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More like she was tired with Lapis and rightfully so. Neither of them were in the right though, Peridot shouldn't have tried to force her. That kind of thing comes gradually. If Steven hadn't been there to sort everything out, things would have ended very differently.

I disagree, peridot acts like she knows everything about lapis when she doesnt understand that shes been through some horrible things 9she just talks about not ebing home) and wont leave her alone, and then she gets mad when things dont go her way like ok

I guess this might sound strange coming from me. But Kate is weird. Like, she absolutely just doesn’t care if people have a negative opinion of her. She doesn’t save people for any sort of affirmation. So when people get offended by her aggressive nature or misunderstand her actions as something theyre not, it’s just not really in her to correct them or make them understand her. Like as long as there safe, whatever opinions they have of her it’d just kind of be, whatever, not my problem to fix it. Honestly she just doesnt have the time to make everyone like her nor the inclination

Thats not the weird part though. The thing I dont get is like  whenever she does things that would make others like her shes quick to leave the situation. Like she’s embarrassed and she doesn’t know how to deal with people liking her.

Its almost like shes going out of her way to make people dislike her but I know that isn’t true. I guess maybe she just doesn’t know how to deal with compliments like that. I was about to say that doesnt make sense either because people always complimented on her skills as a ranger. But perhaps thats why? She’s always been confident in her skills as a ranger but she rarely gets compliements as a person. 

The more I talk about this I feel like that might be a legit way to make her blush. Kate knows shes pretty, she knows shes skilled as a ranger so compliments pertaining to either of those things are kind of like, yeah of course. But if you say shes nice, or shes a joy to be around it would actually be like, wait what. really???