After Business Hours

It’s late but here is my addition for the July GIEPP. I struggled a little but I hope you guys like it!


“Son of a bitch! Sam drive faster.” Dean winced, clutching his leg that was bleeding at a rate he didn’t want to admit made him nervous.

“I don’t think we’re going to make it to the bunker in time to fix you up Dean.” Sam stole a glance towards the passenger seat. “Is there somewhere closer on the way?”

“That pharmacy a couple hours out. There’s a clinic inside. Remember? That hot doctor has a crush on you.”

“First of all, no she doesn’t.” Dean just smirked and tightened the belt wrapped around his leg. “Second, it’s 2 a.m., Dean. I doubt some mom and pop pharmacy is going to be open right now.”

“We’ll break in.” Dean shrugged. “I’ve looked around when we were there. The only part of the store that has any real security is the back where the medications are. Standard alarm system otherwise.”

Sam just nodded and pressed harder on the accelerator. He could bypass that easily enough, but they needed to get there fast before Dean lost any more blood.


You trudged up the stairs after a long day of patients and paperwork. You’d only stopped because the coffee ran out and your eyes were starting to cross. All you wanted was sleep. So when a sudden crash from the back of the building stopped you in your tracks, you were more irritated than scared. Despite being dead tired, you turned and headed back down the stairs to see what had caused the commotion keeping you from your bed.

As you entered the pharmacy through a side door, you once again stopped in your tracks when you heard voices. You had been expecting to see the display the new kid had put together that day scattered across the floor, not someone breaking in. You crept as quietly as you could to the register and reached into the drawer underneath. You were the only one who knew about the gun kept there and you thanked your lucky stars you had taken a class to learn how to use it.

“Dean, just sit down for a minute and let me look around.”

You dropped below the edge of the counter looking at the gun in your hand. You’d never shot anybody before, and possibly having to do so now made your stomach churn, but this place was everything to you. You weren’t about to let a couple of assholes break in to do God knows what to your life’s work. Taking a deep breath, you forced yourself to stand pointing the gun with much more confidence than you felt. You cocked it, a sound the man seemed to know all too well because he didn’t move an inch.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” You demanded. The man was tall. Very tall.  When he spun around with his hands raised, his eyes met yours and you faltered slightly.

You knew him. Well, you didn’t know him but he had been to the clinic before. You had stitched him and his brother up a couple of months ago. Dog attack is what they had told the receptionist, but you could tell the slashes had come from a blade of some kind.  Still, you had taken care of them and sent them on their way. You hadn’t forgotten them because on the way out the tall one smiled and said thank you, flashing you dimples that made your knees knock together. His brother had been equally charming sending you a wink and a thanks sweetheart before they disappeared around the corner. You hadn’t counted on seeing them again, much less in a situation like this.

“Hey, hey, it’s OK. I’m not here to hurt you.” He leaned forward a little, his hands now in front of him. “I’m Sam. Do you remember me?”

“I remember you came during business hours last time.” You held the gun steady when he took a step closer. “Why are you breaking in here? I keep the medicine locked up and there’s no money in the register if that’s what you’re after.”

Sam was shaking his head before you even finished talking. “No I swear! We’re not here to rob you. It’s my brother. He’s hurt pretty bad.”

“Ever hear of a hospital?”

“Yeah…they ask a lot of questions there and -”

“Fuck Sammy, quit flirting and let’s get this show on the road!”

Sam rolled his eyes. “Not helping Dean!” He called over his shoulder. With his focus back on you, he took one more step closer. “Look, we’re only here so I can stitch my brother up. We weren’t expecting anyone to be here.”

“I live upstairs.” Wow probably shouldn’t have told him that. “I own this place.”

“Wow I didn’t realize - ”

“SAM!” Dean was obviously getting impatient.

“Uh, right.” Sam motioned to the gun you still had pointed at his chest. “You want to maybe put that down? I just need to fix him up then we’ll be gone.”

You dropped the gun to your side but didn’t put it down. You motioned for Sam to walk in front of you. “Let me take a look at him.”


If you had feared the two men before, you definitely didn’t now. Dean had spent most of the time simultaneously flirting with you and making fun of Sam for flirting with you. Sam had in turn smiled apologetically and told Dean to shut the hell up. They told you stories that you figured were only half true but, given the injuries you’d seen, maybe not.

“She’s way better than you at this Sam.” Dean grinned as you finished up the last stitch in his calf.

“Hey be nice.” You pinched his good leg. “He might remember that next time he has to do this.”

“Yeah.” Sam agreed, happy to have someone on his side. “Or I’ll just bring you back here and tell her not to go easy on you.”

“OK Dean, I can give you a shot of morphine and you can sleep it off. There’s a couch in my office that’s comfortable if you like.”

“No we really should be getting home,” Sam insisted, “it’s just a few hours away.”

“Sam it’s fine. Your brother really shouldn’t walk on that leg for awhile and you look exhausted” You looked back at Dean, who was now asleep on the narrow exam table. “Looks like you’re staying for awhile.”

You and Sam wound up with a bottle of cheap red wine from the rack in the back of the pharmacy. You passed it back and forth sitting on the couch in your office until the wine was gone and sleep overcame you. When you woke up the next day they were gone but Sam had left a note that said he would be back to thank you properly.

The whiskey he brought was way better than the crap wine you had shared the night before and since Dean had stayed at the bunker, you also made great use of the exam table…and the front counter…and the stairs leading up to your apartment….


  • Wet recruit Harry in the first underwater test amirite or amirite (insert Mr. Darcy joke here)
  • Percival getting a black eye from Harry for messing up his entomology stuff (“jfc Harry they’re just BUGS”)
  • Merlin turning up for training one day in a kilt. Nobody bats an eyelid
  • Gazelle origins story. How did she meet Valentine? Was it love first or business first? What happened to her legs? How did she get so fuckin badass whaaaaa (I wish it was a bit more like in the comic, maybe a failed recruit that didn’t make it into Kingsman, I know that can’t possibly work in the story but wouldn’t that be fuckin awesome)
  • Everybody “borrowing” Merlin’s stuff and pissing him off
  • Harry not yet being able to tie a Windsor knot for shit
  • Merlin coming up with the idea for the Rainmaker, then all the other agents slowly ruining it by adding on what they think are essential gadgets (“it disnae even look like a brolly anymore”)
  • Harry pinning up his first front page from ‘The Sun’, taking a step back and looking at it on the wall, smiling to himself, with Mr. Pickle in his arms
  • Harry’s first taste of guilt when, after a successful honey pot mission, the mark is later murdered for giving up the information that Harry extracted

Harry is still alive
Gazelle is still alive
Mr. Pickle is still alive

"Pre-parenting Issues" - Bucky Barnes Imagine

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Word Count:

Warnings: Pregnancy, anxiousness, swearing

Request: “Hey I love Tumblr and your writing !!!! YOU ARE AMAZING I was wondering if it’s not to much to ask if you could do a oneshot where Tony is the readers older brother, who is very protective and the reader is pregnant with (lokuvky) child and she is scared to tell him? But Tony finds out from of the other avengers. Feel free to carry it on after I dally know how to end it ??? Xxxx”

A/n: I’d like to thank georghiousophia for the lovely request! I changed it up a little bit if you don’t mind, and I’d also like to apologize for being so infrequent with my fanfictions lately, and I hope you all enjoy~!

“C'mon, hurry up.” You muttered nervously, your leg bouncing wildly as you sat on the now closed toilet seat.

“(Y/n), you need to calm down, it takes a few minutes to process.” Steve speaks from his spot atop the bathroom counter, an anxious crack in his voice. There was a knock on the bathroom door, the sound of knuckles rapping against the wood making your skin tingle with nerves. “Come in babe,” you call, smiling in relief as Bucky’s head popped up around the edge of the door.

“Has it given you the results yet?” He asks, opting to sit on the floor in front of you, gripping your hand deftly in his own. You rubbed your thumb over the cool surface of his metallic hand, reveling in the sense of calm it brought you, especially in the current situation.

