Started thinking about Halloween instead of sleeping cause that’s just how I roll. Here are my thoughts:

  • Pidge is a gremlin who lives for candy and scaring… Most likely not putting up decorations on August 1st but definitely is planning out the Scare Of A Lifetime (Target: Lance)
  • Hunk would kill a man for those king sized candy bars… But he’s too busy planning the Halloween party/sleepover to start putting up decorations yet. That’s September 1st.
  • … Do you think Lance would unironically ironically wear those ‘sexy’ Halloween costumes? I… Maybe? Half as a joke, half as an excuse to show off his shaved legs.
  • There are no trick-or-treaters in the desert… Keith has done away with Halloween. He doesn’t really care. Hunk and Pidge probably hang up some of those decorations that jump out on you and well… Keith has paranoid reflexes and a knife. Rip the decorations.
  • Shiro uses his laser robot hand to carve the space pumpkins… Okay that doesn’t sound like it would end well lmao, maybe they make the pumpkins out of metal. That would actually be really cool. Shiro is an arts and crafts God.
  • Allura and Coran get Really Into It because Altea had nothing like this so they’re thrilled to experience some (American) traditions. YO Allura can shapeshift so Pidge convinces her to shapeshift into some traditional horror film monster and they scare the SHIT out of Lance. I love it.

Halloween is primarily an American-centric holiday though so I could see half the team honestly not caring at all lmfao.

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kaneki is a lot taller than touka isn't he? their heights in the anime confused me

Yeah, Touka’s last height given was 156cm (5′1) while Sasaki is 170cm (5′7)

Unless Kaneki has grown/is going to grow taller (which is pretty unlikely- in the 3 years between TG and :re he grew 1 cm) I feel like their height differences are a little bit exaggerated but of course perspective, posture, etc can make a huge difference!

This is what their height should be:

But sometimes it looks a bit different- like here they’re almost the same height :

This one is pretty spot on if you think how poofy Touka’s hair is and that Kaneki isn’t standing up straight:

While this one, Touka looks considerably shorter:

oh OH MY GOD I just realised something what if Kaneki still has the kagune chicken legs in that last art and that’s making him taller holy shit or if he regenerates his legs back a bit longer than before to make himself taller kaneki pls :’D

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prompt, maybe? Jesse teasingly adoring Hanzo's delicate ankles / feet, comparing them to his twin dragons' legs, but Hanzo not realizing or taking it as teasing, and gets so fluffed up and proud YES I AM STRONG DRAGON c:<'

I’m going to be completely honest, I cannot do this prompt justice. It sounds absolutely adorable and endearing and I just feel like I’d fuck it up. But anon, this is an amazing prompt and I want to personally thank you for giving me that mental image. It’s so sweet, it’s gonna give me cavities.

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So bugs really creep me out, but I like bug taxidermy so like how could I get over being fearful of bugs that are alive?

It depends on what kind of bugs you’re afraid of. Spiders used to scare me really bad, even the little ones, but I’ve somewhat gotten over that fear by trying to think of them as ants with more legs and cooler abilities, like superhero ants. Big spiders can still be scary, but that’s within reason because they could hurt me and stuff. It’s always good to be cautious around bugs even if you know you’re safe just so you don’t hurt the bug
Learning more about them helps too, the more you know about something, the less there is for your mind to make up into something terrifying.

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Can you continue your roommate feysand au Please !

You can find the first part here :)

Since the last one was all NSFW, this is going to be pure, unending fluff. I hope you guys like it :) I sort of wrote something earlier but then I clicked back by accident and everything wasn’t saved :/ so I hope this lives up to my first draft.

None of the characters used are mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.



Feyre moaned as Rhys’s hands trailed up the centre of her bare spine then back down. She buried herself deeper into his neck, tightening her arms and legs around his body. A soft chuckle left Rhys’s lips as his hands started massaging her upper back softly and his lips moved to kiss her forehead.

“Good morning, Feyre,” he muttered, his voice deep and hoarse from just waking up and filled with satisfaction from the night before. 

