hates me. Sometimes I sit and think about where I am in this relationship and how nothing ever went as planned. Sometimes he makes me so angry I just want to sit and cry to my best friend but then I come to realize that he’s my best friend and I can’t cry to him about him! And so yeah.. Sometimes I even feel alone. But let me tell you, the pay off is worth it. It’s like fighting to get your favorite thing in the world and when you finally get it, it’s nothing at all how you expected but 1000% better.

And so on nights like this when shit gets hard, is when you have to remember all the good that is to come.

anonymous asked:

I'm surprised nobody has asked for your PSN or XBL username! Which is your system of choice?

Probably because I don’t play those systems online! lol
I play private Mass Effect 3 games either solo or with friends.

I’d honestly say 360. Now don’t get me wrong, Microsoft makes me angry a lot of the time, but judging by which one I’ve owned the longest, I’d have to give it up for my 360.
I’ve had four PS3′s, and only two Xbox’s. I sold every PS3 I ever owned, but I only upgraded my 360 because the old one busted.

If I had money right now to go buy a next gen console I’d get a PS4 without hesitation.