“No, nothing yet.” You tell him, glancing at the small pink and white stick sitting on the bathroom counter next to Steve. He smiles back at you affectionately and his grip ands tightens lightly, “it’ll be okay either way this goes sweet cheeks. I promise I’ll still love you either way, and I’d love to be the father of your child, if I’m being honest.” You giggle and smile at his confessions, feeling a small twinge of solace begin blossoming in your abdomen at his words, and you caress his jaw fondly. 

The placid atmosphere is soon shattered though, when Steve fumbles around quickly and accidently topples from the counter, making the two of you jump. Bucky shoots him a quick glare, eyes merely holding a friendly annoyance but still manage to look hostile enough to make Steve dissolve into a brittle laughter. It’s a few moments later when you notice that the pregnancy test had toppled from the counter and was now resting in the floor next to the trashcan on your right. You reached down to retrieve it wen there’s another sharp knock on the door, effectively scaring all three of you this time.

You drop the plastic instrument and it slides across the dingy linoleum of your bathroom as the door opens, and your greeted by your brother’s face. His features tell you something has all ready made him mildly annoyed, and when he marches into the all ready crowded bathroom he unknowingly steps on the pregnancy test, and gives an irritated huff. It’s only when Tony removes his foot from the object and has picked it up does he realize just what it is, and immediately looks at the two men who are sharing the small space with you.

“What the hell is this?” He interrogates, pointer fingers aimed accusingly at the Steve and  Bucky. “This better one of you two’s or so help me god I’ll become a surgeon on top of everything else just to have the pleasure of castrating you myself!”

Both men’s eyes widened comically and Steve becomes a sputtering mess as he attempts to come up with some kind of lie in hopes of being able to save his best friend’s ass at least one more time before Stark kills him, but you won’t have it. You subconsciously plant yourself between your lover and your older brother, aggressively snatching the test from his hand -making a mental not to seriously wash you hands later- before glaring right back at him.

“Tony, you’re not going to do anything to either of them, especially since,” You look down at the object in your hands and your heart rate picks up,“…especially since one of them is the father to my baby and the other is going to be a God father.”

Surprisingly enough, the older Stark doesn’t immediately blow a gasket, but rather gains an eerie unperturbed aura about himself. He averts his gaze back to your accomplices, taking his sweet time in studying both of their responses thus far before look back at you with a much softer expression. He moves closer to you, wrapping you in a hug strong enough to force some of the air from your lungs.

“Which one of these idiots is going to be the dad, I need to mentally prepare myself if I’m going to have a niece or nephew with super strength or a fucking metal appendage.”

His statement makes all of you laugh and what’s left of a breath you didn’t know you were holding gushes forth from your mouth. You jerk your head in Bucky’s direction, “Mr. James Buchanan Barnes over there’s my baby daddy.” You say, a grin stretching from ear to ear plastered on your face. Tony nods -seemingly in approval- an odd sort of humming noise vibrating through his chest. “Honestly should have seen that one coming.“ He tells you jokingly.

"So you’re not mad?" You ask, to which he only chuckles at you, ruffling your hair like he usually does when he's pleased with you.

"Oh (Y/n), you silly little sister of mine, ‘mad’ doesn’t even sufficiently describe how angry I am, actually try the word 'livid’." You snicker at his words, jumping and wrapping your arms around him this time.

"Oh come on, you can’t really be all that mad about it, on the bright side there’s gonna be a mini you and me running around soon and he or she will be little devil child with super strength or a fuckin metal appendage Tony!

if im honest i feel like a god damn coward about this whole situation like, 90% of the fucking time because im so quiet about it

truth is im fucking petrified of tucker. i know hes played plenty role in defamation of my own self, much less other (good) people?? and thanks to my paranoid ass its only about 50 times worse up in the shitty noggin to the point of hearing voices in many triplicates about the whole ordeal saying WATCH OUT, OVER YOUR FUCKING SHOULDER, KID.