“Morning,” she muttered, simply burying her face deeper into his chest and kissing the area there softly.

Rhys’s hand continued to massage her back, tempting Feyre to repeat the things she did last night. She sat up against his hips and smiled down at him, her hair beautifully tangled and her eyes still hooded with sleep. He brought one of his hands up to cup her cheek, his thumb rubbing her cheek bones softly. She looked beautiful. The light from the window beside them illuminating her from behind, giving her an angelic glow. 

“You look beautiful,” Rhys blurted out, his cheeks reddening from his sudden words.

Feyre laughed softly, rubbing the palm of her hands against his chest where it was resting since the moment she woke up. She leaned down and kissed his lips softly as her answer. Their mouths opened for each other, their tongues dancing against each others. This kiss was different from the ones last night. It was slow, tender as if they had all the time in the world. Which they sort of do since it was a Saturday. Rhys couldn’t help but let a moan leave his mouth from the delectable taste of her lips. 

Feyre pulled away moments later when they both needed air. She shifted to lay beside him and rested her head against his magnificently, tattooed chest. She tossed one of her legs over his torso and rested one of her arms against his chest, beside her head. Her other arm was curled against her. Her hand started tracing the intricate swirls on his chest, just the way he liked it. 

“I’ve noticed after awhile that you seem to like my tattoos a lot. Why’s that, darling?” Rhys drawled out, his voice full of teasing.

Damn it. She didn’t think he’d notice how her eyes would sometime linger longer on his chest than the rest of her body. 

“What? Am I not allowed to love my boyfriend’s tattoos?”

Only after the words left her lips did her cheeks redden and her eyes widened.

Shit. I said boyfriend.

Rhys’s smile turned into a full on, shit-eating grin the moment the word left her lips. Feyre’s cheeks reddened further as she buried her face into his neck. He laughed from her reaction as he tilted his head sideways to give more access. 

“Just saying, darling, I’d absolutely love to be your boyfriend.” 

Feyre growled against his neck, which made him laugh harder. She kissed his neck softly before leaning her chin against his chest and facing him. She gave him a pout, her eyebrows furrowed. Rhys smiled at her.

So beautiful, he thought.

He ran his hand through her hair before tucking one side of the tangled mess behind her ear. 

Rhys’s grin turned into an affectionate smile.

“In all honesty though, Feyre,” his smiled widened slightly, “Will you give me the chance to be your boyfriend? For as long as you would have me?”

Feyre melted from his words, her eyes shining with joy. 

“And what if I want you forever?”

Rhys’s eyes somewhat glistened, but Feyre didn’t know whether it was real or not. His smile turned into a grin once more, “Even better, darling.”

Feyre was sure her grin mirrored his as she leaned down and kissed him once again. Her hand trailed up from his chest to cup his cheek, pulling him impossibly closer. Rhysand’s hand wrapped around her waist, tugging her so there was no space between his chest and hers.

They pulled away when their chests were both heaving up and down from the lack of breathe. But they both had the same expression: happiness. Feyre leaned her forehead against his and pecked his lips.

“Rhysand,” she paused, “Of course I’d give you the chance to be my boyfriend. If you didn’t know that after last night, I’d be worried how dense you are.”

Rhys laughed quietly, staring at her with eyes full of adoration.

“And I’d love to be your girlfriend, Rhys. As long as you would have me.”

“Then sadly, Feyre, you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life.”

Feyre grinned, using his own words against him, “Even better.” 

Rhys smiled, flipping them over so he was above her and kissed her once more. Both of them pulling away laughing and cuddling once more.

Morning couldn’t have been better.

Being Daniel Atlas' child would involve.

