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this is going to sound so weird but: tsukiyama and kaneki are about to have sex for the first time, shuu is super super nervous he ate something before so he (accidentaly ofc) so he farts a little little bit. like the tiniest of farts. he's completely sure kaneki is going to laugh at him and leave him and oh gosh oh gosh he fucked up but ken just giggles and kisses him and tells him not to worry and it doesnt matter. idk thought it would be some kind of domestic thing

tbh i can see this and it’s hilarious thank you.

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(hiatus) ok ok im fixing it. so after the whole thing w 02pat crying and 02pete holding him 02pat confronts 2011pat and asks him wtf happened to him and pete and 2011pat just tells him he wouldn't get it and 02pat goes off at him and tells him hes being a coward and that hes just afraid pete will get tired of him. and 2011pat doesnt know what to say bc its kind of true. 02pat just says "i know he loves us. in every world he loves us" and leaves (1/?)

(2/?) and the petes are pretty much having the same conversation. and as it turns out the 2002s disappear the next morning and the 2011s feel so guilty bc they really made the whole thing abt them when they could’ve been telling the 2002s that their lives will eventually be okay if they stick together. and 2011pete nervously walks over to 2011pat and asks if “maybe they could try again for a little please im so sorry trick ill fix this” and patrick collapses into his shoulder, shaking and

(3/3) and pete just keeps saying “ill fix this ill fix this” over and over and patrick breathes out slowly and says “okay.” and pete kisses him on the nose and hugs him again

u said u fixed it but nothing feels fixed it just hurts more

Alright listen up

Relationship advice #1: dont be cagey about any issues. Ever. Potential or ongoing. Communicate with your partner if something comes up! Dont just pretend everythings fine or play games with them. We’re not psychic and neither are you. Being all coy about this kind of thing only ever lets them get worse. People arent perfect! They make mistakes and they fuck up. Sometimes they fuck up bad. But instead of villanizing them or punishing them for it, talk about it!!! They might not know they’re hurting you, and they probably mean well. Keep in mind that this doesnt make abusive relationships any less real, look out for that too! But before jumping to any conclusions, give your partner a chance. They ARE your partner after all, you should trust each other.
I dont have any good way to end this so I guess ill just leave it at this:

Tl;dr: communicate with your partner if theres an issue, humans are neither psychic nor perfect.