its not fair to marissa to be the hub of all of this and to be the forefront and i feel like a fuckin tool for the fact that literally all of the momentary courage ive gained to speak snippets about it is mostly due to the fact that ive latched onto marissas bravery because i am too much of a coward to have my own legs to stand on with this affair despite what i used to do with it in the past what with trying to warn people rather unsuccessfully, but that doesnt matter now

im a fucking twisted up mess of paralyising terror and agonizing rage over the whole situation and by golly it makes me super fucking aggressive and vindictive to the point of wanting nothing better than to throttle tuckers neck with my tiny little icon clamp fingers and oops! i guess im showing aggressive tendencies and desires towards an abuser! i suppose this irrationality is just further proof that people like myself are the insane ones or something. i dont fucking know

leave me alone, leave marissa alone. by god especially marissa. leave everyone the fuck alone you vile hack of sputum and scum because eventually youre going to set on fire from all of this and no one will save you because you will never fucking deserve that and i hope you fucking see this and see the scrunching twisted venom of my anger that you caused and know that people KNOW you are a vile, remorseless sack of shit with nothing better to do with your pathetic life than prey on other people, and know that MORE people will learn about you

fuck you

fuck you

devuhreegee asked:

Sixth year, and James and Sirius are in the halls after hours, about to set up an elaborate prank and get caught by Lily who is on her Prefect patrols and then unexpectedly ends up helping them out.

  • “I was thinking we could start with the carpet, see how its patterned? well how about we make the flowers hold people’s legs while they walk on it … maybe every other flower? keep them on their toes, and the ceiling! perhaps we can charm the ceiling to look like the night sky, if the sky were red and the stars were gold! Oh Remus do you remember the cloud spell, that’d look cool …” James rambled with Peter furiously writing the checklist, and the corresponding spells to the side. 
  • Sirius was watching the map, or rather, he was supposed to be watching the map. Instead, he had gotten into an argument with Penelope the Pleasant the 5th, about the proper way to cast the muffliato spell. “No no no, it’s much more durable if you give a small flick at the end, a swish completely weakens the spell!” 
  • he had performed the spell, as he always did for these kinds of things, but apparently he had done it very wrong, at least according to Penelope 
  • Remus was keeping watch on the wall, except they all knew that he would just sleep, but that’s okay
  • “oh hell, what on earth are you guys doing?” Lily said as she was finishing rounds, of course on the day she was equally frustrated and tired, she managed to stumble upon the so called marauders
  • and Penelope was smirking the entire time because clearly the muffliato wasn’t any good if they were caught
  • James eyes immediately widened, and his hand flew up to his hair. “Evans! What a lovely surprise, never expected to see you here! What ever are you doing on this lovely Tuesday night?”
  • “Potter, i’m afraid to say I’m not quite as happy as you are, it’s 11:00 at night, I haven’t finished Durnby’s essay, and I’ve caught 6 couples out, I’m exhausted because Alice and Frank had a problem so I was up till 4 last night, all I really want to do is go to bed, but that’s not happening now, is it?” She sighed as she leaned against the wall, needing the support
  • But that’s when Sirius decided to pop in “Oh but my dear Miss Evans, thats precisely why this prank is so perfect”
  • and Remus was just waking up and stretching
  • “Of course, see we believe the essay he assigned us was a bit unfair. 3 feet in one night? Not to mention how he’s the toughest grader in this school, and how we had to do our own research! That’s at least a week of hard work, and he wanted it done in a day?” James started 
  • “Which is why-” but the reason was cut off because Remus yawned 
  • “We decided our mission against this hallway in particular.” finished Peter, still scribbling down spells and possible ideas
  • and of course Lily was a little less annoyed, because to be honest the homework load was a bit ridiculous, I mean come on … maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.
  • The next morning she would blame it on her lack of sleep, I mean no one’s judgement is fully functioning when one is exhausted, but quite frankly, she had been bored recently and tired and maybe a little fun couldn’t hurt?
  • “Oh dear Sirius, your muffliato was weak at best, not to mention you all are extremely visible. cave innicum. fianto duri, salvia hexia. There, that should do it, for now at least. And from what I heard, and past experience, while your pranks are impressive, start thinking less of the grand scheme of things, and instead work backwards. Do you want total chaos, frustration for Professor Durnby, or just a minor annoyance?”
  • James eyes were so wide they might’ve popped out of his head if she hadn’t stopped talking
  • Peter just blinked as though he couldn’t quite believe what was happening
  • Sirius looked miffed, and uncertain which was understandable because she’s given him plenty of detentions recently, why was tonight any different?
  • Remus just yawned
  • And so it went, them performing the usual charms, Remus being awake enough to conjure the clouds because “I was just resting my eyes, of course I wasn’t sleeping, who could sleep around voices like yours?”
  • Except this time, Lily put permanent sticking charms on each spell, ensuring it would be an extra pain in the arse to get off. Also, she transfigured the tapestries into flobberworms that left red and gold glittery trails, with boundaries held up only by Lily’s spells”
  • and they its a quite simple really, Lily has plenty of ideas and they already had a plan and it seemed to fit
  • or rather, Lily fit

