Strange Familiarity

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Words: 1310


Kylo looked at himself in the mirror. This was an absolutely stupid idea. Why he listened to Phasma, he had no idea. 

“This is ridiculous.” He wore a blonde wig, glasses, and fashioned a jumpsuit and orange vest. 

Phasma stood there in his room, “You wanted to know how Y/N felt about you.”

“But this isn’t what I had in mind.”

“You’re not brave enough to ask her yourself, so this is your only option.”

Kylo shook his head, “So who am I again?”

“Matt the radar technician.” He repeated it over and over again in his head. Matt. What a stupid name. 

“Let’s get this done and over with." 

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kpop related questions tag!!
i was tagged by @saltysuicune​ (thank u….i feel like i should talk to you more. u like bts. i like bts. u see the connection. also im really sorry this is a bit late orz)

part 1
1. your name in (kpop) songs?
abing abing- orange caramel
ma city- bts
bubble pop! -hyuna
el dorado- exo
rain- bts

2. why did you choose your url?
gareki, my anime bf
3. if you could be a fictional/fairytale creature what would you be?
ok if im gonna be honest i want to be a dragon. i really really love dragons and dragons are rad as hell. 
4. favourite colour?
blue and black!
5. favourite song at the moment?
hate by 4minute and sting by stellar have been my jams. also i cant forget about i am you, you are me by zico
6. top fandoms?
love live cause we all share the same pain of llsif
7. why do you enjoy tumblr?
how else do u think im gonna get my fandom content

part 2
1. who was your first female bias?
sunny from snsd! 
2. who was your first male bias?
g-dragon….my boy
3. who are your current biases?
j-hope, jungkook, p.o., raina, & kim hyuna 
4. in the entire kpop industry, who is the closest to your ideal type?
either j-hope or jungkook. j-hope is just so positive and radiant and he literally brings out the happiness in anyone everywhere he goes. youre down? dont be down, cause theres j-hope!!! as for jungkook, were both sort of shy and hes a fuckin nerd so i feel like we would have a similar sense of humor lmao
5. have you attended any kpop concert/fanmeeting/fansign? if yes, which group/artist? how was the experience?
well there was this one time where i almost went to see bigbang. almost. lets just say i am still bitter abt it 
6. which group/artist would you like to see live?
i think any kpop group would be awesome to see live tbh. but mostly bts to see their beautiful faces and hear their beautiful voices
7. how did you get into kpop?
my friend in middle school/early highschool was really into bigbang so i was sort of forced to listen to a lot of kpop back then. tbh for awhile i only really listened to groups from YG and girls generation 
8. who are your otps?
i honestly dont ship anyone lmao
9. when did you start to ship them?
10. what is your favourite fanfic genre?
i don’t read many fics except dumb AUs lmao

i tag: @aprofoundquiet @makinishikinos @thecoolasians i forget which other mutuals like kpop ;;

Questions for Americans

1) Why is your Cheddar cheese orange? It’s not meant to be orange, that’s like Gloucester cheese or something.

2) Are all parcels sent tracked in the USA? Is it just really cheap to send things tracked? I’m not complaining, just curious- I get a lot of US people assuming I send my products tracked by default.
For me to send things tracked it at least doubles the price of postage, sometimes more. To send a tracked parcel that would normally cost £3 to send it costs roughly £12. Is this something people would want to pay for? I can add it as an option.


and last one bc i’m terrible!! good ol’ soft brushes and normal pen pressure, my heroes. 

here’s suri and isabel, doing things that they probably shouldn’t be doing but WHATEVER. that’s fine.

golly gee they’re perfect for each other.


Warning: I am a White Girl who is going to talk about a racial thing. But I have a good reason. Namely the use of “White” and “Male” terms. However, this also extends to “Cis”, “Goyim” and “Straight” among other terms denoting majority status, though I’ll mostly be mentioning “White” and “Male” because this article is already long enough. This will also mostly be addressing examples in media, given this website’s focus.

