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about the treatment of non-hindus in india which was brought up in the convo about why not only hindus should wear bindis: i appreciate the fact that bindis have become part of othe south asian cultures and i completely agree with you. However, when you mentioned the brutality of non-indians in india i am not on the same page. If anything, india is one of the most welcoming countries to all backgrounds, even the indian flag shows us this (orange= hindus, white=buddhist,christians green=muslims)

I am on mobile so I am unable to link you but India is far far far from being accepting of non-Hindus. Just to name a few examples, Ghar Wapsi and the anti-Sikh riots are instances of how extremely far India is from being accepting of non-Hindus. Please don’t erase the mistreatment and genocide of peoples to further an oppressive viewpoint. (I’ve also never heard of that interpretation of the flag?)

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name/alias: derek
age: 24
myers-briggs type: istp
zodiac: virgo
describe yourself in one word: lame
favorite tv show(s): the walking dead, fear the walking dead, game of thrones, how to get away with murder, sherlock, downton abbey, doctor who, tyrant, falling skies, modern family, orange is the new black, brooklyn nine nine, the flash, daredevil, suits, the 100 and big bang theory. i’m probably forgetting some tho.
favorite type of plots: i’m lame, soo…bromance, big family plots, ALL OF THE ANGST, secret relationships that don’t end up being secretive for too long, and love/hate type of themes.
site pet peeve: cliques. hate them.
final thoughts (via gif): 

Sometimes I don’t need more in life than:





—- I regret nothing ^^

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Tell me about asexual Henry cuz I am about that life

that IS my life.

so when henry inevitably learned about sex (which he probably found out at like 11 on the web lbr) he always thought that it was stuff ppl talked about but never actually did…… like he’s not entirely sex repulsed it’s just like. he could dye his hair orange but does he want to? does it appeal to him? not really. sex is kinda the same thing.

so one day he catches his moms doing it, because obviously this was bound to happen someday, and in this universe swan queen is obviously canon, and he’s just like wtf i thought sex was like…… a myth………. you mean people actually have sex because they want to????? wtf????? and emma’s like “kid do you know what asexual is?” because emma probably knows every sexual/gender oreintation in the book and she ends up explaining it to henry and he’s just like holy shit that’s ME and lo and behold henry is asexual

and let me tell you, does henry’s sass come in. like you thought his gross meter around his lovebird mommies was bad when he didn’t know he was asexual? well now it’s ten times worse. but he’s super teasing about it. like sometimes he knows his moms wanna get it on but are uncomfortable doing it when he’s in the house so sometimes he’s just like “i’m gonna go get some groceries” or “paige and i are gonna study for that math test” or even just “i’m gonna wander aimlessly around town for about an hour, can you guys clean up by then?” and before he leaves he’s always like “DON’T DO WHAT I WOULDN’T DO…………… YOU HEATHENS” or “MAKE SURE YOU WIPE THE COFFEE TABLE CLEAN OKAY I EAT ON THERE” he loves to ridicule his moms and their sex life

for his 17th birthday emma buys him a box of condoms and regina was HORRIFIED like emma that’s SO INSULTING you IDIOT but henry is like bring it on and in retaliation he signs emma up for an AARP membership 


Orange Week

Nobody said it was easy
                No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh, take me back to the start

Day 1;「Beginning」

↳ Option 2  → Naho


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I used to worry about growing up and getting older but I have to admit it had it’s perks, mainly getting to eat ice-cream or cereal at midnight without anybody shouting at me. I have to admit, I understand why parents tell you no sugary treats before bed though because I’m unable to sleep and am now just binge watching The Real Housewives of Orange County instead. This was a poor life choice

sometimes when i’m peeling an orange i’m like “what the fuck am i doing this for” but then once i’m eating the orange i’m like “i know why i done that”

So I don’t know if I’m late I am or not but my story is not as fluffy and cute as every one else’s. Luckily, especially considering how it all turned out, Kishi never made a penny from me (dodged a bullet there). Any who! STORY TIME!

This is my selfie lol, with these blue and orange bands that I wore for 2 whole years in high school. Everyone would ask me what they meant and why I wore them. I would just laugh and say, “it’s a secret” but in reality, I knew what they meant! And now you all do too! 

 End of StoryTime! Happy SNS week y'all! OK! bYE haha.

Topis at sunset - I have posted this picture some weeks ago, but in 1/1 format. I think its worth it to have a look to the original 3/2 landscape format…. Upon returning to our camp in the Masai Mara, the sky turned a dark grey and announced an approaching storm. It was an almost unreal play of light and color, clouds and shapes: topis in front of falling rain as the setting sun backlights the entire scene in hues of orange and red. I love it so much, it makes you addicted….one of the reasons why I am always going back to Africa, again and again.

☛ New Photography from Stephan Tuengler

Couldn’t resist. Posted it at my blog but as you have a much bigger readership …


Ballsy:   See ^^^^ This is why you should never wear orange!  Too many jokes!    Please note again, I am being VERY good and NOT going with a carrot costume joke.  I want points for that.

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1) Write your name in song titles:

Blow - Beyoncé
Radioactive - Marina and the Diamonds
You and Whose Army? - Radiohead
Normal Person - Arcade Fire
Nice Dream - Radiohead

2) Why did you choose your URL?

when the crewniverse first released the “week of sardonyx” announcement I took the url bc i Knew it was gonna be the pearlnet fusion. i am never wrong

3) What’s your middle name?

Angelica and I grew up thinking I was named after angelica pickles tbh

4) If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?

the avatar tbh

5) Favorite colours?

yellow green purple orange 

6) Favorite song at the moment?