  • and then the next day came, eventually Lily had gotten back and scrawled a rather poorly done essay, but it was an essay and it was done and that’s better than she could have hoped for
  • and she walks into the hallway mumbling a protection spell if necessary, she could hear the squeals and commotion from rather far away
  • and the second late night in a row lead to a rather weird sort of energy that only comes when one is so tired, nothing really matters
  • it was complete chaos, a few students had some glitter trails running up their legs, vines were sprouting from the rug, something had created a rather foul stench, and in the middle of it all was a rather harassed looking Professor Durnby. who’s legs were covered in vines, who had a gold streak across his head, who was getting rained upon by some clouds in feathers, which had a mild sticking charm, just enough to be some annoying. 
  • James was leaning against the wall, laughing slightly as a prefect tried to pull the vines off his legs, 
  • Lily had added extra protection, the more people struggle, the more the plants grow across the ground, and slowly their skin will begin to turn a faint shade of green, even she had to admit it was quite entertaining, and she didn’t feel too bad, if the students were smart everything was easy to remove, although the professor may have it a bit worse, 
  • class was effectively cancelled, she was able to take a nap, and Sirius was in shock
  • “she didn’t rat us out? Are you telling me that’s not weird? C’mon man, the bird has the moral system of McGonagall!” 
  • Remus was impressed, he wouldn’t have guessed that Lily would use her smarts on the darker side
  • Peter was relieved, Lily already knew a lot of spells and he didn’t have to write so much down,
  • and James was in love
  • but they all knew that already
The Malec Week tag game.

Answer the following questions with your headcanons for Magnus and Alec and tag 10 people to do the same.

Thanks for tagging me, katy-l-wood <3

1. Who is the little spoon?
Alec. Sometimes Alec is exhausted from training, or the ever so tiring occupation of Demon hunting, and all he wants to do is lay with Magnus, listen to his steady heartbeat and breathe in the smell of home. Sometimes Alec wakes up to find that strong arms are locked around his torso and his legs are entangled with Magnus’s, but that all soon becomes irrelevant when Magnus presses lazy kisses to the back of his neck… I’m getting ahead of myself. Anyways, Alec is 1000% the little spoon. 

2. How do they cheer each other up when they are down?

When Alec is feeling down, its pretty easy to appease him. He is pacified by the gentlest things, like a hug or a lingering kiss, but Magnus finds that Alec doesn’t like to talk through his problems. When Magnus is feeling down, its tricky. Alec isn’t as experienced as Magnus is, so he isn’t the greatest at detecting these things, but when he notices, he does everything he can think of, just in case one of them might work. Magnus mentioned that he wanted to watch this movie three months ago? BAM! Attempt number one. The attempts continue until something works. Alec’s tactics are trial and error. 

3. Who tends to make the first move?
 Publicly, that would be Magnus. It takes a while for Alec to become comfortable with public displays of affection, and a while longer to stop caring all together. At home, Alec feels more free, hidden from societal judgement, so he tends to make a move when he deems it a fit moment. He isn’t quite as shy as people think he is. Being nervous around crowds is his weakness, but take away that factor, and he has no qualms about telling Magnus exactly what he’s thinking ;)

4. Who is in charge of the remote?
Magnus, to Alec’s disapproval. One can only watch so many reality shows before one’s head explodes, according to Alec’s logic. Although, Magnus catches him humming along to one of the songs featured on The Voice that pervious night, so it seems that his watching habits aren’t as intolerable after all.

