Some Transfusions asks:

Thank you! TF vampires don’t have characteristics related to arithmomania.

I haven’t thought about it…. :^ I don’t think there’s much to tell, tbh. He smelled his blood and followed him and thought he was an easy target :’D

He was going around the globe to run and hide from Marcel and his family, then he thought a town far in dark, cold north could be a good place to hide. He moved there not that long ago before he met Dylan.

Gosh, that’s brand new information! :’D I’ve never actually been to a casino (not that I’d be that interested), I think Finland even has only one casino, lol. Let’s just say Joa’s particularly fond of playing poker, his dad probably taught him and they played it a lot. It’d be entertainment for him, mostly. He’d go for the, uh, Baccarat to get that big money. :D Thanks for the tip!

Huh? It’s just the basic Dylan.

Yes! I actually made a short comic about this in 2012 :’‘‘D

"You've gained weight"

Thank you.

Without your information, I would not have known.

I understand that you are more aware of my body than I am

Because where I saw flesh

You saw fault

And where I saw skin

You saw with disgust.

So thanks for pointing it out.


Don’t know what I’d do without you.

Maybe I’d accidentally forget



Even my smile

for being so damn heavy.


Do you ever stop to think about how we’re gonna get twenty (20) new episodes of Shadowhunters? You know TWENTY (20)? That’s ten (10) and another ten (10)? 7+8+5? 9+4+7? That’s like the first season plus another SEVEN (7) episodes? You know what this MEANS? It means approximately 840 minutes of new footage (50400 seconds). You know what else it means? It means we’ll get twenty (20) new promo trailers that we’re gonna freak out over. It means twenty (20) times we’ll get to overanalyze newly released promo pictures. It means TWENTY (20) times you’ll get to watch a BRAND NEW Shadowhunters episode for the VERY FIRST time. And then we’ll have at least THIRTY THREE (33) episodes that we’ll get to rewatch every day and also use to make new edits and fan videos? Can you fucking beLIEVE??? TWENTY!