Originally posted by kpfun

@charliesxora hope you like it!❤️
  • Everyone commenting on the fact that you are practically the same person
  • It’s mostly because you can be quite sarcastic and snarky at times, especially when you’re in a bad mood
  • When you were younger, you’d always end up pulling his trouser leg or shirt sleeve until he’d pick you up and spin you around. This normally ended in you giggling and squealing and then asking him to do it again which he’d willingly oblige to with a laugh.
  • The Horsemen quickly learning that magic was one of the easy ways to subdue you when you were upset
  • ‘When I grow up, I’m going to be a magician just like you, Daddy’
  • Him teaching you to call Henley ‘Hen’ which irritates her way more than she lets on
  • Daniel always spoiling you and buying you whatever you want, especially things like sweets and candy floss which he’ll tend to ‘magic’ out of thin air
  • You being really mischievous and constantly trying to listen in to the Horsemen’s conversations so that you can find out how they do their tricks
  • Henley taking you out shopping with her so you can buy whatever you want and you normally end up lugging bags of random items by the end
  • Jack is the one who always knows how to make you laugh and acts like an older brother most of the time
  • Merritt is the one who will normally make inappropriate jokes in front of you which results in Daniel covering your ears as Henley tells him off; Jack normally just laughs
  • Him constantly telling you to try your best and reassuring you if you ever feel like you’re not good enough
  • ‘What does Uncle Merritt mean when he says that I need the bird and bees talk?’ ’…MCKINNEY, Y/N IS ONLY SIX!’ ‘I’m big now though daddy, I want to learn about birds because I like them!’
  • Him being overly protective because he can’t stand the thought of anything bad happening to you
  • Goodnight kisses on the forehead before you go to bed, even when you become a teenager
  • 'Please tell me that you and Henley didn’t actually actually date, Dad’
  • You being incorporated into the Horsemen’s acts
  • Being really close to your dad and knowing that you can always rely on him and that he’d be willing to do anything for you

“I would appreciate if you could maintain some self-respect this evening.” Don finished adjusting his tie, turning to face his wife. “Considering these guests are not familiar with your extracurricular activities, I’d rather them not see you flaunting your wares in such a brazen manner. Keep your skirt down and your legs closed for once.” He tugged on his vest. “I rather like this, don’t you?”

“Fucking bastard!”

“No darling, you fuck the bastards. I only fuck the bitches. Finish up the fuss that makes you the beauty that you are, press on the smile I love looking down at and meet me at the door. Our guests will be arriving soon." 

He stepped around her without an acknowledgment of the flush of anger on her cheeks.

"Oh. I almost forgot,” he stopped and cocked his head. A smug smile spreading as he got to the bedroom door. “There’s a party favor for you on the bureau.” He continued down the hall as he heard the rush of her footsteps over to find the line of coke. 

Tbh seeing people comment on Henry’s body always kill my mood, I’m in a point that I kind of wish he would stop playing this type of action roles, bc people are being so nasty. I’m not talking about people being thirsty, bc honestly I have no place in criticizing people over this. But not much time ago everyone was “worried” about his lost of weight like he had suddenly changed to a whole different body type, which as though as I understood why some of you thought this, honestly was only a matter of perspective - he was in the same shape at sdcc as he was at the suicide squad release in London and though at sdcc all of you had nothing but praise about his body few weeks latter people were over reacting as if he had lost half of his weight. And now I already saw people complain that he’s too bucked up, that he isn’t much “cut”, that his legs are skinny compared to his upper body, and so on…like can people maybe chill a little or what. Henry is always talking about how important is to him that people realize how difficult is to maintain and accomplish that type of shape, and how he used to struggle with his weight and all of that…seriously almost every interview he does he talk about it. Anyway I just wished people stop being such hypocrites and start thinking if they are saying those type of things bc they are really worried about his health or if it is just bc they aren’t feeling as much attracted to him; bc if is the last case is completely ok not to be,what is not is to make this type of comments specially when some of you are very vocal about how important is to be positive about people of all shape and sizes. Just be consistent guys.

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McGenji headcanons? Uh... Let's see what I can come up with. McCree imitating Genji whenever he catches him meditating? Genji doesn't always notice either. When that is the case, McCree sneaks up on him and spooks him? I dunno, my mind's blank.

okay but…..that’s actually really cute???