“White male writers love writing rape and then claiming to “explore” the issue. “Exploring” the issue rarely involves listening to or reading anything that survivors have to say”— Me

Behold, something I said in a recent chat with a white, cis-male friend while discussing the deplorable Furiosa comic series. When I said this to him, I immediately worried that it might be a problem. I don’t think that every Caucasian male who writes a rape plotline does this, obviously. There are men who happen to be Caucasian males who write about rape with sincerity, sensitivity, and, of course, in many cases, experience.  Sexual assault knows no race or gender. It can happen to anyone.

My friend didn’t take offense to what I said, even before I hurried to clarify what I meant. And there’s a reason for that: he knew who and what I was talking about.

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“I am not a painter, I am a poet.
Why? I think I would rather be
a painter, but I am not. Well,

for instance, Mike Goldberg
is starting a painting. I drop in.
“Sit down and have a drink” he
says. I drink; we drink. I look
up. “You have SARDINES in it.”
“Yes, it needed something there.”
“Oh.” I go and the days go by
and I drop in again. The painting
is going on, and I go, and the days
go by. I drop in. The painting is
finished. “Where’s SARDINES?”
All that’s left is just
letters, “It was too much,” Mike says.

But me? One day I am thinking of
a color: orange. I write a line
about orange. Pretty soon it is a
whole page of words, not lines.
Then another page. There should be
so much more, not of orange, of
words, of how terrible orange is
and life. Days go by. It is even in
prose, I am a real poet. My poem
is finished and I haven’t mentioned
orange yet. It’s twelve poems, I call
it ORANGES. And one day in a gallery
I see Mike’s painting, called SARDINES.”

- Frank O’Hara
Why I Am Not a Painter

Feb 7 2016:

Exactly 1 week until my birthday!

Hey guys! So currently I am in the gym sweating it up to sole good indie music. Plan on having a big cup of OJ after as well so why not post a cup of OJ now. Camera is currently having some problems so I wouldn’t be able to take a picture of my organic juice so in the mean time enjoy this famous cup of orange juice from tumblr! Looks so fresh and quite delicious!😍👍🏼😋👌🏼😃

Week 5, Day 4- Repairs

by Galactic Penguin

TLC Ship Weeks: Week 5, Day 4- Repairs

Kai stared up at the ceiling. He laid on the hospital bed, wondering why he didn’t bother cleaning up the ice cubes when they fell. He was trying to get a bag of ice cubes from his freezer, to put some in his orange juice this morning, but then they slipped out of his hands and spilled all over the floor. He went to go get a plastic bag to put all the dirty ice cubes in, but got distracted from a text message. He had been walking and texting, and he completely forgot about the ice cubes. He slipped, landing on his back hard, hitting his head on the table in the process.

Kai sometimes hated himself. Why am I so stupid? Suddenly, he heard the door to his hospital room open. Cinder stood in the doorway, staring at Kai’s beat up body. She rushed over to him, closing the door behind her.

“Really Kai?” Cinder said.

“No, ‘Good afternoon, Kai,” or “Are you OK, Kai?” Kai said.

“Well, obviously you aren’t OK, and it’s not a good afternoon,” she said as she pulled a chair with her leg and sat on it.

“Are you my doctor today? You’re going to fix me, right?”

“Kai, I’m a mechanic, not a doctor. I mean, I could try, but I don’t think androids and humans have the same structure.”

“Then who is my doctor?”

Cinder laughed. “You’ll see.”

The door opened again. Kai could recognize that white blonde hair anywhere.

“Are you stupid Kai? This is the dumbest injury I’ve had to treat ever,” Jacin said as he stood over Kai.

Kai dragged a hand over his face. Jacin was his doctor?

Cinder laughed again. She put a hand on Jacin’s shoulder. “Treat him well, OK? Oh, and please give him a talk about not slipping on ice cubes.”

