like asgore has distanced himself from chara so much that he doesnt even acknowledge them as his child up to the point where he has that weird im about to die flashback,,,in kind of the same way flowey does that fake pleading, he wants you to drop your guard and offer mercy so flowey takes the deathblow into his own leaves 

like asgore goes to kill himself in a post no mercy for flowey run but flowey still comes back theres no way of knowing its not just a ruse specally the first time he does the flashback thing

asgore KNOWS about the timelines and saying that stuff? he isnt a fool

Friends will be friends?

Sometimes i wander what did i do to be alone. To not have all those friends i had before. In those times it also comes to me that is my fault, at the same time that it doesnt. Its true that i dreamnt to have a large group of friends of whom i can trust, i can be confident, friends that i know that wont leave me just because so. But the mistery of this kind of relationships is this. We will never know what will happen. Sometimes you love a friend so much that he also can love you back in the same way, as he can not. In life we have to be prepared for things like this. People come and go. We find them in some of our paths, and we lost them, or they just arent allowed by an higher power to stay. A power that know more than us. And consequently if some people are meant to be or not our companions in this journey. Maybe in the future I will understand why i am alone now. Maybe i will understand what i did wrong. Or maybe i wont. For now i have a very restricted number of friends. But as the time goes by i can see that what matters is not the number of friends that we seem to have by our side, but the one that we really can count with in the most variable of times. Mainly in the darkest one. And that is just what i need for now.

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