Genji is meditating, and Jesse sees him and tries to imitate…..but the poor cowboy forgets his boots have spurs and sticks himself when he tries to cross his legs like Genji


he sees Genji meditating, tries to scare him, and gets punched in the throat by the spooked ninja
“I didn’t know it was you! I’m so sorry!”

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A QuinnShot prompt: “You can just *ask* for a hug, you know. You don’t have to provoke me to get my attention.”

|| Thank you for the great prompt! I hope this fulfills your standards. This takes place during Suicide Squad, after the helicopter crash in a non-canon scene before they went into the bar.

His hands on her had been warm. Warm, warm warm, in contrast to the pouring rain. The air was foggy and cold. A perfect atmosphere for the situation. One arm beneath her legs, another around her midsection, helping her off of a police car. Harley was aware her act hadn’t fooled anyone. A smile and a perky attitude didn’t make up for what had happened. She didn’t like his hands. Well, she liked them… a lot, in fact. But it upset her that he was there, daring to comfort her. Can’t a girl be miserable on her own? Apparently not.

As soon as her heeled boots touched the ground, she pulled herself away from him. Wrapping her bare arms around her body, Harley would’ve done anything for her bomber jacket. Fishnet stockings, unpractical glitter shorts, and a thin half-sleeved shirt did nothing to protect her from the rain. Floyd would have offered her something to wear, she knew, but he didn’t have anything but his gear. That was one good thing. She didn’t want his charity.

“Quinn, I know y-”

“No, you don’t.”

Harley snapped, glowering up at him. She was significantly shorter, but they both knew she was an equal force to reckon with. Floyd held his hands up in surrender, arching both eyebrows at the soaking wet woman as she walked away. He didn’t like to push things, but he told himself her wellbeing affected the safety of their mission. The last thing they needed was a Harley Quinn with a deathwish being reckless.

“Harley. Listen to me.”

“Why should I?!” She turned to him, her eyes less wild than usual. They were desperate, full of tears he knew Harley would never let fall.

“Because I didn’t shoot you when I was offered an out. -”

“What do you want, a fuckin’ medal? I don’t wanna listen to you. You’re just a hired gun. You ain’t got a life, so stay out of mine.”

Floyd took a deep breath, fully aware she was speaking out of grief and anger. He took a few steps towards her, and Harley immediately moved the same distance in the other direction, away from him. So she was going to be difficult. Great. They didn’t have time to tango, and the rest of the Squad was watching them cautiously.

“Don’t come near me.”

Harley’s voice held a warning, a neon sign above her head saying “I’ll fucking cut you.” Floyd didn’t care. He continued to take short steps towards the woman, his hands held calmly at his sides, his gun holstered. She didn’t move away from him this time, watching cautiously like a field mouse being cornered by an owl. On a normal day, in a normal life, Harley would have teased him about the way he was walking. Slowly and deliberately, as if he was scared. Everyone knew damn well he wasn’t scared of her. A little intimidated, but intimidation was a different thing altogether. The thought of everything else she would have done in a normal life zoned her out, Harley’s eyes glassing over as everything she wanted came to the surface. She broke, staring at Floyd and reaching into her belt, grabbing the body of her gun.

He was too fast. She thought he would hit her, punch her, scream in her face. It’s what her dead boyfriend would’ve done if she’d talked to him that way. The last thing she expected was his arms to wrap around her, lifting her onto the tips of her toes. His nose was in her hair, the side of her head pressed against his chest. Harley held her breath for a moment, feeling her heart beating in her chest like a sledgehammer. One of his hands had lowered to her hip, holding the gun in it’s holster so she couldn’t pull it on him, while the other was gently holding the small of her back.

“You could’ve just asked for a hug, Dollface. You don’t need to kick and scream to get my attention.”