5. Who proposes?
Okay, this is a tough one that has had me thinking for a while. I wrote a wedding fic a while back so I think I’m going to stick with what I wrote and say: Magnus. Hear me out. I think, while Alec is clumsily passionate, Magnus’s emotions are channeled more directly. I think that Alec would be second guessing himself every step of the way, and there would be good reason to believe Magnus would say no, considering the pain of eventually losing Alec as a boyfriend. Plus, he’d probably think he was holding Magnus down or something. Alec is wonderful, but he isn’t always logical. I think that Magnus would be the one to make the final decision on this. I think Magnus would be the one to think, Yes. This one is the right one and I want to entrust my immortal soul to him. I want to give him every part of me that I can give while I still have him here with me. That Is why I think Magnus would propose. It would be a way to show Alec that even though he’s doubting himself, there is one person that will forever believe in him. His husband

6. Who disciplines their children?
I think it is a mix of both, depending on the crime and the punishment. I feel that they both have different values and morals when it comes to an outlook on life, so the offence they would take to certain mishaps and misbehaviours would entirely depend on what they feel would be correct.

7. Who reads the bed time stories?
Magnus. He has the best ones to tell and he’s always been talented at weaving tales. Alec likes to listen in, sometimes getting far too lost in the story then he should be. Alec will tell a story once in a while, in Magnus’s absence. About a demon he hunted, or a foe he’d slain. Or a the story of a Warlock he fell for once upon a time. 

8. How do they express their love for each other?
Alec asks Magnus how his day was and lets him rant about a particularly offending customer. Magnus hears Alec come in late at night after a hunt, snags his waist, and drags him down onto the mattress, forcing him to get some peaceful sleep. Alec makes Magnus coffee every morning with his (Alec’s) special coffee machine, regardless of how early or late Magnus wakes up (Its very seldom that Magnus is the first to wake. Alec is a horrible morning person, but he never sleeps past eight—Poor Alec). 

They both use phrases like this to show their love:

Are you alright? Did you sleep well? Remember to eat, okay? How are you feeling? Come sit with me. Tell me about your day. You’re in a good mood today, whats the occasion? Whats wrong? Talk to me. I miss you. I hate when we quarrel. Come to bed. Hush now, go to sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up. *Sarcastic laugh* And they say chivalry is dead. You’re an idiot, you know that?*Groaning* I’m married to a madman! 

I love you.

I love you too.

9. Who do they talk to about relationship problems?
Alec tried to go to Jace or Izzy once. Needless to say, that did not go very well. By a stroke of Luck, Alec found that Clary is a great listener and is amazing at dealing with boyfriend drama. Go figure.

Magnus goes to Catarina, because there is no one else to consider, really. She is a “take no shit” kinda thinker when it comes to relationships. She usually give Magnus a blunt answer that doesn’t really consider the repercussions. However, blunt seems to work with Alec, so Magnus goes with it.

10. What do they argue about?

Magnus has a tendency to go overboard with a lot of things, without realising how overboard he’d gone, exactly. Alec is a more closed off kind of person in public, so sometimes Magnus’s careless behaviour can make Alec extremely uncomfortable. 

Alec slips up sometimes, he’s only human(ish). He mentions things regarding Camille or asks a few too many questions about sensitive parts of Magnus’s past. Magnus knows he doesn’t mean it, but enough is enough.

I have a headcanon that when Alec tells Magnus not to be jealous, Magnus, without thinking, reminds him of the end of COLS and about Alec’s jealousy which broke them apart. That time, when Alec was conspiring with Camille and being a jealous asshole, unloads a ton of guilt on Alec, making him feel like shit. If you want to see how that scene would play out (for my headcanon) I wrote a fic called, Arguments and Elevators.

11. What is their favorite thing to do when they have some alone time?
Besides the obvious kissing and stuff, they like relaxing, whether its watching television together, or cooking, or just soaking up each other’s company while they still can. Both of them have draining jobs and its blissful to get a few moments of peace. 

12. Where do they prefer to go on holiday to?
Somewhere warm. Both of them resent the cold. I picture them vacationing somewhere with a sandy beach and sunny sky. 

Anywhere but Peru.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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Is high school in america as bad as they look like in the movies? Because in Europe we don't really think high school is that big of a deal, no mean popular girl who happens to be a cheerleader and dates the captain of the football team

oh my god those movies are absolute bullshit

it actually makes me pretty angry the way the media portrays high school (especially american high schools) because it creates these unrealistic images in kids minds. like I feel like growing up, kids are taught what’s supposed to be cool and what’s not, what makes someone popular, what makes someone a ‘nerd’ and then they get to high school with these preconceived notions. it also pisses me off how ‘high school popular girls’ in movies are beautiful 20-somethings with supermodel legs and impeccable makeup and style and then the guys are these ripped jacked 20+ year olds. and then when regular teens get to high school, they think they look young or not like ‘the typical high school girls’ in the movies

like nothing about those movies is realistic and kids get to high school and realize that there is no mini squad that ‘rules the school’ and there aren’t girls marching through the halls in a flying V and 4-in pumps. cheerleaders aren’t cool or even relevant, and popular girls are down to earth and the whole high school environment is nothing like the movies

Rhythm of my Heart - Brett Talbot Imagine

Rhythm of my Heart – TW Imagine

Prompt: You go to a dance school, along with one of the most popular boys Brett. You were practicing your solo for a school competition. You and Brett were competitive against each other, but eventually your feelings towards Brett develop.

A/N: Definitely going to be a part 2 uploaded! I’m actually pretty proud of this piece, and I hope you guys like it as much as I do! Please please please send me feedback about what you think about this Imagine, your thoughts keep me writing more!

Pairing: Brett x Reader

Word Count: 1483

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Your POV

“Come on Y/N, you can do this!” You tried to encourage yourself, but it wasn’t helping much. You sat on the ground, having another stretch. You reached out to your foot, stretching your back and leg. You got back up and played your song on the iPhone audio speaker. ‘I Can’t Feel My Face.” From the Weeknd was playing. It was an upbeat remix of the original, which was great because you needed to work on your pop dance routine. You worked with a group that praised you as their ‘captain’, voting that you should take the solo. You danced, incorporating moves that matched with the beat. “One, two, three, four..” You swung your arms back, moving your feet front. You were proud of your choreography so far, but there was one part you wanted to include that required another person. You just couldn’t get it right, you tried to do the move by yourself, but that plan flunked. You didn’t want to change the routine, but you wanted to include that dance. You sighed, fingers ran through your hair. It was dark, but you had all access to the dance studio after 6. There was only little time until the competition that your team was competing for started. You were a proud representative of Beacon Prep Dance Academy. It was a 5 star school located in between the two schools, Beacon Hills and Devenford Prep. You were home schooled, so you were able to attend Beacon Prep more often than the others. You were the type of student that would work hard for what they deserved and wanted. You had your mind set on the prize, a scholarship to your preferred college if you won best solo or duo dance. If your whole team won, that would mean performing on ‘So You Think You Can Dance.” You were glad you were getting far in your dreams, becoming famous and attending the best performing arts college in America. You decided to dance the routine so far one last time before heading out. You were determined to make the dance right.

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nyo!fruk headcanon that alice isn’t very comfortable with showing off her body and typically dresses very conservatively, however she prides herself in dressing well and does like to keep up with the latest styles. francine knows this, so she’ll go out and buy her very expensive dresses and skirts from top designer brands that show a little more cleavage/legs/body in general in order to help alice become more comfortable with her body and getting to see a little more of her girlfriend. alice complains about it constantly claiming that she’d never dress so provcatively no matter where the outfits came from, but not so secretly she never wants francine to stop buying them

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how do you stay fit? like what's your diet like and what exercise do you do?