Jacin and Cinder both laughed. Kai’s ears and cheek went red. Cinder kissed Kai on the cheek and left the two in the room.

Jacin was his doctor?

“Do I get a lollipop?” asked Kai.

Jacin gave him the “Are you really asking me that” look. Kai shut his mouth, paid for his co-pay, and left the hospital for home.

anonymous asked:

hi :) I'm not a Shinhwa fan, I just hear about them esp Eric who's always said 2 be da best leader? I didn't know why until I just saw ur AWESOME reply 2 anon who asked about stories of leader Eric & him with the members. Thanks a million 4 this reply which made my eyes teary & def a FAVE post, like how I didn't know about this man & how some dare say he's selfish or childish upon some incident. ur fandom is so blessed 2 have such leader & shinhwa is so blessed 2 have such fans!. thanks again <3

This reply~?! :)
believe me I tried to make it as short as possible & didn’t even include everything, just giving a glimpse of how amazing leader Eric is^^
Thanks so much for ur nice words :). Once you’ll get to know more about Eric Mun, you’ll see how faithful, lovely, loyal, selfless & trustworthy this man is, his loving personality, his heartwarming relationship wz the members & his family. I’m happy that you now, know who Eric is. I suggest u watch Shinhwa variety shows & their MVs & u’ll definitely love them :D ..
for any further qs don’t hesitate to ask :)

anonymous asked:

There is a drabble with yoongi and a pregnant wife? Did you maybe delete it ? because I cant finde it 😦

Here it is! The drabble was a Mafia!Yoongi one, maybe that’s why.

Anonymous said: I’m sorry for asking ‘cause you said drabbles/requests aren’t open till tomorrow but I don’t know whether the mafia!yoongi ones are included or if they’re something unrelated to you taking requests,you can take it as a drabble for tomorrow in case💕

I am only taking Mafia!Yoongi drabble reqs once The Orange Girl is finished, as they are set in the future-tense of the series. I have only done a few lately to kind of break things up a bit in my writing! The Saturday drabbles that I do will be based on a particular form of request, completely unrelated to the Mafia!AU.

Anonymous said: does anyone in the mafia!au take drugs? or used to? heheh random question. love your stories!!

Some have experimented with them. Definitely Namjoon, as it was very prominent in his lifestyle before the gang. For the others, it is all quite vague, but Jungkook, Seokjin, and Hoseok definitely have not.


I feel everything so deeply until I don’t feel
Anything at all.
I’m not
my emotions aren’t
just all too strong.
My mind can’t comprehend
All my soul has going on.
Like a ray of light being split through a prism into 7 beautiful colors.
Every second has at least 7 different emotions all unique in color.

Red. Fear. Worry. What is there even to be afraid of. I am love.
Orange. Grateful. Relief. I love my life. It’s as beautiful as spring.
Yellow. Happy. I laugh more than I cry.
Green. Complacent. Change takes to much energy.
Blue. Disappointment. guilt. Why do I focus only on how I let myself down.
Indigo. Grief. Release. Crying is good for the soul.
Violet: Inspired. Open mind. I know I’m Much more than these things. I know I can be who I want to be.

No wonder my mind is filled with Anxiety.
Paradoxes of different extremes
Rushing through my body.
I can’t say how I’m feeling.
Like when you sleep so deep you feel like you haven’t slept at all.
Being so sensitive to much
Can make it so you don’t feel at all.

Get to Know Me Better ^_^

@delightfullydistinguishedcanary thank you for tagging me, this is my first time being tagged into these things. Thank you! xx

Rules: Tag 20 followers you want to get to know better…if I tag someone that’s already done this..then I am terribly sorry :(

Name: {I don’t exactly feel comfortable saying my real name, BUT AYE IT STARTS WITH AN E!}

Nickname: Ellie, El, Elmo teehee

Star Sign: Aries 

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight… still exploring? You never know :P

Favorite Color: Blue, Orange, Black, Light Blue, Periwinkle (cause I’m oh so special)

Time Right Now: Sunday 7:00pm

Average Hours of Sleep: 4-5hrs *sigh* because university, kpop, and dramas are NOT a good combo. Why do I do this to myself.