Harley relaxed into him, face nuzzled into his chest as she took deep, rasping breaths in an attempt to hold the tears back. “He’s dead. H-he’s dead, he’s d-dead, he’s dead..” she kept whispering into his warmth, unable to help the tears beginning to slide down her cheeks. The hand holding her gun reached up to gently trace through her hair.

“I know, Harl. Let’s go get you a drink.”

Zuli is on 8 weeks stall rest. She’s not coming back into work. She’ll most likely be okay for walking trail rides.
The vet said with her injury it’s a miracle she was schooling second/third level.
It definitely happened on the track. And 5 vets missed it.

How the fuck do 5 vets miss an old sesamoid fracture? That leg has been X-rayed 3 times, like wtf.

I’m honestly so sad right now, I love her so much and she loved me. And it’s just not going to be the same not being able to ride her or see her everyday.
I’m so scared of loosing her. And I feel so guilty because I want to keep riding and working my way up the levels but I need a sound horse to do that.
But I don’t really want to ride another horse, besides Zuli and India.

I’m just not ready to put my heart into another horse. The only thing making me feel better is that she’s not in pain, she’s happy and she will be the most adorable pasture ornament in the world.

I guess I’ll keep crying in the bathroom at school until I can’t anymore

My dog is a cuddler and sometimes when I’m working on the couch, she’ll lay down next to me but in the middle of all her naps she’ll wake up a bit, lick my leg or my arm and go back to sleep. Like she’s mostly asleep but she still wants to take care of her human and I get really emotional about it.

Frat AU family. This was mainly an excuse for me to draw Victory in a suit and glasses. Married life seems to suit him. And Aelynthi too! And because I haven’t drawn enough ot Aelynthi’s parents, there’s bookworm Nithroel, and Faunalyn, and the gorgeous and famous Melarue. This is after Faunalyn’s military incident where she lost her leg. Not sure what prosthetics look like in this AU, so I went with what I knew. 

I actually went for a bike ride, long enough to give me the jelly legs upon my return, but not so long that I won’t be able to function when we finish up the firewood work tonight.
I want a gold star, because the odds of getting a cookie are slim. Actually they’re not. Al doesn’t like peanut butter cookies. I gently asked if he’d had a traumatic childhood experience involving them, but he didn’t elaborate. He likes p.b. and he likes cookies…so…wtf dude? Anyway, regardless of the reasons, more for me.

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Okay but luke holding up your thighs in his hands as he fucks you, your legs wrapped around his waist as he holds the back of your thighs, pressing his chest against yours and thrusts hard into you making you squeak out a ‘luKE’ causing a chuckle to come out of lu’s mouth and kisses the side of your face whispering ‘do we still have any more cheetos?’

i love this bc we’d just be so casual with each other lmao like it wouldn’t matter if he was balls deep inside of me we’d still be able to have random conversations whilst we’re fucking, aMAZING 

My tall girlfriend is so rude
  • (Talking about meeting her at her office.)
  • Me:I could sit on your desk like a vampy noir dame, long cigarette in a holder and looking like danger just strolled in through the front door.
  • Her:Haha, I would love to watch you femme fatale. Dame, you’ve got legs that go all the way up to… most people’s knees.
  • Me:Come down here and say that to my face >_>

Whose run is it anyways, where everything is made up and the points don’t matter 😝 bonus points if you get that reference. This is what I like to call “hell week”. The week where you start running again after not running for months and your legs feel like they’re going to fall off. At least I’m still able to run straight without stopping. Just very, very slowly 🐢 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fattofitjourney #fattofit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #runner #running

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hi sweetheart! since you are giving style advice i wanted to try because i'm losing weight and i'm having trouble with clothes... i'm 5,2 and a bit chubby on my tummy and legs. my skin is really fair and my hair kinda dark. i usually wear baggy clothes because i don't like my body but neither i like the things i wear and i'm giving up on style. can you help me? (sorry for my bad english lmao) <3

hello! I think many of you worry abt being a bit chubby and short legs dont give up on style tho ahahah I gave some suggestions for some similar ones before I think it might be useful for u??! 1 2 3 4