Teqkilla is prob the song i’ve listened to the most in the past week

7) Top 4 fandoms?

idk… steven universe, lok, uh… the skins fandom was a fun time when i was in it like 4 years ago. thats basicallly all i’ve been in

8) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

sometimes i make things and strangers say “thats a nice thing u made” and thats nice

9) Tag 9 of your mutuals

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Criminal!5sos (part 3)

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 After Michael left, I let my mind wonder to the possibilities of what can happen to me. Who is Luke? Why can’t Michael tell me where I am? What are they going to do to me?I contemplate for what I believe to be a half hour before sleep take over…

*** I stand in a field of marigolds, the sun setting over the hill tops making a mix of oranges and pinks reflect upon the clouds that fade into a pale baby blue. I look down to see im not in my usual attire, instead of my white blouse and navy blue pencil skirt im wearing a flowing white night gown decorated in flower print lace. I start to walk through the field, my feet feeling as if im walking on air. I stop as I feel a breeze come through and close my eyes taking in a deep breath. When I open my eyes Im in my car on the road I was driving down before the whole gas station dilemma. I look at the dashboard and see my keys are in the ignition, Dumb by Nirvana playing softly in the back round.’What the fuck? Why am I in my car?’ I decide that being in my car even in the middle of the night on the road I wasnt familiar with was better than tied to a bed with people i dont know. I lean back and start to relax , when i see that smoke is coming from the the air vents…’ oh shit, OH SHIT! I CANT BREATH OH FUCK, PLEASE I DONT WANNA DIE OH GOD NO FUCK PLEASE PLEASE DONT LET ME DIE! OK, Y/N stop freaking out, freaking out wont fix anything. just get out of the car.’ I try to open the the car door but it wont budge… FUCK! I start to lose conscience but try to fight it. The only thing I see is bright blue eyes looking at me from the night sky through the windshield.***

Im woken up by something shaking me awake. I open my eyes and look over to the side of the bed to meet a pare of hazel eyes with dirty blond hair. “Michael said you’d be asleep. Im Ashton, Cal and Mike said your name’s Y/N right?”

I nod.” Well Y/N, im gonna untie you so you can come down stairs. Dont try anything though, do you understand?” 

I nod again, feeling a a bit of relief that I would finally be able to move around and have some control over myself. Ashton unties my restrainst, i roll my hand around to get some feeling back in them. Ashton signals for me to follow him as he walks toward the door, I get off the bed and fall over, but Ashton catches me before I hit the ground. “ Im sorry, my legs are asleep. Im alright now, thank you.” I say.

Ashton nods and lets me go, his hand still on my waist making sure I dont fall again. He starts to walk out the door and a follow behind him, looking around at the surroundings. The hallway was empty, no pictures or anything. I was distracted by the new surroundings I didnt realize that Ashton was already at the bottom of the stairs.

“Hurry up!” Ashton says sternly while giving me an annoyed look.

I pick up my pace and  stubble over a few steps before making it down the stairs. Ashton rolls his eyes and continues walking into a dining room type area where Calum and Michael sit with another boy with a blond quiff and bright blue eyes.’ He’s the boy who knocked me out.’ 

Michael gives Ashton an angry look while he leads me to a seat inbetween Calum and Michael. “You didnt have to be fucking rude to her Ashton.” Michael stated. 

Ashton rolled his eyes at Michael and motioned his head for me to sit down. Michael scoffed at Ashton and gave me a comforting smile, I sat down and returned Michael’s smile with a small one of my own. The blond boy on the other side of the table interrupted the moment by clearing his throat. I looked over at the blond boy and felt a bit scared from the stern look he was giving me.

“ Hello Y/N, Im Luke.” he said with a smile at the end.

So this is Luke? I was expecting some bald psycho path, not a tall blond with blue eyes and a lip ring? I was knocked out of my thoughts by Luke’s laugh.

“You’re probably wondering where you are? I know that Michael already told you why you’re here.” Luke said

I nodded in response to Luke’s question.

“Well princess, you dont get to know where you are until we know we can trust you.” Luke stated losing his smile and giving me a glare.

I swallowed a lump in my throat feeling nervous from the cold stare Luke was giving me. I feel someones hand on my knee, I look over to see Michael trying to sooth me from my nerves with a little shy smile. I return his smile and feel a bit of the weight lift off my shoulders. I turn back over to Luke to see geting up from his seat and shrugging on his coat.

  Michael.”Luke says.


“Let her sleep with you in your room, we dont know if we can trust her alone.”

Michael nods and stands up stick out motioning me to follow him… Its gonna be a long night…


I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you want a part 4 my ask box is open! thank you guys so much!! If you have any ideas as well for part 5 or any requests those are welcome too!!! XXXXX

I love flying so much.
Seeing the city lights twinkle below during the indigo evening light as you pass above millions of people going about their lives.
Looking at the cloud formations all around you with the lighting storms illuminating the night sky every two to three seconds, imagining what it must be like for everyone who has to deal with the torrential downpour.
Having the crescent-shaped moon shining down at everything beneath it, whilst looking majestically breathtaking at the same time.
And then flying for another 10 minutes towards the sunset and seeing the orange-yellow hues blending with the indigo-blue sky.
Allllahhhh 😍

hi i have a question
why is it that the general fandom chose to have cecil be a fashionable, fancy dresser, because it is actually canon that he has the worst fashion sense ever
here are some of his canon outfits:

  • tunic and furry pants (described as his “best” so you take that as you will)
  • leather pants and a Hawaiian shirt and a baseball hat made of honeycomb (these are considered casual clothes)
  • black plastic poncho and cat ears and yellow/orange galoshes

It just greatly amuses me and i am surprised more people haven’t caught on to this