My exercises involve yoga and meditation and running 2/3 hours everyday. I also do karate 2 days a week and hike. I do lunges, sit ups, vertical leg crunches, long arm crunches, planking, deep squats, push ups, hill climb exercises, jumping jacks and skipping also weights everyday. I do have rest days which I focus on yoga/meditation. My diet involves lots of green tea, fruit, vegetables, salad wraps and rice. :)!


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Hiccup’s fever started during their third day at sea.

Astrid woke up cold, shivering under the blankets tangled around her arms and legs. Her eyes stung from salt; rubbing them only made them hurt more. She sat up slowly, her whole body stiff and aching, and looked around sleepily at the dark blue waves whipping themselves into frenzied foam around her.

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GCC Request - Desert Wanderer

Ahaha finally picked this ticket up, had been studiously avoiding it for some time rofl. I think it was good though, I am very happy with the final results of what I did, I added a bit of a leg anatomy fix and reshaded most of the base pet, and I reeeally like how the edits came out X3

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So, I'm not exactly fat, but not exactly skinny (like, legs down I'm fat, and up I have like stick arms, my body is weird af) and I wanna cosplay amethyst. Do you think it'd be fine for me to do it, or it'd be wrong??

Uh I think? I’m not sure what the rules are exactly, even as a fat person.

I’d have to. Think about it? I’m inclined to say its ok but I’m a softie

*Shows up months late to the bandwagon with starbucks*

S O. Here’s the finalized version of Nacre/Mother of Pearl, my gemsona! I’m still very much doubtful about the colors but you know what it’s fine for now.

Uhhh a little bit about her, I guess: She’s a much older homeworld gem who’s primary function was to manufacture pearls, true to the name. Her legs are actually her weapons, so she summons them from her gem and all, as well as being able to morph them into giant, spiky, crab-like things. Being able to grow super tall and stab and trample stuff with them is great and all, but she’s not very good in battle otherwise, seeing as her gem is very fragile.

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is there such a thing as actually being 'big-boned,' so to speak? I've always felt that part of my weight had to do with genuinely sensing that my bone structure was a bit stockier compared to other girls my height, however a lot of ppl upon hearing this tell me to "stop making excuses" for my poor weight even though I'm not :(

while there is such a thing as having a different bone structure, the skeleton in itself, on average makes up only 14% of your entire weight. Even we go with someone slightly heavier like a 16% that should not make that much difference in your weight. Mind you, those weight ratios are not meant to include extremely obese people. Your skeleton cannot compensate for extreme strain that well. 

However, bone structure can determine a lot how a weight looks on you. Certain things, like wide hips, or proportionally small legs can make you look stockier than you really are. Kinda like an optical trick. 

If you’re unhappy with your weight, it’s in all likelihood not because of your bones, it’s because of all the other things you carry around on them, mostly muscles and fat. 

Here,” he said to Magnus as gently as he could, and reached down to lift him up. Magnus stumbled to his feet, and Alec managed to get one of the warlock’s long arms slung over his shoulder. Magnus was thinner than he had ever been; his shirt clung to his ribs, and the spaces under his cheekbones looked sunken, but there was still a lot of warlock to contend with: a lot of skinny arms and legs and long, bony spine.
“Hold on to me,” Alec said, and Magnus gave him the sort of smile that made Alec feel like someone had taken an apple corer to his heart and tried to dig out the center. “I always do, Alexander,” he said. “I always do.
—  City of Heavenly Fire

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can you give me some basic bitch advice for riding pls!! i feel so clueless everytime i'm on top because i don't wanna break his dick :/ &do i go up and down or grind? it's so haaaard :/

girl the only time u can break is dick is if either a.) you too wild of a hoe or b.) his dick weak but the best advice i can give you is make sure he’s comfortably laying down and have your legs/thighs all the way up like almost touching his upper arm if that makes since. u can do a combination of grinding and bouncing thats what i do!!! grinding especially bcus that makes me cum!! go on whatever pace u and your partner want thats all preference. don’t worry so much about looking weird or breaking his dick girl just make him nut do ya thang ✨✨✨