Lucky Number: 24… I don’t know why, I just love this beautifully even number.

Last thing googled: This theme song from my childhood Kdrama call “Jewel in the Palace”, pretty awesome historical drama. 

Favorite Fictional Character(s): THIS IS NOT OKAY. Holy shit.

Rey & Princess Leia  (Star Wars), Felicity Smoak (Arrow), Agent Carter (Marvel), Arya Stark (Game of Thrones), Remus Lupin (Harry Potter), Steve Rogers (Marvel), Samwise Gamgee (Lord of the Rings), Molly (Sherlock), Dean Winchester (Supernatural), Martha Jones (Doctor Who), Loki (Marvel), Princess Tiana (Princess and the Frog {FIGHT ME}), Daryl Dixon (The Walking Dead), Sokka (The Last Airbender), ETC…

Dream Job: Makeup Artist, Travel Blogger, or Baker… all down the drain my friends. 

What I am currently wearing: I’m wearing Jimin because he is laying on top of me right now. *ugly crying* I’m wearing black turtleneck and black jeans. And if you must know– some freaking awesome flamingo panties from Victoria’s Secret. 

Height: 1′54m // 5ft.1in. // 154cm I’m short and I’m loving it xx

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: Two! One of those fuzzy, super-duper warm ones, and a normal blanket on top. Now, if you are asking me about pillows… I have a Jimin one. OH I WONDER WHO MY BIAS IS.

Current Amount of followers: 502 :3 I love you guys so much and appreciate each and every single one of you who read my stuff. You have no idea how amazing it feels to be able to write these things and at the end of a stressful day, be able to read the amazing feedback I get. You guys are amazing ^_^ 

What do you post: Kpop. Kpop. Kpop. Kpop.

Do you have any other blogs: Lol yes. If you are into Richard Armitage (british actor) and my “primary blog”, which was the first blog I made. Once again, if you get notes from @i-want-the-adopted-one IT’S ME.

Who Is Your Most Active Follower: I don’t really know, there are some that I definitely talk to because they message me (you know who you are), but other than that… I know I can check who is my most active follower. Let me look… according to “Biggest Fan” of my activites its @darcylopes HIIIIIII Thank you for being active! 

I do always see @exollifeisbetter liking my posts though when I first post them :P 

SORRY IF I DON’T MENTION YOU AND YOU ALWAYS LIKE MY STUFF. Just talk to me and I will see you xx 

What made you decide to get a tumblr: I wanted to be hipster and shit, but I was so confused about Tumblr for the longest time. I had one and reblogged all those “aesthetic” posts. Then I got one for my phase over this British actor I was obsessed with over the summer. Now, I love tumblr and have it for my kpop babes. 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: They aren’t usually “asks”, they are submits haha, but I also do get feedbacks of my scenarios when I do post them, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! You guys must talk to me more. I love getting to know you all and the rest of the lovely people in the fanbases. xx

Why did you choose your URL: slightkpopobsession88… pretty self explanatory. 88 because my first bias was Jongin (Kai), I still love him to death, but Park Jimin has taken over my life. 

Thank you for tagging me again!

@riss-a-roonie @midoriichi-san @sargentfangirl @nouhaylazoubir @rudekpop @xxxmelakpopfan @carolina-huffledor @sleepy-minsuga @igot-scenarios @random-kpop-blog @chill-mgc @exollifeisbetter @bunnymaknae00 @kookie-stan @antonia67 @angelparkjimin

“ Rules: Post 15 kpop groups that you think aren’t appreciated and a song of theirs that makes your soul cry then tag 20 people. “

+ listen to the ones the person who tagged you posted, just to have listened to it once

I was tagged by the wonderfully amazing @mybigfatcat Thank you, Emi ^^

1. History - “Psycho” & “What am I to you” & “Might Just Die
2. UNIQ - ”EOEO” 
3. CROSS GENE - “나하고 놀자
5. The Boss (DGNA) - “Why Goodbye” 
6. Orange Caramel - “Lipstick” & “My Copycat” 
7. NU’EST - ”Sleep Talking” 
8. MBLAQ - “Smoky Girl” 

Sorry, but I could only think of eight! Some of the underrated kpop groups I always loved have disbanded, so I didn’t include those.    

