Magcon Preferences: He tweets a pic of your child sleeping

Nash - “@Nashgrier: Look at this cutie here :)”

Cam - “ @camerondallas: she asked if i could give her five more minutes and now…." 

Jack.G - ” @jackgilinsky: the strange things this boy can do :D"

Jack. J - “ @JackJackJohnson: My beautiful angel sleep, how cute is she?”

Taylor: “ @taylorcaniff: i only left him for a few mintues and he’s out cold :D”

Aaron: “ @AaronCarpenter_: My big boy sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time <3”

Matt: “ @TheMattEspinosa: Isn’t she stunning? Just like her mother @y/t/n <3" 

Carter: ”@Mr_Carterr: My boy and my girl in our bed <3"

Shawn: “ @ShawnMendes: i see someone is planning to be an artist ;)”

Jacob: “ @JacobWhitesides: My baby girl <3” 

Dillion: “ @Ruppism_: My two Angels from above :)”

Hayes: “@HayesGrier: The way she sleeps is too adorable x <3” 

Sam: “@sammywilk: My little boy, so peaceful when he sleeps :’)"