Without love, there is no point.

“If I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. If I had the gift of prophecy, and if I understood all of God’s secret plans and possessed all knowledge, and if I had such faith that I could move mountains, but didn’t love others, I would be nothing. If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.”

- 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 (NLT)

Love gives everything a purpose.

Yes, No, Maybe: chapter 3 (touken fanfic au)

Summary: Human AU. Touka has everything she could possibly need: she’s engaged to her charming fiancé, Haise, and enjoys a remotely happy life inside Tokyo. But her world turns upside down once her heart rekindles dead flames towards the cold and dangerous Kaneki, Haise’s younger brother. BlackReaper/Touka.

Rating: M // Words: 12,801 words 😱  // Warnings: SMUT. Toxic relationships. Infidelity topics. Ugly words. Angst. Some chair kicking and abusive/disturbing scenes from Kaneki’s mother.

Chapter summary: Touka and Kaneki spend some charity time together under unexpected circumstances. Haise and Touka have a fight.

A/N: Honestly, I was feeling a little worried about making this chapter this long, but the truth is that (apart from having everything planned for this one..) I don’t know when I’m going to update the next chapter. I’ll be working on a touken baby fanfic that I hope I can post soon and then I have to write Longing for Sex, so I’m afraid we won’t have a YNM chapter in a while. The next chapter for this one is going to be very, VERY important since it’ll be a flashback during their teenage years, and it will reveal the “high school” incident that they’re constantly mentioning & that is super important for their relationship. So I rather leave you guys with a long chapter to compensate the waiting for the next update. As always, any comments in the tags, or in my asbox, is deeply appreciated as well as reblogs, likes, any type of feedback, especially now due to the shitty best stuff first update 😭 so if you liked it, please let me know 🙏 till next time! 

Preview Ch3: Dead Cigarettes on the Floor.

“You know why,” she speaks slowly, pronouncing every word with ease so that stupid brain of his can process them and actually remember them. She won’t say it again. “Don’t act like you care.”

She looks away, resuming her bad habits, the cig getting smaller and smaller in her fingers. It’s too late for that, her heart whispers.

“You’re right,” he responds, throwing his cigarette to the ground to take another from his pocket, using his lighter to turn it on. “I don’t care.”

Touka stops breathing. She wasn’t expecting a different answer, however, it still hurts her that he’s so indifferent to everything.

It hurts.

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Could you recommend some jikook fluff fics. No smut please :)

OK! Tooth rotting fluff coming right up!

Warnings : None 
Genre : Non Au, Fluff
Length : 6k+
Summary While on their Wings tour in Japan, Jimin starts receiving gifts from an anonymous person, but it doesn’t take long until he begins to figure out who the presents are from.

Warnings : None 
Genre : Non Au, Fluff, Magic
Length : 4k+
Summary :  Jimin can turn invisible at will. He mostly uses his ability to spy on the other members. But one day an idea strikes him. Jungkook has been feeling down lately and Jimin decides to use his power to send Jungkook notes.

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From the videos i saw of the VSFS performance today, harry looks kinda isolated from the entire show, like the difference with the other performers who engage the models somehow during the songs it’s so obvious. i don’t know if it’s the angle of the videos, maybe with the HQ versions it will change but i noticed he gives the back to the models for almost the entire segment, he focuses on the audience in front of him or around him and apart from the high five with karlie kloss and two smiles it literally looks like he’s performing in a parallel universe where he doesn’t see the models around him. this obviously doesn’t mean he can’t interact with women, he’s disgusted or whatever crap i had to read in anons and posts throughout the whole day completely missing the point of everything (as usual), it’s just a thing that i noticed watching the few videos that were released so far. it might change everything with the official version of course but for what i see now if you compare the level of engagement he has with the models (which is part of a standard VS performance) with the one Miguel has, for example, he truly looks distant as if he was on another stage most of the time. 

Mortal and Loki relationship would include

Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

-Loki hating the idea of being in love with a “mortal”

-You making sarcastic remarks whenever he is in the room, making him roll his eyes

-Thor and Darcy doing what they can to get you two in the same room to get you to “make up’

-Thor taking you to Asgard after Frigga’s death

-Loki giving up on his beliefs

-You helping him realize that he can still change and live his life like Frigga would want him to.

-Loki thanking and trusting you 

-Battling alongside him against the Dark Elves.

-Watching Loki die to protect Thor, Jane, and you 

-Going back to Earth and a little upset about his death

-Loki coming to visit you on Earth

A Song Called Existence

[Playlist Prompt]

There is truth

In little corners of our lives

There are hints of it in songs

and children’s eyes

It’s familiar, like an ancient lullaby

“What do I live for?”

Existence is a mystery

I have a lifetime to unveil

While Purpose is that nagging question

That haunts my aimless will

This carbon shell,

This fragile dusty frame

A canvas, like my soul

I am a bruised and broken masterpiece

And it is not I who painted myself

I know there’s glory in this dirt

The dust I was crafted with

Just as a universe is within the sand,

An eternity within a man

I am more than dust

That means something

I am more than just

Blood and emotions

Inklings and notions

Atoms on oceans

I am breath,

I am mist,

A brilliant fool who ruled and kissed

Wandering in skin and soul

Searching, longing for a whole

Transcending beginning and the end

To justify each breath I spend

I found myself searching

everywhere i go

This question

like a shame no one will show

“What do I live for?”

Songs: Hosea’s Wife by Brooke Fraser; I Am Mountain by Gungor; Economy of Mercy by Switchfoot


theories i rebuke in the name of the lord:

  • hal cooper as the black hood
  • chic cooper as the black hood
  • dark betty as the black hood
  • alice cooper not being betty’s biological mother



TUMBLR tagging engine: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Yo. An anti and I had a civilized grown ass woman convo about tagging. I legit saw an anti post in the plain old reylo tag. Now. She didn’t post it as reylo or anything that could be seen as “cross tagging”. But lo and behold! It creeped up into the reylo tag. I have seen various other anti posts in the reylo tag that were tagged similarly( I.e “anti reylo” or “reylo bs”) which WE know to be against our ship.

*** also if the anti I spoke to would like to weigh in please do! I don’t want to expose anyone without consent. ********

But tumblr slow ass don’t know anti-reylo from reylo. Potentially Any tag with the word “Reylo” positive OR negative can be seen in the plain reylo tag.

Similarly, the tag “anti reylo bs” has the word “anti reylo” in it so that could allow antis to see reylo content that they don’t want.

It’s my first time speaking about this and I want to do my best to protect a fandom I love dearly without unfairly painting all of its naysayers as one big evil monolith.

Here is what I propose, if someone sees offensive content appearing in their tag, check the tags! If it is blatant “cross tagging” then I would kindly tell the poster to fix the tags. But if you look and see a post appropriately tagged that just happened to make its way into your vicinity, I would ignore it and keep it moving cause you know it’s just tumblrs conniving petty ass trying to start shit lmaoooo.