I’m tagging: @topsommelier, @goldandiamonds, @jiclass, @namchic, @bigbangersball, @gdragonsbitch, @ygbias, @memoriestomelodies, @tomatono

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Name: Constance

Nickname: Connie (much prefer it)

Star sign: Aquarius

Gender: Cat

Sexuality: Pan

Height: 5′10

Favorite color: Purple/Orange

Time and date right now: 10:35pm29/01/2015 

Average hours of sleep: AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!

Laughing aside I get bouts of insomnia. So anything from 0-11, 7 on a good sleep cycle.

Lucky number: 6 (i don’t know why it hasn’t yielded any actual luck for me).

Last thing i googled: Jill Soloway (just wanted to know who she was after chescaleigh’s snapchat).

OTPs: Ichabod Crane/a paying job (Sleepy Hollow), Sam/Steve, Sam/Bucky, Claire/Matt, Rhodey/Pepper/Tony, Thor/Storm, Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew (Marvel), Jal/Chris (Skins), Rick/Michonne (TWD), Iris/Barry, Cisco/Lisa Snart(Flash), Finn/Poe, Finn/Rey/Poe (TFA), Uhura/Spock (Star Trek).

Favourite Fictional Character: I can’t chose just one. Storm(Ororo Monroe)/Captain Marvel(Carol Danvers)/Garnet (HUge Dorks, I love them tho). 

Favorite books: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Holes by Louis Sachar, Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, The Very Hungry Caterpillar (will always read onsite) by Eric Carle, Small Island by Andrea Levy. 

Favorite artists/bands: Beyoncé, Missy Elliott, Haim, Friendly Fires, Years & Years, Kate Bush, Raleigh Ritchie, Blondie, Slipknot, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, 2Pac.  

Dream trip: Brazil/Japan/New Orleans

What I am wearing right now: My Jammies

When did you create your blog: 2012

Current amount of followers: 297

What do you post about: 


Do you have any other blogs: Nope

When did your blog reach it’s ‘peak’ (when did you get more followers/have popular posts/etc.): No Idea.

What made you decide to get a Tumblr: @mzrileymillspearson made me do it. 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nah (and I don’t really answer ‘em so…i’m bad at socialising :/)

what I last said to a family member: ‘I’ll make my own dinner, thanks.’

one place that makes me happy and why: My Bed. Sleep, when I can is awesome.

how many blankets do I sleep under: A Blanket and a Duvet.

favourite beverage: Cider.

the last movie I watched at the cinema: The Force Awakens.

three things I can’t live without: Ice cream, My Shows & Music. 

I plan on learning: Directing & Coding.

you HAVE to listen to this song:  Lianne La Havas - Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)

J Hus - Friendly

Why did you choose your URL: It’s a play one of my fave songs.

Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy

Tag 20 friends/faves/20 followers i want to know better: Urrrrgh…. @abbiehollowdays @afro-elf @fracturedvibes @emperorsnewblues @etherealnoir @heyblackrose @neonlyfefarelle @astreana @ororosmunroe @sorta-cute @soulbruva3 @poeticallybrown @thorin-odinson @jenni-snake @oooh-gurl @cutenerdyethnicfangirl @brassparker @samcedeswannabe

I jazzed up the formatting so it was easier to see what was what…

I was tagged by the lovely @tempestsave~

Rules: Answer this in a new post and tag 20 of your followers you wanna know better. Make sure you tag back to the person who tagged you so they can see it.

Name: Mary
Nickname: Um… Well, Mary-berry and Satan, I guess. … I have weird friends.
Star Sign: Leo
Gender: I am a ladyperson.
Height: 5′6″ ish. I haven’t checked in a few years.
Favorite Colors: Red, Black, Blue, and Orange!
Time Right Now: 12:45 AM
Average Hours of Sleep: Usually around 5 to 6 hours. Sometimes 4 and sometimes like 10.
Last Thing I Googled: “Kaneki Centipede Ear”. Please don’t ask why.
Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: 1 and a sheet.
Favorite Fictional Characters: 1. Uryuu Ishida (Bleach), 2. Solf J. Kimblee (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), 3.Cross Marian (D.Gray-man), 4.Yuno Gasai (Future Diary), 5.Noiman (Apocalypse no Toride), and 6. Imayoshi (Kuroko no Basket)
Favorite Books: My favorite is Ivanhoe, followed by variations of Robin Hood and King Arthur legends. In more modern terms, I like Tamora Pierce’s works,  miscellaneous books involving fantasy-medieval settings, and I’m really liking Asunder from the Dragon Age series.
Favorite Bands: Um… Three Days Grace, Panic! at the Disco, Against The Current, Skillet, and I Prevail.
Dream Job: Definitely a comic artist! I’ll probably settle for being a math teacher, though.
What I Am Wearing Right Now: A shirt with Batman being attacked by zombies, black/gray shorts, and my old band sweatpants.
When Did You Create Your Blog: October 20th, 2013!
Current Amount of Followers: 143. I have no clue how I got there… ‘~’
What Do You Mainly Post About: Well, my reblogs are mostly fandom trash and funny things and my OP are mostly fandom trash, so…. Fandom trash!
Your Blog Hits Its Peack: (I think you meant peak…?) My blog has no peak. It’s just a disgrace in general. My top post is here, though.
Who Is Your Most Active Follower: Last month’s top was my lovely and talented senpai, @littleroundpumpkin!
Who Made You Join Tumblr: No one! I actually got mine of my own volition, since it seemed cool.
Why Did You Choose Your URL: My old username was taken, and this is something I (regrettably) came up with during my awkward middle school years. … It sounded like it could be a cool band.

I tag @sunmoonalchemist, @littleroundpumpkin, @flippinbananas, @yunolovelavi, @wtfisakrillin, @megane-momoi, @babushkaitlin, @sentientshrubbery, @thanatos-nightshade, @lonerintrovert, @lizt3n, @kawaiidia, @wanderingpierrot, @galaxywarrioress1234, @kariakiyamathedemon, @sunmoonalchemist, @dark-nohrian-princess, @14luckywolf14, @teppayy, @the-taco-universe and anyone else who wants to! And feel free to ignore this if you don’t want to do it.

I was tagged by @ikklepeachy  (❁´◡`❁)

Nickname: Annie;
Star Sign: aries;
Height: 5’5”;
Sexual Orientation: straight;
Favorite Color: black & orange;
Time Right Now: 8:55pm
Current Location: my bedroom;
Average Amount of Sleep: 12h, kinda;
Last Thing I Googled: tumblr;
How Many Blankets I Sleep With: two;
Favorite Fictional Character: Katniss Everdeen;
Favorite Artist: Drake;
What I Am Wearing: my pjs;
Random Fact: I have a scar above my eyebrow;
Another Blog: @rebell-lion  (✿◠‿◠)
Most Active Blog: I’ve no idea ahah
Why I Got A Tumblr: my friends;
Do I Get Asks Daily: nope, but you guys can ask & message me whenever you want :’)
Why I Picked This URL: I wanted something special, plus is the name of one of my favorites songs by Tinashe

I tag: @latteclouds @catspeach @cahfeine @chatvoit @wallflowerjulia @inked-aesthetics @creeepyflowers @pectals