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Headcanons about you: owns a ton of candles and refuses to acknowledge something as "too many candles" does exist, probably sort of messy witchcraft, very nice (okay that's like actually canon), probably So Many impulse-bought magic stuff, casually magicks everything, somewhat childish sometimes, and I imagine your laugh to be literally cleansing

I actually have a regular amount of candles. Maybe. Oh shit is that too many??

My witchcraft is a fucking mess alright lol - I slept in sea salt for a week because I was too lazy to clean it off my air mattress. xD


I am definitely childish all the time. :p

Aww that last one about the laugh though! <3

Thank you anon, you’re so sweet, thanks for sending this in ^^

[What are your headcanons about me?]

my level of petty:

i watched an episode of this interview type show where they were given three famous people (song joong ki, jo in sung, and gong yoo) that they’re supposed to call and invite on the show. they only had joong ki’s number and he didn’t answer when they called, but then they remembered that another celebrity they know (lee kwang soo) is good friends with all three of these guys. so they call kwang soo and are like “can you call joong ki for us and see if he answers? can you send us in sung’s number? where are you?” asking a million favors, and kwang soo’s like “i’m in malaysia, i just did a fanmeet so i’m really tired and all these international calls and texts are gonna be really expensive for me” but they convinced him to just send in sung’s number. at the last second though, one of them made a comment like “one day you’ll be famous enough to be on this show like your friends” so instead of sending in sung’s number, kwang soo kept sending pictures of the huge crowd at his fanmeet he’d just finished

Haikyuu!! Ships

Kageyama and Hinata:

Daichi and Suga:

Kuroo and Kenma:

Tsukishima and Yamaguchi:

Nishinoya and Asahi:

Akashi and Bokuto:

Kuroo and Tsukishima:

Kiyoko and Yachi:

Lev and Yaku:

A Summary of Cal in King’s Cage:

Farley: the Blackrun is shit, and doesn’t work anymore


Kilorn: no one has a plan, and no one is gonna help me rescue Mare.


Colonel Farley: All of these Newbloods have no idea how to fight like soldiers.


Cal’s: wow, today was a productive day, and we didn’t break down once crying over Mare or think about how much agony she’s probably in right now. 

Cal’s brain: